WWE RAW Results - 9/13/04 - Seattle, WA (Evolution/Randy Orton, McMahon)

Reported by Adam Martin of WrestleView.com
On Monday, September 13, 2004 at 11:17 PM EST

WWE RAW Results - 9/13/04
Live From: Seattle, Washington
Commentators: Jim Ross & Jerry "The King" Lawler
Report By: Paul Nemer & Adam Martin of WrestleView.com

- RAW starts off with Ric Flair, Batista and several ladies already in the ring. There is a huge cake in the ring and a red carpet. Ric Flair introduces the 9-time heavyweight champion, Triple H. (If he stays married to Stephanie, he'll beat Flair's record in my opinion). Triple H comes out celebrating.

HHH grabs the microphone and says "Can you feel it?" That's excitement in the air. Because the King is back on his throne. He states the fact that he's the 9th time world heavyweight champion. He said that it was just three weeks ago that the punk kid by the name of Randy Orton, spat in his face. He said that there is an old saying "He who laughs last, laughs best." The crowd started to chant "You suck." HHH says that now it's time to party like a champion. The ladies started ripping off HHH's clothes. They all surrounded him. He's all anxious to know what's inside that cake. He thanks Ric Flair, Flair says that he didn't bring the cake, it was Batista. Batista said it wasn't him. HHH said that it's probably Bischoff's present. HHH was expecting some hot chick to come out and we hear a loud explosion and Randy Orton comes out of the cake and attacks Evolution. Orton grabs the belt and nailed HHH with it. HHH ends up falling inside the cake.


- HHH is complaining backstage to Eric Bischoff. Bischoff makes the main event for tonight. Evolution vs. Randy Orton in a 3 on 1 match.

Chris Benoit vs. Rob Conway (w/ Sylvain Grenier)
William Regal comes out to ringside. The match starts with Conway delivering a few hits in Benoit. Benoit fought back and knocked him down. Benoit takes him down and goes for the sharpshooter, but Conway escaped and got out of the ring. Back in the ring, they lock up, Conway hits Benoit. Conway delivers a few blows in the corner, then repeatedly kept hitting Benoit until he knocked him down. Knee to the mid-section by Conway. Benoit attempts to fight back with a few chops to the chest. Conway fought back and applied a neck breaker submission hold. The hold was let go. COnway threw him over the top rope to the outside. Both men are now fighting on the outside. They're back in the ring, and Conway covers, 1,2 but Benoit kicked out. Inside cradle by Benoit, 1,2 but Conway kicked out. Conway chokes Benoit and lets go of the hold right before the five count. Conway and Benoit are exchanging a few hits. Conway whips Benoit into the turnbuckle and stomps on him. Benoit fought back and tried to do a sunset flip, but COnway countered with some help by Grenier, then Regal breaks up the count. Benoit does a snap suplex, 1,2 but Conway kicked out. Benoit takes control of the match. Back body drop by Benoit, followed by three German suplexes. Benoit applies the crossface and gets the win.

Winner by Submission: Chris Benoit


- Mr. Benjamin promo aired.

- Stacy Keibler comes out and asks the crowd if they're ready for a Seattle Slugfest. Then she says "Let's bring out the divas!" Molly Holly came out and said that she told all the wannabe divas to stay in the back. She said that none of those women is a former women's champion and they get all the attention. Molly said that the divas can have their little slut-fest, then she corrected herself and said slugfest later on, but now she wants to go against Stacy. She then challenges Stacy Keibler to any kind of competition. Stacy said "dancing." Molly said that she took ballet for eight years. She will go first. She said to play some type of music... then she says William Regal's music. The music plays and she starts dancing, doing ballet, whatever she was doing. They all booed. Stacy's turn, and she starts dancing. The crowd cheered at the end and Molly attacked her. Nidia comes out and pulls Molly off Stacy. Stacy choked Molly in the corner. Gail Kim came out and hits Nidia. Victoria came out to help. Trish came out and Victoria takes her down. Eric Bischoff makes a match. Stacy, Nidia and Victoria vs. Trish, Gail and Molly.

Nidia, Victoria & Stacy Keibler vs. Trish Stratus, Molly Holly & Gail Kim
Match in progress. Nidia is delivering a few blows on Trish. She has her cornered and hammering on Trish. Trish fought back with a spinebuster, 1,2 but Nidia kicked out. Referee was distracted and Gail nails Nidia with an uppercut. Trish is still in control and tags Gail Kilm Nidia fought back with s sunset flip, but Trish broke the count. Gail applies a leg grape vine and a half crab on Nidia. Nidia reaches the ropes. Nidia fought back with a neck breaker and makes the tag to Victoria. The women started going at it with the exception of Stacy. Stacy was then knocked to the outside. Molly and Victoria were going at it in the ring. Stacy got up and tagged herself in and comes from behind and rolls up Molly for the 1,2,3.

