WWE RAW Results - 9/20/04 - Tucson, Arizona (Lita's baby, McMahon & more)

Reported by Paul Nemer of WrestleView.com
On Monday, September 20, 2004 at 11:07 PM EST

WWE RAW Results - 9/20/04
Live From: Tucson, Arizona
Commentators: Jim Ross & Jerry "The King" Lawler
Report By: Adam Martin & Paul Nemer of WrestleView.com

- A graphic was shown in tribute for the late James Barnett.

In-Ring Segment: Vince McMahon's big announcement
The RAW promo hits and Vince McMahon's music hits soon after. McMahon comes to the ring, gets on the mic and welcomes everyone to the season premiere of RAW. He said the announcement he will make tonight will affect RAW's General Manager Eric Bischoff, all the RAW superstars and the WWE fans. McMahon calls out Eric Bischoff. Bischoff's music hit and he came down to the ring with his cane still selling the sledgehammer drop from Randy Orton. McMahon gives Bischoff his mic and he grabs another. McMahon reminds Bischoff how a few weeks ago he let Chris Jericho allow the fans to decide the stipulation for the WWE IC Title Match at Unforgiven two weeks ago. McMahon said he liked fan participation and proposed the idea of allowing the WWE fans decide what they will see at a Pay Per View event. He said imagine if WWE fans could decide who would face the World Champion on that night. McMahon set aside Tuesday night, October 19th, for the upcoming Taboo Tuesday PPV - calling it the first ever interactive event. He asks Bischoff what he thinks about it. Bischoff said it sounds great...on paper. He said the people rely on him to make the right decisions. The fans chant "YOU SUCK" at Bischoff as he continues to say they, the fans, don't have the ability to make the right decisions. Bischoff said he knows McMahon is a busy, busy man and understands how much stress he is under. He offers to "sleep on it" so by next Monday he can come up with a better idea. McMahon said he thinks Bischoff is trying to patrionize him. He said there is a reason Bischoff is the General Manager of RAW and not Nitro. McMahon said he understands why Bischoff wouldn't like the idea because the fans would have all the power that night. He said he won't let Bischoff down because that night he won't be the General Manager. McMahon said at Taboo Tuesday, Bischoff will be an active wrestler. Bischoff said that won't work because he is injured. McMahon said he has already decided Bischoff's opponent for Taboo Tuesday and here he comes now.

Eugene's music hits and he comes down to the ring with his arm in a sling. Eugene waves at everyone in the crowd and waves at Bischoff. McMahon said that although the match is already signed, the fans will get to decide the stipulation. He offers a few stipulations where the loser will be a servant, wear a dress or be shaved bald. McMahon said this is the ultimate in fan interaction. Bischoff tells Eugene that it is wrong for an uncle to fight his nephew. He said he knows Eugene would never want to hurt him because he is his uncle. Bischoff tells Eugene "I love you." He tells McMahon that given Eugene's mental condition, a lawsuit could take place. Bischoff tells Eugene that they should tell McMahon to forget about their match so they can go out and have some ice cream. Eugene hugs Bischoff and then knocks him out quickly. Eugene celebrates as Vince McMahon goes to leave. Eugene stops McMahon, hugs and kisses him. McMahon smiles as Eugene follows behind him, impersonating his famous strut.

- Jim Ross plugs that an update on Lita will take place later tonight on RAW.

- LATER TONIGHT: Chris Jericho defends the WWE Intercontinental Title against Shawn Michaels. Plus, the winner of the RAW Diva Search contest will be announced.

- Highlights from RAW last week was shown of Randy Orton's attack on Evolution at the start of the show, jumping out of a cake. Highlights of Orton taking on all three members of Evolution in a 3 on 1 Handicap Match was then shown. Evolution attacked Orton to stop the match. Soon after, Chris Benoit and Shelton Benjamin got involved to even up the odds. Benoit, Benjamin and Orton all take out Batista taunting at Triple H and Ric Flair. They plug that Chris Benoit, Randy Orton & Shelton Benjamin will take on Evolution in a big six man tag team match later tonight.


