RAW Results - 1/16/06 - Raleigh, NC (Edge-Flair, Angle-HBK, More!)

Reported by Hunter Golden of WrestleView.com
On Monday, January 16, 2006 at 11:28 PM EST

January 16, 2005
Raleigh, NC
Commentators: Jonathan Coachman, Joey Styles & Jerry “The King” Lawler
Reported By: Hunter Golden of WrestleView.com

The commentators welcomed us to the show and ran down the card. They also put over the fact that Kurt Angle left for Smackdown due to a contractual ‘loop hole’.

Edge said that he understood that some people were calling him a cheap champion and that he stole the WWE title from John Cena at New Year’s Revolution. He said he won it fair and square when he exercised his money in the bank clause at the right place and at the right time. He said whether we like it or not, he was the new WWE Champion.

He said because he was the champ, he could do what he wanted to do whenever he wanted to. He said last week he wanted to have a live sex celebration last week and that some people didn’t like it. He said it was too bad for those folks and that they had better get used to it. He said it was the highest rated segment on Raw in two years. He said over 25 million people went on the internet after he won the title at New Year’s Revolution and that it made him the most watched WWE Champion of all time.

He said for those people that didn’t like it, that there would be consequences to pay. He put over his attack on Ric Flair last week. He said so much for Flair country. He said Flair disrespected him and Lita so he bashed his brains in. He said tonight he’d finish off Ric Flair in a Tables, Ladders, and Chairs match. He said right now though, he wanted Lita to ‘finish him off’ and that he was going to have more sex right now.

Lita did a little lap dance before the NEW World Heavyweight Champion Kurt Angle’s music hit and he came ranting down to the ring with Daivari.

Edge said in case Angle missed it, the fans said that he sucked and that they were right. Angle said he was listening to the crowd and he was sure they weren’t referring to him, but to Lita. Angle said that Edge wasn’t a very good champion because he won the title cheaply and that he took the easy way out. Angle said ability kept you at the top, not taking shortcuts.

Angle said he resigned with Smackdown and won the World title. Edge said he thought he left because he was embarrassed because he was embarrassed. Angle said we should find out who was the better man right now and that they should unify the belts. Edge asked the fans if that’s what they wanted tonight and when they said yes, he said forget about it.

Edge said Angle was a second rate champion on a second rate show. Angle slapped Edge’s mic out of his hands a suplexed him out of the ring right as Mr. McMahon’s music hit the arena.

McMahon said he wouldn’t have two world champions beating the hell out of each other tonight, but they would be fulfilling their obligations tonight. He put over Edge’s title match against Flair tonight and dismissed Edge and told Lita to put some clothes on. Angle said HBK would be facing off tonight and no, it wouldn’t be for the title, but there would be a stipulation at stake. If HBK loses tonight, his contract with WWE is finished. McMahon told Lillian to introduce Michaels and that the match would take place right now.

HBK-Angle is NEXT!


If HBK loses, he Loses His Job
Shawn Michaels v. Kurt Angle

HBK was chasing Daivari around the ring when we came back. HBK took Kurt Angle down with a side headlock takedown and clamped it in much like he had used in past matches to contain Angle. Angle tossed him off the ropes, and HBK almost rolled him up but let go in time to get right back to the headlock.

Angle fought to his feet and brought HBK to the corner where the headlock was broken. Angle punched and kicked away at HBK but it was reversed and Michaels landed some chops. Michaels had an Irish whip reversed but caught Angle coming in with a boot. HBK mounted the ropes and came flying off, but Angle caught him in mid air and hit a belly to belly overhead suplex. Angle stayed right on Michaels hitting his three rolling German suplexes. Angle went for the cover but only got a two count.

Angle used the body scissors that had been effective against HBK in the past and caught a few near falls out of it. HBK rolled around for a minute or two and managed to elbow his way out of the hold. He followed Angle to the corner and landed two chops before having another Irish whip attempt reversed and was sent into both corners with hard Irish whips. Angle waited for HBK to get up and went for the angle slam, but HBK reversed it into a DDT.

Both men were laid out and HBK managed to get an arm over Angle but he only got a two count. HBK went off the ropes to set up some running move, but Daivari yanked the top rope, causing Michaels to fall to the floor. Daivari started jaw jacking at Michaels on the floor but got nailed with a super kick. While this was going on, Angle had sneaked around the ring area and managed to surprise HBK with an Angle Slam onto the arena floor. HBK was writhing in pain as we went to commercial.


