WWE RAW Results - 10/18/04 - Chicago, Illinois (The Voting Begins)

» Reported by Mike Greenslade of WrestleView.com
» On Monday, October 18, 2004 at 11:10 PM EST

WWE RAW Results - 10/18/04
Live From: Chicago, Illinois
Commentators: Jim Ross & Jerry "The King" Lawler
Report By: Mike Greenslade of WrestleView.com

- Before the opening credits Raw opens up with a look at what happened last week between HBK, Edge, and Chris Benoit which lead up to the Triple Threat match that will take place LIVE tonight.

- Jim Ross and “The King” hype you Ric Flair & Batista vs. Randy Orton and Randy Orton along with the Main Event Triple Threat match. A countdown clock is shown in the corner of the screen to countdown how long it is until voting starts for Taboo Tuesday.

In-Ring Segment: Eric Bischoff Calls Out Eugene
Bischoff is in the ring and he calls out Eugene who wastes no time before making his way ringside. Bischoff says that Eugene has embarrassed him his whole life, and now it’s Eric’s time to embarrass Eugene. Bischoff says that tomorrow night at Taboo Tuesday he is going to beat him, but tonight Bischoff had other plans. Bischoff announces that Eugene would be taking on Gene Snitsky who makes his way to the ring.

Eugene vs. Gene Snitsky
Snitsky starts things off with forearms to the back of the neck. Next, he tosses Eugene to one corner and puts the boots to him before sending him hard into the opposite corner. As Eugene hits the corner he bounces out and is taken over with a back body drop. Snitsky gets a two count, but keeps the advantage with a scoop slam. Eugene is sent to the corner again and Gene Snitsky grabs a hold of his hair and smashes his head into the turnbuckle until Eugene starts to “Hulk Up”. Eugene blasts out of the corner with some right hands. He attempts to send Snitsky to the corner, but Snitsky reverses and Eugene goes for a sunset flip; however, Snitsky stops it and goes for a right hand but Eugene managed to get out of the way. Next, things end up on the outside and Snitsky takes Eugene into the ring post hard. Eugene is sent back into the ring and takend down with a clubbing forearm to the chest. Gene Snitsky takes Eugene down with a Pump Handle Side slam for the victory.

Winner: Gene Snitsky

- Following the match, Snitsky makes his way to the outside for a steel chair. As soon as he grabs the chair, William Regal hits the ringside area and goes after him. Regal’s momentum didn’t last long. Snitsky blasted him with the point of the chair to the face, and Regal went down hard. Snitsky made his way up the entrance ramp as Eric Bischoff jumped in the ring. Bischoff took out Eugene with a spinning kick to the face.

- Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler hype up the “Debate” between Benoit, Michaels, and Edge that will happen following the next commercial break.


In-Ring Segment: The Great Debate
As the show comes back from commercial Todd Grisham is inside the ring with three podiums and a red carpet covering the ring. He announces Edge first, followed by Chris Benoit, and finally Shawn Michaels.

Each man will have two minutes to answer the question on why they think they should be the person to face Triple H for the Title at Taboo Tuesday. Edge is first and claims that he has waited longer than anyone /* for a World Title match. He says he deserves the shot because he is the hungriest one out of the three and he should get the shot. He promises victory.

Benoit is next and talks about Edge’s attack last week. He says that he will respond to his actions later in the ring tonight. Benoit says that since he’s been back on Raw he hasn’t lost a match to Trips and not to mention he has made both Triple H and Shawn Michaels tap out. Edge jumps in and says that Benoit has never made him tap out. Benoit says that he has beat Triple H for the title as well, and he will do it again.

HBK is asked the same question, and Chicago fans go nuts. Shawn Michaels says that Edge and Benoit are “Master-Debaters”. He says that fans should vote for him because he has a plan, but he’s not going to tell what it is. HBK says if Edge’s hungry, he needs a sandwich. HBK says they shouldn’t wait until later. The triple threat match should start right now.

Edge pushes Todd Grisham out of the way and says neither HBK or Benoit can beat him, He says tonight he is going to spear the both of them for the second week in the row.

