Raw Results - 8/14/ 06 - Charlottesville, VA (Orton confronts Hogan)

Reported by Hunter Golden of WrestleView.com
On Monday, August 14, 2006 at 11:38 PM EST

August 14, 2006
University of Virginia
Commentators: Jim Ross & Jerry “The King” Lawler
Reported By: Hunter Golden of WrestleView.com

WWE Champion Edge’s music played and he came out to the ring. He announced to the crowd that the “Champ was here” and pointed out that the former champion John Cena wasn’t. He said he was going to tell us all a little story. It was about a champion, himself. He said he was stressed that he had to defend his title at Summerslam against Cena and that he could lose the title by DQ and face him on his home turf in Boston as well as defend the belt against Carlito tonight on Raw.

He said he needed to de-stress and took a trip to West Newbury, MA. He had a film of his visit. The first shot was of Cena’s house. They went around to the different rooms in Cena’s boyhood home and Edge and Lita touring the area. Cena’s father came in and confronted the champion. Edge made fun of the conversation before telling us what the real conversation was all about. He said he was going to beat Cena to within an inch of his life on Sunday. He showed us the rest of the film before smacking Cena’s father. Edge walked over the couch and out the door. Edge kept showing the clip over and over again.

The crowd was booing loudly. Edge made fun of Cena who he said was home consoling his father. He said the real John Cena v. Edge story was about to be told. He recapped their history together recapping his MITB ladder match win, his first title win, the live sex story, his losing the title at the Royal Rumble, Edge winning the WWE for the second time, and that chapter five was written right now as Cena was tending to his father whom he ‘bitch smacked’. He said the final chapter would take place on Sunday when he would get the happy ending.

JR was quick to point out that his match tonight with Carlito was a non-title match. Lita will challenge for the WWE Women’s Championship next!


WWE Women’s Championship
Mickie James v. Lita

Mickie got a major league pop coming out in front of her home crowd. The two locked up in the middle of the ring before Lita clamped in a headlock. Lita hit a nice head scissors before collecting the champion and mashing her head into the turnbuckles. She pummeled the women’s champion into the corner and monkey flipped her out.

James snapped and mounted Lita, nailing her with right hands. Mickie slapped her hard twice before ducking under a clothesline attempt and hitting a clothesline. James went to the top rope but was quickly slammed to the canvas. Lita yanked at Mickie’s hair and choked her out on the bottom rope. Mickie fought back but the comeback was cut short as Lita hit a Russian leg sweep. Lita went for a cover after some right hands and got a two count.

Lita pressed the advantage, stretching Mickie’s back before Mickie hit a nifty kick to break the hold. Mickie hit some vicious back elbows before having an Irish whip attempt reversed. Mickie caught Lita with a back elbow and hit a hurricanranna before clotheslining Lita again and getting a near fall. Lita fought back with a thumb to the eye and a stiff elbow to the face. Lita went for an impailer DDT but Mickie brushed her off and rolled her up with her feet on the ropes, but Edge pushed them off.

Lita went for a roll up of her own and cheated as well but was caught by the referee. Lita protested and Mickie got a 2 ¾ count on the attempt. Mickie set up for her DDT but Edge jumped up on the apron as Lita kicked out of the hold. Lita grabbed the Women’s title belt and cracked Mickie with the belt and made the quick cover for the win.

Winner and NEW WWE Women’s Champion: Lita

Lita and Edge celebrated and headed up the ramp as JR and King bemoaned how cheap the win was.


Mick Foley was in the back and congratulated Lita on winning her championship. He said that fact only made him slightly better because he was upset most of the last week, especially at himself. He said he had been dealing at the ultimate position of strength and he ceded his hand to Ric Flair by granting him a match at Summerslam. He said this summer, he would take part in the complete destruction of Ric Flair and that made him feel better.

He said in 10 years he had only been busted open four times and that Flair was an easy bleeder. He said this Sunday Flair would wallow in his own blood again just like he did at Vengeance. He said tomorrow night he’d be competing in an event at ECW and invited Flair. He said tonight, he was going to watch Melina cheer her man on to victory against Ric Flair. He said he would she Flair tomorrow night at ECW “You washed up piece of crap”.

Umaga v. Alex Sage

Sage got splashed right off the bat before getting mauled with a clothesline. Umaga hit his elevated Samoan drop and then connected with a brutal bump butt. Estrada signaled for the end of the match and Umaga obliged, hitting his big spike to the throat and getting the cover for the win.