Winners: Nidia, Victoria & Stacy Keibler

- Kane comes into Bischoff's office. He said that his bitch wife costed him his match against Shawn Michaels at Unforgiven. Kane demands a re-match with HBK tonight, but Bischoff says that Shawn is booked to appear on the highlight reel tonight, but he can have HBK any other day. Kane is furious and grabs Bischoff. Bischoff is all scared and tells Kane that he'll find him an opponent and it will be a No DQ match.


Chris Jericho's Highlight Reel
Guest: Shawn Michaels

(Wow, do you remember that last time Shawn was on the Highlight Reel? I sure do.)

The new 7-time Intercontinental champion Chris Jericho comes out. Jericho says "this is the Highlight Reel!" But the real highlight was last night, winning the Intercontinental championship for a record breaking 7th time. He said that his guest tonight was also an IC champion, Shawn Michaels. Jericho says that it's great to have HBK back here on RAW. He has to be honest that it was great to see him get the victory over Kane. HBK said that three months ago, Kane tried to end his career, but last night, he beat him ugly and finished him with some sweet chin music. Jericho said that HBK's victory wasn't as good as Jericho's.. and mentions once again that he's a 7th time IC champion. HBK challenges Jericho to an IC title match for tonight.

Christian and Tyson Tomko came out. Christian said that seeing HBK here reminds him of a story. He started his career as a tag team specialist, then wrestled for the IC title at WrestleMania, then got himself a bodyguard and became one of the greats. He said that he wasn't talking about Shawn Michaels, he was talking about himself. He said that if there is someone who deserves an IC title match tonight, it's him. Shawn said that he can have a shot at the title if he beats him. Chris Jericho interrupts said that he knows how this works and what they have planned. Jericho said Tyson Tomko will interfere in the match as he always does. He said that every single week, that bald ass clown interferes on Christian's behalf. Jericho offers a tag match, HBK & Jericho vs. Tomko and Christian. Tomko excepts on Christian's behalf as the crowd cheers loudly.


Shawn Michaels & Chris Jericho vs. Christian & Tyson Tomko
We are back from commercial and Christian and HBK are in the ring. HBK takes down Christian with a big lou thesz press followed by some quick right hands. HBK connects with some chops followed by Jericho getting the tag. Jericho gets in some chops of his own and then tags in HBK again. Christian gets in some offense on HBK and then tags in Tomko. Tomko and HBK exchange chops in the corner. HBK takes out Tomko with a boot to the face after a missed charge in the corner. Tomko comes back with a big clothesline on HBK. Tomko stops an HBK comeback with a quick elbow and tags in Christian. Christian gives HBK a quick neckbreaker and then chokes him on the second rope. Jericho gets the tag and takes out Christian with two big forearms. Jericho springboard dropkicks Tomko off the ring apron and then tosses Christian over the top rope. Both HBK and Jericho hit a double cross-body to the outside to take out Tomko and Christian.


We are back live on RAW and in the ring Tomko takes down Jericho with a modified spinebuster. During the break, we see Christian interfere to help out Tomko. Christian gets the tag and applies a sleeper on Jericho. Christian throws down Jericho by his head when he tries to escape. Jericho fights back with some quick chops, but Christian responds with a quick backbreaker. Tomko gets the tag and gets in some kicks to Jericho's face. Christian goes off the ropes charging at Jericho fast, but Jericho takes him out quickly. Both HBK and Tomko get the tag. HBK takes out Christian and Tomko quickly. HBK clotheslines Christian over the top rope and gives Tomko an atomic drop. HBK goes up to the top, jumps and connects with the elbow on Tomko. HBK goes to the corner, stomps his foot, but Christian trips him up and low blows him pulling him into the ring post. Christian grabs the IC Title, but Christian knocks him out before he can hit HBK. HBK gets on his feet, ducks a big boot from Tomko, turns around and connects with the Sweet Chin Music. HBK covers Tomko for the win.

Winners: Shawn Michaels & Chris Jericho

After the match, Christian tosses HBK to the outside. Christian picks up HBK on the outside and connects with the Unprettier. Christian taunts at HBK on the ground.

- Up Next: Seattle Slugest with the RAW Diva Search contestants.


- A promo for "The Simon System" with Simon Dean (aka Mike "Nova" Bucci) aired. It was a play on the infomercials that air about losing weight.

RAW Diva Search: Seattle Slugfest
(Special Appearance by Vince McMahon)

