RAW Results - 11/22/04 - Buffalo, NY - (Chris Benoit runs the show)

Reported by Adam Martin of WrestleView.com
On Monday, November 22, 2004 at 11:24 PM EST

WWE RAW Results - 11/22/04
Live From: Buffalo, New York
Commentators: Jim Ross & Jerry "The King" Lawler
Report By: Adam Martin of WrestleView.com

- The WWE promo hits. Shelton Benjamin is backstage. Trish walks up in a towel (Monday Night Football spoof). She said she was just taking a long hot shower and asks where Benjamin is off to. He said it is Monday night, RAW, he has a six man tag team match tonight. Trish asks what about her needs. He said since she is the biggest slut on RAW, she can find someone /*. Vince McMahon walks in and, sarcastically, said "Oh my god, it's a woman in a towel." He said he can see the moral fabric of America crumbling with the sexual and racial overtones. Benjamin says excuse me. McMahon said Shelton might not realize it or not, but he is an African American...and as we all know, African Americans love white Canadian women with broken noses. McMahon says the FCC will not tolerate this and neither will he. He said this is not the NFL or NBA. Benjamin leaves and soon after, Trish takes off her towel and jumps into Vince's arms. Trish tries to kiss Vince, but her face guard prevents it from happening. The Monday Night Football music hits and Vince looks into the camera saying "...are you ready for some wrestling?"

- The RAW promo hits followed by the pyro going off in Buffalo, NY. Chris Benoit's music hits as the fans go nuts and he gets on the mic at the top of the entrance ramp. Benoit said that is the kind of energy he wants to feel tonight. He said tonight is his turn to run Monday Night RAW. Benoit said he didn't know what to expect when he showed up today. He said he took the easy way out and slapped a paper on his door, allowing anyone to fill their names in where they wanted. Benoit announces Maven vs. Gene Snitsky, Batista vs. Chris Jericho, Trish Stratus vs. Lita vs. Molly Holly in a Triple Threat for the WWE Women's Title, The Coach vs. JR (which will no doubt be changed later using the letter R) and himself vs. Triple H in a Steel Cage Match for the World Heavyweight Title. The crowd starts a loud "BENOIT" chant after hearing the Main Event. He said it is time to get the show rolling and Gene Snitsky's music hits.

Gene Snitsky vs. Maven
The match starts with Snitsky knocking Maven off the ring apron two times until Maven finally gets in by knocking Snitsky's head off the top rope. The bell rings, Maven hits a big dropkick followed by clotheslining Snitsky over the top rope to the outside. Snitsky gets back in and Maven greets him with some forearms to the back. Snitsky fights back with a big clothesline followed by some kicks in the corner. Snitsky chokes Maven's head against the ring post and connects with a big elbow to the chest. Snitsky applies a half boston crab and then slams Maven's knee on the ring hard. Snitsky misses an elbow, but tosses Maven into the ring post shoulder first. Snitsky misses a knee to Maven's head on the outside. Maven fights back with some punches to Snitsky's leg. Maven hits a russian leg sweep, goes up to the top, jumps and connects with a cross-body. Maven goes up to the top again and connects with the bulldog headlock for a two count. Snitsky quickly responds with a big boot to take out Maven. Snitsky then hits the pump-handle slam for the 1, 2, 3.

Winner: Gene Snitsky


- Backstage, Evolution is talking. Triple H said tonight is crap and complains about having to face Benoit in a Steel Cage. Flair tells him not to worry because last week they threw everything at him and he still retained his World Heavyweight Title. Batista tells Triple H they have his back. Triple H gets in Batista's face and complains about his lack of contribution lately. Batista tells him to calm down and starts to walk off. Triple H asks him where he is going and Batista says he has a match with Chris Jericho. Triple H bets Batista $100 that he will lose his match and turns his back on him. Flair tells Batista to forget about it and Batista walks off.

- In the ring, Stacy Keibler is shooting t-shirts into the crowd. She said in addition to t-shirts, she has something /* "extremely" interesting. She pulls out a copy of the new "Rise & Fall of ECW" DVD. Simon Dean's music hits and he comes out to the ring. He said he didn't buy any time on the show this week because when he heard her say E-C-W, he had to come out here and bring to the people a DVD they could actually use. He said ECW means Eating Causes Weight gain. Dean said his new DVD will save everyone, especially when everyone will be stuffing their faces with food this week during Thanksgiving. He said Stacy isn't interested in fat, disgusting slobs, but rather guys like him. Stacy said she usually doesn't date guys that look in the mirror more than she does. He said Stacy was only kidding and gets in her face. The Hurricane's music hits and he runs to the ring. The Hurricane tries to ask him what is up with him calling people fat when Dean attacks him. Hurricane fights back a bit until Dean hits a big low blow. Dean goes into his bag and gets a weight belt. He starts to slap it over Hurricane's back until Rosey hits the ring. Rosey chases Dean out of the ring and Dean runs up the ramp.

