RAW Results - 1/23/06 - Charlotte, NC (Mystery Tag Match, Rumble)

Reported by Hunter Golden of WrestleView.com
On Tuesday, January 24, 2006 at 12:09 AM EST

January 23, 2006
Charlotte, NC
Commentators: Jonathon Coachman, Joey Styles & Jerry “The King” Lawler
Reported By: Hunter Golden of WrestleView.com

The show opened up with a movie-trailer like video package hyping the first two weeks of his WWE Championship reign.

Edge’s music hit the arena and Edge walked out onto the ramp and down to the ring.

Lita went to talk but choked a bit before talking again. She introduced Edge to all of us before he took the mic. He said the feature attraction would come at Wrestlemania when he successfully defended his title. He said he wouldn’t be a transitional champ like Mick Foley or the Iron Sheik. He said he wouldn’t lose the belt 16 times like Ric Flair nor would he become a walking joke like Flair had become. Then again he said, Flair isn’t walking. He said right now Flair could barely move after what he did to him last week.

He said he was proud to say Flair wouldn’t be here tonight. He said not only would Flair be here, but that he wouldn’t ever receive another world title match again. He said Flair was defeated last week so he had to go to the back of the line. He said Flair shouldn’t worry though because he’d have some company at the back of the line. He said that someone would be John Cena.

He said after Cena lost at the Rumble this weekend, that his career would go straight into the toilet. He said the fans would have to find another person who was overrated and untalented to jump on. He said after that was all said and done, he and Lita would go back to his house and have a celebration befitting of the rated R superstar.

John Cena’s music hit and Cena came out to the ramp.

Cena said he loved the trailer and that it told a classic story of boy meets ho. He said she wasn’t any ordinary ho, she was a magical, red headed ho. He said she changed his life. He said he won everything he could and wanted to make his ho happy so he took her on vacation to Lake TaHO. He said he gave her tater tots from IdaHO. He traced her bloodlines back and we found out she a NavaJO. He aid they had everything and had a live sex celebration in the middle of the ring, which was more disgusting then Mae Young and Boogeyman.

He said the ending was unpredictable though. He said the boy went to Miami and the Royal Rumble. He said the world was watching but he fell short, taking the worst ass kicking of his entire life. He said the ending was really sad.

He said the boy would really lose everything. He said he’d lose the WWE title, his main event spot, and even lost his ho. He said she’d go off an fall in love with Hacksaw Jim Duggan and Cena have a giant HOOOOOOO. He said in one day the boy went from Rated R to G, like gone which was the WWE title. G for ghonnerea which was given to him as a little present from the ho.

Lita got on the mic. She said she didn’t know who the ho was that he was referring to. She said she did know was that Cena and Edge would have to find partners tonight. She said if he was having trouble trying to find someone to play with, he’d have to just go and play with himself. Cena said it was good to see something with substance coming OUT of her mouth. Cena said tonight the people would get a preview of the Rumble. He said nothing Edge could do will change the fact that although he’s standing next to a bitch, he’d be made Cena’s bitch at the Royal Rumble.

Up next is Carlito v. Kane!


A video aired recapping the highlights of this week’s “Dancing the Stars” episode with Stacy Kiebler.

Kane v. Carlito

Kane came right at Carlito but he ducked under and connected with some rights and rushed Kane to the corner. He mounted the ropes and continued to wail away before being tossed off. Kane smashed Carlito’s head into the buckles and then hit an upper cut and some knees before choking the youngster against the ropes.

Kane whipped Carlito to the buckles but got caught coming in. Carlito scaled the ropes quickly and hit a missile drop kick but only got a one count on the cover attempt. He stomped away at Kane before having a whip attempt reversed but Carlito landed a kick coupled with some punches and a swinging neck-breaker. Carlito continued to stomp away before he got planted with another uppercut.

Kane punched Carlito to the corner but again got caught. Carlito went for a tornado DDT but got tossed aside by Kane. Kane hit a power slam and two clotheslines before getting planted with a kick on the back body drop attempt. The blow didn’t phase Kane however as he landed a big boot and a leg drop. Kane got a two count on the cover before planting Carlito with a side walk slam.

