RAW Results - 11/01/04 - Peoria, IL (6 Man Tag + Tag Title Change)

Reported by Ryan Allen of WrestleView.com
On Monday, November 1, 2004 at 11:16 PM EST

WWE RAW Results - 11/1/04
Live From: Peoria, Illinois
Commentators: Jim Ross & Jerry "The King" Lawler
Report By: Ryan Allen & Mike Greenslade of WrestleView.com

Show starts off with a recap of last's weeks RAW, focusing on Randy Orton vs. Ric Flair.

RAW theme and and usual pyro display opens up the show.

Jim Ross welcomes everyone to the show, live from Peoria, Illinois.

Gene Snitsky's music hits. Snitsky comes down to the ring with a baby carriage full of weapons.

Backstage: William Regal talks to Eugene about the rules of his match with Gene Snitsky. Regal tries to talk Eugene into letting him come to the ring with him. Eugene says he must do this by himself.

Out comes Snitsky's opponent, Eugene.

Hardcore Rules Match
Gene Snitsky vs. Eugene

Match starts off with both men brawling on the outside of the ring. Snitsky throws Eugene into the ring. Eugene chant starts up. Eugene begins hitting Snitsky with a broom stick, follows up by choking Snitsky with a cord. Snitsky hits Eugene with the steel chain. Snitsky tries to tie up Eugene's legs with the cord, however, Eugene hits Snitsky in the face with a sign.

Snitsky isn't fazed, and procedes to beat Eugene with a "No Babies" sign. Snitsky slams Eugene on another road sign.

Snitsky goes to the outside and grabs a chair. Eugene kicks Snitsky before he gets to Eugene. Eugene grabs the chair and starts beating Snitsky with it. Eugene smacks Snitsky with the chair several times. Snitsky keeps getting up. Snitsky boots the chair into Eugene's face. Snitsky gives Eugene a Pump Handle Slam onto the road sign for the pinfall.

Winner: Gene Snitsky

Post match: Snitsky is about beat on Eugene some more , but William Regal comes out and makes the save with his brass knuckles.

HHH promo: Discusses last week, being attacked by a large number of RAW superstars. Says these superstars are jealous of him. HHH questions the superstars, asking them if they "did the right thing by attacking the biggest star in this industry today, the guy that is bringing these people into the arenas, putting food on the superstars families tables. HHH says he will not be on RAW tonight, and wants to see how RAW does with out it's "franchise player." HHH says if thing don't change when he is back, then he and Evolution will see to it that changes are made. HHH says he is the one diamond in the business, and without him RAW is nothing.


RAW returns with Lawler checking out the Diva Seach magazine, which hits newsstands tommorow. Lawler announces that Maria from Diva Search is a new backstage announcer, and she is up next.

Backstage, Maria interviews Tajiri, who says WWE superstars are not going to take it from HHH anymore. Tajiri then says its very nice to meet Maria. Ric Flair confronts Tajiri, Maria leaves. Flair offers his hand, says there is no hard feelings.

Batista comes from behind and attacks Tajiri.

Flair and Batista come out to the ring. Flair takes the mic, says what happened to Tajiri is just the beginning. Flair says last week was unacceptable whether you like HHH or not, he deserves respect. Flair says Bischoff must restore order or Batista and Flair will go backstage and destroy the entire locker room. Bischoff comes out to the ring. Bischoff says he is out here for 2 reasons, business and personal. First of all, it's business. Bischoff announces the RAW side of the card for Survivor Series...

Intercontinental Title Match: Christian vs. Shelton Benjamin

Women's Title Match: Trish Stratus vs. Lita

Main Event; Classic Suvivor Series Elimination match: Chris Jericho, Chris Benoit, Maven & Randy Orton vs. HHH, Gene Snitsky, Batista & Edge.

Flair asks if Bischoff left his name out by mistake. Bischoff says no he didn't because Flair isn't on that team, which brings Bischoff to the "Personal" part. From now on, unless there is a match that Bischoff wants to see, he will continue to let the "inmates run the assylum."

2 weeks ago at Taboo Tuesday, Bischoff wonders where Evolution was when he was getting his head shaved. Bischoff questions what kissing Evolutions ass has got him? Nothing he says.

