RAW Results - 3/14/05 - Atlanta, GA (Triple H v. Chris Benoit, more)

» Reported by Hunter Golden of WrestleView.com
» On Tuesday, March 15, 2005 at 12:04 AM EST

WWE Raw Results—March 14, 2005
LIVE! From Atlanta, Georgia
Commentators: Jim Ross and Jerry “The King” Lawler
Reported by: Hunter Golden of Wrestleview.com

The usual WWE video plays and the pyro hits. JR goes over the main event tonight, which will be Chris Benoit v. Triple H in a pick your poison match.

Highlight Reel w/ Chris Jericho

Chris Jericho is perched on top of the ladder for his Highlight Reel segment. Jericho puts over the six man money in the bank ladder match at Wrestlemania XXI. He says he’ll climb the ‘ladder of success and become World Heavyweight Champion again’. He talks for a bit more about the opportunities that can be taken advantage of at Wrestlemania before introducing Randy Orton as his guest, who comes out to a mixed reaction.

Jericho asks Orton about ‘The Undertaker’s undefeated record at Wrestlemania and asks him what makes him think he can beat the dead man at Wrestlemania 21. Orton puts Taker over talking about his status as a legend and his status as a future hall of famer. Orton says he too, wants that kind of notoriety, and in order to do so he needs to end the Undertaker’s winning streak at Wrestlemania.

Shades of a heelish Orton came out however when he began to talk about beating Mick Foley at last year’s Wrestlemania and becoming the youngest World Heavyweight Champion in WWE history. He talked about how surprised people were. He also said that at the contract signing on SD! This Thursday he’d show Taker a surprise of his own.

Jericho grabs the mic and introduces his next guest JAKE THE SNAKE ROBERTS who came out to a MASSIVE pop. Jake looks like he’s put on a few pounds over the years, but no less, it was good to see him and… his snake. Jake grabs the mic and said he knew Orton’s grandfather and his father. He says he doesn’t know Orton that well. He drops a searing line about Orton not having the title anymore. Roberts says he needs to re-introduce Orton’s brain to his mouth because he’s ‘talking out his ass’. Roberts tells him not to bite off more then he can chew and to be careful.

Orton talks about learning life lessons and he’s learned with the Undertaker it’s not whether you win or lose, it’s whether you leave with your soul. He goes after Roberts and tells him that he knew how that felt because he lost to the Undertaker at Wrestlemania VIII. He says he refuses to be afraid and he isn’t afraid to make an impact at Wrestlemania. He says at WM he’ll make a bigger impact then Roberts ever did in his whole career.

Jake says he’ll show him some impact and goes for the snake. Orton goes to stop him and gets stuck on the business end of a Jake Robert’s short clothesline. Jake goes for the DDT and Orton counters and nails the RKO on Jake the Snake and the segment ends.

Lawler and Ross then recap Benoit’s win over Triple H at last year’s WM and that they’ll be facing eachotheer at next year’s Wrestlemania.

Christian v. Kane is next!


Before they return from the break, they recap Hulk Hogan’s title win over the Iron Sheik in 1984. The victory marked the first title victory for Hogan in his career.

Kane v. Christian

The two came down the ramp with JR and King putting over the six man ladder match at Wrestlemania XXI.

The Match started off with Christian landing a few clubbing blows before having his irish whip attempt get countered into a Kane flap jack. Kane went on the offensive, nailing a few punches and nearly hit a power slam before Tomko jumped in and broke it up. Christian made the tag.

Tomko came in and came right at Kane landing a bunch of punches before pushing him into the corner. He tags in Christian who attempted to choke Kane out on the rope before getting nailed with an uppercut. Tomko distracted Kane however and Christian snuck up and landed the reverse DDT before tagging in Tomko.

Tomko distracted the referee while Christian tried to rap Kane’s leg around the ring post. Kane yanked the leg back, knocking Capt Charisma into the ring post. Kane started to build momentum, nailing a sidewalk slam followed by a clothesline off the top rope.

Kane set up for the choke slam on Tomko and nailed it and got the 1,2,3..

