RAW Results - 6/6/05 - St. Louis, MO (Draft Shocker & ECW invades)

» Reported by Hunter Golden of WrestleView.com
» On Monday, June 6, 2005 at 11:36 PM EST

June 6, 2005
St. Louis, MO
Commentators: Jim Ross and Jerry “The King” Lawler
Reported by: Hunter Golden of WrestleView.com

Eric Bischoff was in the back telling us that last night he made his first draft lottery last night and that it was the ‘biggest acquisition in wrestling history’. Coach came running in to warn Bischoff that Paul Heyman may be showing up tonight. Bischoff said he didn’t care and that tonight was his ‘defining moment’.

The opening credits aired and JR and King welcomed us to the show, putting over the Hell in a Cell contract signing later tonight.

Chris Jericho’s music hit the arena and we’re ready to go for the highlight Reel

Highlight Reel w/ Chris Jericho

Jericho welcomed us and the pyro went off starting the Highlight Reel. Jericho said this was the night people had been buzzing about for weeks. He said that tonight was the night that Fozzy was playing across town after the show. He said also that tonight was the first night of the draft lottery. He said he didn’t know if the new Smackdown star would be able to make the kind of impact he made on his debut when he punked out the Rock, but that he still really wanted to know who it was. Jericho beckoned the pick to come down to the ring.

The first pick was WWE CHAMPION JOHN CENA who came out to a huge pop. Jericho looked stunned in the ring.

Jericho asked how this could happen and Cena said that he knew everyone was eligible, and he got the call last night. Jericho said that Cena and Batista were both champions and on the same show. He said the last time that happened, he beat both champions to become the first ever undisputed champion.

Jericho said he and Cena were a lot alike, both media superstars. He put over how he had more star power and said that if Cena really wanted to make it, he may have to alienate some of his wrestling buddies and fans. Cena said that the people put him in the place he was at today and that he wouldn’t turn his back on them. He then said that if anyone wanted a piece of him on Raw, they could come get some.

Christian’s music then hit the arena. He came to the ring and grabbed the mic.

Christian said he must have been dreaming that John Cena was on Raw. He said he heard the cheers Cena got from the back and it reminded him of cheers another fake used to get in St. Louis, Mark McGuire. He said McGuire was a joke and made St. Louis look like a bunch of morons. He said he’d do the same to Cena and expose him for the fraud he is. He said this was ‘his show’ and told him to take a stroll, Canada was in the house, because that’s how he rolls.

Cena asked Jericho if he could ‘take care of his business’. Cena broke into a mini rap and called him a CLB. Cena kept rapping and rapping and dissing Christian calling Christian and ass-clown to Jericho’s approval. He called Tomko Christian’s ‘life partner’. Cena said that ‘Markey Mark he might be, but I’ll beat both your asses if you fight me”. Cena struck into a five-second pose and flipped off Christian before the CLB jumped him.

Cena ended up tossing Christian over the top rope and landing an FU on Tomko to end the segment.


We came back with a brief promo video airing putting over the 2005 Raw Diva contest.

WWE Intercontinental Championship—Handicap Match
Shelton Benjamin v. Mohammed Hassan and Daivari

Hassan and Benjamin locked up and Benjamin was backed into the corner. Benjamin tried to fight out of the corner and eventually gained the advantage hitting two big arm drags and locking the second one into a strong arm bar. After a hip toss, Benjamin punched Daivari off the apron, but was jumped from behind by Hassan who hit Benjamin with some clubbing blows. He tossed Benjamin into the ropes and hit a running forearm, but Benjamin nipped up and hit a back suplex. Benjamin then hit a running knee lift, before missing a Stinger splash.

Hassan countered with his finisher, a modified STO. The Referee made the three count but then realized that Benjamin’s legs were on the bottom rope. The referee yanked the belt from Daivari who was attempting to put it around Hassan’s waist and restarted the match. Hassan and Daivari protested as we went to commercial.


