Full WWE RAW Results - 3/15/04 - East Rutherford, New Jersey

» Reported by Peter H. of WrestleView.com
» On Monday, March 15, 2004 at 11:27 PM EST

Full WWE RAW Results - 3/15/04
LIVE from: East Rutherford, New Jersey
Commentators: Jim Ross & Jerry "The King" Lawler
Report by: Peter H. of WrestleView.com

Wow what a PPV. It ranks up there as probably one of the top 3 all time best Wrestle Mania’s. Anyways on with the show and away we go.

Opening Segment

No Raw Pyro, as Lillian Garcia says “Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome”. After a brief pause it’s the former World Champ, HHH. His arm is in a sling as he walks to the ring with purpose. His head is also bandaged up and he has an intense look on his face as he grabs the mic. The crowd starts the “You tapped out” chant.

HHH says that one match doesn’t mean that you are the best. He admits that he did tap out but it took 2 men to defeat him last night. HHH says that the target is now on Benoit’s chest. Before he can continue about talking about when the sling comes off and how Benoit won’t be a champ for long, out comes the World Champ (and Canada’s own) Chris Benoit (still the best entrance music).

Benoit grabs another mic as the crowd chants “You tapped out”. He says that last night he beat HHH and HBK and became the best. When HHH comes back, Benoit will make HHH tap and tap and tap and tap. HHH says right in Benoit’s face “Not on your best day”. Benoit says that tonight is not his best day. Benoit punches HHH right in the face and kicks him out of the ring. Out comes Evolution and they surround the ring. Before they can advance, out comes HBK with a steel chair. It’s HBK and Benoit in the ring and Evolution outside the ring. Out comes the Raw GM, Eric Bischoff. He says that he just got a call from Vince and said that he cannot make any World Title matches for the near future and will explain in person later on tonight. However, he can make the main event for tonight. Tonight it will be Evolution (Batista, IC Champ Randy Orton, and Ric Flair) vs. HBK and the new World Champ Chris Benoit.


Coach runs down the hall to interview HBK. He says that tonight he will protect his investment in the match tonight so that Benoit will give him a world title shot in the near future

Out comes Victoria for our first match tonight. First, they recap Victoria shaving Molly’s head last night at WM 20.

Victoria & Lita vs. Jazz w/T. Long & Molly Holly

Molly is wearing a blonde wig with a chinstrap. The crowd gets a good “Molly’s Bald” chant. Basically we see the same match as last week which ends with Lita trying to throw Molly back into the ring, ripping off her wig in the process. Molly is humiliated and runs back up the ramp. Lita hits Jazz with a snap DDT for the victory

Winners: Lita and Victoria

JR and King recap the following matches for tonight

HBK and Chris Benoit vs. Evolution, Stacy vs. Miss Jackie and also Booker T & RVD vs. Dudley’s for the World Tag Team Titles


We see a commercial for the Monday Night War DVD on the monthly fanatics PPV.

JR and King are talking but there is no sound. There we go, they are recapping the Y2J and Christian match from last night (That awesome Drowning Pool song is in the background as they show the stills) An interviewer (newbie Todd Grisham) tries to ask Y2J about Trish and Y2J just stares and walks away with a very intense look on his face.

Matt Hardy walks down for our next match

Matt Hardy vs. Y2J

Y2J walks down and man does he look ever so pissed. He is not letting Hardy get in an offense at all. Hardy finally trips Y2J using the ropes and then tries to start some offense but Y2J is back in control. Hardy gets some offense and slaps Y2J in the face saying “I’m going to slap you like Trish”. This makes Y2J snap and takes the fight outside and chokes Hardy with a cable cord and will not let go so the referee DQ’s Y2J. Y2J continues the choke until the referee pulls the cord away. Y2J walks away and up the ramp still with the intense look on his face

Winner: Matt Hardy


JR and the King plug the song “Touche” by Godsmack. They have a new acoustic album that is coming out tomorrow

“During the break” we see Y2J get in his car and drive away with the same intense look on his face.

Orton cuts a promo challenging Mick Foley to a singles match with Evolution barred from ringside so he can prove that he is better than Foley, and that his little son Huey (I know his son’s name is Dewey, but that is what Orton said) will idolize Orton and not Foley.

La Resistance is walking down the hallway with all 3 members and they talk about their newest member, a French poodle named Fifi. Stone Cold gets in the dog’s face and writes a ticket to them because the dog was apparently pooping in the hallway. Rene doesn’t understand why Austin is writing the dog a ticket. Austin says he isn’t calling the dog a French Bitch; he is calling Rene a French Bitch. La Resistance back away while says something in French

Val Venis is in the ring for his usual towel entrance with a lucky fan. The fan wants to thank him by teasing taking off her shirt and BOOM out comes the big red machine Kane

Kane vs. Val Venis

Kane walks in the ring and totally squashes Val in 2 minutes, if that. Choke slam victory for Kane in a very quick match.