Winner: Kane via pinfall.

--After the match Christian pulled a ladder out from under the ring but when Kane came towards him he ran off scared. Kane took the ladder and brought it into the ring to do a number on Tomko.. revenge for Tomko attacking him after last week’s match.

Ric Flair is in the back talking to Gene Snitsky. Flair insists that Lita’s baby’s death wasn’t his fault. He goes down a bunch of other things that he felt weren’t Snitsky’s fault, either. Flair says that if Batista got hurt so bad he couldn’t make it to Wrestlemania, it wouldn’t be Gene’s fault either. Snitsky then turned to Flair and said that it was all well and good, but if Batista gets hurt tonight, that it would definitely be his fault.

--Christy Hemme and Lita are in the back and Lita is trying to teach her some more moves. Lita calls in William Regal and Tajiri to help train. Tajiri is there to throw kicks at Christy to help her learn how to block them. Then all of a sudden Christy is taking the kicks themselves. Regal goes hard on her and tells her that Trish will wipe the bloody floor with her. Obviously the negative reinforcement backfired and Regal ended up with a kick in the British crown jewels. Lita says not bad and the segment ends

--We go off to the locker room with Shawn Michaels who’s greeted by Marty jannetty. HBK says that jannetty CAN’T debut on Smackdown. He needs to do it the right way debut on Raw tonight. He said that he talked to Bischoff and arranged a match. It’ll be jannetty and HBK v. La Resistance , a “one night only Rockers reunion’.

--JR and King also announced we’d see Shelton Benjamin v. Edge up next!


--A promo for Piper’s Pit w/ Steve Austin aired. They showed a highlight of the 1998 edition of Raw where Austin drove the zamboni machine into the arena and had his confrontation with Tyson and Vince McMahon.

Wrestlemania ladder match is promo’d by JR and King again.

Intercontinental Champion Shelton Benjamin v. Edge

Benjamin comes out but is attacked by Edge from behind before he even gets down the ramp. Edge beats him on the ramp, throwing him off the titan tron monitors reading ‘raw’ and choking Benjamin with his Jacket. Edge tossed him down the ramp and knocked Benjamin’s head of the steps and whipped him into the barricade. This is all before the match even began.

Edge whipped Benjamin into the steps yet again before finally throwing Benjamin in the ring. The referee tried to restrain Edge unsuccessfully trying to get him to stay into the corner so he could start the match. The Ref then tried to talk to Shelton and at first couldn’t get a response from him until Shelton eventually got himself to his feet.

Ding, ding. The match has officially begun. Edge throws him out of the ring and we go to another break.


We return to see Edge with some sort of choke on Shelton. Shelton tries to fight out but after going into the ropes is hit with a knee to the gut. Edge then perched Benjamin on the top rope and went for a superplex. Benjamin began to muster a little offense and knocked Edge down to the mat before nailing his flying lariat off the top rope. Cover 1.. kick out.

Edge goes back on the offensive hitting Benjamin with a few stiff shots to the face before getting caught twice with a shoulder block after trying to come off the ropes. The two are on the mat and the ref begins his count to 10, and both wrestlers are up by 7.

Shelton eventually against the advantage hitting some big shots up against the ropes and hitting a big back body drop. Benjamin hit a huge leap frog over Edge who avoided him into the corner and hit a roll up for a 2 count.

Edge countered the next high flying attempt with a big power slam and a pin attempt for a 2 count. He set up for the spear but Benjamin leapfrogged the attempt and went to hit his super kick which was blocked by edge. Benjamin countered that too and nailed the ref instead.

After missing a t-bone attempt, Benjamin got speared, but the ref was not awake to make the count. Edge smiled and went to the outside and yanked out a ladder from underneath the ring.

While trying to drag the ladder into the ring, Jericho came into the ringside area and jumped on the ladder which was perched on the middle rope. Knocked silly, Edge wobbled back to a semi recovered Shelton Benjamin who hit the T-bone for the 1, 2, 3 and the win.

Winner: Shelton Benjamin via pinfall.

