Raw Results - 9/11/06 - New York, NY (HHH-Vince - Unforgiven PPV)

Reported by Hunter Golden of WrestleView.com
On Monday, September 11, 2006 at 11:51 PM EST

September 11, 2006
New York, NY
Commentators: Jim Ross & Jerry “The King” Lawler
Reported By: Hunter Golden of WrestleView.com

Raw started off with a moment of silence for the victims of 9-11 and Lilian came out to sing "America the Beautiful" for us all.

Umaga v. Ric Flair

Flair went right at Umaga hitting chops and some punches in the corner. Flair went for the shoulder block but found himself hitting the mat instead. Flair chop blocked and attempted a clothesline on Umaga, but it didn’t phase the big man.

Estrada jumped up to distract the referee but it backfired and Flair grabbed Umaga by the aber-dabbers. Flair was going bonkers by this point and grabbed a chair and cracked Umaga twice in the head. Umaga shook off the effects like they were nothing. Flair looking amazed, went to the outside and got the steel ring steps and chucked them at Umaga’s head, connecting, but that didn’t work either.

Umaga hit a Samoan drop on the floor and went to set Flair up for something with the ring steps when Kane’s pyro hit and he came out to the ring. The two exchanged blows before going for each other’s finishers. Umaga veered away however and went for a chair shot and connected but Kane soon sat up.

Kane cracked Umaga with two vicious chair shots and sent Umaga to the outside of the ring. Umaga reeled around the outside of the ring before Kane picked up the ring steps and tossed them over the ropes right into Umaga’s face. Umaga and Estrada doubled back to the locker room screaming at Kane the whole way back.

Winner: Umaga via DQ

Vince and Shane were outside looking at the MSG walk of fame. Vince put over many of the stars that had graced the Garden before pointing out his own spot on the walk. There were stanions placed all around the spot and he said no one ever walked on his name. He said however, that he had a feeling he and Shane would be walking all over Triple H and DX later tonight.


The New York City Police Department fife and drum came out and played a nice piece for everyone. The Highlanders popped out onto the ramp with ROWDY RODDY PIPER to a huge, huge pop!

Piper put over the fifes and drums. The crowd cheered for Roddy and he told the crowd he loved them. He said he was ‘skirting down 8th street’ and found a magazine rack. He said he found a magazine that covered the biggest offenders in WWE history and that he was #1. He said, he was proud of the Highlanders and that they were the #1 contenders for the tag belts.

They introduced themselves to him and Robbie and Piper exchanged slaps that they both loved. Must be a Scottish thing. All of a sudden the Spirit Squad showed up. Johnny made fun of all three for wearing skirts. He said they were all dressed up like girls, even the fife and drum.

Piper said that was tough talk from some guys who got their testes removed and replaced with pom poms. Piper said it was a while since he had a fight so he challenged them to a six-man tag. The Squad accepted the challenge.


Six Man Tag Match
Rowdy Roddy Piper & The Highlanders v. The Spirit Squad

We came back mid match with Piper and Robbie working over Mitch on the mat with a hammerlock. The Squad was able to distract the referee enabling the other members to jump in and swing the momentum. Johnny tagged in and landed some Dusty Rhodes like punches before hitting a clothesline. Kenny tagged in and calmed on a rear chin lock on Robbie.

Kenny worked over Robbie some more before Mitch tagged back in and hit his springboard front elbow. Mitch kept pounding away and eventually scored a near fall on the Scotsman. Eventually Robbie began to fight out of a chin-lock but was again cut off. Kenny tagged right back in and hit a punch off the second rope to Robbie’s midsection and scored yet another near fall.

Robbie fought back a little bit but Kenny was luckily able to keep him at bay. Johnny tagged in and hit a boot to Robbie’s face before getting caught on the business end of a Robbie roll up attempt. Johnny went right back to the rear chin lock his teammates employed. Robbie again fought out and this time reached Piper.

Piper went to town cleaning out all of the Spirit Squad members with punches and running knees. Eventually it came down to Kenny and Piper one on one. Kenny went for a running clothesline and was dumped to the outside. Piper distracted the referee while the Highlanders hit their reverse springboard suplex on Johnny. Piper made the cover for the win.

