WWE RAW Results - 9/27/04 - Kansas City, MO (Taboo Tuesday Draws Nearer)

Reported by Mike Greenslade of WrestleView.com
On Tuesday, September 28, 2004 at 12:03 AM EST

WWE RAW Results - 9/27/04
Live From: Kansas City, MO
Commentators: Jim Ross & Jerry "The King" Lawler
Report By: MikeyG of WrestleView.com

- Raw opens up with "In Memory of Ray Traylor".

In-Ring Segment: Taboo Tuesday Controversy
After the intro video rolls Eric Bischoff is standing in the middle of the squared circle with a microphone in hand. Bischoff says that Taboo Tuesday is official and announces that there will be four men in the voting for the World Title match against Triple H at the event. Those four men would be Shawn Michaels, Chris Benoit, Edge, and "The Legend Killer" Randy Orton. However, Bischoff then states that the only way Randy Orton will continue to be part of the equation is if he beats Batista in a NO DQ match tonight live on Raw. Bischoff then speaks on the fact that the fans choose the stipulation that he and Eugene will have to abide by at Taboo Tuesday and how he doesn't think it's right that "pimply faced" fans get to choose his fate.

As Bischoff goes to continue he is inturruped by Triple H's music. Triple H comes down to the ring and takes the mic. He let the fans know how he felt about TAboo Tuesday and the fact that they get to choose his fate. He claimed that it doesn't matter who his opponent is and as far as he is concerned the fans have four choices. However, before he could finish Shelton Benjamin makes his way to the ring.

Shelton says that he has some choices for Triple H. He said Trips needed to stop crying, and shut his mouth. He then let it be known that he wanted to fight Triple H right then and now. Eric Bischoff calls for a referee after Triple H jumps Benjamin and the first match-up begins.

Non-Title Match
Triple H vs. Shelton Benjamin

After being caught off guard Benjamin started off at a disadvantage, however, seconds later he turned things around. Shelton connected with various punches and kicks before connecting with a heartbreaker followed up by some mounted punches. Shelton kept the advantage until Triple H whipped him into the turnbuckle shoulder first. As Triple H and Shelton lay on seperate sides of the ring the show cuts to commercial.


As Raw came back from commercial Triple H had the advantage. J.R. made sure to mention that Shelton Benjamin was sent into the steel steps shoulder first during the commercial break. Triple H continued working Shelton's shoulder eventually going to the top attempting to come down knee first on Shelton's shoulder. However, Shelton reversed with a nicely executed hip-toss from the top rope. Shelton kept control of the match eventually connecting with his trademark powerslam, splash, and top rope heartbreaker. Shelton went for the cover, but Trips kicked out after a two count. Following the two count the action ended up on the outside of the ring. Triple H was sent into the steel ring steps. However, seconds later he grabbed the World Heavyweight Title and blasted Shelton with it. the referee called for the bell and awarded Shelton the match by DQ.

Winner by DQ: Shelton Benjamin

-Following the match-up, Triple H took out the referee and then hit Shelton with a Pedigree on the floor at the ringside area. The fans went nuts booing Triple H as he raised his hands in the air above the fallen Shelton Benjamin.

-Next, a video clip hyping Raw Diva Search Winner Christy Hemme was shown. They mentioned that Trish would have a surprise for Christy later on tonight.


-Following the break, another Simon Dean vignette played. Yet again Dean was bashing fat,unhealthy,losers.

The Hurricane & Rosey vs. Tajiri & Rhyno
Tajiri and Rhyno started things off with some decent back and forth action until Tajiri made the tag to Rhyno. The two bigger men of the match stood face to face before Rhyno tried to get the fans behind him as he tried to get Rosey off his feet. Rhyno taunted and then charged at Rosey twice with shoulder blocks that had no effect on larger man. However, a third attempt at the shoulder block worked well after Rhyno ducked a right hand and took Rosey down hard. Hurricane managed to get the tag, and he quickened the pace in the ring against Rhyno. Rhyno and Tajiri managed to work over The Hurricane while Rosey was on the outside. AS Rhyno exited the ring, Tajiri locked the tarantuala on the Hurricane, but it was broken up by Rosey who obviously made a blind tag a few seconds earlier. Rosey connected with a modified sidewalk slam and then made the cover for the victory.

Winners: The Hurricane & Rosey

-Todd Grisham is backstage with Kane. The two seem to be getting ready for an interview.


-As the show comes back from break, clips from last week involving Lita, Kane, and Gene Snitksy was shown to illistrate the reason for the misscarriage. Kane claims that Lita would not be there tonight due to the fact that she was in a state of shock. He said that Lita was never in love with him, but she did love the baby that would be apart of their lives. Todd Grisham stated how he felt towards the situation, and Kane said there were no words to describe it. He then state that he and Lita's baby boy may have died, but he would not die alone because he planned on taking the life of Gene Snitsky.