We came back to HBK being locked in a rear chin lock. HBK fought out of it with some elbows and chops. Michaels chopped away at Michaels. Michaels went to whip Angle but yet again, was reversed and slammed hard into the buckles turning him upside down. Angle gathered him and laid Michaels out with a body slam and got a two count on the cover attempt.

Angle rushed HBK to the corner again and perched him on the ropes. Angle went for another belly to belly, but HBK tossed him off the ropes. Angle came running back again and again was foiled. The third time was the charm as Angle caught him in the angle slam off the top rope. HBK somehow kicked out of the cover at 2 and ¾.

Angle told Michaels he was going to tap out and taunted him and HBK went for sweet chin music but Angle ducked and clamped in the ankle lock. HBK carried the momentum though and rolled up Angle and almost got him. The two came off the ropes and HBK hit a flying forearm but missed sweet chin music and Angle went for the ankle lock.

Again, HBK tossed Angle off his ankle and hit a big inverted atomic drop and a body slam. He missed his flying elbow however and Angle got to his feet and pulled down the straps. Angle waited for HBK to rise to his feet and went for the angle slam, but HBK countered it into a sunset flip, but Angle rolled through with HBK’s ankle in hand.

He turned Michaels over and grape-vined the leg. Michaels nailed Daivari trying to get to the ropes. With the ankle lock grapevined in the middle of the ring, Daivari tweaked at being hit and grabbed a chair. Angle got up when Daivari was distracting the referee to kick Daivari out of the ring. HBK snuck up behind Angle and rolled him up for the win.

Winner: Shawn Michaels via pin fall

After the match Angle asked Daivari what the hell he was doing. Davari apologized at first but then slapped Angle saying he was the reason Angle was the champion to begin with. Angle took Daivari and angle slammed him over the top rope and to the floor. He grabbed his title and walked up the ramp.


We came back to find out that Kurt Angle had fired Daivari as his manager over the break. The commentators put over the TLC WWE Championship match between Ric Flair and Edge. A video aired of Edge’s past TLC performances. Styles put Flair over as the underdog tonight. Also later on, we’ll see the master lock challenge with John Cena.

Maria was in the back with Chris Masters. She put over the Elimination chamber alliance with Carlito that soured at the end. She asked him to watch the video of the footage. Maria said that Carlito was mean. She asked him if he thought he could get Cena to give up. Masters said he would have at New Year’s Revolution, but Carlito messed it up and he’d pay at the Royal Rumble. He said tonight, he’d make Cena tap out. He said he wanted everyone to know two things. 1.) He’d be the youngest star to ever win the Royal Rumble. 2.) He’d teach John Cena that there’d be no way to break the master lock.

Ashley and Trish were getting ready for their match in the back. Trish put over how creepy Mickie was. Mickie walked in and apologized for what she did to Ashley last week. Ashley accepted and Mickie said they’d kick some booty tonight. She slapped both of them on the backside and said it was just for luck.

The master lock challenge is next.


Master Lock Challenge w/ John Cena

Masters said that it was time for his master lock challenge. He said the reason he issued this challenge was to show everyone that he would’ve eliminated Cena in the elimination chamber match if it weren’t for Carlito and he’d prove it tonight. He introduced John Cena as the former WWE Champion.

Cena came out to a pretty good pop and made his way to the ring.

Masters thanked Cena for having the guts to take part in the challenge. Masters said if Cena thought he could break it, he should sit his ass down and take care of business right now. Cena removed his shirt and after some hesitation, sat in the chair set up in the middle of the ring.

The two jockeyed for position a little bit. The challenge was on and Masters whipped Cena around like a rag doll. Cena tried a break once but couldn’t get it. He faded a bit before trying to break the hold using the turnbuckles. Cena got caught in the middle of the ring and his face began to turn blue a little bit. Cena faded big time but popped back to his feet right in time to see Edge taunting him with his former belt. Edge clocked Cena with the belt leaving the former champion in a heap in the middle of the ring.

Cena was busted up yet again in the middle of the ring. And Edge left up the ramp with a big smirk on his face.

The commentators put over the WWE Championship TLC championship match later tonight as we went to commercial to end the first hour.


