Full WWE RAW Results - 3/1/04 - Atlanta, GA (The Rock returns to help Foley)

» Reported by Peter H. of WrestleView.com
» On Monday, March 1, 2004 at 11:49 PM EST

Full WWE RAW Results - 3/1/04
LIVE from: Atlanta, GA
Commentators: Jim Ross & Jerry "The King" Lawler
Report by: Peter H. of WrestleView.com

We are two weeks away from WM 20, it’s time for Raw, and here we go

Recap video is shown of Vince’s announcement of WM inter-promotional matches and the end result of the F5 on Austin from an enraged Brock Lesnar

We are live from Atlanta GA, and La Resistance is in the ring protesting that the illegal man was pinned last night. The Raw intro plays but gets cut off half way through. Austin’s music hits and here comes the Raw Sheriff on his ATV. He enters the ring and gives one member of La Resistance a stunner as the other runs away. Austin grabs a microphone and cuts a promo on his “anger management” issues involving Lesnar and Goldberg. He fears no spear as much as he fears no beer. He will open a can of whoop ass if either man gets in his face at WM 20. That’s the bottom line……..and here comes Vince.

He says that the bottom line is that Austin is a bad referee. Vince cuts a promo on Lesnar’s F5 on Austin last week. Crowd is calling Vince an A-Hole. Vince tells Austin to get out of the ring, so Austin gets on his ATV and chases McMahon up the ramp

HBK & Benoit vs. Batista & Orton is shown as later tonight as well as the return of Mick Foley

Austin chases McMahon out the building on his ATV. Literally driving on top of his limo and running over it before Vince’s limo leaves the arena.


Victoria comes down to the ring. She’s got a zebra outfit going on today, anything better than the cheeky outfit from last week. Lita comes down (looking very hot as always) and we are ready for Tag team action

Victoria & Lita vs. Jazz w/Teddy Long & Molly Holly

Before the match starts, Molly shoves down Jazz and tries to get at Victoria. Jazz and Teddy Long leave the ringside area and walk back up the ramp. Victoria and Molly to start the match, and actually after like 2 minutes of action Victoria rolls up Molly for the 3 count, in what has to be the fastest match this year on Raw.

Winner: Victoria & Lita by pinfall

JR and King recap the HBK/Benoit storyline and lead up to their tag match tonight which is next.


Coach interviews HBK in the back, with HBK saying that he can’t coexist with Benoit

John Hennigan (tough enough 3 winner, calling himself Johnny Blaze) walks into Bischoff’s office and basically sucks up to Bischoff. Eric makes Johnny his apprentice. Austin bursts in and gets in Eric’s face; Eric says he had nothing to do with Brock when Molly comes into the office. She demands a match with Victoria for the women’s title. Since Molly said she will do anything, Austin suggests that if she likes pulling hair so much that if she loses at WM 20, she will have her head shaved. Molly accepts the match as Johnny introduces himself to Austin; he just looks at Johnny and walks out


Here comes the Hurricane and his S.H.I.T. for our next match. The special stipulation is that the winners will advance to the fatal four-way for the tag belts at WM 20

Hurricane and Rosey vs. Garrison Cade & Mark Jindrak

The Hurricane and Garrison Cade to start the match with Hurricane using speed moves to get the early advantage. After some good back and forth action, Hurricane tags in Rosey. Rosey uses a couple of power moves before tagging the Hurricane back in. Cade tags in Jindrak and gets the advantage. Jindrak and Cade using the heel tactics to perfection as they double team the Hurricane. Cade gets tagged back in and is using his strength to his advantage with a couple of nice moves before tagging in Jindrak. (Yawn) Jindrak hits 2 moves and then tags Cade back in. Hurricane finally catches a break and tags in Rosey. Rosey cleans house and gets a 2 count on Cade. Jindrak punches Rosey as he tries a top rope move which allows Cade to roll him up with a handful of tights for the 3 count.

Winners: Garrison Cade & Mark Jindrak by pinfall

Coach interviews Benoit and asks him the same question with Benoit responding that the only person he can trust is himself


Bow Wow (Formally Little Bow Wow) is shown at ringside.

A recap package is shown of the Mick Foley interview from last week.