Winners: Piper & The Highlanders

Todd Grisham was in the back with Johnny Nitro. He asked him to react to Jeff Hardy’s comments last week regarding his press conference. They bashed Mick Foley at first before commenting on Hardy. Hardy popped up in the background painting a picture and watching it. Nitro turned around and flipped out, kicking the picture. Hardy doused both Nitro and Melina with paint before leaving them to wallow in their own embarrassment.


The second hell in a cell highlight aired, showing HBK v. Undertaker from Badd Blood 1997.

Edge came out to the ring. He said he knew NYC fans prided themselves on being intellectuals which he said, was debatable. He said tonight would be the last Raw appearance ever by John Cena. He said Cena would be returning to his roots on Smackdown. He said he could cut some more raps and get down ‘with his bad self’. He said he came up with a rap of his own to inspire Cena.

Edge did his rap, ranking on the Yankees, Cena, and even King Booker. Good stuff.


Six Man Tag Team Match
Edge, Randy Orton, & Johnny Nitro v. John Cena, Carlito, & Jeff Hardy

Nitro started off the match with Jeff Hardy. Nitro went right after him pummeling his potential challenger at Unforgiven. Hardy reversed in the corner and whipped the young champion into the buckles and hit a springboard drop kick of sorts to Nitro’s test. He hit the heels to the abdomen before tagging in Carlito.

Nitro and Carlito brawled to the corner before Carlito hit a big drop kick. He went for the cover but only got two. Nitro bum rushed Carlito to the corner and tagged in Orton. Orton whipped Carlito to the corner but was caught with an elbow on the way in. Carlito followed up with a clothesline and a back elbow that nearly got him a pin fall.

Edge tagged in an continued quickly gained the advantage. Carlito hit a hard hurricanranna however and nearly got a fall. Cena tagged in and Edge quickly tagged in Orton. Orton deliberated for a little while with his corner before squaring off against Cena. Cena ran in with a boot to the gut and hit a great fisherman’s suplex that almost got him a pin. Cena v-lined right for Edge allowing Orton to sneak in and hit a suplex.

Orton wrenched in an arm bar on the former champion before tagging in Johnny Nitro. Nitro worked over Cena with punches and kicks. Cena fought back, tackling his opponent and tagged in Carlito. He quickly hit a vertical suplex and went for a cover but was dumped into the wrong corner. Orton tagged in and hit a beautiful drop kick, which almost got him a pin fall.

Carlito fought out of a headlock and hit a stiff lariat and went for a cover. Carlito continued to pound away on Orton. Hardy tagged in and stomped away on Orton in the corner. Hardy hit a standing cross body block, which sent Orton to the mat. He poured more on, hitting a clothesline, which sent Orton to the floor. Hardy launched himself over the top rope and into Orton’s body. Edge sneaked up and hit a spear on Hardy on the outside. The babyfaces quickly came to his aid and rolled him back in the ring.


We returned to Edge working over Jeff Hardy with a half crab. Hardy almost reached his corner but Nitro came sprawling over to make the save. Nitro continued to work Hardy’s leg, claming in some sort of Knee stretch but Hardy countered with a neck scissors take down. Orton quickly tagged in and stomped away on the wounded limb of Hardy.

Edge tagged in and stomped on the leg again. Hardy fought back with punches to the gut but was quickly put back in his place with a clothesline. Hardy fought back yet again however, with a flying forearm.

Carlito got the tag and began to clean house. Carlito went for his springboard back elbow, but Edge yanked the rope down causing Carlito to careen out onto the floor. Edge tagged back into the match and cinched in a toehold, keeping Carlito at bay. Nitro tagged in and pummeled the second-generation star with punches on the mat. Nitro hit a hangman’s neck-breaker and went for the cover, which the referee didn’t get to quickly enough.

Nitro distracted the ref and Edge hit a leg drop on the apron. Nitro slapped on a sleeper hold and applied pressure while Carlito faded. Eventually Carlito fought out of the hold and this time, hit his springboard back elbow.

