Raw Results - 4/11/05 - Moline, IL (Batista Interview, HBK/Hassan)

» Reported by Hunter Golden of WrestleView.com
» On Tuesday, April 12, 2005 at 12:22 AM EST

WWE Raw Results
April 11, 2005
Location: Moline, IL.
Commentators: Jim Ross & Jerry "The King" Lawler
Reported by: Hunter Golden of Wrestleview.com

The usual opening pyro botched tonight for some reason. The opening comet went down but nothing seemed to happen after that. JR welcomed us with King and put over Batista’s first interview since becoming World Heavyweight Champion. They also put over the HBK-Muhammad Hassan match.

Trish Stratus & Molly Holly v. Christy Hemme & Victoria

A video of last week’s encounter between Trish and Lita was shown before the match.

Molly and Victoria started the action off and the two exchanged hammerlocks before Molly got the fireman’s carry and took Victoria down. Victoria countered into a Japanese arm-drag before hitting holly with a scoop slam. Victoria then shook the bum and hit the moon-sault but only managed to get a two count on the cover.

Christy was tagged in and landed a few kicks before getting a scoop slam and a nifty leg drop before going for a cover for a one count. Molly tossed Hemme into the ropes and Trish caught the diva contest winner with a leg before being tagged in. Trish went to work throwing Christy into the corner and landing some kicks and a hard knife-edge shot to the chest. Trish then climbed the ropes and choked Christy from the top turnbuckle.

Once she descended she tagged Molly in and landed a snap mare before hitting a baseball slide drop kick. She covered for a two count but Christy kicked out. Christy then was put in a half Boston crab before she eventually fought out of it and tagged in Victoria.

Victoria came in with a reverse elbow and two clotheslines before landing a high back body drop. Victoria then went for the widow’s peak but the effort was thwarted by a Trish Stratus kick to the gut. Molly whipped Victoria into the ropes but was met with a kick.

Christy was tagged in and landed some stiff shots before Trish interfered again and turned the momentum. Molly slung Christy into the corner and went for a somersault splash but missed. The shot knocked Trish off the apron and Christy sneaked up on the groggy Holly and rolled her up for the 1, 2, 3 and the victory.

After the match Kane’s pyro went off once Trish went to sucker punch Christy and chased her to the back.

JR then recapped Orton’s shoulder injury from a collision with the post in his match with World Heavyweight Champion Batista last week. He said that he’d have a major announcement regarding the injury later that night.


We came back and a clip was shown of Randy Orton’s shoulder surgery this past week. He seems to be using Dr. Andrews, the same Doctor who worked on Triple H’s torn quad in 2001. They’re expecting Orton to be out for as long as four months. Orton vowed payback.

Stacy and Candice were in the back in skimpy garb talking about how it wasn’t a bad thing that Batista took out Orton last week. They wished they got power bombed by him too. Trish burst in and Kane followed in hot pursuit. Kane looked back at the frightened girls in the back.

Coach then was in the back and introduced Muhammad Hassan as a ‘devout competitor’ and that he had never given into pinfall or submission. He asked him if he had anything special in store for Shawn Michaels. Hassan said HBK only had a taste of his fury last week. Hassan promised that the joke would be on Shawn Michaels later tonight and that he’d win. Daivari said something in Arabic and we cut to a commercial.


Triple H’s music hit the arena to tremendous heat. JR announced Triple H as the #1 contender for the World Heavyweight Championship and King put over the fact he couldn’t get used to the fact that Triple H wasn’t champion. After a lengthy entrance, Triple H grabbed the mic.

Triple H told Batista to enjoy his first interview as World Heavyweight Champion but to enjoy the ‘borrowed time’. The rematch he said had been signed that he’d face Batista at Backlash. He put over the fact that Batista was on ‘fire’ at Wrestlemania 21. He said he has watched the tape over and over and that he will find a weakness come Backlash. He said that weakness was in Batista’s eyes. He said the eyes were terrified of the one thing that would make him the 11-time World Heavyweight Champion and that it was the Pedigree. Triple H said he knew Batista knew it. He said that when he hits the pedigree, then the whole ‘lie’ Batista was living would be over. He went on saying that the Pedigree was the truth and that Batista made the biggest mistake of his life when he decided to ‘screw with me’.

The Hurricane’s music then hit and he grabbed a mic at the top of the ramp. Hurricane cut a promo putting over the fact that last time we saw Triple H he was wearing a mask, not a Hurricane mask, but a crimson mask.

Triple H called Hurricane a green tomato, but was cut off as Hurricane said that he couldn’t let go of the fact that he was pedigreed last time the two squared off. Triple H goaded him to come to the ring but Hurricane paused before Rosey came out and the two hit the ring.

Triple H got ganged up on in the ring and took an avalanche in the corner before getting clotheslined over the top rope. Once Triple H regained his bearings he said that if Hurricane wanted to fight him, that he could and that he picked the wrong night.