--JR put over the Rockers reunion tonight showing clips from WM V, VI, and VII. That match is NEXT.


A promo for Wrestlemania 21 aired… 20 days away.

--JR announced we’d see Gene Snitsky v. Batista later tonight

The Rockers (Shawn Michaels & Marty Jannetty) v. La Resistance

The Rockers came out to their old music. jannetty in his old ring attire, HBK in his usual garb. jannetty looked like he was trying really hard not to smile. jannetty and Grenier started the match.

Sylvain grabbed jannetty in an arm bar who countered with a deep arm-drag to take control. Eventually Grenier gained the advantage and tagged in Robert who didn’t get much offense in before HBK was tagged in. They hit a dual elbow drop and then the cross-bodies over the top.

Clearly in control HBK went out to the outside and lugged Grenier back into the ring. Conway, still on the outside pulled the rope and HBK tumbled to the floor. After being pulled back into the ring Grenier went for the cover 1, 2.. kick out. Conway was tagged back in and went to work, hitting a sumplex. La Resistance tagged in and out frequently working over Michaels nicely. Grenier threw HBK in a rear chin lock. HBK fought his way back to his feet but couldn’t reach jannetty. La Resistance, with the ref distracted hit what looked like a version of the ‘Hart Attack’ before Conway was legally tagged back in.

Grenier was tagged back in very quickly and HBK fought back with some chops. With both men on the ground, HBK nipped up and reached jannetty who came in ablaze with fists and dropkicks. Genier went for a press slam but jannetty kicked out and hit the ROCKER DROPPER, followed by an impromptu sweet chin music with Janetty covering Grenier for the 1, 2, 3 and the win.

Winners: Shawn Michaels and Marty jannetty via pinfall

--Ric Flair is in the locker room with Triple H. He pointed out that it was exactly a year ago that Benoit made Triple H tap out a year ago. He said that all that would change tonight and that if Snitsky injures Batista tonight. He pointed out that even with that, Triple H gets to pick Batista’s opponent next week.


-- WWE Women’s Champion Trish Stratus was backstage being interviewed by Maria. Trish said she wasn’t afraid of Christy Hemme at Wrestlemania. She said she wasn’t concerned about Lita training Christy. Trish said she needed to get Hannibal Lecter to be her personal trainer because she’s going to ‘eat Christy alive’. Maria said the message last week was pretty powerful. Trish agreed before hitting Maria in the gut with the mic and tossing her into a group of trash cans. Trish walked off while the trainers attended to Maria.

--Flair is in a stairwell motivating Snitsky saying he was bigger, faster, and better then him. Flair asked Snitsky if he was mean enough to seriously hurt Batista. Nature boy to Snitsky come in. Snitsky was gazing off and looking at… Batista. Ric Flair said that Batista couldn’t take away anything from Triple H and that he was the ‘franchise hitter’. Batista said the only thing he was taking away from Triple H was his World Heavyweight Championship. He stared down Snitsky and the segment ended.


World Heavyweight Champion Triple H v. Chris Benoit

Triple H comes out to a ton of heat from the crowd. The two stared each other down in the ring amidst a big ‘you tapped out’ chant. The two locked up and Triple H struck first with a waist-lock takedown. Benoit got back to his feet and he tried to get out of the waist lock but got put into a hammerlock which ended up in a front face lock.

After scrambling around on the mat, Benoit went on the offensive, trying to lock Triple H in the sharpshooter, but Triple H escaped, getting to the ropes. Benoit yanked Triple H off the ropes and put him in a side headlock. Triple H fought out of it eventually but got nailed with a big shoulder block. Benoit tried to get a backslide on the champion but when it didn’t work he tried to move into the cross-face twice. Triple H slid out underneath the ropes and took a breather.

Back in the ring, Benoit landed some hard chops in the corner and hit an snap sumplex. Triple H rolled out of the ring and tried to get away from Benoit but to no avail. Benoit landed some more chops before tossing the Game into the barricade at the bottom of the ramp. After some more forearms to the face, Benoit tossed Triple H back into the ring.

