Raw Results - 6/13/05 - Binghamton, NY (Draft Lottery, Stone Cold)

» Reported by Hunter Golden of WrestleView.com
» On Monday, June 13, 2005 at 11:36 PM EST

June 13, 2005
Binghamton, New York
Commentators: Jim Ross & Jerry “The King” Lawler
Reported by: Hunter Golden of WrestleView.com

Stone Cold Steve Austin’s music hit the arena as JR and King welcomed us to Raw.

JR and King put over the rattlesnake’s appearance at last night’s ECW: One Night Stand pay per view as Austin received a huge ovation.

Austin thanked everyone for making him feel at home in Binghamton. He said he received a phone call the other day because there was a man who feels he’s been screwed, shafted, etc. and that he was asked to deal out some “Stone Cold Justice”. He said a large part of the reason he was called is that he would give his unbiased opinion. Stone Cold introduced Mohammed Hassan.

Hassan came out smiling almost appearing to be very cocky and not intimidated by Austin. When Hassan went to shake Austin’s hand, he pulled it away saying that he saw sand people. Hassan asked him if he was too good for him. Austin said that it wasn’t that he wasn’t good, that it was because he didn’t like him.

Hassan said Austin was no different from everyone /*. He asked Austin what it was about him he didn’t like. He was out there not to ask for justice, but to demand it. Austin called him a bug-eyed bastard and said he’d let him speak to him about his problem, but he’d better back up or he’d beat him up.

Austin asked him what his problems were. Hassan said he was undefeated, was always shafted, etc. He told Austin to look with his own eyes at video proof and then Daivari ranted.

A clip aired of Hassan being ‘discriminated’ against.

Hassan said that it wasn’t only proof that he was discriminated against, but proof that he should also be champion. Austin called him trash. Austin said that after watching the video, he felt that Hassan was right and he had been screwed by the system. He asked him if he had ever had a one on one shot at the intercontinental championship. Hassan said he never had. Austin ordered a match for the intercontinental championship and said he’d be the special guest enforcer. Hassan thanked him as Shelton Benjamin’s music hit the arena.


Intercontinental Championship
Shelton Benjamin v. Mohammed Hassan

The match began during the commercial break.

We came back with Shelton Benjamin working over Hassan’s arm. Hassan backed Benjamin into the corner and landed some punches before having his Irish whip attempt countered with Benjamin punches. Benjamin mounted Hassan and landed some shots but was tossed hard to the mat.

Hassan went to work landing a hard Irish whip into the turnbuckles and some stomps. Hassan hit a snap suplex and taunted the crowd to a chorus of boos. Hassan went to pick up Benjamin but got caught in a small package attempt that got a two count. Hassan landed a big body slam and landed some knees to the back before clamping the Intercontinental Champion in a reverse chin-lock. Feeding off the crowd Benjamin landed some elbows and eventually tossed Hassan to the outside.

Benjamin attempted to land some more punches on the outside but got slammed into the ring post. Hassan went for a steel chair, but Austin quickly stepped in and took it away. Hassan tossed Benjamin back into the ring and slapped on an abdominal stretch. Benjamin fought out but Hassan regained control attempting a vertical suplex.

Benjamin countered the vertical suplex, landing on his feet and hitting a neck breaker. Both men fought their way to their feet and exchanged punches before Benjamin hit a flying forearm and a back-body-drop in quick succession. Benjamin then hit a running knee lift and went for the cover but only got a two count. Hassan staggered to his feet and Benjamin went for the stinger splash in the corner. Hassan dodged the move and countered with a roll up that only got a two count.

Hassan quickly gained momentum trying to throw Benjamin over the ropes. Benjamin hit a big springboard bulldog. Daivari jumped on the apron and tried to interfere but was thwarted by Benjamin. When the ref stepped in, he got distracted which enabled Hassan to hit a low blow and slap on the camel clutch. Austin tried to draw attention to the low blow but the referee didn’t pay attention. Austin jumped in and kicked Hassan causing the DQ.

Winner: Mohammed Hassan via DQ

After the match Austin declared Hassan the winner and still undefeated. He hit them both with stunners and drank a beer with Shelton Benjamin.

JR and King put over the Raw debut of John Cena and the draft lottery pick coming later in the night.


Eric Bischoff was in the back grasping his shoulder. Coach came in and apologized for last night’s mishap at the ECW pay per view. Bischoff said last night never happened and that he didn’t want to hear anything about ECW ever again. Chris Jericho came in and asked why Bischoff made Christian the #1 contender for the WWE championship. Bischoff said the two would wrestle for the title at Vengeance. Jericho said that was ridiculous because he was the first undisputed champion. Jericho said he’d prove himself later that night. He walked out and ran into Triple H.

