Raw Results - 8/28/06 -- Atlantic City, New Jersey (Hardy vs. Orton)

Reported by Paul Nemer of WrestleView.com
On Tuesday, August 29, 2006 at 4:38 AM EST

DX death sentence?
By Zack Zeigler
August 28, 2006
Results Courtesy of WWE.com

Quick Results
DX def. Finlay, Regal & Mr. Kennedy (Handicap Match)
John Cena def. Chris Masters (DQ)
Candice Michelle def. Torrie Wilson
Jeff Hardy def. Randy Orton (No. 1 Contender Match for IC title)
Spirit Squad def. Hacksaw Jim Duggan & Eugene
Women's Champion Lita def. Mickie James

The McMahons didn’t become a superpower in sports-entertainment by rolling over when adversity stood in their path, and when RAW ended, Mr. McMahon showed DX that he’d reach into his bag of “unlimited resources” to ensure their demise. Mr. McMahon utilized three SmackDown guns for hire—Mr. Kennedy, U.S. Champion Finlay and Sir William Regal and ECW World Champion Big Show, along with his trusty lead pipe, to leave DX a bloody mess.

Following the massacre, the Chairman announced he and Shane would be getting back into the ring with their arch nemesis. The McMahons will team up with the largest athlete in the world Big Show to face DX in a Hell in a Cell Match. In all likelihood, this match will take place at Unforgiven, but at press time, that was not announced.

The Chairman was supposed to have the night off to relax in his posh Atlantic City hotel suite after Shawn Michaels and Triple H nearly broke him down last week on RAW. Shane was running the show in his father’s absence and vowed he’d get revenge on DX for how they nearly forced his father into insanity.

Shane told Michaels and Triple H that they’d be competing on RAW, but kept their opponents a secret until it was time for the match to begin. Then, he reacquainted the same three SmackDown thugs that were sent to wear down DX before the SummerSlam match with the McMahons. The tactic didn’t work at SummerSlam, and it failed again on RAW.

In the match, the SmackDown Superstars used their three-on-two numbers advantage –well, three and a half person advantage counting Finlay’s Little Bastard – and took turns trying to wear their opponents down. But, after Sir Regal tried to hit Triple H with a chair and accidentally hit Finlay, The Game took advantage and delivered a Pedigree for the pinfall.

Before DX could celebrate, Shane came out from the locker room and sent out ECW World Champion Big Show. HBK and Triple H used their numbers to subdue the 500-lb Extremist, but when the SmackDown gang awoke, the numbers were again used against DX.

Finlay entered the ring with his shillelagh in hand and began using it wildly. That set up a chokeslam on Triple H from Big Show. As they continued to beat down HBK, the Chairman made his way to the ring.

Earlier in the night, Mr. McMahon was enjoying some wine and room service where he heard a noise…a crowing noise. As soon as he uncovered what he thought was his steak dinner, two roosters were caged inside of his posh hotel suite. The sound seemed to send him into a trance—and the spell didn’t leave his face as he strutted to the ring carrying a lead pipe in his hands.

This wasn’t the normal McMahon strut that the Chairman normally carries. It was as if the only thing that mattered was destroying DX. It was focused, yet aloof—like he was programmed to attack.

Inside the ring, he busted Triple H’s head open with the pipe, and then proceeded to choke him with it until The Game fell to the mat in a pool of his own blood.

Then it was HBK’s turn; smashing him in the head with a television camera that caused blood to pur from Michaels’ head. The physical dissection of D-Generation X had taken place; exactly what the Chairman has longed for since they reunited in June.

But Mr. McMahon wasn’t finished.

“You think this is over? It’s not over until I say it’s over,” shouted the Chairman. “This time it will be Hell in the Cell,” he screamed as he continued to rein blows with the pipe.

The McMahons – specifically Mr. McMahon – proved again that when it comes to DX, they won’t quit until the job is done and the duo of Shawn Michaels and Triple H are destroyed once and for all. Has sanity finally left Mr. McMahon? Is the figurative death of DX the only thing that keeps him going anymore?

A match that was indeed set for Unforgiven was a Tables, Ladders and Chairs Match between WWE Champion Edge and John Cena.

After being dumped into the polluted water of the Long Island Sound by Cena last week on RAW, the Rated R Superstar whined to the Chairman’s son about having Cena fired.

“I want John Cena out of my life. I’m sick of him. I want him gone,” complained the champion.

But before Edge could whine anymore, Cena came to the ring with a three-year contract that would relocate him to SmackDown if he lost against Edge.

“I you beat me, I’ll sign on the dotted line and I am out of your life,” said Cena.

After a few moments of deliberation, the Rated R Superstar agreed—with two stipulations. One, he chooses the type of match; two, he chooses where the match takes place.

Even with all of the unknowns, Cena agreed...but his night wasn’t over. For his rudeness towards the WWE Champion, Shane McMahon told Cena he was competing against Chris Masters, a fresh, well-rested Superstar coming off sabbatical.