Kane scaled the ropes and came flying off with his flying lariat. Kane went for the choke slam, but Carlito weaseled out of it and connected with the lung blower. Carlito got a near fall before planting Kane with a DDT. Carlito went for the cover again, but was literally picked up and bullied to the corner. Kane got caught again coming in but snagged Carlito in the choke slam. Carlito fought out however and scooted under the bottom rope.

Carlito grabbed a chair and came into the ring. He missed the initial shot but came rebounding off the ropes and connected, earning a DQ.

Winner: Kane via DQ

After the match Kane sat up and scared off Carlito

Lita was in the back with Edge. Edge said he was looking for a partner. He said he had someone but he knew he could get the job done. He said he’d need a little ‘persuasion’. He sent Lita to go do the things she does and it would be nothing a little soap and water couldn’t clean up. Lita walked into the Big Show’s locker room and closed the door.

Edge listened in as the segment ended.


A few of the Carolina Panthers were on hand for the show.

Big Show was in the back being rubbed down by Lita. She asked what Big Show felt about being Edge’s partner. He said he wasn’t sure yet and Lita said she’d persuade him some more and began to take off her clothes. Edge walked in smiling. He asked Show if he liked Lita. He said she’d finish off what she started after he finished off John Cena later tonight with him.

Big Show stood up and thought about it. He said ‘hell no’. He said Edge was lucky he wasn’t beating his ass right now. He said the only reason he wasn’t was because he wanted to win the Royal Rumble and win the WWE Championship like a man. He said if Edge got lucky, he’d face him at Wrestlemania. He said there was an old saying that held true for Lita. He said “pants up, ho’s down”. Edge was frustrated.

Trish Stratus was in the back stretching when Mickie James walked in. She asked Trish why she was teaming with Ashley instead of her. Mickie was distraught and put over her idolizing her. She began to cry. Trish said if it meant that much to her but was cut off and said it was fine if Trish wanted to do what she had to do. She all of a sudden left leaving Trish very confused.

The commentators put over the rest of tonight’s card. Trish & Ashley v. Candice Michelle & Victoria is next!


Coach said there was a big announcement regarding the Royal Rumble and that he’d make it right now.

He said as always he had the scoop and was on top of it. He said there was one final spot in the Rumble. He introduced us to the final entrant in the Royal Rumble, himself. Lawler told him to hold the phone. He asked him who gave him the authority to be in the Royal Rumble. Lawler said he needed to have a qualifying match to be in the Royal Rumble. The fans agreed and Lawler said the Rumble needed a little Royalty and nominated himself to be in the Rumble.

Lawler said he had an idea. He said he and Coach should have a qualifying match tonight to see who got the final spot. Coach refused and Lawler called him yellow. Coach accepted his challenge.

Victoria & Candice Michelle v. Trish Stratus & Ashley

Ashley and Victoria tied up in the middle of the ring. Ashley caught a back elbow and a spring board double axe handle to floor Victoria. Ashley rolled Victoria up but only got a two count.

Trish was tagged in and the two delivered a double elbow. Victoria countered an Irish whip and scaled the buckles but was taken down with the top rope head scissors. Trish hit a leg drop and almost got the pin fall. Ashley tagged in and connected with some punches before she went for another springboard move, but Candice knocked her off the ropes.

Candice tagged in and did a cartwheel into a body splash double team move with Victoria that got a two count. Candice whipped Ashley into the corner and landed some big knees to the face before taking her down with a snap mare. Candice hit a knee to the gut before tagging in Victoria who missed a springboard leg drop. Trish was tagged in and connected with some chops and a drop kick.

Candice ran in but was taken down with the head scissors before connecting with a big spine buster on Victoria. She tossed the oncoming Mickie James out of the ring and followed her with a Thesz press off the apron. Ashley was tagged in and hit a flying body press to score the pin fall on Victoria.