Next, Benoit goes after Edge and he and Shawn Michaels wait to beat him down. After a German Suplex, HBK goes for a Superkick on Edge, but he moves and Grisham gets blasted. Edge flees the ring as HBK and Benoit stand in the middle of the ring.


Gail Kim, Trish Stratus, & Molly Holly vs. Stacy, Victoria, & Nidia
As Stacy went to entire the ring, Trish kicked her in the head. Next, she kicks Stacy as she lies on the mat, but Stacy rolls her up with a pin attempt. Molly is tagged in and continues the assault on Stacy’s legs, wrapping her up in the ropes. With the ref distracted Gail Kim does the same. Back in the middle of the ring Molly Holly snaps on a leg lock on Stacy. Seconds later, Stacy flips Molly towards the face team’s corner where she is punched but quickly regains advantage. Gail Kim is tagged in and works over Stacy’s legs with some kicks before another failed pinfall attempt and then she makes the tag back to Molly who works over Stacy in the corner. With the ref distracted Trish chokes out Stacy. Next, Molly Gail runs into a big boot from Stacy and then Molly hits the turnbuckle hard. Victoria gets the tag and cleans house eventually connecting with a modified facebuster/powerbomb on Gail Kim, but Molly breaks up the count. Victoria connects with “Widows Peak” and gets the victory,

Winner: Stacy, Victoria, & Nidia


- A recap of the Snitsky/Eugene match and segment from earlier is shown. Following the video package, Snitsky is approached by Lita. Lita smacks Snitsky’s cell phone out of his hand and then says that Snitsky killed her son. Next, she starts punching Snitsky in his face. Snitsky grabs her and slams her against the wall and says that for the last time it wasn’t his fault. He says tomorrow night Kane is going to lose his match just as Lita lost her baby.

- Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler hype up Taboo Tuesday again. Then, a recap of Randy Orton on Jimmy Kimmel live is shown.

-Ric Flair and Batista are backstage glaring at a monitor as Triple H walks in. Flair is obviously very upset, and Triple H asks Flair if Orton’s appearance on the Jimmy Kimmel show was getting to him. Flair stays quiet as Triple H gives him a pep talk. Flair says that he has never felt better.


- The WWE Rewind features Batista’s attack on Chris Jericho from last Monday Night.

Batista & Ric Flair vs. Randy Orton & Chris Jericho
Chris Jericho and Batista start things out. Jericho connects with a dropkick that took Batista to the corner followed by some boots to the face that takes Batista outside, but for only a second. Batista fights his way out of the corner after being sent back in by Jericho. Batista makes the tag to Flair who eventually goes at it with Orton’s who is tagged in. Flair goes nuts with chops on Orton in the corner. The two end up going back and forth exchanging rights, chops, and boots to the gut. Orton gains the overall momentum with a European uppercut. As Flair takes Orton outside the ring, Jericho jumps in the ring and Flair takes him out. Orton re-enters the ring and knocks both Batista and Flair out of the ring. As Randy Orton taunts in the middle of the ring the show goes to commercial.


The show returns with Batista and Jericho the legal men. Jericho reversed a whip to the ropes with a boot to the face followed by a second rope dropkick. Jericho then attempts the Wall of Jericho, but Flair breaks things up only to be hit with some chops. Batista hits Jericho from behind and connects with a backbreaker for a two count. Batista works over the lower back of Jericho with some knees to the back before tagging back in “The Nature Boy”. Flair takes Jericho down with a chop and then a punch to the face. Flair send Jericho to the corner for some more chops. Batista is sent back in the ring and he drops a few elbows on the lower back of Jericho. Next, he takes Jericho down with suplex followed by a camel clutch. Jericho gets the ropes after a few seconds. Next, Flair is brought back in the ring. Jericho finally comes back with some chops and then take Flair down with a backslide, but Flair kicks out. They exchange some more chops, but Flair makes another tag to Batista who comes in and drops a fist on his back. Batista continues to work on Jericho’s back. He sends him in the corner so hard that Jericho bounces off and hits the ground. Batista applies a bear huge on Y2J. Jericho goes to fight his way out of the beat hug, but Batista drops him to the mat. Jericho is sent outside the ring where Flair works him over some more. However, Jericho counters Flair and sends him down with a back body drop on the outside of the ring. Back in the ring, Jericho is taken down with another back breaker.

