Full WWE RAW Results - 6/14/04 - Dayton, OH (Six Man Tag Elimination Match)

Reported by Adam Martin of WrestleView.com
On Monday, June 14, 2004 at 11:45 PM EST

Full WWE RAW Results - 6/14/04
LIVE From: Nutter Center in Dayton, Ohio
Commentators: Jim Ross & Jerry "The King" Lawler
Report by: Nathan Fleck of WrestleView.com

The show starts off with Eric Bischoff and Kane backstage. Bischoff says he had a fantastic match with Benoit last night, but he had to name a new number one contender. Kane is very upset, and gets in Bischoffs face. He says that Kane is a professional, and that he will understand. Kane says "Yeah, I'm a professional" then totally goes crazy and throws stuff all around the room, breaking chairs, throwing a couch across the room, and he smashes a TV!
Raw video plays...

King plugs the Elimination tag match later tonight, Orton, Flair, Batista vs. Chris Benoit, Edge, and Chris Jericho

JR is in the middle of the ring, basically talking about how great the HIAC match was last night, and says both HHH and HBK are there tonight, and he wants both men to come out, to bring closur to the "story rivalry"

HBK's music hits and he walks down the ring slowly, looking around the crowd. He definetly doesnt look like the usual HBK, and is selling the beating from last night.

HBK and JR are now in the ring together, and the crowd begins chanting huge "HBK" chants, then Triple H's music hits, and he walks down the ring very slowly.

HHH, HBK, and JR are all in the ring now. JR says the HIAC match will live for generations to come. JR says that the rivalry is time to end. He asks for them to shake hands, and end it once and for all, and get on with there lifes. HBK and HHH look at eachother, with huge HBK chants in the background. HBK extends his hand, HHH thinks about it, but then Bischoffs music hits, and he says he has an announcement about the new number one contender for the WWE Title, but then Kane's music hits and he walks to the ring, and only HHH and HBK are in the ring together. Kane gives HHH a big boot, and he rolls out of the ring. HHH and Kane look down at HBK, and then look at eachother. They get in eachothers face, and then HHH backs away and smiles. Kane follows him, and then gets out of the ring, and limps away. Meanwhile, Kane takes a chair, and throws it into the ring, and then takes Shawn Michaels, and throws him in the ring, puts the chair between his neck, climbs the top rope, and drops his boot right on his necks. Referee's come to the ring, but Kane doesnt let them in. HBK begins bleeding out of his mouth, and finally the referees get in the ring, and come to HBK's aid. Kane walks to the back, smiling.

-Commercial Break-

We come back, and they are still taking HBK out of the ring. JR thinks HBK has a crushed Lyrnx (sp?) They are in the back down, and they put him in the ambulance.

-Commercial Break-

We come back, and they reply Trish's win from last night.

Trish comes to the ring with Tyson Tomko. Then, Matt Hardy and Lita walk to the ring.

Trish and Tyson Tomko vs. Lita and Matt Hardy
The match starts with Trish and Lita locking up. Trish takes control at first with a headlock. Both women stand up, and pace around the ring, and then Trish fires some punches at lita, but lita gives trish a kick in the face, goes for a clothesline, but trish does her matrix thing. Tomko gets tagged in, and Lita tags in Matt Hardy. Tomko takes control of Matt, and cornsers hi, and gives him a few kicks. Matt Hardy takes Tomko down with a clothesline, and then gives him a big DDT. Trish tags herself in, and Matt tags in Lita. Lits gives Trish a suplex, and then a side russian legsweep. Tomko comes in, and so does Matt and they brawl, then end up on the outside of the ring. Trish and Lita are in the ring brawling. Lita nails a huge DDT, and gives the 1...2...3

Winners: Lita and Matt Hardy

JR plugs the highlight reel, with Y2J's VERY special guest, Eugene!

-Commercial Break-

We come back, and HHH comes in Bischoffs locker room, and Bischoff apologized for Kane coming out earlier. HHH says he should be the number one contender after the HIAC match last night. Bischoff says that HHH is the number one contender, if he defeats Eugene next week.

Todd Grisham *couchjobbercouch* is seen at ring side with the original Joe Schmo, plugging Joe Schmo 2. Premeirs tomarrow night at 10. They then show a 10 minute preview of the damn show...Really long.

-Commercial Break-

La Resistance comes out, and the next match is announced a non title, flag match.

Hurricane and Rosey come out sporting two flags.

Non Title Flag Match
La Resistance vs. Hurricane and Rosey

The match starts with Sylvain Grenier going at it with Hurricane. They brawl for a bit, then Sylvain Grenier tags in Rob Conway. Hurricane hits a neckbreaker from the top rope on Conway, and both men tag in there parners. Rosey comes in and clothesline Sylvain Grenier, and then hits a big legdrop on Conway, but Grenier breaks the count. Rosey charged at Greiner in the corner. Rosey tried to suplex Grenier back into the ring, but he countered over his shoulder and Conway held down Rosey's legs for the pin.