-Gene Snitsky made his way to the ring, however, before the match officially begun words from Snitksy from earlier in the night were shown. Gene said that he apoligized to Kane and Lita, but still it wasn't his fault. He was very insincere with the apology and he also stated that if Kane had a problem with him he would be there next week on Raw.

Val Venis vs. Gene Snitsky
Gene Snitsky took control of the match early on connecting with several kicks to the fact of Venis. Val ended up in the corner where Gene connected with some more boots to the face. Eventually, Venis blocked a right hand and took the advantage leading to a chance at the Money Shot. However, he came up short when Gene moved from below him. As Venis pulled himself to his feet he was taken down with a huge big foot and then again with a variation of a pump handle slam into a sideslam for the cover.

Winner: Gene Snitsky

-Following the match a short video hyping Wrestlemania played and J.R. spoke about how Wrestlemania tickets sold out in less than one minute.


In-Ring Segment: Orton Tries to Hype Flair Up
Ric Flair makes his way to the ring decked out in a suit and tie with a microphone in hand. Flair stated that he is getting sick and tired of Randy Orton and his use of the words "Legend" and "Great". Flair said that when Randy Orton beat Chris Benoit for the World Heavyweight Title he entered the small list of people that can consider themselves great, however, he was no legend killer. Flair then spoke controversial words about Mick Foley, Bret Hart, Harley Race, and Hulk Hogan claiming that none of them were legends. Flair claimed that he was the only legend in the spot, and that was him, the 16-time World Heavyweight Champion, Ric Flair. Flair said that Orton may be great, but he was definatley no Legend Killer.

As Flair finished his statement Randy Orton's music blasted over the P.A. system. Orton made his way to the ring and face to face with Ric Flair. Randy Orton stated that Flair was right and that Ric Flair was a legend. Not only that, but that growing up he idolized Flair. Orton even mentioned sneaking into his parent's bathroom and dressing in their robe emulating the "Nature Boy". Orton also stated that being next to Flair in Evolution was like a dream, and he loved the fact that he was getting pointers from Flair. Randy Orton said that Ric Flair was indeed the man, and that is what upset him most. Orton said it was a tradegy that Ric would stick up for Triple H claiming that he was the greatest wrestler in the world today.

Flair continued to back-up Triple H, stating that he was the greatest wrestling in the world. Orton snapped back at the "Nature Boy" stating again that Ric was great, but he is no longer a legend and was more like a lap dog to the World Champ. Orton said that if Flair kept it up the current generation would know Flair only for sucking up to Triple H and that the only person that could save the Legend that is Ric Flair, is the "Nature Boy" himself.

Randy Orton left the ring as Ric Flair stood there staring at him with a look on his face as if he was thinking hard about what Orton had just said.


Shawn Michaels & Chris Jericho vs. Christian & Tyson Tomko
The four men brawled outside the ring to start the match-up. When it did end up back in the ring Shawn Michaels ended up getting double teamed by the team of Tyson Tomko and Captain Charisma himself. The two continued the assault on HBK until Chris Jericho made his presence felt once again as he entered the ring and connected with a dropkick that lead to Tyson Tomko being sent to the outside. Shawn Michaels and Jericho turned the tables on Christian and double teams him as they had done to HBK seconds earlier. Eventually, Jericho was sent sailing to the outside as a result of a double military press from HBK and Jericho. As Christian came crashing down on Tyson Tomko on the outside they cut to a commercial break.


As we cut back to action Tomko kicks out of the first nearfall of the match-up. A clip is show from during the commercial break where Tyson Tomko saved Christian from the walls of Jericho. Jericho was now in the ring alone against both of his opponents, while Shawn Michaels stood outside on the ring apron. As Jericho was being pummled by both Tomko and Christian, HBK tried to sike up the crowd. It worked, and Jericho gained some momentum and eventually made the tag to "The Heartbreak Kid". HBK hit the ring on a mission. He took out both men with some right hands, but the momentum shifted as Christian sent him into the turnbuckle. After hitting the turnbuckle, HBK was set-up for the Unprettier, but Jericho managed to stop it. Seconds later HBK tuned up the band and connected perfectly with the Sweet Chin Music on "The Problem Solver", Tyson Tomko. Right after the Sweet Chin Music, Christian Rolled up HBK and help onto the ropes for the cheap victory.

Winners: Christian & Tyson Tomko

-The cameras then cut to the backstage area where Triple H and Batista stood face to face. Batista told Triple H that he was sick of listening to Orton for the last two years, and there was no way he was going to let him get another title shot. Batista said all this time instead of the world watching Orton, they should've been worried about Batista. Tonight he would show the world just who the better man was. As Batista walked away Triple H grinned an evil smile knowing that he had gotten the big man hyped up.


