RAW Results - 10/3/05 - Dallas, TX - (Homecoming to USA Network)

Reported by Hunter Golden of WrestleView.com
On Tuesday, October 4, 2005 at 12:20 AM EST

October 3, 3005
Dallas, TX
Commentators: Jim Ross, Jerry “The King” Lawler, and Jonathan Coachman
Reported By: Hunter Golden of WrestleView.com

A video package aired covering a brief history of Raw. The opening vignette rolled and was accompanied by a huge pyro display. JR, King, and Coach welcomed us to the show and here we go!

MICK FOLEY’S music hit the arena and got a mega-pop. Foley made his way down to the ring and got on the mic.

Foley said he had come home to Raw, the USA network, and Dallas, Texas. He said usually the guest doesn’t introduce his host, but this was an exception. He introduced Rowdy Roddy Piper and here we go with Piper’s Pit.

Piper’s Pit w/ Mick Foley

Piper said he was a big fan of Foley’s. He said he thought he was the craziest goat in the business, but he had nothing on Foley. He said Foley was nuts. He said then he read his new book and put it over. He said we were here for the truth and he asked him when Foley was coming back to the WWE.

He said he came back last year and still got his ass kicked, despite being in great shape. He said he’d need a really good reason to come back to the WWE. Piper said he had one in the 20,000 fans there, who started chanting Foley.

Randy Orton’s music hit the arena and he came out with his Father, Cowboy Bob Orton.

Foley said it was never good to see Orton and that he didn’t need to be worried about the legend in front of him and worry about the legend he was facing on Sunday at No Mercy, the Undertaker.

Orton said he could get away with whatever he wanted to. He said he wasn’t there to talk to Foley, but he was here to talk to Piper. Piper went to greet him but Orton cut him off and said he was nothing and would have been nothing if it wasn’t for his father. He said Orton did all the leg work back in the day and Piper got the sweet deal. He said he was lucky that Bob had more class than him. He pushed Piper into the ropes and Piper retaliated. Foley and Bob Orton separated the two.

Bob then decked Foley and Randy RKO’D Piper and Foley. . The two left the ring and walked up the ramp celebrating.

JR and Coach put over the Iron man match between HBK and Kurt Angle, which is coming up next!


Bischoff was in the back with Teddy Long. Bischoff was upset because he said the Orton’s had no right to be here. Long insisted he knew nothing about it. Bischoff said if it kept up, we’d get a Raw moment at Smackdown’s expense.

30 Minute Iron Man Match
Kurt Angle v. Shawn Michaels

HBK dove in the ring and here we go! The two rolled around on the mat until HBK got the advantage with some punches to the head. He chopped Angle into the corner before hitting a body slam and a one count on the cover attempt. HBK connected with another three chops knocking Angle into the ropes. He whipped Angle but had it reversed. HBK countered the move attempt and hit an inverted atomic drop followed by a near fall.

HBK tossed Angle over the top rope and to the floor. HBK went to the outside of the ring and landed a chop and a whiped into the barricade. He tossed Angle back in and landed a double axehandle off the top rope and a near fall again. HBK again backed Angle into the corner with some chops.

Angle came back though landing some punches and a European uppercut. HBK countered and knocked Angle back off the ropes and cinched in a sleeper hold. Angle countered it with a back suplex. Angle got to his feet first and hit some more upper cuts and a knee lift. Angle went to work on HBK on the mat, landing some punches and a body slam. Angle went for two covers but only got one counts on both of them before cinching in a rear chin lock.

HBK fought his way to his feet but Angle clamped down even harder, putting HBK back on his knees. HBK eventually tried to counter with a jawbreaker, leaving both men on the mat. HBK followed up the move with some chops and then hit a face buster, reversing a move attempt by Michaels. Angle came charging at HBK but got tossed over the top and to the floor.

Angle recovered on the outside as he caught HBK in a baseball slide and countered it with an Angle slam to the floor. Angle rolled HBK back into the ring and nearly got a pin fall. Angle backed HBK into the corner and kicked and stomped away at HBK. Eventually HBK fought out and began trading blows with Angle.