Triple H wanted to know who the draft lottery pick was tonight. Bischoff said he couldn’t tell him. Triple H said he heard that the guy who got drafted was going to be able to say something directly to Batista’s face. Triple H said that they had better say something that doesn’t impact Batista or the World Heavyweight Championship, that he’d be pissed off. He said he had a Hell in a Cell crack at the World title in 13 days and that he didn’t want some second rate Smackdown ‘jack-off’ screw it up.


Chris Master’s music hit the arena and he posed for the crowd.

Master Lock Challenge

Masters grabbed the mic and had the crew cut the music. He said that since no one could break the master lock, and tonight he felt very confident, he would up the offer to $11,000 to anyone who wanted to take the master lock challenge. He asked who it was going to be this week and that no one had to be scared. Sgt. Slaughter’s music hit the arena and he came out to the ring to a huge pop.

Masters said it would be an honor for him to take the master lock challenge. He asked Slaughter what made him think he stood a chance and called him an old man. Slaughter snatched the mic and told him to shut his hole and listen up. He said he didn’t care about his money and didn’t care about the master lock challenge either. He said he had a challenge for him instead and called him slime, scum, and a maggot. He asked Masters if he thought he could break his cobra clutch and decked Masters.

Slaughter stomped Masters around the ring then clamped him in the cobra clutch. Masters reached for the rope as he continued to fade. Masters eventually hit the ropes and hit a low blow on Slaughter. He got up and clamped on the master lock on the former WWE Champion. Slaughter fought hard but eventually passed out from the ‘pain’. Masters posed for the crowd to end the segment.

JR and King put over the Cena Raw debut and the draft lottery later tonight.


We came back to JR and King putting over the Vengeance Hell in a Cell World Heavyweight Championship match between Triple H and Batista. Another video package aired, documenting the history between the two.

After the video, Christian and Tyson Tomko were shown making their way to the ring.


Christian and Tyson Tomko v. John Cena and Chris Jericho

Jericho and Christian started off the match. The two locked up and Jericho quickly backed Christian into the corner landing some stomps and some punches. He tossed Christian off the ropes and hit him with a reverse elbow and a take down. Jericho went for the Walls early but Christian escaped and tagged out to Tomko.

Jericho landed some chops and tagged in Cena. Cena landed a flurry of punches and a reverse elbow off the ropes. He then hit a vertical suplex with a pin fall attempt but only got a two count. He whipped Tomko into the corner but had a second attempt reversed. He eventually gained the advantage and tossed Tomko out of the ring. Christian tried to interfere, but Cena picked him up and tossed him out to the floor as we went to commercial break.

****Commercial**** (End of the first Hour)

We came back with Cena trying to fight back against Christian. The two exchanged punches in the middle of the ring before Cena was able to hit a shoulder block and catch a near fall. Jericho then tagged himself in and hit a running clothesline. Tyson Tomko eventually was tagged in and Jericho hit him with a running forearm. Christian distracted Jericho who ended up on the receiving end of a Tomko big boot which propelled him to the outside.

Tomko distracted the ref while Christian worked over Jericho. Back in the ring Tomko hit some straight right hands before getting a near fall. Christian got tagged back in and hit some punches and a stomp before putting Jericho in a rear chin lock. Jericho fought up to his feet and exchanged punches with Capt. Charisma before catching him coming off the ropes and landing some punches. The two continued to brawl before Christian hit a reverse neck-breaker. Christian distracted the ref while Tomko strangled Jericho in the corner.

Tomko got tagged back in and went for his finisher but it was countered and Jericho hit his running enzeguiri. Jericho crawled to the corner and hot tagged Cena. Cena knocked Christian off the top rope and began to hit a plethora of shoulder blocks and clotheslines. He caught Christian with a shot to the abdomen off the ropes and Jericho cleaned out Christian.

Cena hit his proto-plex and the five-knuckle shuffle. He picked up the big man and hit the FU for the one, two, and three.

Winners: John Cena and Chris Jericho

After the match Jericho nailed Cena from behind out of nowhere. He threw Cena out of the ring and tossed the champion into the steps. Jericho then clamped on the Walls of Jericho on the outside, trying to ‘snap Cena in half’. He eventually broke the hold and picked up Cena’s spinner championship belt and stared at it. He then dropped it in the ring and left back up the entrance ramp.