Michaels was in the back getting his ankle looked at by the AT and Vince McMahon walked in and said HBK pulled a rabbit out of his hat. McMahon guaranteed that HBK’s luck would eventually run out. McMahon said because HBK could stand he should go get his stuff together because he was being escorted from the building.

Ric Flair walked in and Vince said tonight history could be made if he won his 17th World Championship. Vince said he knew Flair could do it. He said the fact that Flair interrupted Edge’s celebration last week, he didn’t hold it against him. He said it was just one given night and that lighting could happen tonight. Candice walked in all of a sudden and said her match was up next. She said she was wondering if he would critique her match live move for move. Vince said he wanted to ‘talk’ with her afterwards. He held her wand while she did her little twirl for him. Vince said he felt better all ready to Flair.

Trish Stratus, Mickie James, and Ashley v. Candice Michelle, Victoria, and Torrie Wilson

Victoria whipped Trish into the corner and Trish hit hard but rolled up Victoria. Trish caught her with a flying forearm before hitting her head scissors take down. She went for her flying head scissors and also caught Candice in the hold, taking both down.

Ashley was tagged in but Mickie James jumped in the ring and went after Victoria. Trish yanked her out of the ring and the two began arguing. Victoria gathered Ashley meanwhile and nailed her with the widow’s peak and got the cover for the win.

Winners: Victoria, Candice Michelle, and Torrie Wilson

Another clip of the tables ladders and chairs matches aired to put over the main event tonight.


A video package highlighting the return of Rob Van Dam at the Royal Rumble aired.

Carlito was in the ring with a mic. Carlito said he didn’t know why everyone was so excited about the return of RVD. He wanted to remind us all of what happened to RVD last time on Raw. A clip of Raw this summer aired of Carlito putting RVD out of action even longer.

Carlito said he made sure RVD was on the disabled list even longer. He said he wouldn’t hesitate to put him right back on it if he faces him again. He said he was on a roll. Carlito said he came very close to winning the WWE title at New Year’s Revolution. He said he’d win the Rumble match and headline Wrestlemania 22. He said he was better than ever and that no one could toss him over the top rope. He said that was cool. Kane’s pyro hit and he came down to the ring.

Carlito went right after Kane but got caught by the throat. He threw some fingers to Kane’s eyes but got caught with a big boot to the face. Kane shoved the apple into Carlito’s mouth and tossed him over the ropes to the floor. He set his pyro off and walked back up the ramp.

McMahon was in the back and a cameraman came in and said there was a woman who wanted to see him. Vince told him to give him a few minutes.


McMahon was waiting for the woman and took off his jacked and his tie. He unbuttoned his shirt and took off his watch. McMahon said he wanted to feel Candice’s presence and dropped his pants.

Mama came in and told him to drop it like it’s hot. She said she wasn’t expecting all this. Shelton walked in a little perplexed. Vince asked her what was up. She asked him why Shelton wasn’t on the card tonight. Shelton asked who it’d be and Mama said it wouldn’t matter because he’d whoop his ass. She shooed him off. Mama said that anytime Vince was ready and he wanted some brown sugar, he better look her up. Vince was left looking violated.

The commentators put over the upcoming Royal Rumble card.

The commentators put over the TLC matches and showed a clip of the TLC match from Smackdown in 2001 with Benoit and Matt Hardy.


Shelton Benjamin w/ Mama v. Big Show

As Show came to the ring, the looks on Mama and Shelton’s faces were priceless. Shelton told Mama to give him a piece of her mind. She backed up telling Shelton he was going to whoop his ass. Show held the ropes for Mama to escort her to the outside. Mama told Shelton to do the best he could.

Shelton punched away at Show but got hammered to the mat. Shelton came flying off the ropes but got caught in a big side walk slam. He went to choke slam Benjamin but his hand was still effected. Shelton kicked the hand before slamming it off the ring post. Shelton went for his flying lariat but almost got caught in the choke slam, but hit Show’s hand and got out of it.

Show hit a fall away slam that sent Shelton to the outside. Show picked up Benjamin and tossed him back into the ring over the top rope. Triple H appeared after nowhere but Big Show caught him and the two fought to the back. This caused Show to be counted out and therefore gave the match to Shelton.

Winner: Shelton Benjamin via count out

Shelton and Mama danced to celebrate after the match.