Winner: Umaga via pin fall
JR and King put over a confrontation between DX and the McMahons later tonight.

The cameras panned to the back eagerly awaiting the arrival of Hulk Hogan.


Johnny Nitro v. Ric Flair

Flair and Nitro circled up before locking horns. Nitro bullied Flair to the corner before landing a series of punches to the Nature Boy’s midsection. Flair fought back with some major-league chops. Nitro threw a kick that was blocked and Flair landed more chops before the young, IC Champion hit an enzeguiri on Flair. Nitro hit a Knife-Edge chop before going for the cover.

Nitro mounted Flair and landed some punches. He gathered the 16-time world champion and pummeled him in the corner. Flair again fought back with chops before tossing Nitro off the ropes and hitting a back elbow. Flair whipped the champion to the buckles before getting caught with a back elbow. Nitro capitalized and hit a body slam before going for a cork screw moonsault that missed completely.

Flair chop blocked Nitro before Mick Foley hit the ring.

Winner: Ric Flair via DQ

Melina jumped in and hit a low blow, which incapacitated Flair. Foley flung Flair into the ring steps before mounting his head on the ring steps and almost squashing it with the upper set of stairs. Flair rolled out of the way just in time. Foley hit some elbows to Flair’s head before telling him he’d see him on Sunday. Foley set Flair up against the ring steps and pointed at him as he walked up the ramp.

The Diva Search is next!


Diva Search—Final Week

Jess, Leyla, Marlena, and JT were all in the ring. One Diva will be eliminated tonight and the finals will be held next Monday Night in New York City. Miz said the WWE fans had spoken and the diva with the lowest amount of votes was Marlena.

Jess, Leyla, and JT are our finalists.

The Night was not over for these ladies however. This summer was very hot and they would get cooled down a bit in a water fight with three WWE Raw Divas.

Raw Diva Water Fight
Jess, Layla, & JT v. Candice Michelle, Victoria, & Torrie Wilson

Jess just tossed an entire water bucket. Torrie gave an inverted corkscrew balloon twist. Candice just showed her boobies, well sort of, and Victoria got pissed at a water gun. JT fell down and Leyla cowered.

Miz cut the clock. The crowd seemed very over for the Diva search girls but the competition was awarded to the WWE Divas. Miz got soaked.

Winners: WWE Raw Divas

The Divas frolicked in the meadow and the like.

A video aired putting over Randy Orton and his career.

JR announced a deal between Comcast and WWE 24/7.

DX was headed to the ring when we departed for commercial.


Degeneration X’s music hit and Triple H and HBK came out to the ring.

Triple H got on the mic and did the usual schpeel. HBK climbed on the mic next and said that the last couple of weeks had been a bit rough for DX. He said other than the opportunity to witness a few prison inmates and practice his ministry, it hasn’t been all that bad. He said Vince and Shane had forgotten one very important thing about them. He said there were two things that had separated Triple H and HBK from everyone /* in wrestling.

He said the first was their doing whatever they wanted whenever they wanted. He said they had a tendency to focus on Vince McMahon’s appetite for “cock” a doodle doo. Triple H went to talk about that second thing before Shane McMahon’s music hit.

Shane came out to the ramp and was followed by his father who was accompanied by an entire police force, which stood behind him. Shane said HBK was right that they were known for doing two things, the first being sophomoric pranks and the second, being taken out by Vince and himself. He said he needed to refresh our memories.

A video aired putting over the events of the last two weeks. DX stood stoic in the ring.

Vince said Summerslam was the party of the summer and after it was over, they’d be partying down. He said he regretted to inform them that their party was over. He said individually and collectively they made a big name for themselves talking about DX and whatnot. He said the biggest name in the history of this business was his own, McMahon. He said as they stood in the ring, they needed to figure out what their resources were. He said not only did the McMahons have each other like DX, they had endless resources, wrestlers, cops, and even the national guard. He said at Summerslam they would bring the wrath of Satan down upon them. He said there was no chance in hell of them winning.

Triple H cut him off and mocked him a bit. He said he didn’t know if it was his Alzheimer’s or if he was just stupid. He needed to remind them who they were. He said they were the HeartBreak Kid, The Showstopper, the Game, the Cerebral Assassin, and the King of Kings. He said together they were his worst nightmare. He said they were DX and at Summerslam they would kick their asses. He said they could bring whomever they wanted, they didn’t care. They didn’t care about anyone from the street or the 82nd Airborne. He said if they brought Satan himself they’d look him right in his eye and spit in his face and tell him the exact same thing they were going to tell him, which was ‘suck it’.

