WWE RAW Results - 10/4/04 - New York City, NY (Triple H vs. Jericho, more)

Reported by Mike Greenslade of WrestleView.com
On Monday, October 4, 2004 at 11:44 PM EST

WWE RAW Results - 10/4/04
Live From: New York City, NY
Commentators: Jim Ross & Jerry "The King" Lawler
Report By: MikeyG of WrestleView.com

- Raw opens up with a recap of the Randy Orton/Ric Flair interview segment from last week. Next, it shows the Flair/Batista segment which is followed by Ric Flair's interference in the main event from last Monday's show.

- After opening credits Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler go over what has already been signed for tonight including HBK vs. Christian. They also mention that both Gene Snitsky and Kane will be in the building tonight.

In-Ring Segment: Ric Flair and Triple H gloat, but it doesn't last long
Ric Flair and Triple H make their way to the ring decked out in suits and ties. Flair starts the interview claiming that last week he was wrong when he said Triple H was the greatest wrestler alive. That's because Triple H is not just the best wrestler alive, but the best wrestler ever. Flair then mentions the fact that Eric Bischoff is not allowing Randy Orton in the building tonight and as far as he is concerned he is lucky because he is safe from an ass-whooping like he received last week. "The Nature Boy" then speaks on how Randy Orton is a virgin in legend killing and Flair then goes into details on how many virgins he has made scream, sweat, and bleed through-out the years. Next Flair mentions that he and Randy Orton will be going one on one at Taboo Tuesday and the fans will be deciding which type of match they will be having.

Triple H then gets on the mic and mocked the fans in a fashion very similar to last week. He reiterated his thoughts on Taboo Tuesday and even made a comment about The Rock stating that he is "Overrated".

Triple H was cut off by the music of Chris Jericho who made his way from the backstage area. He said that the fans shouldn't worry, as Raw is not a re-run, obviously speaking of Evolution being in the ring again complaining about Taboo Tuesday. He then gives the fans in attendance a verbal poll. He asked if they thought Triple H was the greatest wrestling today? The greatest wrestler of all-time? Or the biggest horse's ass of all time. Obviously the first two got boos as a response and the third a huge chorus of cheers.

Flair and Evolution were pissed almost daring Jericho to enter the ring. However, Jericho walked away. Seconds later he returned with a chair. He made his way down the entrance ramp but was attacked by Batista from behind. Batista tossed Jericho in the ring, and Evolution started their beating. Second later however, Chris Benoit emerged from the backstage area to make the save, but the numbers got the best of him. As Evolution went to work on Benoit and Jericho a third man emerged from backstage. That man? Edge. Eventually, Edge, Jericho, and Benoit cleared the ring. Evolution seemed very angry as they made their way up the ramp.

Shawn Michaels vs. Christian (W/Tyson Tomko)
The match opens up with Christian getting in the face of "The Heartbreak Kid" Shawn Michaels. However, it didn't last long as HBK slapped the taste out of Christian's mouth and started things off. Shawn Michaels took control of the match early on connecting with right, lefts, and boots to the gut. Shawn Michaels kept control with a hiptoss, but was eventually taken down hard by his hair by Christian. Christian kept control of the match until he was sent into the corner by HBK. Shawn Michaels then attempted the Sweet Chin Music, but Tyson Tomko pulled Christian out of the way. Moments later, Christian was sent to the outside of the ring. As things started getting heated outside, Tyson Tomko was hit with the Sweet Chin Music.


As Raw came back to the air Jim Ross made it clear that Tyson Tomko was no longer at the ringside area due to the Superkick delivered by Shawn Michaels earlier. They also showed footage of Shawn Michaels going after Christian on the outside, but ended up tasting the steel of the guard rail on the outside. As Christian and HBK laid outside the ring the referee started the mandetory ten count. At nine, both men were on their feet and re-entered the ring. Michaels quickly gained a second-wind and blasted Christian with punches in the corner. However, out of nowhere Christian turned the tides and connected with a Un-Prettier. It seemed that Christian waited a little too long to go for the cover, and HBK kicked out at two. As the two got to their feet again, Christian went to the top, but was taken down back body drop style all the way to the mat. Next, HBK connected with a nice elbow drop followed by the SWEET CHIN MUSIC for the win.