Another TLC clip showed, this time from TLC IV featuring the Van Terminator to Kane.

The commentators put over the TLC WWE Championship match once again, and it’s next!


A clip of Stacey Kiebler aired from “Dancing With the Stars”.

Flair’s daughter Ashley was in attendance.

WWE Championship--Tables, Ladders, and Chairs
Edge v. Ric Flair

The two locked up and Edge rushed Flair to the corner. Flair chopped away at Edge’s chest before lighting him up with some punches. Edge stormed out of the corner and landed some punches and dropped an elbow on Flair. Edge brought a ladder and a chair into the ring.

Edge flattened Flair with the ladder and put Flair in it and slammed it down on Flair’s body. Edge took the chair and slammed it on the ladder, sandwiching Flair inside. Edge stomped Flair out of the ring but Flair came firing back with two monster chops. He chopped Edge a third time and sent the Champion into the stands. The two fought in the crowd for a bit before Edge back dropped Flair back into the ringside area. Edge suplexed Flair on the floor before gathering a table and setting a chair on top of it.

Edge placed Flair on the table and rammed his head onto the chair. He grabbed a second chair and went to hit Flair with it but Flair grabbed him by the junk. He tossed Edge off the guardrail and into the crowd but Lita jumped him. Edge came back with a chair shot that busted Flair open.

Edge pummeled the bloody Flair onto the table and set up a ladder In the ring. Lita held Flair down while Edge climbed the ladder. Edge came flying off the top and squashed Flair through the table. Ashley cheered her father to get up as we went to commercial.


We came back and Flair was in the ring gushing blood and Edge was on the outside.

Once Edge was back in the ring Flair hit a low blow on Edge and stuck his legs in the ladder and slammed it down. Flair went and got a chair from ringside and slammed it down on the ladder directly onto Edge’s legs. Flair propped Edge up on his feet and plastered Edge with the chair. He dropped the ladder Edge’s body and went back to work with the chair. He put it back on Edge’s knee and slammed the chair down again on the ladder.

Flair set up the ladder below the belt and began to scale it. He noticed Edge moving around and set up the ladder in the corner before laying out the champion with another massive chop. Flair scaled the rope and then the ladder. Edge scaled as well and the two fought at the top. Edge super-plexed Flair off the top and the two were laid out on the mat.

Edge dropped an elbow on Flair’s leg before scaling the ladder again. Flair worked his way to his feet and Edge missed the missile drop kick by just a little bit. Edge crawled over to a steel chair and picked it up. Edge pasted Flair with the chair again, which sent the challenger reeling to the outside. Edge set up the ladder underneath the belt and began to climb. Flair regained his bearings and tipped the ladder backwards and Edge went flying through a table at ringside.

Flair set up the ladder underneath the belt and began to scale the ladder. Flair reached for the belt but Lita came running into the ring again. She laid out Flair with a huge lariat but Flair easily fought back and clamped on the figure four. Flair rolled around on the mat a little more eyeing the WWE Championship belt. Flair began to climb the ladder slowly again. The crowd was going bananas at this point but Edge had collected himself again. Edge hammered away at Flair and knocked him off the top of the ladder. Edge grabbed the WWE Championship belt down from the chord for the victory.

Winner and STILL WWE Champion: Edge

Flair staggered to his feet and was laid out by an Edge spear. Edge got two steel chairs from the ringside area and laid Flair’s head down on it. He got the other chair and just as he was about to hit Flair, Cena came running in and attacked the champion. He chased after Lita before nailing Edge again and sending him fleeing up the ramp.

Edge and Lita looked on as Cena stood in the ring with the chair in his hands above Ric Flair as the show went off the air.


The Good-- Whew. What a match. Now yes it was a complete spot-fest but Ric Flair put on in my mind, the gutsiest performance of his career thus far more than holding his own in the match. The spots were perfectly done and the drama was excellent. For once second I thought Flair might have a chance. The run in was perfect and Cena got just the reaction he should be getting. Outstanding match and a great way to advance their angle. Edge was dead on tonight. The exact opposite of last week.

The Angle-HBK match was very good yet again and they told a great story with the two obviously learning each other’s tricks over time. The ending was awkward and I’m admittedly a little torn. First the Smackdown champion shouldn’t lose the match, but again, if WWE is making Angle a babyface, then they needed to do it this way. Either way, the match was an excellent way to start off the show.

