Full WWE RAW Results - 8/16/04 - London, ON - (Chris Benoit vs. Randy Orton)

» Reported by Nathan Fleck of WrestleView.com
» On Monday, August 16, 2004 at 11:25 PM EST

Full WWE RAW Results - 8/16/04
Location: London, Ontario
Commentators: Jim Ross & Jerry “The King” Lawler
Report by: Nathan Fleck of WrestleView.com

Opening Segment

The man of Destiny Randy Orton walks down to the ring all dressed up, sporting his new World Heavyweight Championship Title over his shoulder. Glitter and ballons fall from the ceiling all throughout the arena. He takes a mic. He says they all thought he was over his head, and that there was no way in hell that he could defeat Chris Benoit, but he is standing before you the youngest WWE World Champion in history. He says he wants all the 24 year olds stand up. He then has them take there shirts off, and he says "look at that people, that is distrubing" a huge "You suck" chants starts. He says he is not just better than all 24 year olds, but just BETTER. He says that defeating Chris Benoit last night was not a fluke, but it was destiny.

They show a video package of all of Ortons highlights, all the way up to last night.

He says he is unlike all of the others he is Randy Orton. He tells the fans to get used to him because The Randy Orton Era has only just begun. He raises his title in the air but then suddenly Chris Benoits music hits! He comes down to the ring and grabs a mic.

Chris Benoit says his first title defence is going to be against him. Benoit says Bischoff has made the title match for later tonight! Benoit's music his and he leaves the ring.

Later tonight: World Heavyweight Title Match: Randy Orton (c) vs. Chris Benoit.

-Commercial Break-

All Or Nothing Match
Rhyno vs. Sylvain Grenier

If Rhyno wins, they will get a Tag Title Match at Unforgiven, if Sylvain Grenier wins, Rhyno and Tajiri will never be in contention for the tag titles.

The match starts with a lock up. Grenier kicks Rhyno in the guy, and throws him outside of the ring. Tajiri rolls him back in the ring. Conway lays Tajiri out, outside of the ring, and Conway gives Rhyno a cheap shot while Rhyno was close to the ropes. Grenier gives Rhyno a knee drop, and throws him into the turnbuckle very hard. He then gives Rhyno a clothesline, and goes for the cover, but Rhyno kicks out. Grenier puts Rhyno in a sleeper, but Rhyno gets out of it, and then gives Grenier a body slam. Rhyno gives Grenier a clothesline and then gives him a diving clothesline. Grenier goes to take the flag while the referees back is turned, and Tajiri stops him and sprays him in the face with the green mist. Rhyno then delivers The Gore, and pins Grenier 1,2,3.

Winner: Rhyno

A Card is shown, and in the background Kane invites us all to the wedding with Kane and Lita NEXT WEEK ON RAW!

Later Tonight: Intercontinental Championship Match: Edge (c) vs. Kane

-Commercial Break-

We come back, and they show stills from the Kane/Hardy match, which Kane won from last night at SummerSlam. This was very cool because they played Kane's original music in the background.

Coach asks Lita if she has any comments now that she is going to be married from Kane in less than one week. She just walks away. Then she walks in ladies locker room, and all the female heels are in there and they say "SURPRISE" and they say that they are throwing her a bridal party. This is hilarious, there gifts are birth control pills, condoms, a portrait of Kane and Lita, a picture of what there baby will look like, and a box with a Vibrator on it. Lita walks away, and then Victoria comes up and Trish made fun of her from last nights Diva Dodgeball match. Trish asks who her coach was, Stevie Wonder? Victoria smacks Trish very hard, and we go to a commercial break. Hilarious segment, this would be something that WV Forum Poster, "chickiesinger" would come up with, but it actually happend.

-Commercial Break-

During the commercial break, HBK's music hits, and it shows a very awesome video package of some of his career highlights, and at the end it says "HBK Returns" JR says he will return at Unforgiven.

Victoria vs. Gail Kim
Victoria gives Gail Kim a body slam, and then shakes her booty and does her standing moonsault thing. Gail Kim locks in an interesting submission with her legs over Victoria head, and of course JR doesnt know what its called. A huge "You Screwed Bret" chants starts, directed at referee Earl Hebner. Victoria hits the widows peak, this baby is over.