We came back to both struggling to get the advantage. Benjamin grabbed Daivari and began to choke him, but Hassan again jumped him from behind and the two threw the champion into the ring post. Hassan went to the outside and rammed Benjamin’s shoulder off the ring post twice before re-entering the ring. While Hassan distracted the ref, Daivari took some cheap shots. Hassan went on the offensive, attempting to wear out Benjamin with an arm-bar. He landed some strikes before putting Benjamin in a key lock. Benjamin fought his way to his feet, but got caught in a Hassan arm-bar takedown.

Hassan dragged the Champion to the corner and tagged in Daivari who continued working over the arm before getting caught in a small package and almost getting pinned. Daivari quickly leapt out though and reassumed the advantage, maintaining his hold on Benjamin’s arm and hitting some shoulders before turning the arm bar into a hammer lock. After a knee to the back Daivari went for a two count that Benjamin kicked out of, before fighting his way back out of the arm bar. Benjamin hit a back body drop and three clotheslines, the last of which was an on rushing Hassan.

Benjamin then hit a huge stinger splash on Daivari and knocked Hassan back out to the outside. Daivari came reeling over and Benjamin hit the big T-bone suplex for the 1, 2, 3 pinfall victory.

Winner and STILL WWE Intercontinental Champion: Shelton Benjamin

A video package showing the events between Triple H and Batista aired.


Tajiri was in the back with William Regal. Regal forbid Tajiri to be a part of the ECW show on Sunday. Tajiri attempted to rationalize with Regal, but Regal wouldn’t listen. Chris Benoit then came in and Regal then asked Benoit if he had something to do with Tajiri’s actions. Benoit said ECW was a huge part of wrestling history, but was cut off by Regal who said it was sad to see how far he had fallen. Benoit said that ECW gave them the chance no one /* was ready to give them. Regal said it was unfortunate they were going to ECW because he would be a part of Bischoff’s invasion team. Tajiri then chanted ECW to end the segment.

Coach said that Heyman was coming to Raw tonight and that he wasn’t coming alone. Bischoff said it was probobly all a rumor. Hassan and Daivari then busted into the office. Hassan called the referees prejudice and incompetent. Daivari demanded that Bischoff overturn the referees ruling and make him the Intercontinental Champion. Bischoff said he couldn’t do that but appreciated what they had been with since they had been on Raw. Bischoff said that next week, there would be a one-man committee to adress his problems. Hassan thought it was going to be Vince McMahon. Bischoff said it was someone bigger and better than Vince McMahon. He said that man would be Stone Cold Steve Austin. Daivari tweaked to end the segment.


The WWE Rewind aired showing Chris Masters making Val Venis pass out from the Master lock last week.

Chris Masters music hit the air and he will be in action tonight.

Chris Masters v. Val Venis

Venis jumped Masters from behind during his entrance. Venis went right to work landing a kick to the gut in the ring and smashing Master’s face off the turnbuckle. He went for it again, but it was reversed. Venis did regain the advantage though and landed some big chops and a kick to the back. Venis landed some more blows in the corner before hitting another big Irish whip before following it up with a big clothesline. He hit ten big reverse elbows and then went to whip Masters who reversed it but got caught in a rock-bottom type move. Masters rolled out to the ringside area and Venis followed him, beating him all around the outside of the ring. Venis threw him back in but got caught coming back into the ring with a huge Chris Masters kick. Masters went for a suplex, but Venis blocked it and hit a suplex of his own. Venis went for the cover but only landed a two count. Venis then hit a big power bomb but again, only got a two count.

Masters tried to come back but got caught in a Venis spine-buster off the ropes. Venis worked Masters back into the corner and went for the big ten punches, but Masters tossed him off, and Venis landed hard on his head. Masters went right for the Master-Lock but Venis tried to break it. Venis eventually passed out and Masters got the submission victory.

Winner: Chris Masters via Submission

Triple H was in the back with Ric Flair. Flair said he didn’t need to do anything to Batista other than to get him to sign the contract. He put over the fact that Triple H had never lost a hell in a cell match before. Triple H smiled and began to make his way down the corridor.

The hell in a cell contract signing is NEXT!


Hell in a Cell Contract Signing

Eric Bischoff said that before the signing that he needed to warn everyone and let them know that Paul Heyman was coming to the show tonight and coming with someone /*. Bischoff dared him to show up. He said that ECW failed because of Heyman and that it failed because it didn’t have a match like Hell in a Cell, and a performer like the man he was going to introduce next, the 10-time World Heavyweight Champion, Triple H.