- WWE SLAM OF THE WEEK: Molly Holly challenging Stacy Keibler to a "Dance Off" last week on RAW. Molly attacks Keibler soon after.

Victoria & Stacy Keibler vs. Trish Stratus & Molly Holly
The match starts with Victoria and Trish. Both lock up and Trish throws down Victoria quickly. Victoria responds by taking Trish down by her hair two times followed by a big standing moonsault for a two count. Molly gets the tag and Victoria catches her with a big powerslam. Victoria twirls Molly around the ring and Trish comes in to hit a quick kick to the back. Molly tags in Trish. Victoria gives Trish a big sidewalk slam. Stacy tags herself in and pins Trish quickly for a two count. Molly gets the tag, knocks Victoria to the outside, but Stacy gives her a quickly backslide pin for the win.

Winners: Victoria & Stacy Keibler

- We will get an update concerning Lita's condition next.


- Carmella and Christy are shown backstage getting ready for tonight's announcement later tonight about the winner of the RAW Diva Search.

- Backstage, Randy Orton was shown reading RAW Magazine. Vince McMahon walks up and said that must suck. Orton shakes his hand and asks what he means. McMahon said one day you are the youngest World Heavyweight Champion in history and the next day, you are nothing. Orton said the next time he faces Triple H he guarantees he will win back his World Title, feeling it is his destiny. McMahon reminds Orton that the fans will be the ones who will decide who faces Triple H at Taboo Tuesday for the World Heavyweight Title. Orton tells McMahon that tonight his six man tag match will be decided by three words...R-K-O and that the fans will make the right choice.

- The legendary "Superstar" Billy Graham was shown sitting at ringside.

- We are shown highlights from RAW last week where newcomer Gene Snitsky knocked out Kane with a steel chair, allowing him to fall on Lita. JR said that Gene Snitsky is backstage wanting to clear the air. Snitsky said all week he has been blamed for Lita's injuries and he simply had a job to do and did it. He tells JR it isn't his fault (wow, he needs to not speak anymore).


- Todd Grisham was shown at a hospital. He said we will hear words from Kane about what happened last week later.

Tajiri w/ Rhyno vs. The Hurricane w/ Rosey
The match starts with both locking up and both exchanging takedowns of their own. Tajiri hits a big kick to Hurricane's head to knock him out. Hurricane pushes Tajiri and Tajiri responds with a stiff kick to the gut. Hurricane hits a quick clothesline followed by a suplex. Hurricane applies a full nelson. Tajiri fights out of it and responds with a cross-body. Tajiri gives Hurricane some stiff kicks and hits a jumping neckbreaker off the top rope. Soon after, Tajiri hits a big superkick on Hurricane and gets a close two count. Tajiri attempts a big kick to the head, but Hurricane ducks and hits a big neckbreaker. Hurricane goes for the pin, Tajiri counters into a pin of his own and gets the win.

Winner: Tajiri

After the match, The Hurricane leaves the ring disgusted. He takes his mask off a fan at ringside and leaves in a bad mood.

- UP NEXT: Chris Jericho will defend the WWE Intercontinental Title against Shawn Michaels.

- Todd Grisham was shown with Kane at the hospital. Kane said this hasn't been some of Lita's better days. He said the doctors are doing everything they can do. Kane said they are telling him that their is only a 50/50 chance the baby will survive. Grisham tells Kane that Gene Snitsky was interviewed early tonight, saying what he did to Lita wasn't his fault. Kane gets enraged and said it Lita is sitting in a hospital bed because of him. He Snitsky is a dead man.


- WWE REWIND: Shawn Michaels & Chris Jericho defeating Christian & Tyson Tomko last week on RAW. Following the match, Christian attacks HBK and gives him an Unprettier on the outside of the ring.