Winner: Ashley & Trish via pin fall

After the match Mickie James attacked Ashley. Trish tried to restrain her but was tossed aside. Mickie continued the attack on Ashley until she was separated.

Mama was in the back cleaning up after the wrestlers. Shelton admonished her but she said Wrestlers needed to be clean. She asked him what was the matter and Shelton said when he got to the building today, HBK called him a Mama’s boy. He said just because his Mama wanted to accompany him to the ring every night didn’t make him a Mama’s boy. She said it was just sticks and stones and that he’d whoop HBK’s butt later tonight.


Shelton Benjamin v. Shawn Michaels

After ring introductions, Mr. McMahon came out to the stage and announced that if Michaels didn’t win tonight, he’d lose his spot in the Royal Rumble.

The two tussled around a little bit before Shelton springboarded off the top rope, but Michaels extended his boot to knock him to the canvas. Shelton quickly recovered and caught Michaels's boot and then gave him a roundhouse kick to the head. Shelton celebrated. A moment later, Michaels charged Shelton in the corner, but Shelton moved and Michaels went shoulder-first into the ring post. The two exchanged blows for a bit in the corner before Michaels found himself perched on the top rope. Shelton plastered him with a kick to the head, knocking HBK to the floor.


Shelton fought out of some HBK chops to hit a swinging neck breaker. Both men struggled to their feet and they traded some blows. Michaels gained the upper hand with a flying forearm. He nipped up and hit an inverted atomic drop and a pair of clotheslines. HBK hit his body slam before scaling the ropes while keeping an eye on Mama. Shelton leaped to the top out of nowhere and hit a super plex but only got a two count on the cover attempt.

Benjamin whipped him in and hit his big splash. Benjamin went for his T bone suplex but HBK fought out. Shelton ducked under an elbow and hit a neck breaker over his knees and a two count on the cover attempt. The two came off the ropes at each other and Shelton hit his spin kick and again, barely missed the pin.

Shelton came flying off the ropes, but HBK ducked under and hit a clothesline. He scaled the ropes quickly and hit his flying elbow. Michaels rose to his feet and tuned up the band.

Mama jumped up on the apron however distracting HBK. Shelton caught the roll up but the ref was still distracted by Mama. HBK reversed the roll up and held the tights to gain the pin fall victory.

Winner: Shawn Michaels

After the match Shelton was crying to his mother.

Lita and Edge were in the back talking to someone in hopes of making him his partner. The man he was soliciting was Triple H. Triple H told Edge he’d think about it.


Mickie James v. Ashley was announced for the Royal Rumble with Trish Stratus as a Guest referee.

Shawn Michaels was in the back cleaning up after his match. Mr. McMahon walked in and asked him when his luck would run out. HBK asked him why he was on him so much. He said McMahon had gone completely psycho on him. He told McMahon to do whatever it was that made McMahon happy. McMahon agreed.

He said what would make him happy was spending some of the money he had accumulated over the years. He said he had more money then god. He said he intended on spending it on himself and having a good time. He said he also resolved he’d turn the business back some 30 years to when he epitomized the time when he was the centerpiece of the business. He said he’d start tonight. He said he felt that he had a right to do that. He said he could do whatever he wanted to do. He said he’d go back to not giving a damn about anyone or anything. He said life only happens once. He asked Shawn if he wanted to join him in a little history and delve into some decadence.

He said he had played the role of loving father and husband too long. He said Shawn’s heart would betray him. He asked him if he wanted to walk on the wild side. He wanted to know what happened to that brash, pill popping Shawn Michaels. He said that was the guy who could join him in going back to where they belonged. Shawn looked at him and said no, that he’d never do that. McMahon said his luck had run out. He said at the Royal Rumble he’d guarantee it.


Royal Rumble Qualifying Match
Coach v. Jerry the King Lawler

Coach clamped on a headlock but was taken down. The two locked up again and Coach backed King into the corner. He whipped King into the corner but missed the follow up and was crotched on the second turn buckle. The two exchanged blows before coach landed a kick but King reversed a suplex.

All of a sudden the spirit squad blew out on to the entrance ramp and did a cheerleader routine.

