RAW Results - 5/29/06 - Tacoma, WA (General Manager, ECW hype)

Reported by Hunter Golden of WrestleView.com
On Tuesday, May 30, 2006 at 1:16 AM EST

May 29, 2006
Tacoma, WA
Commentators: Jim Ross and Jerry "The King" Lawler
Reported By: Hunter Golden of WrestleView.com

A video with taps at the end aired in honor of those who have fallen commemorating Memorial Day.

Vince McMahon's music hit the arena and he came down to the ring. He said he was happy to be here tonight. He said that wasn't the case a few weeks ago when he wasn't happy at all. He said nothing can be worse than having a family suffer because of something that happened to one of their own. He showed Shane getting plugged in the head by Triple H two weeks ago on the titan tron.

Vince said that Triple H said it was an accident. He said it was still an act of negligence. He said he was happy tonight because Shawn Michaels was no more. He said he was taken out by the Spirit Squad last week. He showed the beat down on the Titan Tron while giving his own commentary. Vince said it was probably a little rude, so he was going to have a quick word with HBK who he knew was home watching the show.

He said he knew HBK was going under the knife and was hurt. He said there was always a place for him in the WWE being a time keeper or being on the ring crew. He said as good as he felt about the HBK stuff, he still felt a little empty. He showed footage of Triple H beating up the Spirit Squad.

He wanted to know who Triple H thought he was. He said he would show his true colors tonight against Nicky of the Spirit Squad. Vince said he was going to announce a new general manager tonight. He said none of them lived up to his standards though, but said that he had hired a new executive assistant, Jonathan Coachman.

Coach came out and said the following matches would be taking place. He said WWE Champion John Cena would be in action. He said Cena would face someone he had never faced before. He realized that Cena was scheduled to defend the title against RVD at One Night Stand, but in four weeks time, Raw would be putting on their Vengeance pay per view. He said there would be a #1 contender's match between two former champions, Big Show v. Edge. He said the winner would face the champion at Vengeance whomever that may be. Shelton Benjamin will also defend the Intercontinental Championship on the line against Kane. On a personal note, he said he wanted to thank McMahon for his opportunity. Vince said that he wanted to see Triple H in his office immediately. Coach went off to tend to him.

Vince said he'd start tonight off with a bang, and out came Kane.

WWE Intercontinental Championship
Shelton Benjamin v. Kane

Shelton came at Kane who manhandled him from the outset. Shelton tried to keep moving but found himself caught in the mug with a big boot that sent him to the floor as we went to commercial break.


We came back to Shelton in control leaning in on a rear chin-lock. Kane began to fight back and flipped Shelton over his head. Shelton cold cocked the challenger with a kick however to cut his momentum off. Kane sat up however and planted Shelton in the kisser with a big boot. Kane followed up with his two whips, clothesline and side slam combo.

Kane mounted the top rope and hit his top rope lariat before signaling for the choke slam. Kane got Shelton up but Shelton arm dragged through into a pin combination and used his feet on the ropes but Kane still kicked out. Kane went for a power slam but Shelton again countered out nicely to save himself. He hit the stinger splash in the corner and then went to follow it up but got caught in a choke slam counter.

Just as Kane was about to make the cover the lights went out and the May 19th moniker continued. This time however, a Kane look alike came into the ring dressed in his old attire. The man was the exact same size as Kane and quickly choke slammed him and left back up the ramp.

The figure glanced over his shoulder at Kane's body, which was in a heap in the center of the ring.

No Contest


A video promo aired putting over ECW: One Night Stand.

Carlito was in the back with Coach. Coach wanted to know where Triple H was. He asked Alejandro Estrada the same question and he didn't know. He said however that he would do whatever he could to help out. Coach walked off on his search. Viscera however sneaked up on Estrada and told him he'd be looking for revenge.

Triple H came into Vince McMahon's office and they shook hands. He asked if there was a problem. He was a little upset about Big Show and Edge being #1 contenders for the title. He said the thing with Shane was an accident. He said he was going to do what he was told last week until Nikki got involved. McMahon said he'd help him out and it'd be him against Nikki with a member of the Spirit Squad in each corner. He said if any of the other "Spirit-jack offs" decided to get involved, he'd bring a friend with him.