Cena got the tag and went to work cleaning everyone’s clock. Orton went for an RKO but Carlito hit the back cracker. Jeff Hardy hit the Swanton bomb on Orton before Cena went for the FU on Edge. Nitro made the save but found himself nailed with the FU and got the STFU to which he quickly tapped out to.

Winners: John Cena, Carlito, & Jeff Hardy

Cena and Edge exchanged words as we went to commercial.


Yet another highlight of Hell in a Cell aired, this time showing footage of the Triple H-Chris Jericho match from Judgement Day 2002.

A video putting over Cryme Tyme aired.

Vince McMahon was in the back talking about how glorious tonight would be. He talked about how proud his family and grand kids would be of him tonight. He said Steph may have mixed emotions. He said he was going to do it for his father and grandfather. He said this was bigger than Ali and the Rangers combined. Vince said there was a difference though, that he was a winner.


Hilghlights from last week’s Super Crazy-Chris Masters match aired.

Super Crazy v. Chris Masters

Masters went right for Crazy, hammering away at him with a bunch of clubbing blows and a big back elbow. Super Crazy went for a ranna, but Masters blocked it and slammed him to the mat. Masters quickly clamped on a rear chin lock and bore down on Crazy hard.

Crazy fought back but was whipped to the buckles and got a running shoulder block to the gut. Masters whipped him again and hit a running clothesline in the corner. Masters tried one more time but got hit with a drop toehold. Super Crazy hit a springboard drop kick before hitting his standing moonsault.

Crazy came at Masters in the corner but got caught. He hit a kick to the face however and managed to roll up Masters for the pin fall.

Winner: Super Crazy via pin fall

A video aired putting over John Cena’s new movie “The Marine”.

Trish Stratus was in the back preparing for her final Raw match ever.


Trish Stratus v. Mickie James

The two circled up and locked horns before James cinched in an arm wringer. Trish rolled out and went for a cover, but Mickie Backslid out. Trish clamped on a headlock before Trish hit air Canada and swatted away at James. She missed a follow up in the corner and went for the stratosphere but had it countered with a hurricanranna. Both quickly leapt to their feet and both hit a clothesline, laying both out on the mat.

Mickie got to her feet and hit a vicious lariat and scaled the ropes, but Stratus hit the stratosphere. Trish hit some elbows to the face before hitting a hurricanranna. Trish went for the Trish Kick but it was countered into a roll up.

Lita popped up and Stratus used her to spring board off into the stratus faction for the win.

Winner: Trish Stratus via pin fall

Mickie shook her hand after the match and left her to the ring the have her moment with the fans. Trish took the mic after the match and had a few words.

Trish thanked the fans for coming along on "this amazing, awesome ride."

Another Hell in the Cell segment aired, highlighting the Kevin Nash-Triple H match from 2003.

The commentary team put over the Unforgiven card.


The commentary team again put over the Unforgiven card.

WWE Championship- TLC
Edge v. John Cena

Hell in a Cell
The McMahons & Big Show v. DX

Randy Orton v. Carlito

WWE Women’s Championship
Lita v. Trish Stratus

World Tag Team Championship
The Spirit Squad v. The Highlanders

Intercontinental Championship
Johnny Nitro v. Jeff Hardy

Kane v. Umaga

DX was in the back and they were confronted by Cade & Murdoch. Shane McMahon jumped in and the three worked over DX, tossing Triple H into the limo. Big Show popped up and choke slammed HBK onto the limo. They slammed Triple H’s head in the limo door. Vince finally showed up and declared that tonight’s match would be “No Holds Barred”.


No Holds Barred
Triple H v. Vince McMahon

Triple H staggered out to the ring bleeding badly from the ear. Vince ducked under the first punch and landed some of his own. Vince continued to land lefts and rights, eventually crumpling Triple H in the corner. McMahon head butted Triple H, sending him across the ring before landing a few kicks to the stomach.