After some more punishment, Jericho finally takes the advantage back with a running kick to Batista’s head. Both men make the tag, and Orton along with Flair enter the ring where Orton destroys Flair for a few seconds eventually connecting with a scoop slam for a two count because of Batista. Jericho is tagged and connects with a flying crossbody on Batista and then a bulldog on Flair followed by a dropkick that takes Batista to the outside. Orton accidentally hits the ref, and Flair connects with a low blow and then sends him outside the ring. Flair taps to the walls of Jericho, but the ref is distracted. Batista breaks it up with a thunderous clothesline. Flair hooks the figure four on Jericho who kicks out of a pin attempt, but then taps out.

Winners: Batista & Flair


- As Raw comes back to the ring, Jerry Lawler votes for the Women’s Match at the ppv.

In Ring Segment: Vince McMahon Interrupted By….
Vince says that a month ago he announced his vision, and now it is reality through Taboo Tuesday. Vince says that no one in the arena gets the chance to enjoy the power he has, and at Taboo Tuesday the power is in the fans hands. Vince is cut off by Christian’s music.

Mr. McMahon says it Christian better have a good reason for making his way to the ring. Christian says it is, but first he has to thank the fans. He is obviously trying to get the vote for the IC title match at Taboo Tuesday. Christian says that his peeps “Won’t be denied” the title shot. Christian says there is one thing that can take the “peeps” over the top. Christian wants Vince to be on his side for the PPV match, but he is interrupted by Tajiri.

Tajiri says Christian is a liar and McMahon should choose Tajiri. Tajiri and Christian both hug Vince and say that they love him.

Next, The Coach makes his way to the ring and says that he is the Michael Jordan of Raw and Vince should endorse him for the IC title shot. He makes fun of Tajiri for not speaking great English. Vince McMahon says that Coach is right…he hates to be interrupted.

At this point, Rhyno runs down to the ring and takes the mic from Tajiri. Before Rhyno speaks Vince says that Rhyno probably wants McMahon’s endorsement. However, Rhyno said that he is just there to gore Christian and Coach.

Vince says he has a solution, however, before he can get it out, Hurricane makes his way to the ring. After a lame rhyme to vote for Hurricane, Shelton Benjamin makes his way to the ringside area. McMahon is obviously getting very angry.

Before Shelton speaks Vince says he has had enough and Shelton can stick the mic where the sun don’t shine. Vince says that right now there will be a six man elimination-match-up. Whoever wins will get Vince’s endorsement.

Six Man Elimination Match-Up
Hurricane vs. Christian vs. Coach vs. Benjamin vs. Rhyno vs. Tajiri

Hurricane and Christian start things off. Hurricane is taken to the corner following a headlock. Christian connects with two shoulder blocks, and then charges at Hurricane who stop him in mid-movement with a taunt. Hurricane tries a pinfall attempt but comes up short. Next he connects with a flying clothesline. Tajiri is tagged by Christian. The two reverse each others moves with some great cruiserweight action. Tajiri takes Hurricane over with a head scissors. Hurricane regains the advantage with a kick to the chest. However, when Christian rakes Hurricane on the ropes Tajiri kicks him in the face and Hurricane is eliminated.


Coach and Rhyno are legal as the show comes back. One gore later, Coach is gone. Also, it is stated that Tajiri eliminated Coach. Christian then eliminates Rhyno. It is down to Shelton Benjamin and Christian. The two stare down one another, and Christian slaps Benjamin. Shelton takes Christian down with a flapjack type move for a two count. Shelton connects with a modified neck breaker for another two count. Shelton is brings Christian to his feet and is poked in the eyes and then sent outside to the security railing. Christian sends Benjamin back inside the ring where Benjamin connects with his swinging back kick. The two men exchange right hands, and Benjamin connects with a flying clothesline followed by a side Russian leg sweep for a two count. Shelton nearly gets the victory with a roll-up out of the corner. He missed with a Shelton Splash, but kicks out after two despite Christian holding the ropes. Christian brings Benjamin off the top rope with a modified arm drag, and then goes for the Unprettier. Shelton reverses with his t-bone for the victory.