Viscera v. Umaga
Umaga jumped Viscera from the get go and hammered him on the ramp with a flat liner. Umaga rolled the big man into the ring and mounted the ropes. The bell finally rang after he landed a big splash. Umaga nailed Viscera with a big spike and got the pin fall for the win.

Winner: Umaga

A video putting over "See No Evil" aired.

Beth Phoenix and Torrie Wilson were on their way to the ring.


Torrie Wilson & Beth Phoenix v. Candice Michelle & Victoria

Beth and Victoria locked up and ended in a stalemate. The two traded blows before Beth gained the upper hand and nailing Victoria with a sidewalk slam and a near fall. Torrie tagged in and they hit a double team slap. Torrie flattened Victoria in the corner and gave her a stink face. Victoria took exception and took Torrie down by the hair and worked her over on the mat. She hit a body slam and tagged in Candice Michelle.

Candice hit a springboard splash before hitting a "go daddy elbow' and a near fall. Candice snap marred Torrie in the corner and Tagged in Victoria who missed a springboard leg drop. Beth tagged in and planted Candice who also tagged in. She hit a clothesline and side slam. Beth hit a sit down slam and got the cover.

Winners: Torrie Wilson & Beth Phoenix

John Cena v. A mystery opponent is next!


Another Memorial Day video aired to commemorate Memorial Day.

King was on the mic putting down ECW. Rob Van Dam's music hit and he came out to the ring with his briefcase. He joined King and JR in the commentary booth. He said Tazz was tough, but had the common sense to say when it was the right time to step down. King asked him He said at One Night Stand people would see the 'real him' and like it.

MNM's music hit and out came Melina and Johnny Nitro.

John Cena v. Johnny Nitro

Cena clubbed Nitro and rammed his head into the turnbuckles. He missed the follow up however and Nitro hit a springboard drop kick much to Melina's delight. Nitro pummeled Cena in the corner and whipped him to the ropes. He followed up with a big knee before hitting a big elbow to the back. Cena came back with some punches of his own and gained the upper hand, with a huge shoulder block and two clotheslines. Cena hit his proto-plex and went for the Five knuckle shuffle and connected. He connected shortly thereafter with the FU and followed with the STFU to which Nitro promptly tapped to.

Winner: John Cena

Cena stared at RVD from the ring. Van Dam took off his headset and went into the ring. Nitro went to sneak attack the champion and Cena side stepped him and he went careening into Van Dam, sending both to the floor. Cena looked on from the ramp.


ECW Debate

Mick Foley put over how great it was to see Melina. He said he wanted to thank Heyman for coming because he leveled some heavy charges against him last week. He said he'd plead guilty to being a prostitute. He said WWE wasn't a place where men of principle took stands on things. He said he traded in low life pimps like Heyman in for billion dollar pimps like McMahon. He said he was a little perplexed about the pay per view coming up and their match.

He said he didn't think Heyman could proclaim that Funk and Dreamer were even in the same realm as he and Edge. He wished him luck with his crappy show.

Heyman said the comments would be far more biting if they were coming from someone who was a Terry Funk rip off. Foley said Funk was the greatest wrestler he ever saw. He said Tommy Dreamer was tough and had a lot of heart. Heyman made fun of the socko thing. He asked Foley how many shots he got at the title before he pulled the sock out of his pants.

Foley said they didn't have the balls to do what he did on the biggest stage. He said he wandered out of his comfort zone and became one of the biggest stars in industry history. He said he hated him not because he did the WWE thing, but that Foley had the guts to do what everyone /* didn't do. He left people drunks, criminals, etc. and Foley made something out of himself unlike everyone /*.

Heyman said he didn't resent him for what he accomplished but what he had become that he threw his legacy out of the window to become a whore. He said at One Night Stand, he'd experience first hand that Dreamer and Funk were capable of living up to the standards not only of the ECW of the past, but Edge and Foley's precedent at Wrestlemania. He wanted Foley to know that it wasn't just about the ECW of the past, it was about more than that. He said anyone who wanted to jump to ECW could come to their new permanent brand. He said he'd have two draft picks from Smackdown and Raw.