Vince removed his belt and began to choke out the Game. McMahon kept on pounding away at Triple H eventually sending him to the outside of the ring. Vince tossed him to the ring post before landing a stiff boot to the face. Triple H gave McMahon a suck it before McMahon loaded him up and hit a pedigree.

Triple H kicked out however and began to hulk up a bit. McMahon clubbed away but Triple H rose to his feet and hit a big spine buster on the chairman. Shane came in and was quickly knocked to the outside of the ring. HHH went for the pedigree, but Shane cut him off. The two McMahons worked over the Game before HBK came sprinting down the aisle. Michaels went to work on both McMahons before the Big Show showed up and absolutely plowed Michaels with a power bomb.

Triple H got his sledgehammer from under the ring but was cut off before he could use it. Show held HBK while Shane teed him up for a pretty sick chair shot. Big Show picked up Triple H and Vince picked up the sledgehammer and cold cocked the 10-time World Champion. Vince made the cover for the win.

Winner: Vince McMahon via pin fall

The McMahons and Big Show stood over what was left of DX as we went off the air.


The Good-- Last week’s Raw, I felt, accomplished all it’s goals in terms of build, but the ‘entertainment value’ was seriously lacking. This week, they hit their goals, but made this show a ton of fun to boot and this might have been one of the best Raw’s of the year.

The Six Man Tag with all six young stallions drew a tremendous amount of heat and they managed to put together a really, really fun match that in many respects, was quite good as well.

The ‘other’ six-man tag was a great old school match with the heel team using a TON of old Piper heel spots that really worked for me and made for a fun match. It’s nice to see WWE taking time to build a tag title match.

Even Kane-Umaga was built really, really well and the hot NY crowd really helped things.

I don’t know if it was me or not, but it really seemed like the matches tonight were as a whole, far better than they usually are on Raw.

The Bad-- Holy smokes Nitro was awful on the mic yet again this week. Melina nearly saved him, but quickly botched it by handing it back over to Nitro. The good thing though, is that he’s getting experience working the stick and that’s the ONLY way he’s going to get better. If I’m Vince, I give Nitro a plethora of old tapes featuring the likes of Paul Orndorff, Rick Rude, and Shawn Michaels and see if he can draw something from it. He’ll get there, but he’s obviously nowhere near where he should be at this point.

The third quarter of the show seemed a little lost. It went uber hot for a little while then cooled off out of nowhere. I felt they could have done a little more with Trish Stratus, this being her last Raw and what not and gone a little longer with both the match and the segment and we wouldn’t have felt like we were trying to scrape segments together to fit the time.

The Ugly-- Nothing ‘ugly’ tonight. Feels good to say that.

Overall B+- This was a really fun Raw and they really hit the nail on the head for the build to Unforgiven. Last week accomplished it’s goals at their base, but the ‘fun’ factor I felt was lacking and that wasn’t the case this week. I felt every feud got it’s proper build leading into the pay per view. The atmosphere was great and the sic man tag with Cena and co. was a ton of fun. A really quality Raw, despite the fact that it lagged in the third quarter a bit.

Quick Results

Umaga def. Ric Flair
The Highlanders & Roddy Piper def. The Spirit Squad
John Cena, Carlito & Jeff Hardy def. Edge, Randy Orton & Johnny Nitro
Trish Stratus def. Mickie James
Vince McMahon def. Triple H

Who’s Hot, Who’s Not?

Biggest pops
1. Carlito
2. Triple H
3. Jeff Hardy
4. Ric Flair

Most Heat
1. Edge
2. Vince and Shane McMahon
3. Randy Orton
4. Chris Masters

Match of the night: Six-man Tag Match **3/4

Power Rankings

WWE Champion: Edge (Last Week: WWE Champion)—Edge had, as far as mic work goes, his best night as champion tonight. The promo was full of good heel stuff that not only worked over Cena, but worked over Booker T, The Yankees, and the NYC fans. He hit all sorts of angles tonight and it made for a great promo. He really looked like the ‘leader’ of the six-man team as well hitting all sorts of dastardly moves behind the ref’s back. Great, great heel work from Edge tonight who’s quickly coming into his own as WWE champ. It’s a shame it might be at a point where he loses the title.