Triple H however was able to knock Benoit off the apron to the floor.


We came back to Benoit chopping his way out of a corner but was unable to counter a big Triple H spine-buster. Triple H goes for the cover 1, kick out. Triple H went right to his ground-based style, throwing Benoit into the corner on a hard irish whip. He covers again for a 2 count but Beniot kicks out.

Eventually Triple H places Benoit on the top rope and goes for some more damage. The two exchange blows until Benoit hits about five head-butts. Triple H nips back up though and knocks Benoit back down onto the buckle. After hitting some more shots to the ribs, he hits a super-plex and covers but only gets the two count.

Triple H then loads Benoit up fore the pedigree but it’s countered into a catapult. Both men are now down and the ref begins his count. The two are up at seven and trade chops and punches. Benoit gets the advantage and throws the game into the ropes where he’s met with a stiff kick to the face. Triple H goes to get Benoit but it’s countered by the Wolverine into his three big Germans.

Benoit does the thumb across the throat and then unleashed another trifecta of German Sumplexes. He gives the thumbs signal again and goes to the top rope. He nails the flying head but and goes for the cover but only gets two. He drags Triple H back to his feet and hits yet two more Germans before Triple H gets to the ropes.

Benoit pushes Triple H into the corner and hits ten punches to the head followed by a bunch of really hard chops. He goes to whip Triple H to the opposite corner, but The Game counters and Benoit flies chest first into the buckles.

Triple H crawled over to Benoit and went for another cover but only got a two count. He tried to load Benoit up again for the pedigree but Benoit countered into the sharpshooter. Triple H kicked Benoit into the ropes then went to load him up again, but it’s countered into the crossface. Flair tries to interfere but Triple H is locked in.

He almost taps but ends up breaking Benoit’s hands. Triple H tries another flurry, but gets caught in another sumplex. Triple H counters again though and loads up Benoit yet again, but it’s countered into the sharpshooter.

Flair interferes yet again and is thrown out. With the ref distracted Triple H hits the low blow and the pedigree and covers Benoit for the 1,2, 3 and the win.

Winner: Triple H via pinfall

****Smackdown! Rebound****
Recapped the Cena-JBL events from last Thursday. Orlando and JBL blowing up the spinning US title, Cena’s FU to Theodore Long, and Cena interfering in the WWE Tag Team Championship Match.

--JR puts over the Batista-Snitsky match later tonight.


-- A new Commercial featuring Christy Hemme and Kurt Angle was played. This Wrestlemania 21 commercial is a spoof on the “When Harry Met Sally” diner scene.

--JR and King put over the contract signing for the Orton-Undertaker match at Wrestlemania 21 on Smackdown! This Thursday night.

--Wrestlemania 21 Card rundown Here’s the matches so far

WWE Women’s Championship
Trish Stratus © v. Christy Hemme

Money in the Bank Ladder Match
Chris Jericho v. Chris Benoit v. Christian v. Edge v. Kane v. Shelton Benjamin

Sumo Match
Big Show v. Akebono

Kurt Angle v. Shawn Michaels

Undertaker v. Randy Orton

WWE Championship
JBL © v. John Cena

World Heavyweight Championship
Triple H © v. Batista

--Muhammad Hassan comes out with a mic in hand. He says that he is standing on the ramp in protest. He says it’s a joke that he’s not a part of Wrestlemania. He says he hasn’t been pinned on Raw but yet he’s still excluded for the Wrestlemania 21 card. He goes on to say that it runs deeper then the WWE management and that it runs to the racism of American society. All this in Georgia. Charlie Haas’s music played but it was obviously a glitch. Hassan’s music played and he walked off.

-- Christy asked Lita to show her how to ‘beat that B---“ (Trish) at Wrestlemania. Snitsky comes into the room and says that when he’s done with Batista, that he’ll finish his business with Lita.


Batista v. Gene Snitsky

Triple H and Flair came down to coach Snitsky in the match. The two locked up and Snitsky hit a side headlock before getting tossed into the ropes. The two ran into each other and no one went anywhere. Batista paused and looked at Triple H but then turned around and decked Snitsky.