Winner: Shawn Michaels


- As Raw went back on air, Jim Ross announced that tonight there would be two huge matches. Chris Benoit would go one on one with Batista, and Triple H would be taking on Chris Jericho.

- Next a segment that was taped earlier in the day was broadcasted. The segment featured Lita being interviewed by Todd Grisham involving the current situation pertaining to her pregnancy and the fact that she lost her baby last week. Lita says she didn't regret the fact that she was pregnant and that the whole thing between Matt and Kane was a mistake, however, she wouldn't change it. She then stated that despite not having love for Kane she hoped that he destroyed Snitsky tonight. She said that "Snitsky is a DEAD MAN".

- Cameras then cut to Eric Bischoff, who is in his office in a meeting with someone who is obviously female due to her polished red fingernails. Bischoff was in the process of making some type of deal with this person when Coach stormed in and was caught off guard by the very site of this women, whoever it may have been. Bischoff and Coach step aside and Coach makes his feeling known about interviewing Snitsky tonight. He says that he don't want to be caught between Kane and Snitsky and Bischoff understood and said Jim Ross would do it instead.


In-Ring Segment: Jim Ross Interviews Gene Snitsky
Jim Ross stands in the ring as Raw comes back on the air. J.R. announced Gene Snitsky's name and he makes his way to the ring pushing a baby carriage. As Jim Ross went to start the interview Snitsky quickly inturrupted claiming "IT WASN'T MY FAULT!" as he had already done so many times in the past.

Just as Gene Snitsky finishes his statement, Kane's music hit and he made his way towards the ring quickly. As Kane entered the ring, Snitsky grabbed a lead pipe from the stroller that he entered the ring with a blasted Kane with it several times. Kane was bleeding, and bleeding badly. As Kane finally started to realize where he was, Snitsky was already headed towards the backstage area.


- A recap of what happened moments ago with Kane and Snitsky was show as Raw came back to the airwaves.

Chris Benoit vs. Batista
Chris Benoit entered the ring followed by Batista. Benoit started things off quickly taking Batista off his feet. Benoit dropped a few elbows on the legs of Batista obviously focusing on one part of Batista's body early on. Benoit kept the offense, but not for long. Batista turned the momentum with a variation of a spinebuster, and then seconds later a backbreaker. After a failed pin attempt, Benoit was back on his feet. After taking Batista down again, Benoit kept the focus on Batista's legs attempting a sharpshooter. However, Batista kicked him away. Next, after both men were on their feet again, Benoit connected with rolling german suplexes. As Batista lie on the mat below, Benoit signaled as if he was ready to finish Batista off and then connected with another German suplex. Flair then went to get involved, but came up short. However, he would get his revenge as moments later Benoit was sent to the outside of the ring where Chris Benoit was sent into the ring post thanks to the "Nature Boy". Ric Flair and Batista continued to work over Benoit.

Seconds later out of nowhere Randy Orton hit the ring and destroyed Batista and Flair. They were quick to exit the ring, however, Bischoff emerged from the backstage area. Bischoff had security with him and they "helped" Randy Orton out of the arena.

Winner: No Contest


In Ring Segment: Eugene has a Girlfriend?
Eric Bischoff was still in the ring as Raw came back from commercial. Bischoff said that Orton had been escorted out of the arena, and wouldn't be seen again tonight. He then stated that Gene Snitsky and Kane would have a match at Taboo Tuesday and that the match would be a weapons match. Not only that, but the fans would choose the weapon that would be made legal in that match-up.

Next, Bischoff says that Chris Jericho's opponent at Taboo Tuesday will be whoever the fans vote out of the entire list of superstars not already involved in a match-up.

Last but not least, Bischoff said that he was there to talk about the match-up between he and his nephew at Taboo Tuesday. He asked Eugene to come to the ringside area. As Eugene entered the ring Bischoff said that as awkward as it sounded, someone backstage had a crush on Eugene. That women? None other than Carmella, the runner up in the Diva search competition. Carmella entered the ring, and stated that Eugene would look good bald. Obviously, this was a stunt to get Eugene to get the fans to make the match a hair vs. hair match and let Bischoff beat him to impress Carmella. However, Eugene said that would happen only if she'd kiss him tonight. Carmella then dropped the "act" and said there is no way she is going through with that. Bischoff said it's alright, and that Carmella would be facing Christy at Taboo Tuesday and that he was still going to BEAT Eugene.