I also thought that Edge’s segment was good although he still was a little awkward. That’s what we should have gotten last week instead.

The Cena Master lock segment was perhaps one of the most well done Master lock segments yet. The jockeying for position worked well and the Edge run in was ideal. Again, more of what we should have gotten last week.

And it’s official, I’m a Mama mark.

The Bad-- The second hour seemed to be a lot of filler segments. It awkwardly stumbled from video shot to video shot and cooled everyone off a little too much after an incredibly hot first hour.

The Ugly-- For the first time in ages, I can’t say one thing was overly bad the whole night.

Overall A- -- Minus a few dead spots in the second hour, this was everything Raw should be week in and week out. Edge totally regained credibility as a champion and maybe has helped partially erase the memory of last week’s debacle. WWE for once, capitalized on major ratings in the right way, centering this whole show on the two stellar television matches we got tonight.

The comedy segments were done well and all the current story lines were well advanced. Cena is beginning to gain steam again and Edge is getting killer heat. Bravo.

Who’s Hot, Who’s Not?

Biggest Pops
1. Ric Flair
2. John Cena
3. Kurt Angle
4. Shawn Michaels

Most Heat
1. Edge
2. Vince McMahon
3. Carlito
4. Daivari

Match of the Night: WWE Championship TLC Edge v. Ric Flair ***3/4

Power Rankings:

WWE Champion: Edge (Last Week: WWE Champion)—Edge really saved his reign tonight. His opening promo, while a little forced was good enough and set the stage for his reign. Exactly what we should have had last week. Then he did a good quick run in during the Master Lock segment. Again, good early story line progression. Then the TLC match was awesome on so many levels. Great, GREAT save.

Intercontinental Champion: Ric Flair (Last Week: IC Champion)—While Flair ain’t really helping the belt around his waist, he put on one hell of a performance tonight. I’ve learned my lesson too many times now to repeat it again: Don’t doubt Ric Flair. The single gutsiest performance I’ve seen in his career.

1.John Cena (Last Week: 2)—Cena is on the mend. He got a good enough reaction tonight and the angle at the end was ideal for him to gain a little crowd support back. He did a good job of working the master lock as well. Again though, the primary goal was met tonight and that was to get the man a little crowd support back.

2. Triple H (Last Week: 1)—It was a quiet night for the Game for sure. I am glad however, that they’re continuing this Big Show deal a little more. It gives us a reason to put both guys on the air a little more.

3.Chris Masters (Last Week: 3)—Masters is looking more and more comfortable on the mic each week and that’s for sure a good thing. The master lock was protected well tonight and he gained a little heat. The Carlito thing remains unresolved, but maybe taking a possible slow burn with this feud is a good thing. No need to bet the farm so early.

4.Shawn Michaels (Last Week: 4)—Michaels performed very well tonight and even though I’m not thrilled with his win, it was really a catch 22 situation. He put on another excellent match and the Vince thing progressed a little bit more.

5. Kane (Last Week: 6)—Kane jumps up a little this week merely because of the way they’re painting him heading into the Rumble. To buy him as a legitimate contender again though, they need to build him up with some wins again. This weekly squash thing ain’t doing the trick thus far.

6.Carlito(Last Week: 5)—Carlito slips a bit this week but it’s nothing to really worry about. The Masters thing has taken a slow burn approach and they’re more concentrated on making Carlito look decent for the Rumble. Good play.

7. Shelton Benjamin (Last Week: 8)—Shelton’s Mama is the best thing to happen to him thus far. It gives him some entertainment value. The win over the Big Show was well done, protecting both. It’s looking to me again like Shelton is going to be a legitimate contender for the Intercontinental Championship again. Mama line of the night: “Now Shelton try your best”.

8. Big Show (Last Week: NR)—In my bitterness, I omitted ‘Show from the rankings for whatever reason last week. My bad. Show advances his story with Triple H a bit but comes up short because of it. He stays here for me.

9.Chavo Guererro (Last Week: 9)—No TV appearance tonight. No change.

10.Val Venis (Last Week: 10)—No TV appearance tonight. No Change.

Dropping Out: Kurt Angle (Last Week: 7)—Won World Heavyweight Championship and moved to Smackdown.

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