- Backstage, two women are talking about how Triple H looked like he was going to knock out Batista. Batista walks with Ric Flair. He said Triple H didn't mean his comments. Batista tells Flair that he knows he meant it and said that if Triple H thinks he can talk to him like that, he won't get away with it.


- A promo for WWE 24/7 On Demand was shown.

- Tonight's RAW Interactive question on WWE.com: Is Triple H trying to run Batista out of Evolution?

Chris Jericho vs. Batista w/ Ric Flair
The match starts with both locking up and Batista backing Jericho in the corner, landing some forearms to the head. Batista irish whips Jericho into the corner, Jericho catches him with an elbow and Batista fights back with a big slam in the corner. Jericho attempts a cross-body off the ropes, but Batista catches him, Jericho counters & charges at Batista and Batista takes out Jericho with a big boot. Jericho hits a low dropkick on Batista when he tries to hit a splash in the corner. Jericho connects with a springboard dropkick on Batista, knocking him off the ring apron. Jericho jumps over the top rope and connects with Batista on the outside. Jericho throws Batista back in, goes up to the top, jumps and connects with a cross-body for a two count. Batista comes back with a side slam and attempts a powerbomb, but Jericho counters into a rollup for a two count. Flair distracts Jericho, allowing Batista to hit a big spinebuster followed by setting up Jericho in the corner upside down. Batista starts to apply a submission on Jericho's neck and the referee calls for the bell after Batista doesn't let go after the five count.

Winner by DQ: Chris Jericho

After the match, Batista gets in the ring and takes out Jericho with a clothesline. Batista is busted open slightly on his forehead as he celebrates over a beaten down Jericho.


- Backstage, Batista is with Ric Flair. Triple H is clapping and asks Batista if he will give him that $100 he owes him. Batista said he left Jericho knocked out in the ring. Triple H said it didn't matter, he lost the match just like he said he would. Triple H said Batista has a millon dollar body and a 10 cent brain. Triple H gets in Batista's face more and Batista responds by saying "screw you" and walks off. Triple H tells Ric Flair to go talk to him. Flair tells Triple H that he should be careful when it comes to Batista.

- Backstage, Todd Grisham is with Edge. They show footage from RAW last week where Edge attacked Christian. Grisham asked Edge why he attacked Christian. Edge said he made a point that he doesn't belong in the tag team scene and deserves a shot at the World Heavyweight Title. He said he is in his gear tonight, but the GM for the night didn't pencil him in. Edge grabs the mic from Grisham and said he would take a little poll backstage. He goes up to Christy Hemme and asks her if he deserves a World Title shot. She doesn't have an answer right away. Edge asks her again and she says no, apologizing. Edge tells her not to be sorry since she should say that everytime she looks in the mirror. He goes up two guys, but realizes they are a lost cause. He goes up and asks another guy walking around. The guy said Edge didn't deserve a shot since he voted for Shawn Michaels at said at Taboo Tuesday. Edge slams the guy up against the wall and Benoit breaks it up. Benoit tells him that if he has a problem with the show tonight, he could take it up with him. Edge says to hell with him and walks away.


- We are back from commercial and they show footage from the new SmackDown vs. RAW video game on PS2 with Triple H coming out to the ring.

- The Coach's music hits and he stares down Jim Ross as he walks down the ramp. The Coach gets in the ring and gets on the mic. The Coach said JR can only avoid him for so long. He said everyone would be better off if JR had a heart attack. Chris Benoit appears on the TitanTron and said The Coach looks like he is ready to kick some ass tonight. Benoit said when The Coach wrote JR on the paper, he thought he meant Just Rhyno. Rhyno's music hits and he hits the ring.

Rhyno vs. The Coach
Rhyno hits the ring and The Coach nails him with the mic. Coach gives Rhyno some kicks in the corner and then gets in the referee's face. Rhyno then hits The Gore and gets the 1, 2, 3.

Winner: Rhyno

- Backstage, Lita is shown making her way to the arena. The Triple Threat Match for the WWE Women's Title is up next.

- A promo for the Tough Enough Download show (a recap of past events in the contest) this Friday on UPN at 9pm EST/8pm CT is shown.


- WWE SLAM OF THE WEEK: Lita knocking out Trish last week on RAW with a punch to her injured nose.