Intercontinental Champion: Johnny Nitro (Last Week: Intercontinental Champion)—Three bad weeks in a row now for Nitro on the mic. He almost got bailed a couple of times but opened his mouth before Hardy nailed him and it took away from it. It was a poor promo even by Indy standards. Get this kid some tapes because in the ring, he’s got the package. The potential is there, it just needs to be cultivated.

1.John Cena (Last Week: 1)—Cena got another week of mixed reactions and came out on top tonight, which MAY mean he’s losing this Sunday. This is probably the most unpredictable championship match this year where anyone, I feel, could win. Either way you cut it though, he NEEDS to put on a good match, regardless of the result.

2. Carlito (Last Week: 4)—Carlito gets a well-deserved bump up and for the second week in a row, got by far the largest reaction of any baby face on the brand. His character has really taken on a roll of it’s own much like Eddie Guererro’s did a couple of years back. He’s expanding the move set and surprises everyone every week. Clearly the up and comer on the Raw brand.

3. Randy Orton (Last Week: 3)—Orton will stay put for now. Orton may not have the wins, but he’s really getting the facials down and doing the little things that can help his limited move set look better. Orton has a ceiling, IMO, with regards to his ring work. However, no one on this roster is more of a natural heel. Exploit that and work on the little things that can make even the most basic of move sets take the back seat to his good work.

4. Umaga (Last Week: 2)—Gets a win, but looked uber vulnerable against Kane last night. Their stare-down even got a great reaction from the crowd which is good. This guy was a stud while over in Japan last year and has received the guidance he deserves in the WWE to progress. I’m actually interested in what Kane and this guy can throw together.

5. Jeff Hardy (Last Week: 7)—Hardy hasn’t exactly mesmerized me since coming back, but he’s been booked well for the most part and has come away with a win this week in a heat-injected match. He benefits from that and the fact that the DX-McMahons stuff is about as good as, well, “watching paint dry”.

6. Kane (Last Week: 8)—Maybe it’s just me, but I’d consider giving Kane a win in this Umaga feud, maybe not Sunday, but at some point. He has looked awesome in this feud and has been booked the way he should be. I really liked the segment tonight and it seems that fans are finally starting to react to him again.

7. Triple H (Last Week: 5)—I just don’t think this McMahons feud has done a bit of good for anyone involved. The No Holds Barred match was just totally a ‘paint by the numbers’ kind of match and really lost any interest the fans would have had in it after the back stage attack, by of all people, Lance Cade and Trevor Murdoch.

8. HBK (Last Week: 6)—If anyone has gotten lost in this entire feud, it’s been HBK. It may be by choice, as HBK has voiced his displeasure with the DX thing and the McMahon angle in general. However, Michaels is a total sideshow unto himself and any attempt to rescue his friend is almost a sure-fire sign that he’ll get murdered. Just a dead end feud that’s gone on way, way too long and isn’t deserving of a hell in a cell match in any way , shape, or form.

9.Super Crazy (Last Week: 10)—Our favorite CW from south of the boarder picks up his second win in as many weeks over Chris Masters tonight. Looks like they MIGHT inject him into the IC title picture if they keep it up at this pace.

10. Ric Flair (Last Week: 9)—Flair drops a spot because of the loss, but they protected him to an extent tonight with the DQ. Seems like they’re saving him for something, and hopefully something big. If Edge wins on Sunday, I wouldn’t mind seeing him get the title shot at Cyber Sunday. It’d be a perfectly appropriate title match for that show.

Dropping Out: NONE)


WWE Championship—TLC
Edge v. John Cena

--I’m expecting this to be a very good match for both guys. Either way, Cena needs to have a really memorable match at this point win or lose. I think the win tosses Raw a step backwards right now and that’s why I think Edge winning would really vault his character into the credible super main eventer spot he’s so close to being in right now. At the same time, Cena heading to Smackdown does three things: 1.) It sets up for Cena-Batista at Wrestlemania, which may be the biggest draw WWE has right now; 2.) The younger Smackdown audience will be more sympathetic to Cena’s character; and 3.) The main event scene needs someone of his stature. While I think Cena losing this match makes too much sense to bother arguing about anymore, I don’t think WWE sees it that way and has almost forced themselves to put the belt back on Cena, given the time investment they’ve put into him, and I have a hard time seeing them NOT do that, despite having no real title match options after Edge.