Winner: Victoria

After the match Trish runs down to the ring with Tomko. Tomko holds Victoria for Trish, and Trish gives her a huge right to the face. Tomko lifts Trish up, but somebody with a red wig dressed in drag runs down and gives Tomko a low blow. It's most likely Steven Richards...

-Commercial Break-

During the commercial break they advertise the new Kill Bill 2 DVD. Awesome movie, go pick it up!

Before the match begins, Kane takes the mic and says that he dedicates this match to his bride to be, Lita.

Intercontinental Championship Match
Edge (c) vs. Kane

Edge takes advantage with some punches, and then takes his legs, and pull them so the turnbuckle is inbetween his legs and puts his leg in a pretzel like submission, almost like the figure four. Lita then comes down to the ring, and we go to a commercial break.

-Commercial Break-

We come back and Kane had Edge in a head lock. Edge gets out of it and Kane then applies a sleeper hold. Edge gives Kane a few kicks, and then knocks Kane to the ground. Kane gets up and Edge gives Kane a few punches, but Kane powers back with a powerslam. Kane is on the ring apron, and Edge gives Kane a spear from the back. Both men are back in the ring, and Edge gives Kane a missle drop kick, and goes for the cover but Kane kicks out. Kane gives Edge a high impact clothesline, almost beheading the IC Champion. Kane climbs the top rope, and Edge follows him up there. Kane pushes Edge off the rope, and he falls on the referee. Edge gets up, and Kane gives Edge a clothesline from the top rope. Kane calls for the chokeslam, but Lita grabs Kanes leg. Edge comes from behind, but Kane gives Edge a big boot. Kane calls for the chokeslam again. Suddenly, Matt Hardy runs down to the ring and gives Kane the Twist Of Fate. Edge then spears Kane, and pins him 1,2,3.

Winner & STILL WWE Intercontinental Champion: Edge

After the match Kane takes Lita and tells her that he is going to enjoy there marriage, and that nothing can upset him because next week live on RAW, they are getting married. Lita smacks Kane. Kane says "OH YEAH THATS THE WAY I LIKE IT! ITS GOING TO BE ONE HELL OF A HONEY MOON!" Kane laughs and his music plays and he leaves the ring. Lita can't believe him.

-Commercial Break-

Coach is shown with all 7 of the beautiful divas. 1 Will be voted off.

Before a diva is voted off, Coach asks all the divas a question. If they could eliminate one of the divas, who would it be?

Michelle says she would vote off Carmella.

Christie says she would vote off Carmella.

Maria says she would vote off Carmella.

Traci says she would vote off Carmella.

Carmella says she would vote off Joy.

Amy says she would vote off Carmella.

Joy says she would vote off Carmella.

Most of the diva's say they would vote her off because she doesnt want it as much as they do, and she makes fun of the wrestlers, she wasnt there for diva dodgeball, she doesnt like the tasks they have to do, and isnt as enthusiastic.

Michelle is then eliminated.

Chris Jericho vs. Batista is NEXT.

-Commercial Break-

Chris Jericho vs. Batista w/ Ric Flair
Batista takes control of Jericho quickly by giving him punches, and everything. Batista pushes Jericho to the ropes stomach first, and gives him a shot to the back of the head twice in a row. He goes for it again, but Jericho turns around and punches Batista. Jericho goes for the Walls Of Jericho, but Batista legs are too strong and he powers out of it. Jericho gives Batista a dropkick and goes for the Lion Sault, but Ric Flair stops it, and the referee DQ's Batista. Edge's music hits and he tries to get in the ring, but Flair and Batista circle around. Edge just gives up, and walks away and watches, and smiles, just like Jericho did last week when he walked out on Edge getting his ass kicked by Batista. Batista and Flair continue the the assault.

Winner by DQ: Chris Jericho

-Commercial Break-

We come back and Coach brings out the RAW Diva contestants. BE RIGHT BACK GUYS!!! I HAVE TO VOTE!!!!...HAAAA.

