RAW Results - 6/26/06 - Fayetteville, NC (RVD vs. Cena - WWE Title)

Reported by Hunter Golden of WrestleView.com
On Tuesday, June 27, 2006 at 12:07 AM EST

June 26, 2006
Fayetteville, NC
Commentators: Jim Ross and Jerry “The King” Lawler
Reported By: Hunter Golden of WrestleView.com

WWE Women’s Championship
Mickie James v. Trish Stratus

The two locked up and Trish clamped on a side headlock. Mickie yanked her down by the hair but Trish leapt on top of her and connected with a drop kick and a spine buster, flooring the champion. James kicked out of the cover attempt and booted Trish in the shoulder, which obviously hurt Stratus. Stratus hit a hurricanranna and got another near fall but Mickie nailed her with a clothesline and a hard kick to the face.

Mickie went to work, clamping Trish in a hammer lock on the ropes. Trish countered but Mickie caught her with a running kick to the face. Mickie loaded up Trish and planted her with her implant DDT and gained the cover for the victory.

Winner and STILL Women’s Champion: Mickie James

After the match Intercontinental Champion, Johnny Nitro’s music hit and he came out to the ring with Melina and his newly won championship. Melina climbed into the ring and Nitro left for the back.

Melina said Trish caught a tough break citing that it was quite a comeback match she had. She said one day, she was top diva in the WWE. She said those days were over. She introduced Johnny Nitro as the only singles champion on Raw.

She told Trish she was the new top diva in the WWE. She said Trish was having a passing the torch member and that she better leave the ring, or she’d be flying out of it. Trish clocked her but Johnny Nitro clocked her. Carlito came to Trish’s rescue and Nitro and Melina took off like scalded dogs.


Trish thanked Carlito for helping her out. Carlito said Nitro ‘stole’ the championship from him last night. He said he wouldn’t be parading his title in front of his cameras. He said something in Spanish and Trish pretended to know what he was talking about. He told her ‘no problem’. She said something to him in his ear and he said ‘that’s cool’.

A highlight video aired of DX’s hijinks last week on Raw.

The Spirit Squad was in the back with the McMahons. Shane told them he knew they couldn’t get the job done. He said if you wanted to get the job done, you need to do things yourself. He said tonight that he and his father would take on DX.


Umaga v. Kamala

The two stared each other down in the ring and Umaga tried a shoulder block but didn’t get anywhere. Kamala came back with some big clubbing blows. Umaga hit his spike But Kamala didn’t go down. He body slammed the big man and planted him with a kick to the chest.

Umaga took off to the outside and did a job on Kenshi. He rolled him back in the ring and hit his big bump butt. Umaga ascended the second rope and landed a flying head butt on Kamala. He nailed his spike which left Kamala twitching. Umaga made the cover for the win.

Winner: Umaga via pin fall

A highlight package aired putting over the Diva Search. We’ll meet the 8 quarterfinalists later in the show.


Torrie Wilson came out to the ring and they unveiled the cover of the Special Summer issue with Torrie Wilson on the cover. Edge’s music hit the arena and the two came out to the ring.

Edge said he was going to set some things straight. He said he was the MVP of the show. He said he should be on the cover of magazines. He said he should be in the main event. He said beyond the shadow of a doubt, he should be WWE Champion. He said the fact that RVD called himself champion was a joke. He said the fact that Cena was in a championship match tonight was an even bigger joke. He said if he didn’t get a rematch, he and Lita would be leaving the brand period. He asked the fans if they’d like that. He said the people didn’t deserve to see him anyways and they walked out. Edge stopped by Shop Zone before he left and grabbed any and all T shirts that could’ve been sold before leaving the arena.


Maria was in the back with John Cena. She said tonight he had the chance to regain the title tonight. Cena said she looked good. He said One Night Stand was his finest hour. Things didn’t go his way he said. He said there were two things he could do. 1.) He could interrupt Torrie Wilson and leave the building or 2.) suck it up, fight and earn a rematch. He said he had been beaten up a lot since One Night Stand, but never once did he cry about it. He said he earned the respect of RVD and got his rematch. He thanked Van Dam. He said, however, he was bigger, stronger, and more focused than ever and that tonight he’d take care of business.