Triple H’s music hit the arena and he came out to the ring. Bischoff said that the lottery had Triple H protected. If he or Batista were drafted, Hell in a Cell would still go on with the wrestler leaving after the match had happened. Triple H said he didn’t give a crap about the draft because he knew that everyone /* knew that no matter which show he is on, they all know he’s still the best in the business. He said that at Vengeance he would become the eleven-time World Heavyweight Champion. Triple H asked the crowd if they doubted him. He said that he put together a little something to prove it to them. He said it’d be a ‘parental guidance’ moment.

A video then aired of Triple H’s history in hell in a cell.

We came back to a chorus of boos. Triple H said he could feel the goose bumps. He said that lighting struck two times for Batista. He said it wouldn’t happen a third time before Batista’s music hit the arena.

Batista came out to a huge pop.

Security surrounded the two, as they stared each other down. Batista grabbed the mic and paused to let the crowd chant. He said that Triple H was done talking. He said that he didn’t know what it was like to be in the cell, but he didn’t really care. He knew they were both going to bleed and get hurt. He said they’d go until they couldn’t go anymore, that they were going to hell. He said he was ready to pay for his sins and asked Triple H if he was ready to pay them too. He said he didn’t fear the cell and that he didn’t fear Triple H.

Bischoff then intervened and said it was time to make things official. The two sat down at the table and Triple H signed first. Batista then signed second. Bischoff said it was official that at Vengeance it would be Batista v. Triple H in a hell in a cell match for the World Heavyweight Championship.

Triple H stood up and said that Batista signed his own death warrant. Batista then stood up and said it was fine, because he was going to have to kill Batista to get the World Title. Triple H said Batista would have to kill him to stop him. He put over their feud and insured that when Vengeance was over, so would their conflict for good. Triple H then stuck his hand out to shake Batista’s hand. Batista took the hand and pulled him close. Batista said he was going to hell at Vengeance and that he was going to beat the Devil’s ass.

The two removed their jackets and stared each other down as the segment came to a close.


A video package recapping the drafting of John Cena earlier in the night aired.

The Heart Throbs and Victoria v. Team Hero and Christy Hemme

The Hurricane and Antonio locked up. Hurricane hit him with a big flying shoulder and then hit a suplex on him before almost getting a near fall. Antonio regained the advantage and tagged in Romeo before the two hit a double Russian leg sweep. Another quick tag and the two hit another double team move. Keeping Hurricane isolated, Antonio hit another snap suplex and got a near fall. Tag back to Romeo and the two hit a double suplex. Victoria was then tagged in and kicked Hurricane on the ground. She went for Hurricane’s legs but was kicked back. Hurricane tagged in Christy Hemme.

Christy hit two big clotheslines and then began to choke Victoria on the mat. All hell broke loose again and the two were separated by referee Mike Chioda. Christy snuk back under his legs and mounted Victoria again choking her. She refused to let go of the hold and was disqualified.

Winners: Victoria and the Heart Throbs via DQ

After the match, Christy was again pulled off of Victoria and again broke free, spearing her through the ropes and out to the floor. She began choking Victoria on the ramp and was eventually separated by The Hurricane and Rosey. Christy thrashed around as she was brought up the ramp.

Bischoff said that if Paul Heyman wanted to fight him that he could. He came back to his office and saw John Cena sitting on his couch. Cena was on the couch. Bischoff said that next week it would be Chris Jericho and John Cena against Tyson Tomko and Christian. Cena was okay with the arrangements. Bischoff said that they could have a wonderful relationship. Cena told him to take it easy. Bischoff asked Cena if he wanted to be part of the anti-ECW team later this weekend. Cena declined the offer. Bischoff said he could be very persuasive. Cena said that he didn’t play politics and that if he was looking for allies, that he had four more draft picks from Smackdown to try and do so.


A package aired showing Lita flush Kane’s wedding ring down the toilet.