WWE Intercontinental Championship Match
Chris Jericho (c) vs. Shawn Michaels

Before the match starts, Christian's music hits and he joins JR and The King at the announcer's table. The match starts with both locking up, HBK hits a few shoulder charges and Jericho responds by working on HBK's arm. HBK hits a stiff knee to the gut, hits a shoulder block and Jericho tries to throw him over the top rope. HBK hangs on, Jericho tries to nail his head off the turnbuckle, HBK counters into one of his own and hits a big cross-body off the top for a two count. HBK gives Jericho some chops in the corner. Jericho responds with some chops of his own as well. Jericho hits a backbreaker on HBK after he was launched into the corner. Jericho attempts to suplex HBK off the top rope, but HBK throws him off. HBK jumps and connects with a big elbow. HBK goes to the corner looking to hit the Sweet Chin Music when Christian runs down to the ring. HBK knocks him over the top rope. HBK turns around and Jericho knocks him out with a big kick to the back of the head. Referee Earl Hebner sends Christian to the back. WWE referees come to ringside to escort him to the back.


We are back from commercial and HBK has a sleeper on Jericho. Jericho flips HBK over his back and HBK trips him up quickly. During the break, Jericho took a big bump over the top rope to the outside by HBK. Back live, HBK applies a Figure Four on Jericho. HBK tries to apply it a second time, but Jericho kicks him back each time. HBK attempts to apply it yet again, but Jericho counters into a quick rollup for a two count. Both exchange chops and Jericho takes out HBK with a forearm. Jericho gives HBK a bulldog, misses the Lionsault, but takes down HBK when he charges at him. Jericho goes for a backslide on HBK that gets a two count. Jericho sits on HBK's chest for a pin after a failed sunset flip for a two count. HBK counters into a pin of his own, Jericho kicks out, HBK flips over Jericho again and gets another pin for a two count. Jericho gets irish whipped into the ropes, holds on, HBK misses a dropkick and Jericho connects with the Lionsault. Jericho goes for the cover two times and HBK kicks out after each attempt. Jericho applies the Walls of Jericho on HBK. Tyson Tomko runs down and Jericho knocks him off the ring apron. Jericho turns around and connects with the Sweet Chin Music. HBK crawls over, puts on arm over Jericho's chest, but Christian hits the ring attacking HBK.

Winner via DQ: Shawn Michaels
Winner & STILL WWE Intercontinental Champion: Chris Jericho

Christian and Tomko double team both men. Tomko hits a big boot on Jericho and Christian points at him to pick up HBK. Christian slaps HBK as Tomko holds him. Christian gets in some shots to HBK's ribs and taunts at him. Tomko throws HBK down and Christian taunts at the crowd. Both Christian and Tomko stare down HBK and Jericho from the entranceway.

- The SmackDown Rebound began to air when Todd Grisham said some breaking news was taking place at the hospital. Hospital officials told Grisham to leave the area when a loud voice came from the room yelling "NO."


- Evolution is shown backstage. Triple H is upset and says "Vince is going to let the fans decide?" He said that it's not the lottery, and he wants to fans to decide who should face him for the belt? Batista said screw the fans. Ric Flair boosts Triple H's ego by saying that Triple H is the greatest champion of all-time. Ric Flair cheers him up by complimenting him.

- They recap the RAW diva Search competition from the beginning. The winner will be announced tonight.


Sylvain Grenier w/ Rob Conway vs. Maven
Grenier attacks Maven while he had his back turned. He stomps on him in the corner. Grenier whips him into the turnbuckle, and down goes Maven. Suplex by Grenier, 1,2 but Maven kicked out. Sleeper hold applied by Grenier. Maven gets up and fights back. Elbow to the face by Maven. Drop kick by Maven. Conway gets up on the apron and Maven knocks him down. Spinning kick by Maven on Grenier. Maven goes on the top rope and does a cross body, 1,2 but Grenier kicked out. Grenier got up and fought back by delivering a slapjack, then approaches Maven, who's still down and Maven out of nowhere does an inside cradle for the 1,2,3.

Winner: Maven

- The doctor announces that they lost Lita's baby. He said that they did everything they could. Kane comes out furious and starts banging on the wall, screaming "noooo."


- Simon Dean's infomercial is shown again.

- Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler put on a straight face and Jim Ross says that he's sorry to inform us that Lita and Kane's baby is gone.

In-Ring Segment: RAW Diva Search winner is announced
The Coach is in the ring. He introduces the two RAW Diva Search finalists. In the ring, there is a briefcase with $250,000 in it. Before The Coach announces the winner, he has something to get off his chest. He said that he didn't appreciate being a punching bag last week. he said that both divas have made an enemy for life. Coach tells Carmella to tell that to her little quarterback boyfriend Jeff Garcia.