Pick: John Cena
Projected Star Rating: ***1/2 in a total spot fest

Hell in a Cell
The McMahons & Big Show v. DX

--Cut it any way you want to, but I think we’re going to get a HUGE bump from someone, likely Shane, in this match. That’ll make it memorable, but let’s face it, outside of that, this is going to be a total bomb of a match. Big Show will add a lot as he and Triple H have a ton of chemistry, and Shawn Michaels will make it somewhat watchable, but what Vince does in all of this, I have no idea. This’ll be lame and even if DX lost, I don’t think it’d do anything for the brand. Dead end match with a dead end feud.

Pick: DX
Projected Star Rating: * (one big spot makes the crowd pop)

Randy Orton v. Carlito

--This is the biggest match of the night. This is easily the biggest match of both wrestlers’ careers. It’s make or break for Orton. He wins, he’s still in the game. He loses, expect him to wallow in mid card hell for a good, long time. If Carlito wins this, he’s my early pick to headline Wrestlemania on the Raw side. He’s getting monster reactions and improving in the ring every week. Now, that being said I think he’s far from ready for that spot, but in WWE Land, they don’t care. This should be a solid match, but I think given people’s expectations, it’ll inevitably disappoint. Regardless, I can’t QUITE see Carlito getting the win here, but he’ll look super strong either way.

Pick: Randy Orton
Projected Star Rating: **3/4

WWE Women’s Championship
Lita v. Trish Stratus

--It’s customary for outgoing wrestlers to job. Trish looks at the lights here on her way out. This’ll be a barn-burner if they give them the time. Say what you want about Lita, when in the ring with Trish, it’s a different person. This’ll be a great women’s match and again, if given the time, may be one of the most memorable Women’s matches ever.

Pick: Lita
Projected Star Rating: ***

World Tag Team Championship
The Spirit Squad v. The Highlanders

--This one is pretty easy. The Highlanders get the win and WWE initiates the break up of the Spirit Squad. With Cryme Tyme coming in, $10 says they get a title shot and feud with the Highlanders pretty quick. For the Spirit Squad, well, there are a ton of ways they can go, we’ll just have to be patient and watch. Should be a fun match, but I doubt it goes longer than 10 minutes.

Pick: The Highlanders
Projected Star Rating: **

Intercontinental Championship
Johnny Nitro v. Jeff Hardy

--Another relatively easy match to pick. I think Nitro gets the controversial win here and keeps the gold. Mick Foley is in his future and I think we’ll get it sooner than expected, but not yet. Hardy will win this belt, IMO, fairly soon, but they’re going to build this a bit more before Foley costs Nitro the strap. Hopefully, this won’t be nearly as bad as last week’s train wreck was. If they stick to the basics and lay off the flips, this could be okay, but anything Jeff Hardy related tells me they won’t.

Pick: Johnny Nitro
Projected Star Rating: **

Umaga v. Kane

I may be the only guy in the internet wrestling media who’s actually digging this match. I’d flirt even with giving Kane a win at some point, whether that be by DQ or otherwise. This feud has been simple-stupid, but well executed for the most part. They got a great reaction tonight, so it proves they’re doing something right. As for the match, if Umaga can toss Kane around a little bit and vice versa, it’ll be entertaining but the chances of it being ‘good’ in a literal sense, is quite low.

Pick: Umaga
Projected Star Rating: **

Overall: This should be a pretty solid pay per view. With two guaranteed spot fest and one or two potentially good wrestling matches, this has the potential to be show of the year for WWE. But we’ve all been down this path a million times in the last two years. I expect it to be above average with a sound under card, maybe a dud, and a very good main event.