Bischoff says from now on he answers to no one but himself, and after The Survivor Series, he is leaving for a month vacation. He announces that the winners of the main event, will get control of RAW for the month, Each member of the team will get one week out of the four that Bischoff is gone, to run the show. Batista says that Bischoff better change his mind about this. Bischoff says no, and Evolution better concentrate on winning their match at Survivor Series.


Christian's music hits, out comes "Capitan Charisma." His opponent for tonight is The Hurricane.

Christian vs. The Hurricane
Match starts off with the two locking up. Headlock by The Hurricane. Before anything /* happens. Edge's new music hits, and out he comes, as the match is underway.

Hurricane and Christian continue to wrestle.

Edge grabs the mic and says he has finally decided to come back to RAW. Edge says he didn't think Christian would mind because he mentions him alot in his new book, which hits bookstores tommorow, and is written by Edge himself. Edge is still talking about his book, even with the match continuing. Edge says he wishes his book ended with how the fans picked him to wrestle HHH at Taboo Tuesday. Edge asks J.R. if he is mad. J.R. says there is a match going on. Edge says he could cheer up J.R. with an autographed copy of his book. Edge leaves, and the match is still going on.

The Hurricane hits a neckbreaker on Christian, doesn't get a 3 count though. Hurricane goes to the top and hits a flying cross body for a 2 count. Christian gets up, whips The Hurricane into the corner and Hurricane bounces back straight into The Unprettier.

Winner: Christian

Post Match: Shelton Benjamin runs to the ring. Christian grabs the mic and says Benjamin won't get a piece of Christian, but he will get a piece of his "One Night Only" problem solver, Viscera.

Viscera comes to the ring and as Benjamin is looking at Viscera, Christian attacks Benjamin from behind. Viscera gets in the ring and starts pounding Benjamin and slams him to the mat. Benjamin is hurt.


SmackDown ReBound part one shows highlights of The Undertaker and Heidenreich feud.

Backstage: Edge is back, Todd Grisham is interviewing him. He asks Edge if he will team with Benoit vs. La Resistance
tonight. Benoit confronts Edge, Edge says he will take one of the titles now. Benoit asks Edge who the hell he thinks he is.

Edge says he is the man with an autobiography coming out tommorow. Edge says if Benoit doesn't watch his mouth, then he will defend the titles alone tonight.

Backstage: We see Maven, he goes into Evolution's locker room. Confronts Batista and Flair. Flair says nobody is allowed to walk into Evolution's locker room. In come Orton and Jericho. Jericho says it is true what Evolution says, there is strength in numbers. Orton says Evolution better worry about Survivor Series.


Simon Dean is in the ring, doing a live promo for The Simon System. Simon introduces himself personally to the RAW fans. Dean says he will choose one very lucky person to recieve a one year supply of Simon's supplements. Dean picks a fan and says it has probably been awhile since the fan has seen his own penis.

Simon picks another fan, a female. Dean asks if she can even shave her own armpits with all of that fat. Dean says the woman smells like cheese. Simon says his product is the best on the market, but it can't work miracles and there is no hope for her.

Simon picks out another guy with bad teeth. Dean says he spends too much time eating and not enough time brushing his teeth. Dean asks if the fans mom and dad are cousins.

The fan tries to rush the ring and is stopped by security. Dean tells security to let him in the ring. Dean asks the fan what his name is, it is "Matt from Peoria." Simon asks if Matt has tried his Simon System, fan says no, and says he doesn't want to try it. Dean asks Matt to take off his shirt. Matt takes off his shirt, Dean makes fun of his "man boobs." Matt then shoves Simon to the ground, Dean gets up and starts choking out Matt. Dean leaves the ring.

Up Next: Chris Benoit & Edge vs. La Resistance


Back live on Monday Night RAW.

La Resistance makes their way down to the ring. Benoit's music hits, out comes one half of the tag champs.