Rico is in the ring with a microphone and introduces Stacy and Miss Jackie. They are both dressed in evening gowns. The ladies come down into the ring and are looking very HOT. Rico compares them to movie actresses and showers them with complements. An explosion goes off and here comes the 7 foot monster, Kane. Rico fights with Kane so the ladies can leave the ring and gets a choke slam for his troubles. Kane cuts a brief promo on his match with the Undertaker at WM 20. Lights go off and the Undertaker’s music starts but with a druid choir playing over the speakers, another explosion at two burning Undertaker symbols are burning at the top of ramp next to the big video screen

HBK & Benoit vs. Batista & Orton is next


WWE Hall of Fame inductees tomorrow at 12 noon is promoted (I suppose in the NY Area) as well as a mention about the NY Times tomorrow

HBK and Benoit are interviewed backstage and get in each other’s face. HBK’s music plays and Benoit says “After you”

HBK comes out first to the ring; Benoit comes out next to the ring and awaits Orton and Batista.

HBK & Chris Benoit vs. Randy Orton & Batista

Benoit and Batista to start this match with Benoit using his quickness to slow Batista, Benoit tags in HBK and Batista tries to use power moves but HBK uses his quickness as well to slow down the huge member of Evolution. Batista tries to hit HBK with a power bomb but HBK reverses it. Batista finally gets in an offensive move with a huge Irish whip and tags in Orton. Orton is going to work on HBK, while the crowd chants for Foley. Orton tags in Batista and Batista now is in control. Batista hits a couple of moves before tagging in Orton. Orton uses a few moves and tags Batista back in. (Didn’t we just see this isolation thing with the last tag match tonight) Batista still using power moves on HBK. Orton gets tagged back in but quickly gets tagged out. Good quick tags here with HBK finally hitting a reverse DDT on Batista. HBK finally tags in Benoit and Batista almost gets the Sharpshooter put on him. Benoit doesn’t give up and hits a couple of German suplexes before putting him in the Cross face. Orton tries to break it up but is stopped by HBK. Orton pushes HBK into Benoit and the cross face is broken. HBK throws Orton to the outside, and Benoit gets in HBK’s face. HBK punches Benoit down as Orton pulls HBK to the outside. All four men are down so let’s go to a


Orton is in control of Benoit as we are back. Orton is wearing Benoit down with a body scissors, choke hold. Benoit starts to fight out as Batista jumps in and punches Benoit back down. Orton now back and after a couple of moves gets a two count on Benoit. Orton tags in Batista, with Batista showing more power moves. Orton gets the tag back in (A lot of good tag team wrestling by the Evolution members tonight). Orton has a reverse chin lock on Benoit, looking for the submission in the center of the ring. Benoit does not submit as Orton tags in Batista. Batista tries to get Benoit submit but to no avail. Benoit breaks free and knocks Batista down. Batista tags in Orton and HBK reluctantly tags Benoit. This is where it gets messy, very messy. Basically, HBK and Benoit start brawling and Orton rolls up HBK for the 3 count.

Winners: Batista & Randy Orton via pinfall

Post match, Evolution comes running down and beats down Benoit and HBK. HHH gives them both a pedigree and celebrates with the title belt and his evolution buddies.


Recap of what just happened at the end of the last match is shown. Evolution is watching the screen as the monitor switches to Foley walking down a hallway. HHH says that tonight is the night that Evolution finishes off Mick Foley, and let Randy Orton lead the charge.

The Highlight reel set is in the ring and the countdown clock is going off. It’s Y2…….Christian. Christian is walking down to the ring and grabs a mic. Christian is cutting a promo about his fight with Trish last week. He seems quite pleased with last week’s beating. Christian says he did this for Y2J. Christian announces Y2J vs. Christian at WM 20 saying that he will never, ever be the same again. Christian stop talking as Y2J walks slowly down the bottom of the ramp. Y2J runs into the ring and a brief fight starts before Christian rolls out of the ring. Y2J looks intense as he trash talks Christian