Kane’s pyro hit and he came out for a match. When his opponent was announced, Edge’s music hit. Edge came out with a microphone and he apologized to Kane saying he had good and bad news. He said that tonight he wouldn’t be facing him tonight. He said at Vengeance, the two would meet. He said he’d put him out of his misery once and for all. Edge said that he saw a shell of what Kane used to be.

He said that maybe they should do the match right here and right now. He walked down the ramp and then stopped. He said, that on second thought he had a much better idea. Lita’s music hit and she came out looking oh so sultry.

She said that she thought Kane needed a reminder that Vengeance was in Las Vegas, the sin city. She said that after Edge beats him, that she and Edge would go out and get married in an all night wedding chapel. Edge said that that wouldn’t be the only thing happening all night long. He said that Vegas was a city where everything that happens there, stays there, but at Vengeance, Kane won’t ever forget what will happen to him, The two made out and the segment was over.


The Coach came out to a chorus of boos. He oozed over to the announcer’s booth and said that he’s the answer to a ‘question’.

ECW Rules Match
Chris Benoit v. Gene Snitsky

Benoit jumped Snitsky hitting a baseball slide dropkick to knock the big man out to the ringside area. He smacked Snitsky’s head off the steps then hit him with a trash can lid three times. He began to throw more debris into the ring before tossing Snitsky under the ropes. He stomped away on the big man and hit some kicks and chops before Snitsky came back with a rake of the eyes. Snitsky charged at him in the corner and missed. Benoit went for the cross face but Snitsky caught him with a trash can lid to the head.

Snitsky then hit a body slam before setting up a trashcan in both corners. He whipped Benoit into both corners before flopping a lid on the mat and hitting Benoit with a sidewalk slam. Snitsky landed a few more stomps before missing with a running boot. Snitsky was hung up on the ropes and Benoit took advantage, nailing Snitsky with a trashcan retrieved from the corner. Benoit went to the outside to do some shopping underneath the apron. He brought a table into the ring set it up near the ropes closest to the entrance ramp. Snitsky went for a clothesline but Benoit ducked out of it and caught Snitsky in his three German suplexes.

Benoit laid Snitsky on the table and went to work with some rabbit head-butts. Benoit scaled the ropes but Snitsky recovered and knocked Benoit to the top of the buckles. Snitsky picked up the trash can lid and smashed Benoit in the head again, sending Benoit to the outside.

While Snitsky was taunting Benoit, the DUDLEY BOYZ came out of nowhere and 3D’d Snitsky right through the table. Security came running out as the Dudley’s went running through the crowd. JR declared that the ECW was here as the Coach freaked out,


The match ended over the break with Benoit hitting a flying head-butt and getting the pin.

Winner: Chris Benoit

The Coach caught up with Paul Heyman in the back and had him and the Dudley Boyz arrested. Heyman said it was typical of Bischoff to issue a challenge then back down. Coach said that Bischoff would want to challenge Heyman to his face. He told Heyman to wait while he went and got Bischoff to go call Heyman out himself.


JR and King put over the Cena/Jericho v. Tomko and Christian match. Stone Cold will hold a ‘Stone Cold Court’ next week as well.

Erich Bischoff came down to the ring with Christian, Tomko, and Edge and grabbed the mic. He said that for once in Heyman’s miserable life, he kept his word by not coming alone, showing up with the Dudley Boyz. He said the Dudleys were overrated and that he was just making their jobs a little easier. HE said that tonight they’d take out Heyman and his cronies so that they didn’t even have to show up at the ECW pay per view next weekend. He said that then they can mop up the crumbs with JBL and Kurt Angle this weekend.

Bischoff said that he knew Heyman was back there and that he’d do something he never thought he’d do. He called Heyman out. Heyman was shown coming out with the Dudley’s. Or so it appeared. Heyman appeared to be directing traffic as he came out from under the fans on the side of the titan-tron.

Heyman said that Bischoff kept making the same mistake over and over again. He said that it wasn’t about him and Paul Heyman, that it was all about ECW. He put over Bischoff’s endless bank and smart contract moves. He said that Bischoff never had what ECW had, the bond with the audience, etc. He said that man to man, ECW never backed down to anyone.

