WWE RAW Results - 10/11/04 - Manchester, England (Special UK event, more)

» Reported by Mike Greenslade of WrestleView.com
» On Monday, October 11, 2004 at 11:20 PM EST

WWE RAW Results - 10/11/04
Live From: Manchester, England
Commentators: Jim Ross & Jerry "The King" Lawler
Report By: Mike Greenslade of WrestleView.com

- Raw opens up with fireworks complete with a “Manchester Version” of the WWE RAW set. Next, Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler hype up Stacy vs. Trish, La Restistance’ vs. Regal and Eugene, and a six man tag with Evolution vs. Benoit, HBK, and Edge.

WWE Women’s Championship Match
Trish Stratus vs. Stacy Kiebler

The match started off with Stacy having the advantage. Kiebler used her long legs to choke out Trish in the corner once, then again. Seconds later she was sent to the ropes and attempted a spinning back kick, however, Trish fled to the outside. Trish re-entered the ring and gained the advantage only for a few seconds before Stacy managed to roll over from the corner with a sunset flip for a two count. It wasn’t enough however, since only seconds later Trish connected with what J.R. and “The King” referred to as the “Chick Kick” and made the pinfall.

Winner & STILL WWE Women's Champion: Trish Stratus

- Following the match-up Molly Holly hit the ring and attacked Stacy. Seconds later, nearly every other diva entered the ring including, Nidia, Victoria, and Gail Kim. The divas continued to brawl as Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler cut away to the World Tag Team Title match that would obviously be up next.


- Following the commercial break, the same Simon Dean commercial that has played the last few weeks aired once again.

- Next, La Resistance’s music blasted over the P.A. system and they made their way to the ring. The two started mocking the crowd in French, but they were quickly interrupted by new theme music that brought William Regal and Eugene to the ring.

World Tag Team Championship Match
La Resistance’ vs. William Regal & Eugene

William Regal and Rob Conway started things off with some quick back and forth action that eventually led to a double team attempt by Sylvian and then Eugene getting involved. Eugene and Regal gained control of the match, and the fans went absolutely nuts. They worked well as a team connecting with a double hip toss and then while Conway was tied up in the corner ALA shattered dreams, Eugene and Regal used Sylvian as a battering ram as a low blow. Eugene was tagged in but after the fans chanted “WE WANT REGAL” in unison, Regal was tagged back in getting a “pop” with every move he connected with. Sylvian and Conway connected with their finished on Regal, but Eugene made the save. Moments later, as the referee was distracted Conway tried to blast Regal with the tag team title belt; however, the ref grabbed the title and to much approval from the fans Regal blasted Conway with the brass knuckles he grabbed from his tights. On the other side of the ring Eugene connected with the Stunner, and Regal covered Conway for the victory. The two celebrated in the ring thinking they were the new tag team champions, however seconds later they would realize different.


As the show came back from commercial break, Jim Ross informs viewers that Eric Bischoff re-started the match-up due to the use of the brass knuckles by William Regal. As the match was re-started Eugene was in the ring with Conway, who worked over his arm. Moments later Sylvian entered the ring and the two men double teamed Eugene. The fans were going nuts for Regal who wanted the tag, and eventually got it. He entered the ring and cleaned house. Eugene was still in the ring and connected with a Rock Bottom, and then taunted for the People’s elbow before Regal dropped an elbow. As the referee was distracted however, La Resistance’ connected with a low blow with their flag. 1….2……..3! La Resistance’ retained their titles.

Winners & STILL World Tag Team Champions: La Resistance’


- As the show comes back from commercial, La Resistance’ are backstage boasting to Eric Bischoff. However, Bischoff says he’s sick of helping them and books them in a match that at Taboo Tuesday in a match that would put them up against the two men who come up short in the poll for the World Heavyweight Title match.

- Next, Evolution are backstage, and Triple H is complaining about how he has to watch his back because everyone is after him. Ric Flair and Batista assure Triple H that he has nothing to worry about because they have his back.

- A recap of the Snitsky/Lita/Kane angle is shown followed by an interview with Gene Snitsky from “WWE HEADQUARTERS”. Snitsky speaks on the fact that he came to the ring last week just to tick Kane off, and then goes to speak on how it didn’t matter which type of weapon would be used in their match-up at Taboo Tuesday. Snitsky then mocks Kane and the fact that they lost their baby.

- Following the interview, Kane watches on a television monitor and shakes his head about the comments Snitsky had made.


The Hurricane & Rosey vs. Val Venis & Steven Richards
Hurricane and Rosey enter the ring, but are quickly interrupted by Kane’s music. Kane enters the ring and destroys all four men with a steel chair before the match-up even begins.