Triple H v. The Hurricane & Rosey

Triple H ran into the ring with a chair but it was stripped by Earl Hebner. We left for commercial as Rosey began a beat down on the former World Heavyweight Champion.


We came back to a Triple H two-count cover before wrapping a standing front face lock on the Hurricane. Hurricane fought back and ducked under a clothesline before getting caught in a huge Triple H spine buster. Triple H then went to work on Hurricane in the corner before hitting yet another Irish whip to the corner. Hurricane caught Triple H coming in with a huge uppercut. Hurricane struggled to the corner but was met by Triple H who slung him into the ropes before getting caught with a hurricanranna.

Rosey was tagged in and hit some punches and a scoop slam. Rosey hit his spinning leg drop on the Game before working over him in the corner. Triple H sagged in the corner and was met with a big leg before Hurricane was tagged in. Team Hero double-teamed the Game as Hurricane hit a big leg drop. Hurricane got a two count on the cover before going to the top rope.

Triple H knocked Hurricane off the top rope and then went to work on Hurricane in the corner, hitting some stomps and going to a choke. Hebner went to go get Rosey out of the ring and Triple H came over and knocked Rosey into the ropes causing him to fall over the top and get his leg tied up in the ropes. Triple H tightened the grip on Rosey and then went back to the Hurricane and hit a big pedigree for the 1,2,3 victory.

Winner: Triple H via pinfall

After the match Triple H assaulted the still upside down Rosey as JR and King put over Triple H’s devastating mean streak. Triple H grabbed the mic and said that one second would be all it would take, one pedigree, for Batista to be just like the Hurricane who was laying prone on the mat. Triple H vowed to pedigree Batista before the night was over.

Triple H climbed out of the ring and then hit a pedigree on Rosey outside the ring as JR said that Batista just got a glimpse of his future. He then walked up the ramp to tremendous heat.


Chris Benoit was in the back congratulating Batista in the back before Chris Masters’ music hit the arena. A video was then shown of Masters beating the hell out of people with his patented master lock.

Chris Masters v. Seth Skyfire

Masters powered Skyfire all over the ring, throwing him from corner to corner. Skyfire then fought back but was spiked with a double sledge by Master’s and thrown into the master lock amid a slew of ‘boring’ chants.

Winner: Chris Masters

After the mic Masters got on the mic and issued an ‘open challenge’ to anyone who thought they could break his ‘master lock’ full nelson. He will be putting $1,000 of his own money on the line.

A video package then ran covering the confrontation between Shawn Michaels and Mohammed Hassan last week. JR and King put over the Hassan-HBK match NEXT!


Over the break, a commercial aired for the 2005 Raw Diva search.

Shawn Michaels v.Daivari

Hassan and Daivari grabbed the mic and ranted for a few minutes. Michaels interrupted and went on the offensive immediately.. Daivari jumped Michaels from behind and dropped his neck over the top rope. Daivari then went to the top turnbuckle and landed a leg drop and a cover for a two count. Michaels eventually came back and started to chop Daivari in the corner He went to the top rope, but Hassan grabbed onto HBK’s leg. Michaels slung Hassan into the ring and landed some punches on him as the referee tried to break everything up. Daivari then brought in the ring bell from the outside but had it yanked out of his hands by the official. While this was going on, Hassan sneaked up behind HBK and hit him with a low blow, allowing Daivari to score the pinfall for the victory

WINNER: Mohammed Hassan and Daivari via pinfall

JR said Hassan’s win was one of the greatest upsets in the history of Raw. As he said it “hell froze over”


When we came back from break Michaels was with Eric Bischoff and demanded a rematch against the two. Bischoff said ‘not so fast’ that he needed to get a partner.

Highlight Reel with Chris Jericho

Jericho introduced the WWE Intercontinental Champion, Shelton Benjamin as his guest tonight. He addressed Shelton Benjamin, saying he had something to say to his face. Shelton then walked out. Jericho said that he wanted to get the intercontinental championship back. Shelton sort of walked away but then turned and told him he had his shot last week and lost. Shelton put over the fact that he’s had the belt for six months and that there’s a reason he’s held it that long. He also said he was the best pure athlete in the WWE. Jericho then insulted Shelton for holding the title for six whole months. "I supposed we ought to start making the Hall of Fame plaque for you right now, huh Shelty." Shelton then came back saying that he was a better pure athlete then anyone in the WWE.. Jericho then asked Benjamin if he can shove the belt up his ass. Shelton said he's not sure, but he can use his fist to create more hits than the last Fozzy album. Jericho asked if he heard of their latest song, "Shelton is a Bitch." They got in a shoving match, which led the two into a brawl which after a brief scuffle, was broken up by the officials.


Kane was in the back apparently still looking for Trish Stratus. He walked into a room and saw Lita in there, on a crutch. Lita asked Kane if he ‘did it’. He said he did and that Trish was scared to death. Lita said they were just getting started.