The cameras were waiting for the arrival of Hulk Hogan in the back.


The Spirit Squad v. The Odd Squad (Eugene and Hacksaw Jim Duggan)

Duggan and Mickey locked up and Duggan hit a nice body slam to start things out. Kenny jumped in and Duggan took care of both with a double head-butt. Mikey got dumped to the outside but Kenny hit a drop kick. Eugene tended to Duggan on the outside and pleaded with the Spirit Squad to lay off. The Highlanders came down to the ringside area to second the Odd Squad.

Mikey and Kenny continued to work over Duggan. Before Duggan eventually was able to get the hot tag. Eugene caught Kenny in an airplane spin before Mikey hit him with a head butt to the mid section and followed up with a drop kick. Kenny mounted the top rope but Duggan dumped him to the outside. Johnny however hit a spinning wheel kick off the top rope. The Highlanders jumped in and hit the scot-drop on Mikey however and Eugene made the cover for the win.

Winners: The Odd Squad via pin fall


The McMahons were talking in the back when Estrada came in. He said they were looking for some ‘resources’ on Sunday night at Summerslam. Umaga came in and screamed a little while the McMahons encouraged him. Umaga is now in the match at Summerslam.

JR and King ran down the card.

WWE Championship—If Edge gets DQ’d, he loses the title
Edge v. John Cena

World Heavyweight Championship
King Booker v. Batista

Hulk Hogan v. Randy Orton

“I Quit” Match
Ric Flair v. Mick Foley

DX v. The McMahons

Rey Mysterio v. Chavo Guererro

Carlito was in the back with Trish. Trish encouraged him to kick Edge’s ass. They kissed and headed to the ring.


Carlito v. Edge

Carlito ran right at Edge landing a kick to the gut and a back elbow. Carlito pounded away at the WWE Champion before hitting a nice vertical suplex. Carlito went for a cover but only got a one count. Edge fought back landing some punches before whipping Carlito to the buckles.

Carlito got a leg up on the follow through and connected with a clotheslines. Carlito landed some shoulder thrusts in the corner before whipping Edge hard to the opposite buckles. Carlito hit a body slam and followed up with a leg drop before getting a near fall on the champion.

Edge hit a low blow and a clubbing blow to the back. Edge continued his assault landing some more blows to Carlito's back before dumping Carlito to the apron. Carlito Smashed Edge’s head off the turnbuckle before hitting a cork screw senton which got him a near fall, thanks to Lita putting Edge’s foot on the apron. Carlito dumped Edge to the outside as we went to commercial.


Edge was in control upon our return. Edge hit a gut buster and went for a cover but only got a two count. Edge clamped in a reverse bear hug on Carlito who used the crowd to fight to his feet. Edge however, rushed him back down to the mat. Carlito again fought to his feet before Lita interfered. Trish came out of nowhere and nailed her. Carlito hit a drop kick and a knee lift.

To cap it off he hit his clothesline and springboard reverse elbow, which connected, however all he could manage was a two count. Edge reversed a whip attempt and Carlito flipped over him and hit a hurricanranna on the Champion for yet another near fall. Edge reversed a body slam attempt and hit an Edge O Matic for a long two count.

Edge went for his spear but Carlito avoided him. Carlito went for the back cracker but Edge dumped him into the corner. He hit a spear as Carlito rebounded before John Cena rushed the ring.

Winner: Edge via DQ

Cena and Edge brawled into the crowd before the camera cut away.

The Hogan-Orton confrontation is next!


A video replay aired of Cena assaulting WWE Champion Edge.

Randy Orton’s music hit and he came out to the ring.

Orton got on the mic and said that he had waited all night and had given Hulk Hogan plenty of time to come and face him like a mad. He asked where he was. He said if one word could describe Hogan’s reasoning for not showing up tonight was ‘smart’. He said Hogan knew that the same thing would happen to Hogan that has happened to every other legend he’s faced.

The Legend Killer video aired again.

Orton said he had a secret for him. He said Hogan was the inspiration for him becoming the Legend Killer time and again, the same old tired act, etc. He said he just didn’t get it. Orton said he told himself back then that he would be the man who killed Hulkamania, the man who would destroy it for good and forever. He said it was obvious that he was looking forward to Summerslam for a long time. He said this Sunday he’d kill the biggest legend that there ever was. He told Hogan to ask himself whether or not he wanted Hulkamania to end this way and that all it would take would be one RKO.