Winner: Kane

JR and the King introduce the Hall of Fame package from WM 20. Also Stacy and Miss Jackie match is next


JR promotes WWE.com and now it’s time for Miss Jackie to walk down to the ring. Her opponent, the long legged and very sexy Stacy makes her way to the ring.

Stacy vs. Miss Jackie

Basic women’s match from the 80’s with the hair pulling and choke holds. During the match, out comes the Chairman of the Board, Vince McMahon. The ladies and the referee all leave the ring and stand at ringside

Winner: No Contest

Vince comes out and it says he is going to shake things up. He claims that the GM’s on each brand has been protecting their friends and it’s time for a change. Vince announces that next week every single Smackdown superstar will be on Raw. The reason, a lottery will be held. There will be a new Raw and there will be a new Smackdown, and Vince is doing all of this for the fans (This is one hell of a way to shake things up, I doubt this will be totally random but I don’t think anyone was expecting this at all)


Evolution is in Bischoff’s office complaining about what Vince just said. Eric says that yes, even Evolution is up for grabs.

Dudley’s come out and we have our next match

Dudley's vs. Booker T & RVD

Out comes the World Tag Champs to their own half and half combined music. As for the match itself, it’s a great match. Back and forth action with some classic tag team wrestling here. Close pins and some great action. We get to see the 3D early on Booker T for a 2.75 count. After some more action, the Dudley’s are in the ring as Booker T and RVD are both hurt outside the ring so let’s go to a


We are back and it’s D’Von in control of RVD. The announcers are really bringing up some valid points about this lottery. With no exceptions, it could tear apart tag teams, champions, and stables. (Please don’t cheat Benoit of his long deserved title run) Dudley’s are still in control of the match. RVD is now bleeding from the mouth as Bubba Ray is talking trash. Booker T and RVD hit the scissor kick and 5 Star Frog Splash for a very close two broken up by D’Von. The finish sees Booker T hitting Bubba Ray with the Bookend for the victory.

Winners: Booker T and RVD

The Post Wrestle Mania video played (Can someone email me with the songs in this recap package)


The new Drowning Pool CD is plugging including the song “Step up”

JR and the King thank the international fans in attendance at WM 20

Spike Dudley comes out and we have our, wait a minute. Christian and Trish run down and jump Spike from behind. Christian pins Spike outside with Trish counting the fake 3. Trish and Christian are both in the ring now and Christian has a mic and introduces Trish. Trish says that Jericho wanted to screw Trish and Trish screwed Y2J with Christian. Christian isn’t a CLB because he got the girl. Trish says that Y2J can’t get no “Stratus-faction” and then the two make out in the center of the ring.

La Resistance is backstage and is upset about just getting back together and they might be split up next week. Renee is still hot about what Austin said and is going to the ring to call out Austin


Renee Dupree is coming out with the French flag and he gets in the ring and gets a mic. Dupree is bashing the war and then says something in French before Austin comes out on his ATV. Austin gets in the ring and runs a beeline at Dupree. He is throwing him around and pounding the hell out of the youngster. Austin ends the beating with a Stunner. Austin does the usual beer ring post routine

JR and the King mention the Draft Lottery next week and say that the main event is next


A recap of the movie “Walking Tall” is shown narrated by the Rock

HBK comes out and its main event time. Next out is the World Champ, Chris Benoit. Evolution comes out with all 4 members coming down to the ring.

HBK & Chris Benoit vs. Evolution (Batista, IC Champ Randy Orton, Ric Flair)

Standard tag match going on when all of a sudden we see a car driving in the garage area, Mick Foley has arrived and he looks pissed. The ref gets bumped and now everyone is in the ring when Mick Foley runs down the ramp. Foley makes a beeline for Orton and they fight outside and go into the crowd. HBK is going to finish off Flair when HHH runs in the ring and gives HBK the pedigree (so much for a shoulder injury). A new ref runs down and gets a 2 count before HBK kicks out. Flair rolls to his corner and tags in Batista. HHH tries to interfere but HBK gives him sweet chin music. As Batista gets locked in to the sharpshooter, Flair tries to interfere but HBK gives him the sweet chin music as well. Finish sees Batista tapping out to the Sharpshooter by Benoit

Winners: HBK & Chris Benoit

End of Show

Quick Results:

- Victoria & Lita defeat Jazz w/T. Long & Molly Holly via pinfall

- Matt Hardy defeats Y2J via DQ

- Kane defeats Val Venis via pinfall

- Stacy vs. Miss Jackie goes to a no contest

- Booker T & RVD defeat Dudley’s by pinfall

- HBK & Chris Benoit defeat Evolution (Batista, IC Champ Randy Orton, Ric Flair) via submission

Random Thoughts

Only one thought, a draft lottery? It’s a great idea but it opens up a whole lot of questions. See everyone next week from Joe Louis Arena for what will be a huge Raw

Peter H.