Angle hit HBK with a vertical powerbomb into the corner and got a near fall. Angle chopped HBK in the corner and perched him on the top and went for a belly to belly off the top rope. HBK countered it though, sending Angle careening off the top buckle . Angle quickly recovered though and scaled the ropes NAILING a huge Angle slam off the top rope and scored the pin fall with 21:44 left.



We came back with Angle in control yanking on HBK’s hair then a rear chin lock. HBK fought his way to his feet and backed Angle into the corner. HBK whipped Angle into the corner but went crashing into the steel ring post on the follow up. Angle hit a German suplex and got another near fall. Angle worked over HBK with some punches and a vertical suplex and another near fall.

HBK fought back, chopping Angle in the corner. Angle retaliated though, whipping Michaels off the opposite buckle. He immediately went for the angle slam, but HBK countered with a sunset flip. Angle countered out of that though and clamped on the ankle lock. HBK somehow countered THAT and rolled angle up to win the second fall.


After the fall, Angle tossed HBK up and over the top rope. He followed HBK to the outside and nailed his head off the ring steps. He tossed HBK back into the ring and got a near fall. Angle clamped on a body scissors on the mat and rubbed his forearm in Michaels’ face.

HBK turned Angle over and bit him in the forehead. Once free the two traded right hands before Angle went for a vertical suplex that was blocked. HBK shoved Angle into the ropes and tried to roll him up but Angle came up with the ankle lock. He grapevined the leg on the mat and HBK tapped out at around 11:00 minutes.



We came back with Angle working over HBK on the mat, wrenching is foot. Angle punched away at Michaels in the corner. HBK fought back but Angle took HBK back down and grapevined HBK’s leg trying to run the clock down and work over Michaels’ leg. Angle backed HBK back into the corner again and HBK again fought back. He chopped the heck out of Angle and nailed him with his flying forearm off the ropes. HBK nipped up and hit his inverted atomic drop, two clotheslines, and body slam.

He scaled the top rope and hit the picture perfect elbow. HBK hyped up and began to tune up the band. He nailed sweet chin music and made the cover for the three count.


Angle rolled to the outside trying not to get pinned again but HBK followed him and tossed him back in the ring. Angle quickly countered and tossed HBK upside down in the corner and then hit the angle slam for a very close near fall.

Angle brought HBK to his feet and punched away before tossing HBK into the ropes. HBK countered with a boot to the gut but Angle countered and went for the angle slam. HBK countered it into a tornado DDT. Both men lay on the mat, motionless.

HBK stirred first and got his arm across Angle’s body for two close near falls. Angle countered an Irish whip attempt and sent HBK into the corner. HBK whipped up on the second rope and came flying at him but Angle picked his ankle in mid air and clamped on the ankle lock. Angle grapevined it in the middle of the ring with one minute left.

HBK tried to roll towards the ropes as Michaels literally tired to break himself out of the hold. He eventually booted his way free but Angle clamped it right back on. HBK countered it sending Angle into the corner, and nailed sweet chin music as Angle came back at him. HBK went for the cover but it wasn’t in time and time expired.

Final Score: Kurt Angle—2, Shawn Michaels—2 DRAW

HBK picked up the mic after the match and said he wanted a sudden death period. Angle looked frustrated and just walked to the top of the ramp and left.

HBK hugged some former superstars who were sitting ringside.

A video was shown of John Cena at the Hip-Hop Honors show.


Lillian Garcia introduced Kevin Von Erich who was sitting ringside.

Vince was in the back with some lady before Eric Bischoff appeared. He said it was a big night for everyone tonight. Bischoff asked if McMahon would make the match no disqualification. McMahon said no. Bischoff called McMahon ‘Vince”.

He said it was pretty obvious that Vince hired him so he could embarrass him every night on Raw. He asked him if he was going to put out a self-destruction of Eric Bischoff DVD. He said McMahon was absolutely sick. McMahon said no one had any idea of how sick, twisted, and perverted he could be. He said he had to talk to the people and left Bischoff hanging.

Lillian introduced Mr. McMahon

McMahon got on the mic and said it was homecoming. He said things were pretty much uncensored, were all hell could break loose at anytime. He aid they could have all the fun they wanted to have. He said it reminded him of Feb. 8, 1998. That was the night that Vince McMahon beat the holy hell out of Stone Cold Steve Austin. McMahon put over his victory over Austin that night.