The Coach introduces Carmella, Christy and Joy to the ring for the Seattle Slugfest. He reminds them that a boxing match has only two contenders so we must find who was voted off. The Coach announces that Joy has been eliminated. The Coach explains that both Carmella and Christy will go to their respective corners and put on gloves with help from WWE referees. He announces that if a winner is not decided, the fans will instead decide. Carmella and Christy put on giant oversized boxing gloves. Before the bell can ring, Vince McMahon's music hits and he comes out. Vince gets on the mic and reminds everyone that next week will be the season premiere of RAW. He said next week he will make a ground breaking announcement concerning the General Manager Eric Bischoff, the RAW superstars in the back and all of the fans. Vince said he does have one announcement for tonight and that concerns The Coach. He said a slight modification has been added to the Seattle Slugfest with that being Carmella and Christy will beat the hell out of The Coach. Vince tells Coach to take it like a man and get his hands up. He calls Coach pathetic and told him to put his hands behind his back. Vince said if Coach moves his hands or feet, he will fire him. The referee instructs the ladies to hit The Coach in the head or mouth. Christy was given 30 seconds to beat up Coach. She punches him in the face, crotch and takes him down by jumping on his back. Carmella was given 30 seconds to beat up Coach. The crowd boo's as she steps up. She gives Coach a back hand and some hard punches to take him down. Coach tries to get up but she keeps knocking him back down. The referee rules Christy the winner after the crowd cheers loudly for her and the crowd boo's for Carmella. The Coach reminds the audience how they can vote for Christy and Carmella and that next week the official winner will be announced for the $250,000.

- Kane was shown making his way to the arena dragging Lita along with him.


- WWE REWIND: Triple H injurying Eugene last week on RAW in the Steel Cage Match.

- Jim Ross speaks of Eugene's injury briefly calling it a severe shoulder separation as Kane's pyro goes off behind him.

No DQ Match
Kane w/ Lita vs. Gene Snitsky

Kane takes out Gene (looks to be a local wrestler, very big guy). Kane takes him out with a big boot and hits a quick leg drop. Snitski gets a big boot on Kane when he charges at him in the corner and hits a low blow that is allowed due to the No DQ rules. Snitski goes off the ropes, but gets a big boot from Kane taking him down. Kane leaves the ring and gets a steel chair. Kane puts Snitski's head in the steel chair the same way he did to HBK. Kane climbed up the top rope, but Lita came in quickly to take the steel chair away from Snitski's head. Snitski nails Kane from behind with the steel chair, allowing Kane to fall on Lita.

Winner: No Contest

Lita screams in pain as Kane screams for a doctor. WWE officials come down to the ring to attend to Lita. EMT's come down and put Lita on a stretcher.


- We are back from commercial and EMT's are still attending to Lita on a stretcher. She continues to complain about the pain as Kane stands nearby looking on. EMT's wheel Lita out of the arena toward an ambulance as Kane helps out.

- SMACKDOWN REBOUND: Highlights of the Lumberjack Match between Kurt Angle and Eddie Guerrero is shown with 20 SmackDown superstars surrounding the ring. Before the match can finish, a big brawl takes place in the ring. The Big Show's music hits and he comes down, taking out everyone involved with numerous chokeslams.

- A shot of Lita being put into an ambulance is shown. Kane tells Lita that everything will be alright and he gets in as it speeds away.


3 on 1 Handicap Match
Triple H, Ric Flair & Batista vs. Randy Orton

Orton rolls into the ring and Ric Flair goes after him with some chops. Orton comes back with a big back body drop followed by a standing dropkick. Flair rolls to the corner and tags in Triple H. Orton hits some hard right hands, Triple H throws him into the ropes and Orton slides out. Orton pulls down Batista and Flair off the ring apron. Batista tags himself in and lifts Orton, charging him into the corner. Orton gets a quick uppercut, but Batista fights back with a big spinebuster. Triple H gets the tag and both Orton and Triple H exchanged punches. Triple H goes for the Pedigree, but Orton counters, Triple H pushes Orton into the corner, Orton bounces off and lands on Triple H where the sun doesn't shine. Orton knocks Flair and Batista off the ring apron, goes for the RKO on Triple H, but Triple H pushes out of it and Batista clocks him with a big forearm. All three men start to beat up on Orton as the referee calls for the bell.

Winner via DQ: Randy Orton

Shelton Benjamin runs out and starts to take out Flair and Batista. Chris Benoit runs out to even up the odds. Benoit goes after Batista, Benjamin goes after Flair and Orton goes after Triple H. Benjamin knocks Flair out of the ring. Triple H tries to bring a steel chair in, but Orton grabs it away and knocks him out. Benjamin takes out Batista with a splash in the corner followed by a big clothesline off the top rope. Benoit connects with the headbutt off the top rope on Batista. Benoit grabs the steel chair and taunts at Triple H with it. Batista gets up on his feet and Orton takes him down with the RKO. Flair and Triple H look on from the outside frustrated as Benoit and Benjamin prevent them from coming in. Orton, Benoit and Benjamin leave the ring and Triple H and Flair get back in. Orton, Benoit and Benjamin all stare down Evolution as RAW goes off the air...

Match Results:
- Chris Benoit defeated Rob Conway.
- Victoria, Nidia & Stacy Keibler defeated Trish Stratus, Molly Holly & Gail Kim.
- Shawn Michaels & Chris Jericho defeated Christian & Tyson Tomko.
- Joy was eliminated from the RAW Diva Search.
- Kane vs. Gene Snitsky ended in a No Contest.
- Randy Orton defeated Triple H, Ric Flair & Batista in a 3 on 1 Handicap Match via DQ.