WWE Women's Championship - Triple Threat Match
Trish Stratus (c) vs. Lita vs. Molly Holly

The match starts with Molly kicking Lita in the gut, allowing Trish to get in a quick kick on Lita. Both Molly and Trish choke Lita on the second rope. Lita counters a suplex from Molly and Trish, taking down them with a double clothesline. Lita irish whips Trish into Molly in the corner. Lita gives Trish a quick suplex, but Molly takes her down quickly. Trish gets up on the top and chokes out Lita. Trish hits a clothesline off the top on Lita. Molly pulls Lita's arms behind her back, allowing Trish to slap Lita. Molly gives Lita a swinging neckbreaker and Trish rolls up Molly quickly for a two count. Lita gets back on her feet taking out both Trish and Molly. Lita slams Trish's face off the ring, but gets tossed to the outside by Molly. Molly goes up to the top, jumps and connects with the Molly-Go-Round, but only gets a two count when Lita breaks it up. Lita gives Molly a head scissors followed by a DDT. Trish breaks up the cover, pulls Lita to the outside, rolls back in and covers Molly for the pinfall.

Winner & STILL WWE Women's Champion: Trish Stratus

After the match, Lita comes in the ring and applies a rear choke on Trish. Lita then walks up the ramp smiling at an injured Trish in the ring.

- Backstage, Ric Flair is with Batista. He tells Batista to not make the same mistake Randy Orton did. Flair said Batista is a big man and they are a great unit. Batista asks why he should. Flair said Triple H made Batista something special and has groomed him into be the man once he steps down. Batista said he is tired of waiting for his turn. Flair advises Batista to apologize to Triple H and tells him not to make the same mistake Orton did. Batista tells Flair that he will think about, but promises that if he does end up doing something, he won't regret it.


- A video describing Shelton Benjamin's background growing up in Orangeburg, South Carolina is shown. He mentions he would go to sleep at night to the sound of gunfire and carried a gun to school in 8th grade in fear of an attack from his peers.

Six Man Tag Team Match
Shelton Benjamin, William Regal & Eugene vs. Christian w/ Tyson Tomko & La Resistance

The match starts with William Regal and Rob Conway. Both lock up and Conway takes down Regal with a shoulder charge. Sylvain Grenier gets the tag, but Regal takes him down with a snapmare and tags in Eugene. Eugene hits a sledgehammer off the top on Conway. Christian interferes from the ring apron, taking out Eugene allowing Grenier to take the advantage. Christian tags himself in and starts to take out Eugene. Christian stops a comeback by Eugene with a stiff elbow. Conway gets the tag, but Eugene gives him a few headbutts to the gut. Shelton Benjamin gets the tag and takes out Christian, Grenier and Conway. Benjamin hits a splash in the corner on Grenier, goes up to the top and connects with a clothesline on Conway for a two count after Tomko interfered. Benjamin sends Christian in the air over the top rope, allowing Christian to take out Tomko on the outside. La Resistance double teams Benjamin when Regal comes in to break it up. Eugene hits the Stunner on Conway followed by Benjamin hitting the T-Bone Suplex for the win.

Winners: Shelton Benjamin, William Regal & Eugene

After the match, Eugene invites some young kids into the ring to celebrate. They all wave to the crowd.

- Another Muhammed Hassan promo is shown. It deals with airport security. He said because of their dissent, they are singled out and humiliated at airports across the country. He said as Arab-Americans, they demand the same respect as everyone /*. His manager Khosrow Daivari translates as the segment ends.

- They plug that Triple H defending the World Heavyweight Title against Chris Benoit in a Steel Cage Match is up next.

- A promo for the new "Rise & Fall of ECW" DVD is shown.


- SmackDown ReBound: John Cena defeating Carlito Caribbean Cool for the WWE United States Title last Thursday. After the match, Jesus attacks him with a sneak attack from behind with Cena's chain. Cena is taken away on a stretcher.

- We are back live and the Steel Cage begins to lower. They show the current leaders in the RAW Interactive online trivia game right now.

Chris Benoit comes down to the ring and awaits Triple H. Triple H's music hits and he doesn't come down to the ring. A camera in the back shows Batista leaving a room with his gear. Ric Flair screams for a doctor. He said Batista went crazy and knocked out Triple H. Triple H is shown on the ground knocked out. Chris Benoit leaves the ring and goes backstage. He asks what is going on and said he doesn't care if he has to drag Triple H to the ring, he wants his shot at the World Title. Flair gets in Benoit's face and tells him that if he touches Triple H he will have a lawsuit on his hands. Benoit walks away and Edge slaps him on the chest laughing. He said it doesn't feel good does it. Benoit said he was suppose to walk out of Buffalo the new World Heavyweight Champion. Benoit said since Triple H can't compete, he will face Edge instead tonight in the Steel Cage.