Winners: No Contest

- As the timekeeper continues to ring the bell signaling the end of the match, Kane continues the assault. Val Venis tries to crawl up the ramp to safety, but Kane chases him down and tortures him with several chair shots to the back as he lied on the entranceway.


- As Raw came back to the airwaves, Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler showed a video and recapped what had just happened with Kane and the four members of the tag team match-up. They also showed Val Venis being stretchered out of the arena due to the attack by Kane.

- The WWE SLAM OF THE WEEK showcased Randy Orton attacking everyone at the conclusion of Raw Last week.

In Ring Segment: “The Real Nature Boy” vs. Randy Orton
Randy Orton first mentions his mixed emotions towards entering the ring one on one against the very man he idolized as a kid. Orton says those mixed emotions are because on one hand Ric Flair costed him the World Heavyweight Title; however, on the other hand Orton sees the shell of a man Ric Flair has become and is sad because he doesn’t want to face the Ric Flair that took a backseat ride with Evolution. He said he wanted to face the legend Ric Flair, “THE NATURE BOY” Ric Flair.

Randy Orton was quickly interrupted by Flair’s trademark theme music. As Flair goes to speak, Orton cuts him off and announces to the crowd that The Legendary Ric Flair was there! Ric Flair told a story on how he arrived today and when approached by a man Flair said only to know him as “F-A-M-O-U-S” because he was the most famous wrestler of all time. Flair compliments Orton’s attire for the night, but says that he is one that started it by Styling’ and Profiling’. Flair then goes into his usually Limo Riding, Jet Flying, and Kissing Girls speech. Ric Flair said Orton winning the title did make him great, but he is NOT a legend killer. Flair says he is the only legend and the cards are all on the table. Ric says that “The Nature Boy” will be a Taboo Tuesday, and if Orton wins he can ride in Flair’s limo. Orton says he don’t need to ride in Orton’s limo because he has his own.

Orton says that Ric Flair named him the Legend Killer and after Taboo Tuesday, Ric Flair would have no choice but to respect him. Then again as he did earlier, Randy Orton announces “Ladies and Gentlemen the Nature Boy Ric Flair” before cameras cut to commercial again.


- Jerry Lawler is at the announce position with the Page 3 girls from the Sun newspaper.

Chris Jericho vs. Rhyno
The match starts off with a stare down between Rhyno and Jericho. The two lock up and Rhyno puts Jericho in a headlock that is reversed by Rhyno being sent to the ropes. Rhyno takes Jericho down with a shoulder block, and then hooks him with an arm-wringer and then keeps control with some boots to the gut and a standing clothesline. Jericho tried to shift the momentum with some chops to Rhyno’s chest, but Rhyno regained control with a snape-mere takeover followed by a headbutt and then a reverse chinlock. Rhyno sent Jericho to the corner and charged at him, but Jericho moved and rolled him up for a two count. Jericho keeps the advantage with a kick to Rhyno’s chest after a failed Walls of Jericho. Moments later Rhyno reversed the momentum with a spinebuster for another two count. After the two count Jericho connected with a bulldog and then an attempt at the Lionsault that was blocked by a knee to the gut. As Rhyno went for the spear, Christian and Tomko slid in the ring to attack both Jericho and Rhyno.

Winner: No Contest

- Just as the fans thought the drama was over with, The Coach emerged from the backstage area to inform the fans that the match-up would continue as a tag match with Christian and Tomko vs. Jericho and Rhyno.


Christian & Tyson Tomko vs. Chris Jericho & Rhyno
As the match begins Christian and Rhyno are in the ring. Rhyno has control of Jericho until he makes the quick tag to Jericho who connected with some chops and then a standing vertical suplex on Christian for a two count. Jericho tagged in Rhyno who continued the assault with some boots to the guy to Christian. Rhyno dropped Christian with a scoop slam, but was pushed from the top rope by Tomko after attempting a high risk maneuver. This gave Christian the advantage until he made the tag to Tomko who worked over Rhyno with some mounted fists followed by a scoop slam for a two count. Tyson tagged Christian back in who took Rhyno over with a snap-mere takeover followed by a chin lock which eventually led to a hair takedown and a double team by the team of Christian and Tomko. Christian continued to beat on Rhyno and mocking him until Rhyno connected with a belly to belly suplex. Rhyno and Christian both made the tag to their respective partners. Jericho and Tomko went at it strong in the ring. However, Jericho cleaned house emptying the ring of Christian not once but twice. Rhyno ended up hitting the GORE! On Tomko which was followed by a Lionsault by Jericho giving them the victory.