Foley said he knew he'd pick RVD because Van Dam sucked in WWE and could become a pot head again. Heyman said Van Dam would win the WWE title and christen it the new ECW world title. Foley said his Smackdown pick would embody exactly what ECW would be all about. He said he'd introduce us to him because he was here tonight. It was Kurt f'n Angle.

Angle came out and jumped Foley. Angle mounted Foley and began working him over. He hit a monster Angle slam and chased him out of the ring. He screamed at Foley that he'd rule ECW as Foley gimped up the ramp.


#1 Contender's Match
Big Show v. Edge

Big Show tried to corner Edge who quickly evaded and hit some blows to the big man's head. Show flattened Edge quickly with a punch to the head and hit his big chop in the corner. He hit another one in the corner and followed it up by stepping on Edge. Lita tried to trip up Show but he dragged her right into the ring.

Edge capitalized and hit some blows but got caught and snake eyed onto the top turnbuckle. Show tried to drag Edge into the ring by his hair but Edge grabbed his neck and dropped down laying the man out on the mat. Edge tried to follow up but was bounced back in the ring by a recuperated Big Show. Show charged Edge who sidestepped and dropped Show into the middle buckle. Edge followed up with a quick tornado DDT and lined him up for the spear. Edge charged but got caught in a choke slam attempt.

Edge grabbed the referee as he went up and tossed him aside. He grabbed a chair but Show swatted it aside. Lita low-blowed Show from behind but it didn't have much of an effect. Show went to dispose of the harlot but the referee broke it up. Edge took advantage and nailed Show in the head with a chair shot to the head and followed it with a spear. He quickly covered Show to gain the victory.

Winner: Edge

Another video putting over "See No Evil" aired.


The Smackdown rebound aired.

Triple H was in the back walking to the ring with his sledgehammer. Vince stopped him and said something had been upsetting him. Vince said he wanted to wish him the best of luck. He checked out the sledgehammer. He said that it was the same friend that should have taken out Shawn Michaels last week. He said he had so much confidence in Triple H, he didn't think he'd need his friend and walked off with the hammer in hand. Triple H glared at him.


"Spirit-Jack Match"
Triple H v. Kenny

Kenny came right at Triple H but was cut off with a big time right hand. Triple H rammed Kenny's head off the buckles and tossed him to the outside rather quickly. The Game went for Kenny but got hung up on the top rope. Kenny rammed Triple H's head off the buckles and went for an Irish whip but it was reversed and the Game turned Kenny inside out with a clothesline.

Kenny caught Triple H with a right hand but got snagged with a high knee to the face. The Game went right for a pedigree, but Mitch grabbed his leg on the outside long enough to allow Kenny to jump him from behind. Triple H went to the outside and sent Mitch clattering into the ring steps and dodged a Nikki springboard clothesline attempt, sending the youngster crashing into the guardrail.


Triple H was in total control. He flattened Kenny with a punch to the face before his buddies assisted Kenny out under the ropes. The Game came after them, but Mitch popped up and plastered the game with a forearm to the head. The Spirit Squad pummeled Triple H on the outside before tossing him back into the ring.

Kenny went for the cover in the ring but only got a two count. He continued the assault, hitting a flying clothesline and another near fall. Kenny stomped on the Game and distracted the referee while Mitch choked the Game on the ropes. Kenny went for a spear in the corner, but Triple H ducked out of the way and Kenny went careening into the ring post.

The Squad tended to Kenny and distracted the referee while Johnny nailed Triple H with a wheel kick. Kenny scrambled forward quickly and went for the cover but couldn't get the three count. He tossed Triple H to the outside where he was pummeled some more while Kenny distracted the official again.

Kenny fed off the crowd heat and tuned up the band but missed a super kick and Triple H countered into a vicious DDT. The two exchanged blows with Triple H gaining the upper hand. Kenny reversed a whip but missed the follow up. The Squad grabbed Triple H and crotched him onto the ring post. Kenny went for the cover again but again only got a two count.

Kenny went to work on the leg and then distracted the referee while Mitch planted Triple H's knee on the ring apron. Kenny went for the cover and again got a two count. Kenny ripped off Triple H's kneepad and drove it into the mat. He continued to work over the leg, stomping and then dropping an elbow.