A video package showing the new Raw Diva search contestants was shown. “Be Yourself” by Audioslave is the official song. We’ll be meeting the finalists next week.

Chris Jericho was frantic in the back with Eric Bischoff. Jericho asked him if he saw what he did to John Cena out in the arena. Bischoff said he did. Christian crashed the scene saying that the title shot at Vengeance was his. Bischoff said he agreed with both and that he would just add Jericho to the match. John Cena came clattering into the area attacking Jericho. The two brawled around the back before the show went to commercial.


Viscera w/ Lilian Garcia v. Maven

Viscera came out to the ring with Lilian holding his hand. Lilian was decked out in Viscera black.

Maven jumped the big man from behind landing some kicks and a nice looking drop kick. Viscera hit a STIFF chop on Maven but got caught with a rake to the eyes. Maven scaled the ropes and hit a missile drop kick from the top rope and tried to hit a cross body block running off the ropes but got crushed with a tilt a whirl slam. Viscera hit some big slams then mounted maven and did his thing.

As Maven tried to struggle to his feet, Viscera swerved his hips and caught Maven in a sit out choke bomb and got the pin fall for the victory.

Winner: Viscera by pin fall

Ric Flair was talking to Triple H in the back. Triple H was upset over the fact that anyone can go anywhere. He said it was wide open and it could effect anyone. He said that he and Flair needed to take a stand and nip the problem in the bud. He said whoever came out tonight, that they needed to send a message that he and Flair were calling the shots on Raw.


Kane v. Sylvain Grenier

Kane went to work on Grenier in the corner hitting some huge punches in the corner. He whipped the Frenchman into the corner and hit a big sidewalk slam. Kane hit a stomp and choked out Grenier in the corner before chasing off the nagging referee. Grenier fought out of the corner but got quickly knocked down with a big uppercut. Grenier got up but was nailed again. Kane bullied Grenier around some more, hitting more uppercuts and huge Irish whip to the buckles with a clothesline follow up.

Grenier raked the eyes and hit a missile drop kick but couldn’t sustain the momentum, betting knocked down with another big Kane left. Kane nailed the choke slam after that. Kane hit another choke slam and then a third before making the cover and getting the victory.

Winner: Kane via pin fall

Lita’s music hit the arena and she strolled out to the ramp as Kane looked frustrated in the ring. She apologized for not letting Kane go out with a bang. She said she had two very important things to tell him. She called out a friend who turned out to be Gene Snitsky. She wanted to clear the air with the baby thing and apologized to Snitsky telling him it wasn’t his fault. She said it was all Kane’s fault. She actually thanked Sntisky for messing up her pregnancy. That was met with a large slut chant. Snitsky said it was his pleasure and wiggled his tongue at Kane before walking off.

Lita then brought out her now fiancé, Edge. She said Edge and her had been talking about things and said that next week Edge and she would be getting married live on Raw. She wanted the whole world to share the moment with her. Edge pointed out the monster T-shirt that is Kane’s. He said after he and Lita got married next week, he’d show her the real one-eyed monster.


We came back as King announced that the official theme song for Vengeance would be “Happy” by Mudvayne. And then ran down the card. Here’s the card to date.

World Heavyweight Championship — Hell in a Cell
Batista v. Triple H

WWE Championship — Triple Threat Match
John Cena v. Chris Jericho v. Christian

Edge v. Kane

Triple H’s music hit the arena and he came out with Ric Flair to a chorus of boos.

Triple H grabbed the mic and said ‘damn it’s hot in here’. He said it was all about him because he was on fire. He said in two weeks, he would light up Las Vegas. He said what happens in Vegas is gonna be seen worldwide and in living color for the whole world to see him kick Batista’s ass inside Hell in a Cell. He said the whole world would see him become champion for the eleventh time. He said he knew it was true that the king of kings would go back on his rightful throne.

He then brought up the draft lottery saying that he thought it gave some people the idea that some people could come onto his show and do whatever they wanted to. He wanted to clip that idea and take a stand. He invited the draft pick down to the ring.


Angle grabbed the mic and said it had been a long time since they had seen each other. He said if it was anyone /* but him coming from Smackdown, they should take a back seat to him. But he was different. He said that now Kurt Angle was back on Raw and woo’d at Flair. Flair and Angle then got in a woo-ing contest in the middle of the ring.

Triple H congratulated Angle on coming back to the big leagues. He said that it didn’t change a thing that he was the top dog on Raw and that he called the shots. Angle said the last time he saw him, it was Wrestlemania 21, the night he made Shawn Michaels tap out and the night that Triple H got his ass kicked by Batista. Triple H then removed his jacket.