World Tag Team Title Match
Chris Benoit & Edge (C's) vs. La Resistance

Before Edge comes to the ring, Benoit is attacked by La Resistance. Match starts off with Benoit and Conway. Edge still has not hit the ring. Benoit hits Conway with a suplex followed by a backbreaker. Conway with a neckbreaker on Benoit. Conway tags in Grenier. Grenier whips Conway into the corner onto Benoit, however Benoit moves. Edge's music finally hits, and out he comes. Edge is posing even though Benoit is getting beat down by Conway. Grenier is back in with a suplex on Benoit, but Benoit reverses with a suplex of his own. Benoit goes to tag Edge, but Edge walks out on Benoit again.


Edge has joined JR and Lawler in the announce booth. Lawler wants to talk to Edge about his book as the match is going on. La Resistance continues to beat down Benoit. Benoit gets a shot in on Conway, he needs to make a tag, but has no one to tag in.

Grenier is in the ring with Benoit, starts chopping Grenier and hits a forearm on him. Conway comes in, Benoit hits a suplex on Conway, Conway falls onto Grenier. Benoit starts hitting German Suplexes on Grenier. Benoit calls for the flying head butt. Edge says Benoit needs help. Benoit hits the headbutt, Edge is back down at ringside, Edge gets in the ring, Benoit gets the Cripper Crossface on Grenier, but Edge distracts the referee. La Resistance double teams Benoit and get the pinfall.

Winners & NEW World Tag Team Champions: La Resistance

Post Match: Edge knocks La Resistance out of the ring. Edge picks up one of the Tag belts and hits Benoit in the head. Edge then throws the belt to La Resistance. Benoit has been busted open. Edge continues to beat on Benoit. Benoit pulls himself back up, and starts chopping Edge, but Edge ends up spearing Benoit. Edge starts punching Benoit again, Edge then puts the Cripper Crossface on Benoit. Benoit is tapping out to his own finishing move.


Commercial for WWE ThemeAddict in stores November 16th.

We see a recap of Edge's attack on Benoit after their match.

During the break, Benoit leaves under his own power and recieves a standing ovation.

Evolution comes into Bischoff's office. Flair says Bischoff is crazy with the stipulations of the main event. Bischoff says Flair doesn't sound too confident about their chances. Flair says Bischoff must change the stipulations. Bischoff says no again. Bischoff says he has finally given power to the superstars, and now they want to give it back to him. Bischoff says his stipulations for after Survivor Series will stand.

Bischoff also announces tonight's main event which will see Randy Orton, Chris Jericho & Maven vs. Batista, HHH and Ric Flair. Batista says Bischoff can't do that because HHH isn't there. Bischoff says if HHH doesn't show up, then it will be a handicap match.

We are introduced to Muhammad Hassan and Khosrow Daivari. Hassan says that he is a Muslim who grew up in America and since 9/11 he has been discriminated by people in America. Hassan asks for a chance to let him represent WWE. Hassan says Praise Allah. Daivari translates Hassan's comments into Arabic for the Arab viewers of RAW.

JR and Lawler go over the Survivor Series card thus far...


WWE World Championship Match:
JBL vs. Booker T

Undertaker vs. Heidenreich

Classic Survivor Series Match:
Eddie Guerero's Team vs. Kurt Angle's Team


Intercontinental Title Match: Shelton Benjamin vs. Christian

Women's Title Match: Trish Stratus vs. Lita

Classic Survivor Series Match:
Jericho, Benoit, Maven & Orton vs. HHH, Edge, Batista & Snitsky

Backstage: Shelton Benjamin is seen heading towards the ring. J.R. says Benjamin has challenged Viscera to a match and it is up next.


Viscera vs. Shelton Benjamin
Shelton starts things off with some right hands that are eventually countered by Viscera. Viscera keeps the momentum by working over the ribs and tearing away the bandages before sending Benjamin ribs-first into the turnbuckles over and over again. Next, he uses his size to slam Benjamin in the corner and keeps control with a belly to belly suplex. After some kicks to the sternum, Viscera chokes out Shelton on the ring ropes. Next, he connects with some chops in the corner that are reversed by the IC champion who connects with right hands that do little effect on Viscera who drops an elbow on the sternum. Eventually, Benjamin blocks another fists, and goes to take his opponent to the ropes, but Viscera takes control yet again and plashed Benjamin once in the corner. As he goes to splash him again, Shelton moves, and connects with a splash of his own. Shelton goes for the T-bone, but the 500 pounder used his weight to fall into a crossbody type position for a two count. Next, Viscera bring Benjamin in the air, and is racked in the eyes. The IC Champ connected with a spin kick as a reversal and wins the match.