A recap of Austin running over Vince’s limo on his ATV is shown

JR and the King recap the Wrestlemania Card

World Title Match
HHH (c) vs. HBK vs. Chris Benoit

Y2J vs. Christian

Women’s Championship
Victoria (c) vs. Molly Holly
If Molly loses, she will have her head shaved

Tag Team Turmoil
RVD & Booker T (c) vs. La Résistance vs. Mark Jindrak & Garrison Cade vs. Mystery Opponents
Fourth team will be determined on Heat this week when the Dudley’s fight Val Venis & Lance Storm

WWE Championship Match
Eddie Guerrero (c) vs. Kurt Angle

WWE US Title Match
Big Show (c) vs. John Cena

Cruiserweight Open Match
Chavo Guerrero will defend in this unknown match

Playboy Evening Gown Match
Stacy & Miss Jackie vs. Torrie Wilson & Sable

Undertaker vs. Kane

Goldberg vs. Brock Lesnar
- Special Referee Stone Cold Steve Austin

They show Austin’s ATV being towed away from the arena

HHH gives his evolution members a pep talk, as Orton says he has something planned for Foley tonight. HHH is leaving to get the talent ready for tonight. So it looks like Orton, Flair and Batista are walking back into the arena to take care of Foley


RVD comes down next for our non-title match. Booker T comes out next to his own entrance. Hardy and Test come out together (like a tag team is supposed to)

RVD & Booker T vs. Matt Hardy & Test

RVD and Matt Hardy to start off here in this non-title match. RVD using his quickness in the early going but Hardy cheats to get the control and tags in Test. Test using his strength to dominate RVD. Hardy gets tagged back in and is trying to wear down RVD. Double collision leads to a double tag with Test and Booker T now in. Booker T with the hot tag and clears house and hits Test with the Bookend for a quick 2. The finish sees Booker T hit Test with a scissors kick, and then RVD flies through the air with a 5 Star frog splash and then Booker T with the cover and the pin.

Winners: Booker T & RVD by pinfall

Backstage we see Foley taping up his wrists and walks out supposedly to the ring


Car crash is heard and out comes the King of Hardcore, Mick Foley. His face is still marked up and still has a shiner under his left eye. Before Mick can get going with a promo, out comes Orton, Batista & Flair to the ring. Orton is recapping Foley’s interview last week mocking Foley, asking Foley what he is going to do. Orton has an idea for Wrestlemania, Legend vs. Legend Killer, and Randy Orton vs. Mick Foley. Foley says that it is never one on one with Orton because of Evolution. Foley challenges with a counter offer. His challenge is Batista, Flair and Orton vs. Mick Foley and a partner of his choosing. Orton tells Foley to go ahead and call Mr. Hollywood and tell him that it is on. Foley says why call him when he can tell him to his face. Out comes the Rock and he’s running to the ring. A brief brawl ensues with Evolution getting their butts thrown out of the ring but not before Orton gets Mr. Socko and the people’s elbow for good measure. Rock gets the mic and hypes the match at WM, if you smell what the rock is cooking.



Victoria & Lita defeat Jazz & Molly Holly by pin fall

Garrison Cade & Mark Jindrak defeat Hurricane & Rosey by pin fall

Randy Orton & Batista defeat HBK & Chris Benoit by pin fall

RVD & Booker T defeat Matt Hardy by pin fall


Only four matches and they are all tag matches. Come on, not even one single’s match

Who got Austin’s ATV towed away?

La Resistance gets thrown into the WM fatal four because they protested, come on they should deserve to be in that match

Molly Holly Bald? No thank you

Did you actually think that Hurricane would be going to WM. I like him a lot but everyone knew that Jindrak and Cade are
going to get the push.

Good match with HBK & Benoit but with a stupid finish.

I finally like where the Christian Y2J storyline is going.

Good quick match with Booker & RVD.

Should be a good match with Foley and the Rock

Finally, I am going to issue a challenge to the Smackdown reporter. I want Mike to write at the end of his results which Wrestlemania is his favourite and what was the best match in WM history.

For me it would have to be WM 6, the first major WM in Canada.

The best WM match and some will argue but my favourite had to be Austin vs. Bret Hart with Shamrock as the special guest referee.

That’s my results and keep the comments coming to raw@wrestleview.com. See ya next week

Peter H.