In-Ring Segment: Eugene/Bischoff - what's the stipulation?
As we come back from commercial break William Regal along with a few guys who he claimed came from the crowd were in the ring. Eugene made his way to the ringside area as well. William Regal then shows that each of the audience members that he had brought in the ring represent a different type of stipulation that could be used in the Eugene/Bischoff match-up at Taboo Tuesday. The three stipulations suggested were the loser would be a servant to the victor, a hair versus hair match-up, and loser has to wear a dress. To illistrate each stipulation one man wore a dress, one man was dressed as a butler or servant, and the last man allowed Eugene to shave part of his head in front of everyone. However, the haircut was inturrupted by Eric Bischoff.

Bischoff enters the ring and looked over the crowd as they chanted "Asshole". Eric said that the fun and games were over with, and that he would not have his head shaven, or have to commit to any of the other stipulations. Bischoff said thats because Eugene wouldn't beat him at Taboo Tuesday. He then proceeded to kick one of the guys with a martial arts kick before exiting the ring. He reminded everyone that he is a black belt in karate.

-A short clip illistrating a press conference that was held in Milwaukee, Wisconsin earlier today was then shown. The clip featured Triple H, Randy Orton, HBK, Trish Stratus as well as others.


-As the show returned from commercial, J.R. announced that Christian and HBK would be going one on one next week live on Raw from Madison Square Garden in New York City.

In-Ring Segment: Trish and the Divas Welcome Christy
Trish Stratus, Gail Kim, and Molly Holly all made their way to the ring which was decked out with the red carpet along with some balloons. They announced they were there to welcome the newest addition to the WWE Christy Hemme. However, Trish kept mentioning that it was the fans made Christy what she was, and that she only won a contest while the divas in the ring had to work their way to where they are.

Christy made her way to the ring with a smile glued to her face. Before Trish could speak however, Christy snatched the mic from her hands and thanked the crowd for making her dreams come true and that it was truley and honor to be standing in the ring. Just as Christy finished up Trish snatched the mic back from her hands and introduced Raw Diva Search Finalist Carmella who then showed up on the titan tron. Carmella stated that the only reason Christy won is because the fans knew they could never get with someone like her, a playboy playmate of the year. She also said that Christy slept her way into the finals, and that she couldn't wait until Christy got her ass whooped.

As Carmella finished up, Trish spoke once more. This time Trish stated that "Speaking of Getting Your Ass Kicked.." she would be making Christy's first match right there and now. Trish announced that Christy Hemme would be taking on Molly, Gail Kim, and herself in a three on one bra and panties match, and that match would happen RIGHT NOW.

3-on-1 Bra and Panties
Trish, Gail, and Molly vs. Christy Hemme

Gail, Molly, and Trish all went after Christy, but Hemme managed to catch Trish with a slap across the face. However, that would be her only offense in the match-up. Christy was then stripped down to her Bra and Panties and the three divas exited the ring.

Winners: Trish, Gail Kim, and Molly

-After the three divas exited the ring Christy stood alone in her Bra and Panties. she got on the mic and claimed that she did not lose her pride with her clothes, and she needed nothing more than her Bra and Panties. She then danced around getting a pretty good response from the crowd.

-Backstage, Batista approached Flair and asked him if he was going to the ring. Ric Flair said that he didn't answer to Triple H or Batista, and he would go out to the ring when he was good and ready.


-As we come back from the commercial it is announced that Kane would be returning to action next week. (Basically stating he would be facing Snitsky)

No DQ (If Orton loses, he's not eligible for World Title Match at Taboo Tuesday)
Batista vs. Randy Orton

Batista took the advantage very early on with some massive forearms, right hands, and boots the face. Batista continued the assault with a huge spinebuster and sideslam. Orton kicked out of a pin attempt, and slowly started to gain momentum. Eventually, Orton connected with a dropkick giving him the advantage. However, Triple H's presence at the ringside area took him off guard, but just for a second. He regained the advantage and brought Batista down hard. However, as Orton made the pinfall attempt, Triple H pulled him off Batista. Triple H brought the "Legend Killer" to his feet, but things didn't happen as he planned. Orton fought back hard and fast. He sent Triple H to the corner and blasted him with right hand after right hand. Batista then tried to get involved, but was grounded with a DDT. As Orton turned around Triple H took him down with a DDT of his own. As Batista and Orton lied on the mat Triple H went to the outside re-entering the ring with steel chair in hand. Just as Triple H was ready to blast Orton with the chair, Ric Flair emerged from backstage and entered the ring. Flair grabbed the chair from Triple H and hinted at hitting him with him. However, in a swerve he blasted Orton with the chair and then after another minute of beating allowed Batista to make the cover. Since Orton was beaten, he would not be apart of the Taboo Tuesday World Title Match-Up.

Winner: Batista

Quick Results
-Shelton Benjamin def. Triple H
-Hurricane and Rosey def. Tajiri and Rhyno
-Gene Snitsky def. Val Venis
-Christian and Tyson Tomko def. Shawn Michaels and Chris Jericho
-Trish, Gail Kim, and Molly def. Christy Hemme in a Bra and Panties Match
-Batista def. Randy Orton in a NO DQ Match