Winners: La Resistance

After the match, Sylvain Grenier sings the Canadian national anthem.

They plug the Diva Search, with voice overs from the WWE divas saying out great it is being a Diva.

JR plugs the Highlight reel with Eugene, and says it is next.

-Commercial Break-

They plug the Catch the buzz feel the bling contest.

We come back, and see Lita with a "ept" box, which means she needs to check herself to see if shes pregnant.

Jericho's music hits, which means its time for the highlight reel. Jericho then introduces Eugene.

Eugene's music hits and he comes down to the ring with William Regal.

Jericho says they are both sexy beasts. Eugene is getting embarrassed, and then Jericho says they are both wrestling fans. Jericho asks him for his favorite Y2J moment. He says it was when Jericho pee'd in Regals drink, and he drank it. He says he did the same thing last week, lol. The crowd starts a huge "Eugene" chant. Jericho tells him that hes wrestling HHH next week, and tells him that HHH doesnt like him, and doesnt like anybody. He tells him that he only cares about himself, and tells him that his uncle only made the match so he would get beaten up. Then, Evolutions music hits and all four men walk down the ring, with a present. They get in the ring. HHH begins to talk, and Eugene goes crazy, and is very excited. HHH says that they are his friends, and that they came out here to tell him that Jericho is a liar. HHH says he is his friend. Eugene looks extatic. He hands Eugene his present, and he opens the present, and inside of it is a HHH hat, and a HHH t-shirt, and a picture of HHH. He signs the picture, and Eugene gives him a huge hug. He pulls out something /*, and it's an Evolution t-shirt. He says it's not for him though, but for Eugene to sign his autograph on the shirt. HHH asks Eugene to take a picture with him. He says on 3 hes gonna say Pedigree. They get there picture taken together, and HHH says thanks. HHH tells Eugene if anyone were to tell him bad things about HHH, that he will come to him and tell him, and that he will deal with that person. HHH says that next week they are going to have a match, and that it's going to be great. Eugene's music hits and he and Reagal leave the ring. HHH asks Jericho what the hell he's looking at. HHH asks if he has a problem. Jericho says he will be the first one in line celebrating when Eugene beats him next week 1,2,3. Evolutions music plays and they leave.

Stacy is seen with Lita, and she asks whats wrong. She asks if she can borrow her elbow pads. Lita tells Stacy she took a home pregnancy test, and tells Stacy that she is pregnant. Stacy is very happy for her, and Lita tells her not to tell anybody. Lita doesnt look so happy.

-Commercial Break-

We come back and Stacy comes down the ring with Nidia. Then, Molly and Gail Kim come down the ring.

Nidia and Stacy vs. Molly Holly and Gail Kim
Nidia and Molly start the match off. Nidia kicks Molly, and tags in Stacy. She gives some kicks to Molly, and chokes her with her long legs. Molly put Stacy in a camel clutch, and then goes for a pin, but Stacy quickly kicks out. Molly tags in Gail Kim. She taunts stacy, but stacy slaps her, but then Kim works on Stacys leg, and puts her in a weird leg lock. Gail Kim tags in Molly. Gail Kim gets tagged in, and puts Stacy in a leg submission. Stacy quickly taps out.

Winners: Gail Kim and Molly Holly via Submission

JR plugs that they are going to show footage from last nights HIAC.

-Commercial Break-

We come back, and they show a bunch of pictures from last night.

They replay Kane going crazy in Bischoff's office again. They then show Kane beating on HBK again.

-Commercial Break-

Six Man Tag Team Elimination Match
Chris Benoit, Edge & Chris Jericho vs. Ric Flair, Randy Orton & Batista

Jericho starts of the match with Randy Orton, and its very technical. Orton tags in Flair, and Jericho gives him some chops, and then Flair gives Jericho some chops. Jericho tags in Edge, and then all men are in the ring. Jericho, Edge, and Benoit clear the ring. Nobody is eliminated yet.