The Squad distracted the referee again as Kenny went to the top rope, but Triple H shoved him off and crotched him off on the buckle. Triple H landed two kicks to the gut and came at Kenny and dropped his face on his knee. The Game followed up with a huge clothesline and then pounded away on the youngster in the corner. Triple H went for the follow up but got caught with a boot. Kenny came running out but Triple H planted him with a huge spine buster.

The Squad jumped in the ring but Triple H took care of each of them. Kenny ran at the Game but got nailed in the gut with a kick and then got pedigreed out of his skull. Triple H covered him for the win.

Winner: Triple H via pin fall

The Squad dove in the ring immediately after the match and they worked over Triple H. They held the Game and pounded away at him. They bounced his head off the announce table five times, one for each member of the Spirit Squad. Triple H crawled under the ring apron but there was no hammer. The Squad made fun of him but Triple H crawled over to the time keepers table and found one. He stood up and the Squad was shocked. He chased each one off and celebrated in the ring.

Vince McMahon came out and congratulated him on meeting the challenge this week. He said next week he had another challenge for him. He said next week he would challenge him to join the Vince McMahon 'Kiss my Ass Club". Triple H looked on in disgust.


The Good-- This was a pretty 'meh' show although there were some good spots. The introduction for ECW was a little camouflaged but with the announcement that Kurt Angle would be their first 'draft pick' my interest is peaked.

Edge is now #1 contender but for whatever reason still seems to be floating around aimlessly. Say what you want about WWE Champion John Cena, but he generates a ton of heat both ways, but for some reason, turns everyone he faces heel. RVD was certainly getting more boos than cheers tonight.

Good god Triple H is over with the crowd now and seems to be looking like the company ace he never really was all these years. The program, while nothing very new, is the HBK feud the way it should have been done with things done in solid order. Speaking of this feud, I've grown to adore the Spirit Squad. They have that high school-popular kid-jerk face aura that is totally appropriate for their gimmick. Again, they're not tough one on one, but as a group they're lethal. Good booking and it's nice to see a stable developing in the WWE. Now I think it'd be appropriate for them to begin forging their own personalities within the faction.

The Bad-- I'm not going to totally smash the Kane-Kane feud yet, and I'll give it a chance, but I'm skeptical. By the way, where's Chris Masters? Carlito in action?

The Ugly-- Jobbing out Johnny Nitro in his first night on Raw wasn't the smartest move. He's got the look and for sure has the manager to be a major player in the mid card. Getting squashed by the champion, although believable, isn't good in making Nitro look like somewhat of a 'force' (for lack of better word).

Overall C-- This was far from a bad Raw and it did what it essentially had to do but could have done far more. The Triple H-McMahon feud is brewing and thus far is coming along nicely. Cena-RVD is different and both will have a lot to prove at One Night Stand. I felt like a lot of stuff was touched on briefly but never really given the time needed if that makes any sense. Maybe I just don't know what rubbed me the wrong way, all I know is this was either A.) flat or B.) rushed.

West Coast fans obviously don't give a rats you know what about ECW. That's not a knock on them nor is it a knock on WWE either as much as it's just an indication of what things are right now. The Heyman-Foley promos have been outstanding. Put these in any arena east of Chicago, and you'd be getting a significantly different reaction.

And I find it pretty wild that a bunch of guys who could be getting used are kind of sitting off on the sidelines with no direction or even an indication of direction. Waste of talent if you ask me. Chris Masters didn't get so much as a camera shot tonight. Snitsky and Goldust, while not exactly Bret Harts, are getting good reactions. Charlie Haas, while being a black hole of charisma, can go. Carlito even seems to be doing very little. A few weeks ago I was very impressed with how WWE seemed to be getting everyone into the fold with regards to how they were using their roster. Now, it seems we're back to square one again, or at least over the last two weeks.

Again, we're in that 'in between' phase between the ECW stuff and the Vengeance pay per view build up. I'm waiting to see what happens, but I think it's worth pointing out.

P.S-Interesting sidebar for my great readers. When I ran spell check tonight I couldn't help but get a kick out of the fact that every time "Lita" comes up, the computer's first re-spelling of the word is "litter". That got a chuckle out of me.

Quick Results

Shelton Benjamin v. Kane went to a No Contest
Torrie & Beth def. Candice & Victoria
John Cena def. Johnny Nitro
Edge def. The Big Show
Triple H def. Kenny

Who's Hot, Who's Not?