He said he had another moment, when he had Austin arrested. All of a sudden the glass shattered and here comes STONE COLD STEVE AUSTIN.

McMahon told everyone to give Austin a hand and welcomed him. Austin said he knew he was having some fun at Stone Cold’s expense. McMahon said he wasn’t and Austin said he was lying. Austin asked him why he was so jittery. He said he was the man who made Steve Austin. He said he was the guy who humbled and humiliated Steve Austin. McMahon said he was just having a good time. Austin laughed then stopped and pointed to his head.

He said he remembered things a little differently from Vince and showed some of his favorite highlights. They included the bed pan and hospital assault. McMahon said it was embarrassing for people to almost have seen his privates. Austin said he made him sick. He rolled some more footage of McMahon being wheeled out to the ring in his wheelchair and then pulling the fake gun and McMahon wetting his pants.

McMahon said he temporarily lost control of his bowels. Austin said there was one more piece of footage. It was the beer truck incident from March 1999.

Austin said McMahon was pathetic. McMahon said it was a new era and that there was no reason that he and Austin couldn’t get along. He wanted to start all over. Austin asked the crowd if they thought he was full of crap, to give him a hell yeah. They responded overwhelmingly. McMahon tried to leave but Austin said he had something to show him. He flipped McMahon the bird and stunned him, before celebrating with the fans.

All of a sudden SHANE McMAHON’S music hit the arena and he did a super shimmy before coming down to the ring. He walked up to Austin who immediately stunned him and began celebrating.

Then STEPHANIE MCMAHON’S music hit and she made her way to ringside. She asked Austin who the hell he thought he was. She said this was Raw, USA, and the McMahon’s show. Austin asked her “What?”. She asked him who the hell he thought he was and Austin apologized.

He said he wanted to conduct an interview and asked her what kind of perfume she was wearing. She grabbed hold of his hand trying to get the mic and Austin said he thought she was trying to flirt with him. He asked her if she’d like to give him a kiss and then she slapped him.

Austin said she was playing hard to get. Austin booted her and then stunned her, leaving the entire McMahon family crumpled in the middle of the ring. Austin drank more beer before LINDA MCMAHON’S music hit the arena (the old Wrestlemania music) and she made her way to the ring.

Linda asked him what he thought he was doing. She asked him to look at the carnage in the ring and that it was her family. She said she spent two years bringing the family back together. She asked him why her husband to which Austin replied “he’s a piece of trash!” to which Linda replied ‘yup’. He said Shane was a piece of trash too. He called Stephanie a precious piece of trash. He asked her what /* she wanted him to do? She said he owed the McMahon family an apology.

Austin asked why because he was out there doing his job. She again demanded the apology. Austin thought about it for a bit then apologized. She went to tend to Shane and he held her up. He said while she was out there, he figured he’d leave everyone with a Raw moment and asked for a kiss on the cheek. She went to kiss him and he pulled away saying the fans needed something to REALLY remember. He got real close to her and gave her a beer. Linda downed the first beer then a second one. He put his arm around her as his music played. He said he forgot to say thank you and stunned her.

The Money in the Bank, Loser leaves Raw Ladder match is next!


McMahon was shown in the back trying to get into his limo. Todd Grisham asked him what happened, and McMahon said someone would pay and that someone needed to be fired.

Money in the Bank Ladder Match—Loser Leaves Town
Edge v. Matt Hardy

Edge immediately scaled the ladder but got knocked off. Hardy scaled the ladder as well before getting nailed off the top rope. Hardy countered and hit the side effect. Hardy took the ladder and put Edge’s body in it before leg dropping it repeatedly. He scaled the upside down ladder with Edge in it and squeezed it shut, pinching Edge in between. Hardy whipped Edge to the ladder set up in the opposite buckle. He went to follow it up but got snagged in a drop toehold and slammed into the ladder.

Edge set the ladder in the corner and suplexed Hardy into it. Edge set up the ladder and scaled the ladder but Hardy caught him by the foot and yanked him down. Edge whipped Hardy off the ropes and went for a flapjack but Hardy jumped up on the ladder with the momentum. Edge dragged Hardy back down and spiked his head off the ladder. He set the ladder on the top rope in the corner and went to work on Hardy in the corner.