Raw Diva Search Winner Christy then made her way to the ring, and took Carmella down with a slap before kissing Eugene, and then making out with him. The two left the ring together as Bischoff and Carmella stood stunned in the ring.


- As Raw returned, La Resistance were already in the ring singing the Canadian National Anthem, however it was ended as Hurricane and Rosey made their way to the ring.

World Tag Team Title Match
La Resistance (c's) vs. The Hurricane & Rosey

Hurricane and Rosey took the advantage of the match early on, however, it didn't last. As Hurricane was the legal man and Rosey was taken off guard Hurricane was quickly pinned. It was a very quick match-up, but the action wasn't over yet.

Winners & STILL World Tag Team Champions: La Resistance

- After the match-up Rosey tried to take out both Tag Team champions. However, in the process they managed to turn his mask around which results in him giving The Hurricane his finisher.

- Next a clip played featuring the WWE accepting an award from the "Make a Wish Foundation".


- The same Simon Dean commercial from last week aired.

- The "Brawl" including Benoit, Edge, Jericho and Evolution earlier in the night was shown followed by an interview by Edge. Edge said that he deserved the shot at the World Title and Triple H at Taboo Tuesday more so than anyone /*. He also said that he was one guy who has never faced Triple H for the title.

- Stacy was shown stretching in preperation for her match-up that would take place in only a few minutes.

- As Raw went back on air Bischoff was in his office along with the 20 or so members of the roster up for the shot at Jericho at Taboo Tuesday. Bischoff said that each of them would be lumberjacks in the match-up between Chris Jericho and Triple H tonight.


- Trish Stratus made her was to the announcing booth and showed footage of her attack on Christy Hemme last week on Raw. She continued to sit ringside as the next match started.

Molly Holly vs. Stacy Keibler
Molly pointed her finger at Stacy, who then proceeded to BITE HER FINGER. The two battled back and forth for a second which resulted in them in the corner where Stacy choked Molly with her long legs. After a few more seconds of some more back and forth action Molly was sent to the outside HARD. Trish then made her way to the ring, and she helped Molly in, and tried to get her the victory, but Stacy reversed and won the match.

Winner: Stacy Keibler


- Highlights of the debate between JBL and Mick Foley can be seen on WWE Experience this coming Sunday.

- As cameras hit the ringside area, the lumberjacks were all surrounding the ring already, and the match was ready to begin.

Non-Title Lumberjack Match
Triple H vs. Chris Jericho

Jericho hit the ring fast and got things started with some closed fists. Triple H quickly tucked his tail between his legs and ran to the outside of the ring, but seconds later he was back in the ring thanks to the "faces" who were lumberjacks outside the ring. The two went back and forth for a few seconds until Triple H ended up outside the ring for a second time due to a quick chop delivered by Chris Jericho. Triple H was attacked by the Lumberjacks once again, and then sent in the ring where Jericho quickly went for the Walls of Jericho. Triple H managed to kick away from the attempt at the Walls of Jericho, and Trips eventually sent him to the rope. However, Christian pulled the top rope down and Jericho landed hard on the outside. Christian then began to stomp away at Jericho, but Rhyno stopped the attack and sent Jericho back inside the ring. This time, it was Triple H who had the chance at the advantage due to lumberjacks, and he took it. He attempted a Pedigree, but it was reversed into the Wall of Jericho, which didn't last long due to Jericho breaking the hold to knock Ric Flair off the ring apron. The brawl eventually led to Jericho flying off the top rope and connecting with a crossbody type move on everybody. Everybody ended up brawling outside the ring, and Rhyno who saved Jericho earlier accidentally took him out. Jericho was inside the ring again and Triple H crawled atop him for the victory.

Winner: Triple H

- After the match, everybody went wild. An all out brawl ensued until Randy Orton hit the ring for the second time tonight. Orton cleared the ring taking out each superstar one by one with the R.K.O. The fans were going nuts as Orton stood in the ring as the show went off the air.

Quick Results:
-HBK defeated Christian.
-Chris Benoit and Batista went to a No Contest.
-La Resistance defeated Hurricane and Rosey.
-Stacy defeated Molly Holly.
-Triple H defeated Chris Jericho.