Randy Orton is shown in the back with Triple H. Triple H lectures Randy Orton and tells him how greatful he should be that he is now the champion. HHH tells him that Ric Flair didnt win his first title till he was like 31, and that guys like Batista would give there arm to get a shot at the World Heavyweight Title. HHH tells Orton that he goes out there and be Randy Orton, and put out all that talent and ability, and let Evolution take care of the rest. He says that Evolution is your Solution, and when it's over he says that they are going to celebrate like only Evolution can.

-Commercial Break-

World Heavyweight Championship
Randy Orton (c) vs. Chris Benoit

The match starts with Benoit whooping on Randy Orton, Benoit gives Orton a Suplex, and then gives him a hard elbow the heart. Benoit gives him another suplex, and then gives him some chops and punches to the mouth. Benoit gives Orton a clothesline, and gives him another clothesline. Benoit corners Orton and punches him in the back a few times and then gives him another suplex. Orton gives Benoit a thumb to the eye, and goes for the RKO, but Benoit turns it into a pin, but Orton kicks out. Benoit puts Orton on the top rope and gives Orton a Superplex. Benoit goes for a pin, but Orton kicks out. Benoit gives Orton some chops, and throws him to the ropes and knocks him down again. Benoit goes for the sharpshooter, but Orton kicks out of it, Benoit goes for it again, but Orton wobbles out of the ring and rolls outside of the ring. Benoit gives Orton a drop kick outside of the ring. Benoit lifts Orton up and drops him on the steps, and his knee hits it hard.

-Commercial Break-

We come back from the break, and Benoit has Orton in the Sharpshooter. The crowd is going nuts. Orton finally reaches the ropes. Orton is now in control, and has Benoit in a head lock. Orton hit his modified neck breaker on Benoit, and goes for the cover..1...2...NO! Benoit kicks out. Both men punch eachother back and fourth. Orton climbs the top tope and goes for a cross body, but Benoit moves out of the way. Benoitclimbs the top rope and hits the diving head butt. He goes for the cover, but Randy Orton kicks out. Benoit gives Orton 3 German Suplexes, and then locks in the cross face! Orton tries to roll out of it, but locks it back in. All 3 members of Evolution come down to the ring to distract him, Benoit turns around and Orton nails a huge RKO, and pins Benoit 1, 2, 3.

Winner & STILL World Heavyweight Champion: Randy Orton

Evolution are all in the ring and Batista raises Orton on his shoulders. Triple H gives Randy Orton a thumbs up, and then slowly puts his thumb down, and Batista falls on his back, which hurts Orton. HHH, Batista, and Flair all beat on Orton. Batista and Flair hold Orton, and HHH slaps him around. HHH nails Batista with the World Title. Orton bleeds all over the place. HHH punches Orton some more, and Batista gives Orton a HUGE powerbomb, and they continue kicking at him. Batista tells Orton he is nothing without Evolution. HHH, Batista, and Flair raise there arms, while the crowd boo them.

End of show.


WOW! What a RAW! Best RAW in a while as far as I am concerned.

It looks like it will be Randy Orton vs. Triple H at Unforgiven. Should be a great match.

I can't believe that they turned on Orton, I really did not see it coming, I was very shocked. I mean, I thought of the possibility, but when they helped him win, and raised him on his shoulders, I had no idea...It came out of the cuts man, but it was cool. A fresh new feud...Orton/HHH. This is money, I am really looking forward to this feud.

Where was Eugene? Missed him tonight.

Jericho/Edge feud could be interesting. I was pissed when Kane lost to Edge, that was dissapointing, I wish it ended in a DQ or something, I am sick of Kane jobbing.

Joy is the hottest Diva Search girl. I dont really like this whole diva search crap, but if I had to vote, I would vote for Joy, cause she is pretty sexy. Haha I am sure WWE set the whole thing up with the "If you could, who would you vote off" thing due to Carmella not showing up for the Dodgeball match last night. Carmella obviously doesnt deserve to win this contest, so its a pretty smart move by the WWE to turn the fans against her but not voting for her.

Anyway, Orton as champion is awesome, but what is next for Chris Benoit? If any of you have any ideas of what to do with Benoit, please share by e-mailing me at nate_flacko@yahoo.com

Thanks for reading!!!

-Hamburger Kid-