Meanwhile back in the ring King and Coach were still going at it. Spirit Squad were doing a Coach cheer on the outside. They were getting zero reaction.

King mounted the top rope but the spirit squad sounded an air horn and King got rolled up and pinned.

Winner: The Coach

The Spirit Squad came into the ring and did another cheer for Coach.


Coach and King were arguing at the announce table.

Over The Top Second Chance Rumble Qualifying Match
Gregory Helms v. Lance Cade v. Rob Conway v. Big Show

All three men attacked Show trying to toss him over the top rope. Helms held Show while Conway tried to knock him over the ropes. Big Show tossed Helms back in the ring and also hit a fall-away slam on Conway. Show kicked Cade over the top and sent Conway over in quick succession. Helms came bounding off the top rope but was caught by Show and promptly tossed over the top rope.

Winner: Big Show

Triple H’s music hit the arena and he came out to the ramp. Triple H told ‘jumbo’ to calm down. He said it looked like his hand was healing nicely. He said he hated to disappoint him, but he wouldn’t win the Royal Rumble. Triple H said that honor was reserved for him. He said last and not least, but he hated to disappoint Edge, but he wasn’t going to be his partner tonight. He said quite frankly he was done taking charity cases.

He said he got rid of the last charity case two months ago. He said he was sick of people leeching off him and making stars. He said it was all about him now. He said he’d win the Rumble and win the WWE Championship. He said whoever holds that title would step into the ring against the measuring stick of the industry, him. He said at Wrestlemania, the king of kings would go back on his throne.

Edge and Lita were in the back. Edge said he wasn’t satisfied with his prospective partners. Lita said she knew how to make him satisfied. He wasn’t on the same page with her. A knock on the door and said he was flabbergasted that he hadn’t thought of this person earlier.

The main event is next!


Edge & Chris Masters v. John Cena & Ric Flair

Masters and Cena started the match off. The two locked up and Masters backed Cena into the corner but had it reversed and Cena connected with some punches. Cena whipped Masters to the buckle and hit a nice vertical suplex. He clamped on a side headlock and tagged in Flair.

Masters back Flair into the corner and landed some vicious rights. Flair fought back with some big chops. Masters rolled to the outside and was followed. After another chop, he was tossed back into the ring. He went at Edge and Masters caught him in a guerilla press slam.

Edge worked over Flair on the floor before Masters came out and worked over Flair’s back on the ring apron. He gathered Flair on the apron and suplexed him back into the ring. He went for a cover but Flair kicked out at two.

Edge tagged in and stomped away at Flair. Flair fought back with some chops but got caught on the business end of some Edge right hands. Masters tagged back in and hit a power slam. Masters clamped on a bear hug and squeezed away. Flair fought out but again, Masters countered with a military slam.

Edge tagged in and missed a clothesline off the top rope. Flair staggered to his feet but flopped to the canvas. Flair inched towards Cena in the corner and got it. Masters was tagged in as well.

Cena hit two shoulder blocks and a back body drop. He tossed Edge into the ring and hit a flying shoulder block. He hit his inverted suplex before trying to FU Edge who was saved by Lita.

Masters clamped on the master lock but Flair clipped his leg. Cena connected with the FU and then slapped on the STFU for the tap out victory.

Winners: Ric Flair and John Cena via pin fall

Cena and Flair celebrated In the ring as Edge taunted him on the ramp.


The Good-- The opening segment was very good. It’s nice to see Edge coming into his own on the mic and Cena came off as being genuinely funny and ‘edgy’ for the first time in a long time. I like chasing Cena a hell of a lot better than Champion Cena.

The Shelton-HBK match was also another decent segment. Vince-HBK while moving very, very slowly, took more of an interesting turn tonight.

Mickie James-Trish has a great slow burn to it and is keeping the feud fresh and interesting.

The Bad-- For as big as the Rumble usually is, this year’s edition has received very little build up. The Rumble match doesn’t seem to have the importance it once did or at least for this year. Triple H imposed himself and interacted a little with Edge tonight, which is interesting.