He went to whip him but Hardy reversed and went for a twist of fate. Edge pushed him forward sending him face first into the ladder in the corner. Edge snagged another ladder and set it up in the middle of the ring. Edge scaled the ladder but again Hardy held him up. Hardy collected the ladder and rammed it into Edge’s mid section. He set the ladder up on the bottom rope and went for a suplex, but Edge reversed it and smashed Hardy down on the ladder with a reverse suplex.

Edge again set up the ladder in the middle of the ring and again went up the ladder. Hardy gathered himself and climbed up himself and met Edge at the top. The two exchanged punches before Hardy sent Edge into the ladder on the ring post in the corner. Edge bounced off that ladder and into Hardy’s sending him off the top and onto the top rope on the opposite side of the ring.


We came back to Edge setting up some tables on the outside of the ring. Edge tried to suplex Hardy through the table, but Hardy fought it off. Hardy snagged the ladder and sent Edge over the barricade after using it like a battering ram. Hardy scaled the ladder and hit a flying cross body off of it to the concrete floor onto Edge. Hardy went to get back into the ring but Lita cut him off. Hardy went to powerbomb her through the table but Edge nailed him with a kendo stick.

Edge put Hardy on the table and hit a flying cross body off the apron through the table. Edge crawled back into the ring and attempted to climb one of the two ladders set up in the middle of the ring. Hardy quickly caught up and climbed the other ladder and he and Edge began trading blows again. Then Hardy clamped on the twist of fate off the top of the ladder. Hardy set up the ladder with Edge outside the ring. Hardy slowly began to climb but Lita came in with the kendo stick. She knocked Hardy off the ladder, but Hardy eventually caught the stick and tossed her aside. He went to climb again but she took the ladder out from underneath him and he sat there suspended over the ring. Edge swang him from side to side and threw him off, with Hardy crashing down on the top rope.

Edge tied him up in the ropes and Lita hooked him with her legs. Hardy watched as Edge scaled the ladder and retrieved the briefcase for the win.

Winner: Edge

Security came out and retrieved Hardy and escorted him up the ramp.


Hardy was shown being escorted out of the arena by security.

Trish and Ashley were in the back putting their tops on. They were looking at their tops and testing them. All of a sudden Mae Young showed up topless. Ashley ejected her out of the locker room. Mae walked up the hallway where Hacksaw Jim Duggan, Superfly Jimmy Snuka, and Ted Dibiase were standing. They were grossed out and Moolah came out and covered the flashing Mae Young up and escorted her away. Duggan and Dibiase talked some more before Snuka took out a dollar and went chasing after Mae Young apparently infatuated with her.

Maria was with WWE Intercontinental Champion, Ric Flair. He said tonight was the return of the Game. He said tonight he was the IC champion and a player on the show. He said he was an individual with a drive. He said Chris Masters and Carlito should be honored to be in the ring with Triple H and him.

Triple H & Ric Flair v. Carlito & Chris Masters is next!


Triple H & Ric Flair v. Chris Masters & Carlito

Flair and Triple H tagged in and out to begin the match. The double chopped Carlito in the corner before doing a strut together. Masters came running into the ring to break up the party but ended up on the outside of the ring after being placed there oh so not gently by the game.


We came back to Carlito locking Flair in the Figure Four leg lock. HHH came in and broke the hold. Carlito connected with a spine-buster, which caught in a weird way. Carlito went to the top rope but Flair caught him on the way down and slammed him to the mat. Flair almost got the tag, but Masters caught him just in time. Triple H distracted the referee while Masters went for the Master lock, but Flair caught him coming in with a low blow. Flair made it to the corner and tagged in Triple H who hit a bunch of punches and then hit running knee on both Masters and Carlito.

Triple H then nailed two spine busters back to back before grabbing his sledgehammer from under the ring. Carlito hit him from behind but got nailed and loaded up for the pedigree. Masters came from behind with the hammer but Flair chop blocked Masters from behind. Triple H hit the pedigree and got the cover for the win.

Winners: Triple H & Ric Flair

After the match the two celebrated and then out of nowhere, Triple H nailed Flair with the sledgehammer and began beating Flair up the ramp and out of the arena area.