Winner: Shelton Benjamin

Afterwards, Christian jumps in the ring and tries to attack Shelton Benjamin; however, Benjamin takes the advantage back with a T-bone. Christian bolts from the ring, and is helped to the backstage area by Viscera.

Next the Smackdown ReBound plays mostly showing off the Tough Enough segment featuring Big Show slamming each of the contestants to the mat.

Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler hype the six man tag team match for later tonight.


Following the break, "The Slam of the Week" sponsored by the Simon System is shown. The clip features Lita and Trish Stratus brawling.

In-Ring Segment: Lita, "The Walking Kiss of Death"
Trish says she is here tonight to address her friends and family who are worried sick once they found out their facing Lita at Survivors Series. She says they are concerned her life and career may be in jeopardy. Next Trish shows everyone all the men Lita have been with in the WWE including Essa Rios, Hardyz, and Kane. She also comments are Dark Angel getting canceled. Trish mentions Lita as being "The Walking Kiss of Death." Trish calls the fans rednecks and then says not to be concerned for her because Lita is a loser. She says at Survivor Series she is going to lose just like she lost her baby.

As Trish continued to insult Lita, her music hit and Lita walked slowly to the ring. Next, she slides in and immediately jumps Trish. Gail Kim enters the ring and helps Trish with Lita and the two assault her. Kim holds Lita so Trish can connect with the Chick Kick.

A "Smackdown your Vote" vignette plays hyping the campaign tomorrow.

Randy Orton, Chris Jericho, and Maven all make their way towards the ringside area as the show cuts to commercial once again.

The "Monster Job of the Week" recaps last week's finale of Raw where Triple H got jumped by the whole roster.


As the show comes back from commercial break Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler hype Chris Benoit vs. Edge for next week in Austin, Texas.

Orton, Jericho, & Maven vs. Evolution (Ric Flair, Batista, & Triple H?)
Evolution enter the ringside area without Triple H on his side making the match handicapped at least temporarily. Orton and Batista start things out with a shoving contest that results in Batista tossing Orton into the corner and applying some huge right hands. Orton dodges a shouder block and tries to roll Batista up but only gets a two count. Next, Batista and Orton spill to the outside hwere Orton takes the advantage. After re-entering the ring, Batista makes the tag to Flair. Ric Flair gets some quick offense ad chop, but it then taken down with some rights by Orton. Orton works over Flair first with a running right hand. Jericho is tagged in and connected with a bulldog and then some mounted punches. Chris Jericho then sends Flair to the corner and hooks his legs for the Walls of Jericho. Jericho fights off the hold, but it isn't until Batista stepps in the ring that he releases it. Jericho tags Orton back in and Flair Is sent from the outside of the ring to the inside with a suplex. Maven then gets the tag and connects with a flying dropkick. Jerichi puts Flair in the corner and connects with several different chops. Maven choked out Flair with the tag ropes as the ref was distracted. Jericho brought Flair back to his feet only to send him back dwn with a low blow following some right hands. Jericho goes for another Walls of Jericho, but Batista breaks things up. Batista gets the tag back in and works over Jericho with everything in his play book including a massive whip to the corner chest first. Seconds later, Flair is tagged back in and works over Jericho with some various chops, but Jericho reverses with an enziguri.

Batista and Orton are both tagged in fresh, and Orton connects with a European uppercut then a dropkick. Flair gets involved, and then gets backdropped again. Next, Batista gets powerbombed for a two count. Jericho and Maven connect with a double dropkick that send their opponents outside the ring.

As Evolution go to exit the ring Triple H's music hits and from the backstage area walks Tajiri dressed as Triple H. This allows Maven, Jericho, and Orton to bring Flair and Batista back in the ring. Orton and Maven double team Batista as Flair is knocked off the apron. Next, the three faces take turns connecting with their finishers on Batista. Randy Orton gets the cover for the 12.3.

Winners: Jericho, Maven, & Orton

Afterwards, Flair enters the ring to help Batista up, but Batista pushes Flair away and stares at his opponents as they walk away.