Triple H said that at least he was a champion at Wrestlemania. He said that while he was flying around the world selling out arenas, Angle was getting his ass kicked by Booker T’s wife Sharmell. Flair laughed and pointed in his face.

Angle said he had a thing for other people’s wives. He said what happened to Michael Jackson today was nothing compared to what Angle got away with when he was making out with Stephanie behind Triple H’s back. Triple H said that everyone made out with Stephanie so it was meaningless. Triple H asked him what his point was.

Angle said he had a point. He said he’d been watching Batista beating up people and saw the people cheering for him. He said that he had to admit that he was very impressed. He said that he wasn’t that impressed though. He said he was a former champ and a gold medallist. He said he wanted to prove that he was the best in the business. What he said he wanted was a match with Batista one on one the day after Vengeance. He asked Batista that if he was listening, that when he gets in the ring with him, he’s gonna choke.

Triple H grabbed the mic back, but Batista’s music hit the arena and cut him off.

Batista grabbed the mic. Batista welcomed Kurt to Raw. Batista said that after last night on the ECW pay per view, that Angle shouldn’t be talking to anyone about choking. He asked him if Angle wanted the match after Vengeance. Kurt said he thought Batista was scared of him. Triple H stepped in and the two argued over whom he was ‘more scared of’.
Batista challenged Angle to the match next week instead. Angle got his match and Triple H got his. Then HBK’s music hit the arena.

HBK came out and said he didn’t get what he wanted. He immediately challenged Angle to a rematch at Vengeance. Angle asked HBK if he wanted to lose to him two times in a row. Angle went to deck HBK, but Michaels blocked it. All hell broke loose and everyone started beating up everyone. All five fought until the show went off the air.


The Good--Kurt Angle is on Raw. Angle-HBK II at Vengeance. Vengeance is shaping up to look better than Wrestlemania at this point. The card has four SOLID matches on it. Tonight’s show had some good segments tonight and the story lines all progressed quite nicely. I was hoping they’d lay low on the Angle-HBK rematch and the Christian title shot for a month or two, but we’re getting them in June, so I’m not going to complain.

Speaking of the WWE title, I’m marking out big-time for the Cena-Jericho-Christian match at Vengeance. This one is as unpredictable as they come and Cena’s first legit chance that he might lose the belt. It’ll be interesting to see how it all plays out.

The Bad--I’m not looking all that forward to next week’s Raw. The Diva search will consume a half-hour and the Lita-Edge wedding thing...well expect a crap-fest there too. I don’t know where they’re going to work the wrestling in. They’ll have about 10 minutes to work with at this rate. Batista-Angle will be worth checking out though.

Again this week, the wrestling on the show was torture-bad. Whenever I’m in the arena watching a Raw or Smackdown, I get very bored watching the titan tron waiting for the next match. I can’t imagine what the folks in the clearly sweltering Broome County Civic Center were going through tonight. Maybe the dwindling attendance at Raw and Smackdown has less to do with the product not being great and more to do with the fact that you spend 80% of your time at a Raw or Smackdown waiting for the next match.

The Ugly--Yes this is wrestling and I normally could give a crap about how tasteless most story lines are, but Lita admonishing a guy for killing her baby and actually thanking him for it is pretty damn sick. It has nothing to do with the Hardy/Edge/Lita saga and more to do with that whole shit fest tonight. They really should tone this angle down, IMO.

Overall- C+--Everything seemed centered around the top of the hour tonight. The very beginning of the show was Stone Cold. The top of the second hour was Cena, and the end of the show was Angle. Everything /* in between was pretty mediocre. Again tonight, the WWE got a lot done and have done a great job of putting together an incredible card for Vengeance. But the wrestling matches themselves have been absolutely terrible. Again, good job of providing some story-line twists, but put some decent wrestling on television for once.

Quick Results
Mohammed Hassan def. Shelton Benjamin via DQ
John Cena and Chris Jericho def. Christian and Tyson Tomko
Viscera def. Maven
Kane def. Sylvain Greener

Who’s Hot, Who’s Not?

Biggest Pop
1. John Cena
2. Stone Cold Steve Austin
3. Kurt Angle
4. Shawn Michaels

Most Heat
1. Mohammed Hassan
2. Triple H
3. Christian
4. Chris Jericho

Match of the Night: Shelton Benjamin v. Mohammed Hassan *1/2

WWE Draft Lottery as of June 13, 2005

To Raw
1. John Cena
2. Kurt Angle

To Smackdown!
1. Chris Benoit

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