Biggest pops
1. Triple H
2. Kurt Angle
3. John Cena
4. Kane

Most Heat
1. Edge
2. The Spirit Squad
3. Mr. McMahon
4. Mick Foley

Match of the night: Triple H v. Kenny *3/4

Power Rankings

WWE Champion: John Cena (Last Week: WWE Champion)-As I said already Cena is a heat magnet. Although he may be getting some jeers from the crowd, he also seems to oddly turn whomever he's facing into a heel these days which isn't a bad thing either. Run of the mill Cena tonight, but again, he's got something to prove at the One Night Stand pay per view and it'll be the best platform to be able to do it on.

Intercontinental Champion: Shelton Benjamin (Last Week: Intercontinental Champion)-It's a shame that Benjamin's character in the ring doesn't come off better in promos. Folks laud his ring work and technically it's pretty good. However it's the facial expressions and the other things he does that make his character good. It's just a shame it doesn't do better in a promo/segment setting.

1. Triple H (Last Week: 1)-Triple H is what I call "Bat-sh!t" over. The fans were eating up everything and anything he did tonight. He doesn't have to behave like a baby face to be one. This McMahon feud is burning slowly and will culminate nicely at Vengeance, where I'm pretty sure this is all heading.

2. Edge (Last Week: 2)-His match v. Big Show was pretty flat tonight but it does put him in position to challenge for the title, which I think, at this point in time, is a few months over due to be around his waist. He needs a good, long, heel run with that belt. Makes me wonder though, what's going on in WWE management's heads if Cena somehow wins at ECW: One Night Stand. The building will burn down.

3. Rob Van Dam (Last Week: 5)-RVD seems to be taking on more of that tweener role that he was always so good at and I'm mystified as to why WWE didn't just go with that earlier as I think it'd have made him more appealing even dramatically speaking in the WWE setting. Who knows. Who cares. It's back and that's a good thing. Van Dam and Cena have a ton to prove in their match at One Night Stand. Van Dam needs to prove he can still go. Cena needs to prove to smarks that he doesn't suck. Should be interesting.

4. Kane (Last Week: 5)-This whole facing himself thing I'm skeptical about. Very skeptical. However, it's only fair to give it a chance. I think he's got the goods to rebuild his career and this angle, more than any other one he's had to this point, is really make or break for Kane. It flops, so does Kane.

5. Umaga (Last Week: 6)-He doesn't have a 'quality win', but he doesn't have any losses and with the amount of guys we DIDN'T see tonight and the ones we did see losing, he cracks the top five for the first time. Umaga has the capability to be a good monster, but they need to tone down his "out of the bushes" savage thing way down to make it more believable and useable, IMO. Time will tell.

6. Shawn Michaels (Last Week: 4)-Michaels is up on the shelf right now, so he takes the largest plunge this week.

7. Carlito (Last Week: 7)-Didn't do much this week and hasn't done much in week's past, which I suppose just plops him right in the same place. I'm shocked they're doing so little with him right now. We are getting closer to Vengeance though, so I'll probably be hanging the phone up on this soon.

8. The Big Show (Last Week: 9)-Despite the loss, Show moves up one spot. Masters has jobbed consistently over the past four or five weeks and WWE has show little to no interest in doing anything with him for the time being. Show looked great tonight but again, why the hell are they doing NOTHING with this guy? Masters' schedule isn't exactly 'free' these days. why not put these two together?

9.Mick Foley (Last Week: 10)-It's a shame the Heyman-Foley promos haven't garnered more of a reaction from the crowd. The ECW thing, really IS an East Coast thing and it couldn't be more blatantly obvious that West Coast fans just don't feel the vibe. If this was done in Philly, or anywhere east of Chicago, fans would be going ballistic. They've done some great stuff.

10. Chris Masters (Last Week: 8)-Masters is just completely floundering, to the point where he didn't even get any ring time tonight. Nothing, nada, zip. We've got the Odd Squad (Goldust, Eugene, Snitsky), Matt Striker, Chris Masters, and Charlie Haas all sort of off on the sidelines right now. These guys could be getting used right now.

Dropping Out: None