The Ugly-- The WWE talent pool is so low that we have to resort to sticking Coach in the Rumble match. I’m a little disappointed to say the least. However, it DOES lead to Cena potentially taking his place if he so chooses. Keep an eye on that.

Ah and did anyone catch the reaction to the Spirit Squad.. or lack thereof? It’s an awful gimmick for sure, but like the Boogeyman, I’m going to give it a chance. Not a great debut tonight. The entire segment was a mess.

Overall- B-- This was a decent show. I’ve seen better but I liked how everything built towards the main event all night and it was a good blow off to end the show. It had two decent mid card matches to boot. Everything is moving along pretty well on Raw all of a sudden.

After fearing for the man’s career a few weeks ago, it looks like Edge has really turned things around. His third week as champion was absolutely awesome. Good promo and great heel work in the end. I loved the fact that he and Cena had limited physical contact as well. Cena got the win tonight, which means Edge will likely retain Sunday night.

Quick Results

Kane def. Carlito
Ashley & Trish Stratus def. Victoria & Candice Michelle
Shawn Michaels def. Shelton Benjamin
Coach def. Jerry Lawler
Big Show def. Lance Cade, Rob Conway, & Gregory Helms
John Cena & Ric Flair def. Edge & Chris Masters

Who’s Hot, Who’s Not

Biggest Pops
1. Ric Flair
2. John Cena
3. Shawn Michaels
4. Big Show

Most Heat
1. Edge
2. Carlito
3. Chris Masters
4. Triple H

Match of the Night: Shawn Michaels v. Shelton Benjamin **1/2

Power Rankings:

WWE Champion: Edge (Last Week: WWE Champion)—Edge was awesome tonight. He reminds me of Triple H in 2000 mixed in with the good stuff from Jericho in early 2002. He plays a semi-chicken heel, which is an interesting angle to go at. A strong promo tonight and some good heel work in the main event made it a good week for the champion.

Intercontinental Champion: Ric Flair (Last Week: IC Champion)—Flair got another huge reaction tonight, but he needs some direction. I was hoping the Masters interaction would lead to something as I think Flair would be a good pairing for Masters. Notice they spent a lot of time in the ring together. Could be some foreshadowing there.

1.John Cena (Last Week: 1)—Cena’s slowly recovering his heat and WWE are making all the right moves with him right now. He’s regained a bit of an edge that he lost over the course of his reign and pairing him in Charlotte with Ric Flair was a great way to get him some pops. It’ll be a process, but the ship has been righted.

2. Triple H (Last Week: 2)—Quiet, but effective week for Triple H. His interaction with Edge was interesting and he certainly has to be one of the favorites to win the Rumble this Sunday. He’s been the only guy on the brand who’s really put the match over, so I’m assuming he’ll be the Raw favorite.

3.Shawn Michaels (Last Week: 4)—Michaels’ thing with Vince has been burning slowly, but it was at least a little more interesting this week. I’m slowly being turned on to this feud.

4.Kane (Last Week: 5)—Kane’s looking like a strong monster heading into the Rumble. My bet is we’ll get a good staredown between him and Lashley this Sunday. He’s going good, but still lacks direction.

5. Chris Masters (Last Week: 4)—After tapping out this week, Masters falls with HBK and Kane both picking up wins. The way they handled Masters tonight was perfect though. They’re making him out to be more and more of a big deal, which helps.

6.Carlito(Last Week: 6)—Carlito stays much the same again this week although his work tonight against Kane was surprisingly good. Carlito seems to improve by the week.

7. Big Show (Last Week: 8)—Seems to be climbing ever so slowly again. A nice squash for him tonight but don’t expect anything at the Rumble.

8. Shelton Benjamin (Last Week: 8)—Jobbed to Michaels this week but looked absolutely awesome in the ring. He dips a bit this week but still looks strong.

9.Chavo Guererro (Last Week: 9)—No TV appearance tonight. No change.

10.Val Venis (Last Week: 10)—No TV appearance tonight. No Change.

Dropping Out: None

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