When we returned from break, a clip was shown of what had just happened between Flair and Triple H. Then the camera flashed to the back where Triple H was shown destroying a bloodied Flair in the back. He eventually smacked Flair a few times before tossing him in the limousine, throwing his sledgehammer through the window and sending it off.


WWE Legends were in the ring getting a standing ovation from everyone. Dusty Rhodes got on the mic and said it was great to be back. He said it was an honor to be in the Raw ring again. He put over Billy Graham, Moolah, Arn Anderson, Jimmy Hart, Ted DiBiase, Harley Race, etc. All of a sudden Rob Conway’s music hit the arena and he came out with a mic.

He asked if he was at Homecoming or a nursing home. He asked them if they forgot to change their dependz. He said this was supposed to be a homecoming, not a funeral. He told the legends that they needed to go back on the bus, back to their old folk’s home and make room for the next generation. Dusty Rhodes said how dare he crack whip with any of the legends. He said without them, he wouldn’t be there.

He went to talk to Race again and again Conway stepped in but Race decked him. Arn Anderson hit him before Dusty floored him with a bionic elbow. Kevin Von Erich clamped him in the claw and put him down for the count. Then Superfly scaled the ropes and hit his superfly splash off the top rope.


Bra and Panties Match
Torrie Wilson, Victoria, & Candice Michelle v. Trish Stratus & Ashley

The heel ladies jumped the face team right off the bat. Trish was knocked to the outside and Victoria held Ashley while her shirt was ripped off. Ashley regrouped, kicking Torrie in the gut then ripping off Victoria’s shirt. Trish and Ashley whipped Candice and Torrie into each other and then peeled off their tops.

They stomped away at the ladies and went after the bottoms. Victoria eventually made her way into the ring and traded Irish whips with Trish. She went to the second rope but got caught in the head scissors. Victoria reversed it though and went for the pants but Trish eventually pulled the move off and then yanked off Victoria’s clothes. Ashley took off Candice’s pants and nearly her panties as well. Trish and Ashley hanged up Torrie up on the ropes and peeled off her bottom and won the match.

Winners: Trish Stratus & Ashley

Eric Bischoff was in the back with Kurt Angle. He said since Mr. McMahon left the arena tonight, that left him in charge. He said tonight he was going to make his WWE Championship match with John Cena a No Disqualification match. He asked Kurt if he’d escort him to the ring and Angle agreed to it.


Smackdown Six Man Tag Match
Batista, Rey Mysterio, & Chris Benoit v. Eddie Guererro, JBL, & Christian

Batista and JBL started things off and were about to lock up before Bischoff cut them all off. Bischoff said this was Raw and not Smackdown and he basically said it was lights out. The lights went out in the arena and he had the show cut to a commercial break, with the Smackdown stars left in the dark.


Mean Gene Okerlund was in the middle of the ring and introduced Hulk Hogan. Okerlund put over his match with Shawn Michaels at Summerslam and his reality show. He asked him what was next. He asked everyone if they could feel the power of Hulkamania in Dallas.

He said he was willing to fight HBK again. He put over many of his accomplishments and said that there was one man he wanted to face. He wanted to know what it would be like to face Stone Cold Steve Austin. His music hit and that was it.

The WWE Championship Match is next!


WWE Championship—No Disqualification
John Cena (C) v. Eric Bischoff w/ Kurt Angle

The bell rang Bischoff circled Cena. Cena caught Bischoff’s kick and toyed with him before taking him down to the canvas. He hit a back elbow on Bischoff as Kurt Angle interfered for the first time. Bischoff kicked Cena in the kidneys a bunch of times but Cena came right up and body slammed Bischoff to the mat hard. Cena hit the five-knuckle shuffle and signaled for the FU. Just then Angle came in and went for the Angle slam but Cena countered into the FU.

Angle almost was sent for the ride but Bischoff hit a low blow on the champion. Angle came at Cena with the chair but missed him and inadvertently hit the ropes, causing the chair to bounce off the ropes and hit himself. Cena picked up Bischoff and hit the FU for the pin fall victory.

Winner and STILL WWE Champion, John Cena

After the match Angle and Cena began going at it. Smackdown GM Teddy Long came out to the ramp and said Bischoff stuck his nose where it didn’t belong. He said he was going to do things ‘gangster style’ and sent out a plethora of Smackdown stars to the ring. The Raw stars got in the ring shortly thereafter and a brawl ensued as the show went off the air.