The winner of the $250,000 is... And Trish Stratus interrupts. Trish grabs the microphone and says she needs a moment before the winner is announced. Trish wanted to take a moment to congratulate both women for making it this far. Trish talks about what they could do with the money. She tells Carmella to maybe by a personality and tells Christy to buy some decaf to keep it down a little. Trish will be throwing an initiation party for the winner next week.

The winner of the $250,000 RAW Diva Search competition: Christy!

The Coach asked Christy how's she's feeling. She says that she's feeling great and plans on having a great year with the WWE. She said that she doesn't need any decaf because it's all natural. The Coach asks Carmella that she's come far, but not far enough. She said that it was a great experience. He asked her about the fans that booed her every week. She said that they love to hate. She said that Christy was the chosen one and she says congratulations.


Six Man Tag Team Match
Evolution vs. Chris Benoit, Randy Orton & Shelton Benjamin

Benjamin starts off against HHH. They lock up and HHH pressures him into the corner. Benjamin knocks him down. HHH gets back up and they lock up. HHH applies a headlock and takes him down. Benjamin gets back up. HHH knees Benjamin, and puts him in the corner and they start exchanging fists. Benjamin sends HHH into the turnbuckle, followed by a back body drop. HHH fights back and puts Benjamin in Evolution's corner and tags Flair. Benjamin fought back and went in his corner. Benoit tagged himself in. They exchange a few chops. Back body drop by Benoit on Flair. Inzigurri kick by Benoit. Benoit goes on the top rope and delivers a diving headbutt, 1,2 but HHH interrupted the count. All six men get into it. Orton and HHH fighting on the outside. HHH pushes Orton into the ring post. Batista delivers a running clothesline on Orton. Orton is knocked down cold. Benoit and Benjamin check up on him, but he wouldn't respond. Benoit goes back in the ring. He and Flair collided and both men are down.


Benjamin is fighting HHH and Flair at the same time. During the commercial break, Randy Orton was helped to the back by WWE officials. Benjamin sends Batista shoulder first into the ring post. HHH delivers the high knee on Benjamin. Batista is the legal man, he picks up Benjamin and slams him, 1,2 but Benjamin kicked out. Batista is hammering on Benjamin. Flair gets the tag and delivers a hard irish whip, followed by several punches on Benjamin. Flair taunts Benoit, which got the referee distracted. HHH just walks in, pretends he tagged Flair. Spine buster by HHH, 1,2 but Benjamin kicked out again. HHH tags Flair. Flair goes after Benjamin's knee and continues to work on it to set him up for the figure four... and does. Benjamin hangs on and reverses the figure four. But as soon as he reversed it, HHH got in to make the save. HHH continues where Flair left off, and that's working on Benjamin's left leg. Batista gets the tag. Batista does the same thing and tags Ric Flair. Flair and Benjamin exchange a few shots. Flair tags Batista and Batista works on Benjamin's right leg this time and Benjamin does a spinning kick and finally tags in Benoit. Benoit delivers a back body drop on Flair, followed by three German suplexes. Benoit applies the crossface, but HHH breaks up the hold. Benjamin attacks HHH. They're fighting on the outside. Benoit clears the ring and applies the sharpshooter on Flair. Batista walks in and delivers a spine buster. Randy Orton comes back and tags himself. Orton clears the ring from HHH and Batista. Orton delivers the RKO on Flair and gets the 1,2,3.

Winners: Chris Benoit, Randy Orton & Shelton Benjamin

- Victoria & Stacy Keibler defeated Trish Stratus & Molly Holly.
- Tajiri defeated The Hurricane.
- Chris Jericho vs. Shawn Michaels for the WWE Intercontinental Title ended via DQ after Christian & Tyson Tomko attacked both Y2J & HBK.
- Maven defeated Sylvain Grenier.
- Christy was the winner of the RAW Diva Search Competition.
- Chris Benoit, Randy Orton & Shelton Benjamin defeated Evolution.