Batista then hit a big power-slam and went to taunt Flair and Triple H. Upon turning around he charged at Snitsky in the corner and missed. Snitsky took the advantage pulling Batista’s legs around the ring post before coming inside and going to work on Batista’s legs.

Batista fought his way to his feet but was quickly knocked back down by Snitsky. Snitsky hit his signature Pump handle power slam and went for a cover. Batista kicked out at two.

The action quickly spilled to the outside where Batista tossed Snitsky around on the arena floor before finally tossing him back under the ropes. Batista hit with two big rights before backing Snitsky into the corner and hitting an irish whip with two follow up clotheslines.

He then sent Snitsky into the ropes and hit his big spine-buster and signaled for the Batista bomb. He was about to nail the move before Flair jumped in from behind and chop blocked Batista’s knee.

Winner: Batista via DQ

--After the match Snitsky and Flair went to work on Batista. They beat him a bit and held him up before Triple H went to taunt him. Batista tossed Flair and Snitsky aside and Triple H went to the outside. Triple H grabbed a batch of chairs and attempted to get into the ring. When they did, Snitsky was met by Kane and Flair was met by a Batista spine-buster. Triple H backed off. Batista gave Triple H the thumbs down and delivered the Batista bomb to Snitsky.

--Triple H grabbed the mic and told that he had the antidote for Batista’s poison. He told him he wouldn’t have to look far to see who his opponent was next week and that he would be facing Kane. JR did his ‘bah gawd’ job and the show went off the air.

RAW Thoughts

The Good— This in all honesty is probably the best Raw I’ve seen in sometime. The first hour was absolutely outstanding. Jake Roberts, Marty jannetty, a Rockers reunion, and a solid effort from Shelton Benjamin and Edge in their match. The second hour was pretty good too. Benoit-Triple H was outstanding until the poor ending. Even at that though, it’s the best Raw match I’ve seen since their Iron Man match last August.

The Bad— Not too much honestly. I am beginning to question the legs of the Batista-Triple H program heading into Wrestlemania. Triple H has to take the advantage. Yes, it’s cool to see someone consistently out do the smartest character in wrestling, but it takes away from this feud a bit. The way it’s being built, it’s almost like they’ve got to A.) squash Triple H at Wrestlemania, or B.) have him win to give this program life. I think the match at Wrestlemania will only be a halfway point for these two. It’s almost inevitable that they’ll face each other at Backlash which means they’ll need to come up with four or five more nights of storylines for these two. Trips needs to start taking the advantage.

Also in the bad lands… Gene Snitsky is so bad I’m starting to like him. Seriously. The match with Batista was completely forgettable.

The Ugly— The only really bad thing I can say about tonight’s show was this: Christian looks like a complete fool. He was squashed last week. Christian and his bodyguard Tomko got squashed this week. I don’t think they could possibly make him look anymore weak than he already looks. I’m none too happy about how Christian is being jobbed out on Raw.

Overall— This was an outstanding edition of Raw. TONS of mark-out moments. Jake Roberts coming back and Marty jannetty and Shawn Michaels in the same ring again and coming out to their old “Rockers” theme were two moments I won’t soon forget. The action in the ring wasn’t half bad either. Shelton Benjamin and Edge put forth a good TV match and Benoit v. Triple H was match of the night, and probably the best television match I’ve seen in a long while. All the promos and match ups had a point to them. Batista only turned his thumbs down once and Orton only told the crowd he loved them once. Outstanding show. Overall Grade—A

Quick Results
Kane def. Christian & Tyson Tomko via pinfall
Shelton Benjamin def. Edge via pinfall
The Rockers (yes I said it) def. La Resistance via pinfall
Triple H def. Chris Benoit via pinfall
Batista def. Gene Snitsky via DQ

Who’s Hot & Not

Biggest Pops:
Jake Roberts
The Rockers

Most Heat:
Triple H
Muhammad Hassan
Randy Orton

Match of the Night: Triple H v. LUESHI (***1/4)

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