Val Venis & Viscera v. Trevor Murdoch & Lance Cade

The bell rang and Cade slapped Venis. Cade went to work on Venis but missed a clothesline and got nailed with a few chops and intercepted Murdoch on the way in. Cade landed a cheap shot however and managed to tag in Murdoch who began landing some brutal looking cross faces.

Charlie Haas made his way down to the ringside area while Venis was being double teamed in the corner. Haas came over to talk to Lillian. Viscera took exception and told him to watch himself.

Viscera tagged into the match and began taking everyone out in site. Haas began to massage Lillian on the outside while Viscera landed a big avalanche on Cade and Murdoch in the ring. Viscera hit a big slam but was distracted by Charlie Haas planting a big kiss on Lillian’s lips. Murdoch and Cade and Murdoch hit their finisher and picked up the win.

Winners: Lance Cade and Trevor Murdoch via pin fall

Brooke Hogan’s new music video aired.

Randy Orton was in the back enjoying Brooke Hogan’s new music video.

Shane McMahon and Vince had baseball bats and were psyched up for their match.


Triple H came out dressed up like Mr. McMahon. He said he and his ‘son’ Shane would beat the holy heck out of DX later tonight. He said he’d just ramble incoherently for no reason until then. He said DX embarrassed him last week. He said it was more embarrassing when Shawn Michaels beat him within an inch of his life at Wrestlemania. He said it was even more embarrassing than the XFL.

He said last week DX brought him a rooster with the implication that he liked Cocks. He said he liked pioneers like Vice President Cheney and the ‘guy who was almost as old as he was’, Dick Clarke. He said “I, VKM, love dicks. He said he liked big ones and small ones, short ones, white ones, and black ones. Hell, even an Asian. He said he couldn’t get enough dicks. He said he’d be the first to tell you right now that anyone who got between him and his dicks would get fired. Shane McMahon’s music hit and out came Shawn Michaels... dear lord.

He asked his ‘dad’ what he was doing. He said it said he was the product of his ‘semen’ on his business card. He said he tried to be supportive of him through this whole thing. He said when ‘dad’ died the McMahon empire would be all his.

‘Vince’ asked him if he was retarded. He said he would leave all his money to his daughter and that guy who knocked her up. He said he thought his semen was powerful, that guy must have a bazooka. He said this was all about Wrestlemania and DX that.. then spazzed again. He said he was so excited he could just ‘dance’.

‘Vince’ told ‘Shane’ to stop it. He said if he did that, he’d have to out do him. He said if Shane wanted to dance, he would have to do.

A video aired from the 1970s of Vince McMahon literally singing and dancing. God was it terrible. Hulk Hogan was even on the guitar.

The real McMahon’s came out to the ramp with baseball bats. Vince said it was about time for this DX crap to come to an end. He said that was exactly what they’d do tonight. He said they wouldn’t do it alone and they had some observers that would be joining them. The Spirit Squad would be helping out.

Vince paused and asked DX what ‘this was all about’, pointing at a port-o-potty that was lowered to the stage and Triple H said Vince was full of crap and all of a sudden a big pile of crap fell from the ceiling. DX told everyone to ‘suck it’ and that ended the segment as the ‘Squad and the McMahons wallowed in poo poo.


Ric Flair was at home and said Foley proved that he was nothing but a glorified stuntman that took the easy way out. He said it was easier to fall off a cage than learn the fundamentals. He said nothing Foley did resembled wrestling. He said Foley should be cleaning pools right now, not wrestling. He said he was a 16 time world champion and wrestled every badass alive but Foley wasn’t one of them. Flair said next time they fought he would dominate him.

RVD was in the back and Paul Heyman approached him. Heyman said he was worried about him defending the belt in a WWE ring. RVD said he was the man and that would be all he needs.


Kane v. Randy Orton

The two circled up locked horns. Kane crowded Orton in the corner and they almost had a clean break but Orton shoved Kane. Kane knocked Orton right down and whipped Orton to the buckles but got dropkicked in the knee on the follow up.