Michaels came out to the stage area and announced that he was told that if he wants to face Hassan at Backlash, he had to get a tag team partner. HBK said that the feud got him thinking about his country. He put over his father who volunteered for Vietnam, and said he understood why his brother was in the first Persian Gulf War. He said he understood why his nephew went to Iraq for a second tour. He got on his knees and asked a favor of someone who he said loves America as much as he does to come back for ‘one more match’. That person is Hulk Hogan.

Edge was shown backstage before the show went to commercial.


Chris Benoit v. Christian w/ Tyson Tomko

Edge was with Jerry Lawler and Jim Ross in the commentary booth for most of the match. For the first part of the match, Christian worked over Benoit’s arm, which was a play on Benoit’s Wrestlemania 21 ‘injury’. Most of the match was fairly ignored, at least from my television, as I had a ton of shots of Edge at the commentating booth. He talked constantly about being screwed and had his money in the bank briefcase with him.


Christian was playing the frantic ‘do anything to win’ heel here, and eventually ended up biting Benoit’s hand. Eventually, Christian got caught in the sharpshooter and managed to escape. Benoit hit a series of germans after that, but missed his patented flying headbutt. Tomko and Edge interfered and allowed Christian to score the pinfall victory.

Winner: Christian via pinfall

JR put over the fact that the interview with Batista was next as we go to another break.


We came back to JR standing in the ring as he introduced the World Heavyweight Champion, Batista who came out to a good pop. Batista talked about Triple H saying he wanted to pedigree him earlier in the night. He said he was all set in his gear just so it was ‘easier for him’. When asked about the rematch he said he wasn’t worried at all. He talked about knowing that he would be the guy everyone was after as soon as he won the World Championship, but he refused to be anyone’s ‘victim’. He put over the fact that he’s the man now and just as much a carnivore as the rest of the guys on the roster. He said if anyone thought about trying to take his title, that he could ‘chew them up, spit them out and enjoy doing it’. He said that if Triple H was looking in his eyes and seeing feat he wondered if Triple H was just seeing a reflection of himself. He said he would never be a ten-time world champ, only a one-time world champion and that he wouldn’t lose the strap. Batista then soaked up some feint cheers when Hunter’s music hit the ring. Batista stood in the ring and was blindsided by Triple H who tried to hit him with a quickly loaded pedigree. Batista countered with a back body drop over the top rope. Hunter stumbled backwards looking on at the ring while JR held up Batista’s hand and pointed at Triple H. Triple H grabbed the mic and said he was going to face JR next week on Raw. The show ended with JR definitely looking shaken.


The Good A couple of things caught my eyes tonight, but most notably, the good development of Backlash as a card. Right now it looks like we’re looking at Batista-Triple H, Hogan/HBK- Hassan/Daivari, Benoit-Edge, and Shelton-Jericho. I was surprised that WWE creative, who’s usually lacking in the build up department, made the most of their time tonight. Again nothing was super special about it, but it’s a definite improvement over what we’re used to. Edge’s carrying that brief case around is a nice touch as well. Christian winning ANY way is good too. Christy showed some improvement in the ring.

The Bad I don’t know if it was just my time zone, or my satellite feed or whatever, but I seriously only got about five actual minutes of action during Benoit-Christian. I either got a choppy screen or a camera that was fixed on Edge in the commentating booth. It persisted pretty much entirely after that. Score one for WWE production! On to wrestling though, I’m admittedly under whelmed at the fact that we’re not seeing a draft lottery yet. Yeah there was a rumor of it occurring next week, but there’s certainly no hint of one right now. Granted they don’t HAVE to do it now because they’re still riding the post Wrestlemania wave of good will. However, it could also be a surprise. If there was a time to pull something out of their hat, it’s now.

The Ugly I couldn’t believe the reaction Masters got. He was in the ring five minutes before the boring chants started. Not a good omen for the newcomer. I don’t know what the deal is with Kane right now, but I hope he’s not wrapped up in chasing Trish around more. The Kane-Lita-(insert third party) lame story line needs to stop quickly. And you thought it couldn't get any worse. Oh wait, it did. We're having another DIVA search this year. God help us all.

Overall—B-- Nothing particularly knocked me on my rear tonight, but WWE creative gets kudos from me for making very effective use of their time. Hollywood writers are dropping like flies now. It’s seriously showing too.

Quick Results

Christy Hemme and Victoria def. Molly Holly and Trish Stratus
Triple H def. The Hurricane and Rosey
Chris Masters def. Seth Skyfire
Daivari def. Shawn Michaels
Christian def. Chris Benoit

Who’s Hot, Who’s Not

Biggest Pops
1. Chris Benoit
2. Shawn Michaels
3. Batista
4. Chris Jericho

Most Heat
1. Triple H
2. Mohammed Hassan/ Daivari
3. Chris Masters
4. Christian

Match of the Night: Christian v. Chris Benoit **3/4

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