Cena never backs down from a challenge, and while nobody in WWE has ever broken the Master Lock, Cena was agile enough to avoid getting trapped in it. But Edge made certain that the Doctor of Thuganomics would pay in the match; as Cena locked in the STFU, and it looked like Chris Masters was going to submit, the Rated R Superstar stormed down the ramp from the locker room area and smashed Cena with a chair, a ladder and a launched him through a table. Cena laid buried in rubble, dazed from being blindsided, and Edge announced his stipulation:

“I decided where the match is going to take place. It’s going to be at Unforgiven, in my hometown of Toronto, Canada. And I’ve decided what match it’s go into be. A match you’ve never had. A match I’ve never lost. It’s going to be tables, ladders and chairs,” said Edge.

Cena may have gotten the win over Masters by disqualification, but he didn’t look like he won anything by the condition he was left in. With his back against the wall, the challenger will scratch and claw to remain on RAW and reclaim the WWE Championship. But one has to wonder, has Cena bitten off more than he can chew by giving the champion the power to make a match in Edge’s hometown—and a match that Cena has never competed in?

There were no other Unforgiven matches set on RAW, but there was the news that after Unforgiven Trish Stratus would be leaving WWE. It was shocking to WWE fans and Superstars — especially Carlito. After receiving a Mobile Alert that Lita posted a story on WWE.com disclosing that Trish was leaving the company after the pay-per-view event that takes place in her hometown, the quintessential Diva was visibly flustered and stammering for a way to explain it to Carlito.

“That is something that Lita would do. She’d take my personal business and…” but before she could finish her sentence Carlito told her that he only wanted to give her a proper goodbye. When he leaned in to show his affection, Randy Orton broke up their romantic moment by slamming them both into the wall.

Last week on RAW, Carlito interrupted Orton during his match with Ric Flair, and Orton got payback by ruining what will be one of their last few times together. But it would be Carlito that would get the last laugh of the night.

Perhaps if the Legend Killer were more focused on his No. 1 Contender’s Match against Jeff Hardy, he would be gearing up for the opportunity to become a two-time Intercontinental Champion. Fortunately for Jeff Hardy, who is riding the momentum of a successful return to WWE, he was able to stay ahead of Orton and gain a pinfall via the Twist of Fate and a Swanton Bomb after Carlito came to the ring, spit apple in Orton’s face and indirectly cost the Legend Killer the match.

The Women’s Champion Lita wasn’t just ruining Trish’s night. She was also shattering former Women’s Champion Mickie James’ dreams of reclaiming the championship. Mickie gave everything she had and was relentless in her attack…but it wasn’t enough. In the end, Lita used the ropes to hold Mickie down to retain the Women’s Championship.

The team of “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan and Eugene nearly defeated Mikey and Kenny of the World Tag Team Champion Spirit Squad in their championship match. With Robbie and Rory McAlister of the Highlanders doing commentary at ringside, the Squad members who weren’t competing couldn’t stop themselves from getting tangled with the Highlanders. That got Robbie, Rory and two of the five members of the Squad ejected from ringside. The one Spirit Squad member that remained, Mitch, was the deciding factor in the match, and Mikey and Kenny scored the victory to remain the World Tag Team Champions.

After the Squad took care of Duggan and Eugene, the undefeated Umaga came out and finished them off as a message to Kane. Armando Alejandro Estrada warned the “Big Red Dummy” that “The only monster in WWE…is the undefeated Samoan Bulldozer, Umaga.” Kane was injured at the hands of Umaga last week on RAW, and suffered internal bleeding from their match together. Has Umaga done what no other Superstar was able to do to Kane since he joined WWE? Has the Samoan Bulldozer destroyed the Big Red Monster?

RAW Divas Candice Michelle and Torrie Wilson were in action in a first ever Back to Schoolgirl Paddle on a Pole Match. Torrie was in the traditional plaid skirt and matching top, while Candice was in less traditional — yet visibly pleasing — schoolgirl attire. After tumbling around the ring, Torrie gained control of the match, but when she delivered her signature Facial, Candice countered by biting Torrie’s voluptuous posterior. After winning the match, Candice was a good sport and when she revealed her panties that read “Spank Me,” she handed Torrie the paddle and the two Divas took turns spanking each other.

Intercontinental Champion Johnny Nitro didn’t take the night off. Last week, after Melina double crossed Mick Foley and delivered the news that he was fired – with the WWE Chairman and Shane McMahon smirking close by – they used RAW as their podium to insult Foley even more. The dashing Hollywood couple tore into the Hardcore Legend,

“He’s such a disgusting creep,” Melina said. “I would never leave Johnny Nitro for a one-eared, smelly Muppet like Mick Foley.”

Although Foley was fired from WWE, will he just sit back and take the abuse from two people he considered his friends?