Orton pounded away at Kane’s chest before Kane caught him by the throat. Orton fought out and hit a standing drop kick before getting a near fall. Orton pressed the advantage, but got caught and bullied into the corner before eating a major boot to the face.

Kane whipped Orton to the buckles and landed a clothesline but was caught on the second attempt. Orton came rushing out looking for an RKO, but Kane caught him and hit a side walk slam. Kane ascended the ropes and hit his clothesline. He set up for the clothesline before the Fake Kane’s music hit the arena.

Kane assaulted the masked man on the outside before going after Orton in the ring again. He went for a tombstone but Orton wiggled out. Kane went for a choke slam but the imposter distracted Kane. Kane knocked the imposter off the apron but got caught by an Orton RKO when he turned around. Orton got the cover.

Winner: Randy Orton via pin fall

The imposter came in the ring and the two began pummeling each other. Kane choke slammed him not once but twice, but he kept getting back up. Kane chased the imposter up the ramp beating him up all the way up. They got to the top of the ramp and Kane set him up for a choke slam on the ramp. He nailed it. He went to walk off but then turned around and gathered the imposter and dragged him to the back.


Kane said that he believed the mask was his, tore it off and gazed at it after tossing the imposter out the door.

A video putting over the 8 quarter finalists of the Diva search was aired.

The WWE Championship is next!


WWE Championship
Rob Van Dam v. John Cena

The bell rang and the two circled up and locked up. Cena immediately hit a body slam and a reverse elbow before getting a big hip lock take down. Van Dam caught Cena hard in the face with a kick and scaled the top rope but Cena regained his senses and tossed the Champion to the outside.


We came back to Cena controlling Van Dam on the mat. Van Dam elbowed his way out of the hold and planted Cena with a kick to knock him to the mat. Van Dam punched Cena on the apron but Cena blocked and slammed Van Dam’s head off the turn buckle. Van Dam worked over Cena on the top rope and planted him in the head with a kick that sent him all the way to the floor.

Van Dam climbed the ropes and came flying off with a front flip moonsault and clattered into the dazed Cena. Van Dam gathered the challenger and tossed him in the ring and went for a cover but only got a two count. RVD hit a leg drop and again, fell just short of picking up the win.

Van Dam brought a chair into the ring but the ref cut him off. RVD turned around just in time to get clocked with three huge clotheslines. Cena hit his side slam and pumped himself up some more. Cena hit the five knuckle shuffle on Van Dam and loaded him up for the FU but RVD countered out with a windmill kick, leaving both men laid out on the mat.

Van Dam hit some forearms to Cena’s face but Cena fought back with some punches before RVD booted Cena in the face yet again. RVD hit his own clotheslines and went for a suplex but Cena blocked it.

He went to hit one of his own but RVD countered out and hit a beautiful German suplex bridge combo for a two count. RVD hit a slam and his split legged moonsault but only got a two count yet again. RVD came off the ropes but Cena caught him in a huge spine buster but only managed a two count himself.

RVD quickly capitalized, hitting his kick from the top rope. Cena rolled out of the way but RVD adjusted and went for rolling thunder but Cena got his knees up just in time. Cena pounced and hit the FU. He went for the STFU and cinched it in hard but RVD held on.

RVD was about to tap before Edge showed up and attacked Cena, causing the DQ.

Winner: John Cena via DQ
Winner & STILL WWE Champion: Rob Van Dam

Edge did a number on both after the bell, spearing both men. He told RVD he would see him tomorrow night on ECW on Sci Fi before leaving the ring.


The Good— Flat out, the best part of tonight’s Raw was the title match, which completely stole the show. While there were tons of schematical issues with the match, thus not making it GOOD in the traditional sense, this was flat out the best I’ve seen John Cena look individually since the JBL match last May. Van Dam was awesome as the subtle underdog, fighting champion. The match was spotty in parts but really was fast paced and high action the whole time. The dirty finish was absolutely perfect for this match and a pleasant surprise as WWE seem willing to take some risks now with their booking.