-Commercial Break-

We come back and Flair is in the ring with Chris Benoit. Flair is giving Benoit some chops, but then Benoit reverses, and gives Flair some HARD chops. RIC FLAIR NOSE DIVE! He gets back up, and Benoit gives him more drops. Benoit delivers a back body drop. Both men get him, RIC FLAIR NOSE DIVE! Benoit tags in Edge, and Flair gives him a thumb to the eye, and then gives him a few chops, and then Edge delivers some punches. Flair tags in Orton. He punches Edge a few times, but Edge delivers a clothesline, and Edge tags in Benoit, and he comes in the ring and hits a suplex on Orton. Orton tags in Batista, and Batista gives Batista some chops, then Batista gives Benoit a Spine buster, he goes back to Benoit, and gives him a bunch of punches to his face. Batista tags in Orton, and he takes control. He then tags in Flair, and Flair comes in, and gives Benoit some more chops, and chops Benoit so hard he falls down, Flair goes for the pin, but Benoit kicks out. Flair has Benoit in a arm lock, and Benoit slowly gets out of it, with the crowd behind him. He delivers some punches to Flair, and then Flair tags in Batista. Batista hits a big suplex. Benoit tags in Jericho, and Jericho goes for a Walls of Jericho on him, but Batistas legs are too strong. Jericho runs at Batista, but runs into a clothesline. Jericho nails a running insiguri on Batista. All hell braks loose. Edge spears Batista out of nowhere, and Benoit nails the headbutt from the top rope. Jericho nails a lionsault, and goes for the pin,1...2...3. Batista is eliminated. Ric Flair is now in the ring with Jericho, in control, and gives him a kick to the gut. He stomps at him into a corner, then gives him a big chop. Flair tags in Orton and applies a head lock. This is a long headlock, but Jericho begins to get up, and slams Orton down, and tags in Edge. Edge clotheslines Orton, then gives him a suplex, and goes for the pin, but Orton gets out. Orton climbs the top rope, but Edge gives Orton a chop, and climbs the rope with him, and hits a Superplex from the top rope. Edge stalks Orton down like he is going for the spear, but HHH trips Edge by grabbing his foot. Orton tags in Flair, and Flair whips Edge into the corner, then hits a big chop. Flair climbs the top rope, but of course Edge pushes him off of it, making Flair land on his back. Edge tags in Jericho, and Jericho takes control, but then Benoit comes in and takes himself and Orton out of the ring and they brawl on the outside. Inside the ring, Jericho locks in the Walls of Jericho on Ric Flair. Flair was tapping out but HHH distracted the referee. Orton hits the RKO on Jericho and pins him 1,2,3. Jericho is Eliminated.

Guys left: Benoit and Edge/Ric Flair and Randy Orton

-Commercial Break-

We come back, and Benoit is in the ring with Orton. Orton tags in Flair and they double team him. Benoit suplex's Flair, and Flair begs for mercy. Benoit gives Flair some chops, and what do ya know? Flair nose dive! Benoit tags in Edge. Flair tags in Orton. Orton gives Edge a knee drop, and then locks in reverse chin lock. Edge tags in Benoit, and he comes in and punches Orton a few times. Orton quickly tags in Flair, who comes in and goes his little strut. He corners Benoit, and gives him some punches, and a few chops, and Benoit fights back. Benoit gives Flair a german suplex but Orton comes in, and Benoit gives him a german suplex. Benoit tags in Edge, and Flair tags in Orton. Flair comes in the ring, and Edge spears him. Orton gives Edge an RKO, and pins him 1,2,3. It's Benoit against Orton and Flair now. Flair comes in and goes for a figure four, but Benoit counters into a crippler crossface. It's down to two men, Chris Benoit and Randy Orton. Orton takes control of Benoit, and gives him a forearm shot for the face, but Benoit comes back, and hits a german suplex. Orton runs into the referee, and he falls to the ground. Chris Benoit goes for the sharpshooter, but HHH intereferes, but walks into a german suplex. Orton goes for an RKO, but Benoit reveres. Benoit applies the sharpshooter on Orton...HE TAPS OUT!

Winners: Chris Benoit, Chris Jericho, and Edge

After the match, Chris Benoit holds up his title high in the air, and stares down HHH.


This weeks RAW was pretty entertaining. I would love to see a Kane/HBK feud. I think that is what may happen. HBK will come back in about a month, and go right after Kane. I'd love that because I always wanted to see Kane vs. HBK go at it one on one.

The Highlight Reel segment with HHH and Eugene was classic! Eugene is the man, and I can't wait for HHH/Eugene next week on RAW. I'd love to see Eugene defeat HHH, preventing him from becoming the number one contender, but that's a little far fetched.

So Lita is pregnant? Who is the father? Is it Matt Hardy or Kane? Tune in next week on Jerry Springer to find out! *rollseyes*

The main event was great, it was the best main event since HBK/Benoit a few months ago. Edge is getting a little better, and is getting more comfortable in the ring again. I wan't to see an Edge vs. Randy Orton match. Those two looked great in the ring together. Chris Benoit...Man, what a champion. He is doing a great job, and I hope they keep the title on him for a while.

Well that just about wraps it up for this week's RAW Recap. Be sure to send me feedback, with questions, or anything. Let me know if you like my recap, or hate it. Tell me if I need to improve or anything. Just e-mail me at raw@wrestleview.com.

Thanks for reading! Eat your Hamburgers!