Hogan’s music hit and a Hogan impersonator came down to the ring. The imposter cupped his ear for the crowd as he hobbled around the ring. The imposter got on the mic and told Orton that he was right that he’d kill Hulkamania. He said it wasn’t because he was the legend killer, it was because he got a bad knee from a couch accident. He said he was really tired and that he was a Jr. Senior Citizen. He asked Orton what he was going to do when he soiled himself in the ring all over him.

Hogan’s music hit again and he came out and this time the real Hulk Hogan came out to the ramp. Hogan came into the ring and Orton began to stomp away on Hogan but Hogan wasn’t having it. He hit Orton three times and booted Orton out of the ring. Hogan’s imposter hit Hulk and that was a mistake. Hogan nailed the imposter and body slammed him. Hogan repeatedly elbow dropped him and unloaded on him with more punches. Hogan tossed the imposter out of the ring and got on the mic.

He said that Orton could joke all he wanted. He said when he insulted Hogan and his family in front of all these people, the joke would be over. He said come this Sunday, Hulkamania would be at Summerslam. Hogan said he was glad Orton was pumped up and on his game. He said there was no way Orton could kill his legend. He said he had one question for him. He asked him what he was gonna do when the power of all the millions of Hulkamanics run wild on him.


The Good-- ONE of the best thing’s creative has done in a long time was make Edge the sole focus of the show for the first half-hour. This is the feud that needed the most time and this week, I felt they delivered a good angle to deliver some heat to the feud. That being said, Cena winning at Summerslam just shouldn’t be in the cards. He at least needs to chase if not lose this feud entirely. Who knows, time will tell.

The first hour was done brilliantly with solid booking and some decent action with the Women’s Title match among other things. The Foley promo was awesome again tonight and they teased the match at Summerslam perfectly. $10 we get a stair spot on Sunday night.

The Bad-- I don’t know if it was me, but I couldn’t decide what was the problem with Hogan’s last segment; his leg or the Hogan imposter not knowing what he was doing. If it’s Hogan’s leg, then this injury is very real and is really going to kill this match Sunday. Who knows, I suppose we’ll have to wait and see.

The Ugly-- Believe it or not, nothing was completely unwatchable tonight.

Overall B- -- I felt like this was certainly a solid Raw tonight but it seemed like they accomplished everything they needed to/wanted to in the first hour, which was the best booked piece of television WWE has put together all year. The ring action was decent to good and all the feuds, minus the Hogan awkwardness were properly book-ended so to speak. I think Edge-Cena still has a ways to go but the DX and Flair-Foley programs will come to a decisive end on Sunday.

Summerslam looks like a very, very solid card, much like last year’s at this time. It’s got a little something for everyone and is one of the most well rounded offerings WWE has put together in some time. However, I’m a little surprised at who’s NOT on the card right now more so then what’s on it. Lashley, Kennedy, Finlay, Carlito, Johnny Nitro, Kane, and as of right now, The Undertaker, are all not on the card. There’s a chance Kurt Angle and RVD may not be included either. That’s not a horrible thing, seeing as the card is built so well, but one can’t help but imagine what this could be if the WWE committed to their old four hours of action with these guys on the show.

As for my picks:

Edge-Cena: Edge escapes here. This feud seems to have peaked and we seem to be at a mid point rather than an end point. Given the rumors of a third match between the two at Unforgiven, I’m going to go with Edge being the one who defies the odds and escapes with the belt. This could be a very good match, it could be a very bland match. I’m going to go somewhere in the middle. At worst, this’ll be **, at best I’m figuring in the *** range.

King Booker-Batista: As with all things King Booker, this is a 50-50 bet. Booker’s chemistry is VERY random and there’s little difference between whether his opponent is good or poor in the ring. I’m thinking this won’t be all that special and in all reality, will be quite short. King Booker will escape with the belt based solely on the fact that this feud is JUST starting and there isn’t much for either man after it. King Booker wins with a DQ decision. I can’t see this getting enough time to exceed **1/4

Hulk Hogan-Randy Orton: I’m going out on a limb and picking Orton here. I think Orton could pull a fun match out of Hogan, but if this knee thing is for real as evidenced by tonight, this could be a car wreck. If it’s not a factor this’ll provide enough drama to be entertaining, but not overly good. If it is, this will be ghastly. *-***1/2, a huge spread.