Steel Cage Match
Chris Benoit vs. Edge

We are back live and Chris Benoit is in the ring. Edge's music hits soon afterwards and he gets inside the steel cage. The bell rings and both exchange some lefts and rights. Benoit gives Edge a quick chop to the chest, knocking him off his feet. Benoit then hits a few more chops in the corner, nails Edge's head off the turnbuckle, but Edge fights back sending Benoit into the opposite corner with a hard irish whip. Edge gets in a few right hands followed by a few kicks to the head. Edge gives Benoit a suplex and then starts to climb up the cage when Benoit prevents him from doing anything more. Benoit gives Edge a big back suplex and then proceeds to climb up the cage himself. Edge gets on his feet and breaks it up with some forearms to the back. Benoit nails Edge's face off the cage followed by hitting a baseball slide, slamming Edge against the cage. Edge counters the Crossface and hits a few hard rights. Benoit catapults Edge into the corner, gets a quick rollup and then takes out Edge again with a clothesline. Benoit tries to escape the cage when Edge breaks it up again. Benoit is caught upside down in the corner, Edge charges, but is greeted with Benoit's boot to his face. Backstage, Batista is shown watching the match as we head to commercial.


We are back live in Buffalo as Edge applies a submission on Benoit. During the break, Edge catapulted Benoit into the middle area of the steel cage causing him to get busted open. Back live, Edge hits some hard rights on Benoit. Edge picks up Benoit and throws him face first into the steel cage. Edge goes off the ropes and connects with a boot to Benoit's head. Edge then starts to climb up the cage. He gets to the top, but Benoit grabs his right leg. Benoit pulls Edge down so he nails his head off the turnbuckle. Benoit gives Edge five big german suplexes. Benoit signals the end is near and starts to climb up the turnbuckle. Benoit gets up to the top of the cage, Edge grabs Benoit, Benoit fights back with headbutts on Edge, Edge falls back to the ring, Benoit hits the jumping headbutt, goes for the cover and only gets a two count. Benoit then locks on the Crossface. Edge rolls out of it, getting to the ropes. Edge uses a charge by Benoit to toss him into the side of the cage. Edge gives Benoit some hard rights, Benoit grabs the cage door and slams it against Edge's head. Benoit gets on his feet in the corner by the cage door, Edge runs and hits the Spear, but Benoit falls back opening up the cage door. Benoit hits the outside and wins the match.

Winner: Chris Benoit

After the match, Edge is furious in the ring after what happened. Benoit walks up the ramp with his face covered in blood staring down Edge.

- Backstage, Ric Flair confronts Batista. He tells Batista to get the hell out of here. Batista informs Flair that Triple H better meet him out in the ring and doesn't care what kind of condition he is in. He tells Flair that he is going to finish what he started and said he better pick which side he is on.


- We are back live and Batista is on the mic. He tells Triple H if he is looking for a fight, he should come out right now. Batista throws down the mic as Triple H's music hits. Triple H, World Title in hand, comes down the ramp with his t-shirt torn and limping. Ric Flair and a doctor try to stop Triple H from getting into the ring. Triple H and Batista stand nose-to-nose. Flair stands between them yelling. Triple H said he has only one thing to say to Batista...well done. All three men begin to laugh in the ring. Triple H said he is a genious and loves when a plan comes together. Triple H pays the doctor for doing a great job. He asked if the fans really thought some guy was going to mess around with him and control his fate as World Champion. Triple H said the fans bought it - hook, line and sinker. He puts over the acting ability of Ric Flair, but said tonight's MVP was Batista. Triple H said that was a performance worthy of an academy award or slammy. He said he still should have beaten Chris Jericho. Triple H said despite that, he is still the World Heavyweight Champion. Triple H then calls out some ladies to the ring when Randy Orton's music hits.

Orton gets on the mic and said let me guess, not quite what you were expecting. Triple H says no. Orton said you pulled a good one on everyone in the back. He said next week, he is the General Manager of RAW. Triple H says sarcastically "Oh no, Randy Orton is going to be the GM next week." He tells Orton that if he forgot, he can't get a shot at the World Heavyweight Title. Orton said he remembered about that stipulation and gives him two options. One, he faces Triple H one-on-one and if he beats him, that stipulation is lifted. Triple H asks the fans if they really want to see that. The fans cheer and Triple H rejects the idea. Orton then gives option two...he faces everyone next week behind door number two. All members of the RAW locker room come out on the entrance ramp. Orton said Triple H will be facing the entire RAW roster in an Over the Top Rope Battle Royal and said Flair/Batista would be in it as well. He said that Battle Royal would be for the World Heavyweight Championship. RAW goes off the air with Triple H, Ric Flair and Batista all staring down the entire RAW roster...

Match Results:
* Gene Snitsky defeated Maven.
* Chris Jericho defeated Batista via DQ.
* Rhyno defeated The Coach.
* Trish Stratus defeated Lita & Molly Holly to retain the WWE Women's Title.
* Shelton Benjamin, William Regal & Eugene defeated Christian & La Resistance.
* Chris Benoit defeated Edge in a Steel Cage Match.