Winners: Chris Jericho & Rhyno

- Following the match-up, Jericho put Christian in the Walls of Jericho until Batista ran down to the ring and broke things up. Batista planted Jericho with a powerbomb, and then glared at the IC title before bringing it above his head.

- Backstage, Chris Benoit is getting ready for his match until he is approached by HBK who claims that he will be doing only what’s best for him tonight. This sparks some heated words until Edge inserts himself into the conversation. The three have heated words as they discussed who exactly should get the Title shot against Triple H at Taboo Tuesday.


- The Smackdown Rebound is broadcasted as Raw comes back on the air.

-Jerry Lawler announced that John Cena was in a bar fight after Smackdown! And that he may not be around. (Obviously due to the fact that he is going to film that movie)

- Next, the whole Diva-Search angle is recapped including the Eugene/Christy Kiss from last weeks show.

- Jim Ross and Jerry “The King” Lawler run down the entire Taboo Tuesday Card letting fans know that voting will start next Monday Night at 10 P.M. eastern time.

- Evolution are outside in the parking lot obviously on their way to the ring for the Six Man tag main event that is UP NEXT.


Evolution vs. Shawn Michaels, Chris Benoit & Edge
Chris Benoit started thing off with Batista and Batista tossed Benoit around like a rag doll despite some stiff chops by Benoit. The fans cheered for HBK as Benoit and Batista went at it. Benoit connected with a drop toe hold to the turnbuckle, and then tagged in Edge. Edge and Batista locked up and Batista tossed Edge to the corner and connected with some knees to the gut. Edge took control of the match, but Shawn Michaels tagged himself in a few a few seconds. Batista took HBK down with a shoulder block, and then tagged in Flair who took Michaels to the corner with some chops. Michaels took Flair to school before Benoit tagged himself in and connected with some chops on Flair. Flair acted as if they didn’t faze him, but then did his vintage Flair flop. Moments later in a great scene, every member of the face team hooked the figure four on Evolution and the fans went nuts as we cut to commercial.


As Raw comes back on the air, Triple H and Chris Benoit exchange right hands in the middle of the ring. It doesn’t last long however, as Triple H takes Benoit off his feet hard with a right hand. Triple H whips Benoit into the corner hard, and then gets a two count. Batista was then tagged back in and connected with a side backbreaker on Benoit for another two count. Benoit turns the momentum only long enough to bounce off the ropes and get taken down with a MASSIVE Spinebuster by Batista. Edge breaks up the count after two. Triple H is tagged back in and brings Benoit down with a stalling vertical suplex for yet another two count on Chris Benoit. Flair is brought in next, and drops a quick elbow on Benoit before sending him in the corner and connecting with rights, lefts, and chops. Evolution continue their tags by bringing Batista in the ring, who goes to work on Benoit’s neck for a second before bringing Flair back in who connects with a Low blow and then the FIGURE FOUR. Benoit managed to live through the Figure Four, and Batista is brought back in and finally Benoit shifts the momentum with a enziguri. HBK was tagged in as was Triple H and HBK gained the advantage taking out both Flair and Triple H. HBK connected with a trademark flying forearm for a two count before Batista broke things up. Triple H reversed with a facebuster and then an attempt at a Pedigree that was reversed into a back drop. Benoit came flying off the top rope with a headbutt and he connected perfect. Shawn Michaels tuned up the band, but before he connected with the superkick Edge tagged himself in. After HBK took Trips out with a Superkick, Edge stole the victory for the team.

Winners: Shawn Michaels, Chris Benoit & Edge

- After the match-up Edge grabbed the mic and said that he told everybody that he deserves the title shot at Taboo Tuesday and he just proved it. He said a vote for Benoit for Taboo Tuesday is a vote wasted, as is a vote for Shawn Michaels. Benoit grabbed the mic and then said that he made Triple H tap before, and he’ll do it again. Next, HBK took the mic and said that they can debate all night but he has been beating up Triple H up for ten years in and out of the ring. HBK takes a poll of his own asking the fans who they want to see against Triple H. Before HBK can finish his poll, Edge speared him however.

Eric Bischoff made his presence felt by making his way toward the ring. He announced that Benoit vs. Shawn Michaels vs. Edge would take place next week. As Chris Benoit helped Shawn Michaels up, Edge speared him off his feet.

Quick Results
- Trish def. Stacy to retain WWE Women's Title.
- La Resistance’ def. William Regal & Eugene to retain World Tag Team Titles.
- Hurricane/Rosey go to a NO CONTEST with Richards/Venis.
- Rhyno goes to a NO CONTEST with Chris Jericho.
- Chris Jericho/Rhyno def. Christian/Tomko
- Shawn Michaels, Benoit & Edge def. Evolution.