The Good-- Just about everything. The Foley-Ortons-Piper segment was cool. Seeing all the legends was cool. The Iron Man match was a match of the year candidate, and the ladder match was almost as good if not better than the cage match at Unforgiven.

Triple H-Ric Flair is probably one of the top three feuds that haven’t happened yet that I wanted to see. Now I’ve got it.

And Bah Gawd, John Cena is still the WWE Champion. I was scared for a minute.

Oh yeah. Mae Young was there. I’m a Mae Young MARK.

To be honest, after three hours, i'm spent. Just a great, great show.
P.S. I marked for the superfly splash.

The Bad-- The only thing I didn’t like was the fact that the Austin-McMahon thing was a little drawn out.

The Ugly--Absolutely nothing.

Overall- A This is without a doubt the best Raw of the year and probably, from top to bottom, was better than a few pay per views as well. When they’re focused and on task, no one puts on a show like WWE. I’ll enjoy being in the clouds. Hopefully this is a sign of things to come.

Quick Results
Kurt Angle and Shawn Michaels fought to a 30-minute draw
Edge def. Matt Hardy in a ladder match
Triple H & Ric Flair def. Chris Masters & Carlito
Ashley & Trish Stratus def. Candice Michelle, Torrie Wilson, & Victoria
John Cena def. Eric Bischoff to retain the WWE Championship

Who’s Hot, Who’s Not?

Biggest Pops
1. Steve Austin
2. Mick Foley
3. Ric Flair
4. John Cena

Most Heat
1. Kurt Angle
2. Triple H
3. Edge
4. Eric Bischoff

Match of the Night: Kurt Angle v. Shawn Michaels ****

Power Rankings

WWE Champion: John Cena (LAST WEEK: WWE Champion)-- I personally thought it was a weak finish for the Champion tonight. I expected a bit more drama, but I’m at least happy that he’s still champion. I was seriously paranoid that Bischoff may actually run off with the belt after last week’s news bits started to come across the wire. All is well, but little gained or lost this week.

Intercontinental Champion: Ric Flair (LAST WEEK: IC Champion)-- Tonight may be the beginning of the end for Ric Flair. His pending feud with the game has been long awaited and hopefully it’ll deliver. This will likely be Flair’s last big sendoff.

1.) Kurt Angle (LAST WEEK: 1)--Angle and Michaels tore the house down tonight. Counter after counter, move for move, another great match from these two. As far as the WWE in concerned, it may be the best trilogy of matches since The Rock-Austin encounters. Great stuff again tonight.

2.) Shawn Michaels (LAST WEEK: 2)--Aside from putting on another WWE match of the year candidate tonight, I’m very curious as to where they’re going to go with Michaels’ character. Masters still may be in the works, but it almost appears as if this is some sort of transition point for him, especially considering there’s been menial interaction between the two in the past two weeks.

3.) Edge (LAST WEEK: 4)-- Edge flip flops with Big Show for the third straight week. Edge has a new focus and may be the next WWE Champion. By the end of the year, mark my words, Edge will be the WWE Champion.

4.) Big Show (LAST WEEK:3)-- Drops down a spot, but nothing lost, nothing really gained. A quiet week for the big guy.

5.) Triple H (LAST WEEK: NR)-- Triple H made about as big a splash as he could have made. Again, not much to say other than that I’m really, really looking forward to the Flair feud.

6.) Chris Masters(LAST WEEK: 6)-- A loss for Masters, but again gets the rub being in the ring with Naitch and Triple H. Nothing really gained, nothing lost.

7.) Carlito (LAST WEEK: 7) -- Carlito took another pin fall this week, granted it was to be expected. Nothing gained nor lost.

8.) Rob Conway (LAST WEEK: 8)-- Conway was the guy who most definitely drew the sacrificial lamb card back stage. He did what he did. Just doesn’t look good when you’re getting your ass handed to you by a ring full of geriatrics.

9.) Kerwin White (LAST WEEK: 9)-- No appearance this week.

10.) Shelton Benjamin (LAST WEEK: 10)-- No appearance this week.

Dropping Out: Matt Hardy (LAST WEEK: 9)

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