DX-McMahons: I’m just not feeling this feud but it’ll give the SE nuts what they want. Umaga will add a lot to this match and he for sure, won’t take the fall. DX is the easy pick here as this’ll end the feud. It’ll be what it’s going to be, nothing spectacular, but it’ll have it’s entertaining moments **1/2

Chavo Guererro-Rey Mysterio: This has the legs to be match of the night if they give them 20 minutes or so to really go. This match up is a proven commodity as they’ve produced some great work in the past. Personally, I think Chavo needs to win this, or at least come away looking stronger. Rey simply doesn’t need the win right now and Chavo really does, so I’m picking Chavo here by some dastardly deed. This will be a barn-burner ***-***3/4

Ric Flair-Mick Foley: This has flat out been the feud of the year thus far. Every segment has been just right and I honestly can’t criticize a single thing they’ve done in this feud. This match is a guaranteed blood bath. Flair will pick up the win in my other contender for match of the night.

We’ve got two matches to be added. I’m going to go with the obvious ECW championship match. Angle will likely be the #1 Contender as he’s the only guy I can see that ECW fans will buy that has the WWE background. Expect Sabu and RVD to maintain a presence however. The last match has to be a Smackdown match. I’m thinking Finlay ends up on the card somehow defending his US title.

Quick Results

Lita def. Mickie James to become the NEW WWE Women’s Champion
Umaga def. Alex Sage
Ric Flair def. Johnny Nitro
WWE Divas def. Diva Search Contestants
The Odd Squad (Hacksaw Jim Duggan & Eugene) def. The Spirit Squad
Edge def. Carlito

Who’s Hot, Who’s Not?

Biggest pops
1. Ric Flair
2. John Cena
3. Hulk Hogan
4. DX

Most Heat
1. Vince & Shane McMahon
2. Mick Foley
3. Randy Orton
4. Edge

Match of the night: Edge v. Carlito, **1/4

Power Rankings

WWE Champion: Edge (Last Week: WWE Champion)—Big improvement for Edge this week. He got the entire first quarter of the show pretty much to himself to build heat. Glad WWE recognized this. The segment with Cena’s father wasn’t nearly as bad as I thought it was going to be and was actually pretty decent stuff. He’ll escape at Summerslam and then it’s onto Unforgiven where we’ll really get an idea of whether or not WWE are going to stick with him over the long haul.

Intercontinental Champion: Johnny Nitro (Last Week: Intercontinental Champion)—What happened to Kane getting a shot at the belt? Maybe at Summerslam? Regardless, Nitro gets a match every week and it’s starting to pay serious dividends.

1.John Cena (Last Week: 2)—Cena only made a brief appearance this week but it hit in the right way. The attention needed to be on Edge this week and I’m glad Cena took the brief back seat to allow him to do that.

2. Umaga (Last Week: 1)—Umaga gets another squash before being tossed into the mix for Summerslam. This is a good call. Umaga gets a high profile match and he won’t be the one taking the fall either. If he wins, he wins, if he loses, he still wins. Good call by creative on this one.

3. Randy Orton (Last Week: 3)—The Hogan segment came off very awkward tonight, but judging by the usual formula, Orton may get the win or at least come out looking stronger. He’s going to have to really turn in a solid night’s work however, if Hogan’s knee is as bad as it may have looked tonight.

4. Ric Flair (Last Week: 4)—Tonight was the perfect final touches on this feud to lead up to this Sunday. They teased big spots, gained sympathy for Flair, and progressed it all through a sensibly booked match. He makes it look so easy.

5. Triple H (Last Week: 5)—As per the usual, WWE has locked up their roster spots right before a major show. The Game was okay on the mic this week, echoing back to the characters that we’ve come to know and love. Hopefully they’ll start to incorporate more of that in the coming months.

6. Shawn Michaels (Last Week: 6)—Stays put as well. Nothing bad but I can’t see him moving much until we get past next Sunday.

7. Carlito (Last Week: 7)—Carlito gets a DQ loss tonight but he just flat out looks better every week and tonight’s performance may have been the best we’ve seen him look yet. New moves, good pacing, and for the first time, he built great babyface sympathy out there. Yes he loses, but I keep him at #7 because he turned in a quality performance tonight.

8. Mick Foley (Last Week: 9)—Foley’s promos have been phenomenal. They’ve really helped make this Flair program what it’s been. Foley as usual, should deliver in spades in the “I Quit” environment.

9.Kane (Last Week: 8)—Isn’t this guy the #1 contender for the IC title? What happened to that tonight?

10. Shelton Benjamin (Last Week: 10)—Did not appear on tonight’s show.

Dropping Out: none