DX was excellent tonight but I could’ve done without the poo. But then again, this is DX.

And wow, are WWE dropping the Orton-Hogan hints everywhere. What a coup that would be for Randy.

Ric Flair is still.... STILL gold on the mic.

The Bad— I for one actually liked the Umaga-Kamala thing and I think WWE missed an interesting opportunity for a little mini feud here. Fans seemed to buy it for a little while there, but alas, nothing. If they’re going to do something with Umaga, they should think about doing it soon.

The Ugly— Holy smokes did they drop Shelton Benjamin in a hurry. Can’t say I blame them though. He’s got zero charisma. None. Great wrestler. Sadly that’s only half the game these days.

Overall B – Raw has more going on with it then I can remember in quite some time. Their mid card is deep and well developed. The three way title scene is interesting and fresh. Even the Charlie Haas’ and Umagas of the world are being used in some capacity. Everything got touched on briefly tonight. Where has this been all these years?

Quick Results

Mickie James def. Trish Stratus to retain the Women’s Championship
Umaga def. Kamala
Lance Cade & Trevor Murdoch def. Val Venis & Viscera
Randy Orton def. Kane
John Cena def. Rob Van Dam

Who’s Hot, Who’s Not?

Biggest pops
1. Rob Van Dam
2. Degeneration X
3. John Cena
4. Carlito

Most Heat
1. Edge
2. Vince McMahon & co.
3. Johnny Nitro
4. Randy Orton

Match of the night: RVD v. John Cena **1/2

Power Rankings:

WWE Champion: Rob Van Dam (Last Week: WWE Champion) —I’ve got to be honest with ya, I really thought Cena was going to win this belt tonight, but WWE are sticking with Van Dam as champ. Although it seems as if it’s a week to week thing with RVD, he seems to be doing well as champion. One hell of a match tonight.

Intercontinental Champion: Johnny Nitro (Last Week: 10)—Nitro looks like he’ll be well booked as champion and appears to be going into a real feud with Carlito for this belt. Great call.

1.Edge (Last Week: 1)—Just when I was going to drop him in the ratings, he shows up and sends a message tonight, really putting himself over in probably the best dirty finish I’ve ever seen in a match. It was played perfectly. These three in the title picture really freshen things up on Raw and all have excellent chemistry with each other.

2. John Cena (Last Week: 3)—Moves up with a win over the champion and one over Sabu. Tonight was the best Cena match I’ve seen in a while, where CENA has performed exceptionally in. Great stuff and intriguing TV for the next month or so.

3. Triple H (Last Week: 2) —Still on a roll but not overly relevant to the title scene at the moment. Dropping a bit.

4. Umaga (Last Week: 4) —Like him or not, he’s winning. I liked the Kamala booking. Smart stuff. He’s ranked higher than his real position on the card, but look for a possible mid card title push for the big man in the future.

5. Shawn Michaels (Last Week: 6) —Moves up a bit with the PPV main event tag win, but still not very relevant in the Raw title scene. Still a strong presence however.

6. Randy Orton (Last Week: 9) —Orton is pretty hot these days and a three spot jump in the rankings indicates that. However, he still is on the outside looking in and lacking a big name feud. They teased a possible Hogan feud, which I think would be beyond huge for Orton. There is no bigger legend to kill than Hogan’s.

7. Ric Flair (Last Week: NR) —Gets a win over Foley on ppv and cut an outstanding promo tonight. This is one of the best programs going on Raw right now.

8. Shelton Benjamin (Last Week: Intercontinental Champion) —Loses the belt and gets snubbed on TV the next night. Shelton’s lack of charisma is a career killer.

9. Carlito (Last Week: 5) —Carlito falls with no real wins to speak of lately, but his actual net worth on the brand is improving. Will enter a feud with Nitro for the IC belt soon.

10. Mick Foley (Last Week: 7)—Didn’t show on Raw tonight, but that’s okay. He’s hot despite losing last night. This Flair program is booking gold.

Dropping Out: Kane (Last Week: 8)