The Dudleys then climbed into the ring and stared down the Raw team. Bischoff said that maybe Heyman would back down from this. All of a sudden, a host of Raw superstars came down to the ring and appeared to corner Heyman. Heyman said that Bischoff said that at ECW they never backed down from anyone. The Dudleys and Heyman pointed to the rafters.

Down came the Sandman, Raven, Tommy Dreamer, Rhyno, and a host of ECW superstars. The ECW boys surrounded the ring as Paul Heyman smiled. Heyman grabbed the mic and said that they never backed down from a fight and the melee broke loose.

The ECW wrestlers cleaned house and went to work on Maven, with Tommy Dreamer dropkicking a chair into his face and then a 3D. The ECW team unfurled an ECW banner and draped it on the Raw ropes. Heyman hugged the ECW wrestlers as Bischoff pointed and screamed at the ring as the show went off the air.


The Good-- ECW! ECW! ECW! WOW! So cool to see all those guys back in the ring getting the collective pop they deserve. Sandman smoking, Dreamer with the sick drop kick, the Dudley’s appearing out of nowhere, just wow. I really don’t think I can say much other than that.

John Cena is now on Raw, and I’m mixed. IF (and that’s a big if) Cena stays on Raw, it’s a great business move putting him on the higher rated show, but I really am wary of him being on the same show as Triple H. Triple H is the worst possible program for him right now. Here’s to hoping he hops back to Smackdown with Christian, who could use the title feud. I’m really mixed about this pick.

The opening segment however, was gold. Great interaction between Cena and Christian. These two are money in the future. Get Christian on Smackdown, move Cena back, and find a cheap way for Christian to win the title and build this up for Wrestlemania next year. I think the WWE found Cena’s foil.

Another solid match from Shelton Benjamin as well. The finish was a little shoddy, with most of the match being centered around working Shelton’s arm but somehow his still having the strength to plant Daivari with a T-bone. BUT, ending aside it was a decent match and by far the match of the night.

The Bad-- Chris Masters really was exposed tonight I thought. It was a decent match, and honestly the best one he’s been in, but it had absolutely nothing to do with him and everything to do with Val Venis. He’s night and day every week it seems. I’ll be patient though.

The matches as a whole were awful again tonight. The actual wrestling seems to be the sideshow for the soap opera. Not impressed.

Although Batista and Triple H are getting heat, their feud doesn't seem to be. I'll say what I said last week: If they were going to take an angle for this, this was probobly it, but I just don't think it has legs. Thank god the draft lottery will overshine this.

The Ugly--I have to say that every time I watch the WWE, their matches baffle me. The tag match ends out of nowhere. The ECW rules match ends while they’re at commercial. The Shelton Benjamin match ignored the match altogether. It was centered around arm work and in the end it didn’t amount to anything, just filler space for Shelton winning. Not impressed. Raw is getting back to old form as far as their story lines are concerned, but the in ring product has been mediocre at best.

Overall- B+-- Don’t get me wrong. There were some great moments tonight, and again, the WWE REALLY got a lot done. All the angles played out well. But there’s just nothing to get excited about in the ring. We had the Cena surprise, the ECW invasion, a Stone Cold Return announced for next week, a Hell in a Cell match signed, a William Regal heel turn, etc., etc., but I’ve little to talk about in the way of good wrestling. Give the WWE its due. The product has done a complete 180 from last year and has been tons more fun to watch. But I honestly just can’t get TOO into it until the ring work starts to pick up. The pay per views have been solid, let’s just see improvement with the TV matches.

Quick Results
Shelton Benjamin def. Daivari and Mohammed Hassan to retain the IC Championship
Chris Masters def. Val Venis
Victoria and the HeartThrobes def. Christy Hemme and Team Hero
Chris Benoit def. Snitsky

Who’s Hot, Who’s Not!

Biggest Pops
1. John Cena
2. ECW Wrestlers
3. Batista
4. Shelton Benjamin

Most Heat
1. Erich Bischoff
2. Christian
3. Mohammed Hassan
4. Triple H

Match of the Night: Shelton Benjamin v. Mohammed Hassan & Daivari *3/4

RAW Draft Pick #1: WWE Champion John Cena

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