Winner: Shelton Benjamin

- After the match, Vince congratulates Shelton Benjamin and says he has his endorsement. Shelton says thanks, but he don’t give a damn about his endorsement. Shelton says Vince is only one vote, and he is there to impress the fans. He said he went through four guys, well and then Coach. So, he knows he can beat Jericho to be the new IC champ at Taboo Tuesday.

- It is announced that after the break Christy and Carmella will have “The Last Word”.


In-Right Segment: The Last Word
The two stand in the middle of the ring with Lilian Garcia who announces the rules. Carmella gets on the mic first, and states that everyone likes her. She says that being the lady she is, she won’t parade around in her bra and panties. She says she’ll be damned if she’d have an evening gown ripped off of her body. She wants the match to be an aerobics challenge match. She says she has a routine that would please all the fans.

Christy is next. She says Carmella can dictate whatever she wants, and then states that she is prepared to win no matter what the match. Christy says she is willing to do whatever it takes inside the ring for the fans. Next, she drops the mic and kisses Lilian Garcia on the lips.

As Christy dances around, Carmella jumps her from behind.

- “The King” and Jim Ross hype the Taboo Tuesday card one more time followed by a recap of the “Great Debate” earlier in the night.


- As Raw comes back to the air, Triple H makes his way to the announce position.

Triple Threat Match-Up
Chris Benoit vs. Shawn Michaels vs. Edge

The three men all stare at one another until HBK and Benoit go after Edge. Edge is sent to the rope and taken down with a double back body drop followed by a double clothsline to the outside. Benoit and Michaels then exchange chops. Benoit tries to take Michaels over with a German, but comes up short. As Edge goes to hit HBK, he ducks and Benoit gets taken out to the outside of the ring. Edge follows Benoit outside of the ring by HBK takes him out with a baseball slide followed by a springboard cross body block that takes out both men. As all three men lie outside the ring, they cut to commercial.


As Raw comes back to the air, Benoit and HBK are in the ring. Benoit hooks the crossface on Michaels, but Edge breaks it up. Edge knocks Michaels out of the ring and took Benoit to the corner with some lefts and rights. Benoit is then sent into the corner with full impact so he hit the corner and fell to the mat. HBK attempts to get in the ring, but Edge hangs him up on the top rope. Edge connects with a back breaker on Chris Benoit, and he gets a two count. Benoit gains the advantage after getting back to his feet and connects with some chops, but Edge sends him in the corner sternum first and Edge gets another two count. As Edge goes after HBK who is on the top rope, Benoit goes for a German. HBK then connects with a sunset flip onto Michaels that leads to Benoit’s German on Edge and a two count. Moments later, Shawn Michaels connects with a flying forearm on Edge, but HBK seems to be hurt. HBK connects with a top rope elbow drop on Chris Benoit and then HBK tunes up the band for the Sweet Chin Music. Benoit ducks the kick and connects with the rolling German Suplexes.

Next, Benoit goes to the top and comes down on Shawn Michaels with a flying Swan dive headbutt. Edge sneaks his way back into the ring and attempts a spear on Benoit, but Benoit moves and Edge hits the ring post. Benoit gets another two count on HBk. Next, Benoit attempts a sharpshooter on edge, and hooks it. Edge fought his way to the ropes, but the hold wasn’t broken until HBK connected with the Sweet Chin music on Benoit. Edge racks HBK up on the turnbuckle post and then slides in the ring to pin Benoit, but only gets a two count. Edge sets up again for the spear. HE goes for it but nearly walks into a Crossface. Benoit rolls Edge up, but it is countered into Edge’s own roll-up. Edge grabs the ropes, and gets the cheap victory.

Winner: Edge

Quick Results
- Gene Snitsky def. Eugene
- Stacy, Victoria & Nidia def. Trish, Gail Kim, & Molly Holly
- Benjamin def Hurricane, Rhyno, Tajiri, Coach, and Christian
- Edge def. Benoit and Shawn Michaels