Raw Results - 9/25/06 - Oklahoma City, OK (Cena vs. Lita - Bischoff)

Reported by Adam Martin of WrestleView.com
On Tuesday, September 26, 2006 at 1:47 AM EST

WWE Raw Results - 9/25/06
Live From: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Commentators: Jim Ross & Jerry "The King" Lawler
Report By: Adam Martin of WrestleView.com

- WWE promo hits (which still included a shot of now TNA star Kurt Angle). WWE Raw promo hits. We go live to Oklahoma City where a huge display of pyro goes off. The lights in the arena then go dark and we see spotlights moving across the crowd. The camera goes on Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler who let us know they are having some technical difficulties at the moment.

- Lilian Garcia goes to introduce Candice Michelle, but her mic is dead. We hear Candice's music and she comes down the ramp on a dark set with only a spotlight focusing on her and a few more on the ring. Lita was out next. The lights are still out and the entire Raw setup is dark. Kinda felt like you were watching a House Show on TV, only with bad lighting. Not WWE's fault though.

- Lita defeated Candice Michelle with Edge as a special guest referee in Round 1 of the WWE Women's Title Tournament. Lita introduced Edge as the special guest referee. Edge checked both Candice and Lita for any foreign objects. When the bell rang, Edge hit Candice with a Spear and Lita covered her. Just as Edge counted the "3", John Cena hit the ring and took out Edge. Some lights started to come back on in the arena as Edge and Lita bolted up the ramp.


- Back live, all the lights are back on in the arena. John Cena gets on the mic and says Edge tried to knock the power out because he didn't want to fight him. Edge tells Cena to shut up and that he will probably take credit for the power coming back on now. Cena said the fans want to see him kick his ass. Edge mocks the fans when they answer back and he said they wouldn't be taking place tonight because he would invoke his re-match close on his own terms. Cena then started making slut jokes about Lita. Lita said she is a human being and those jokes hurt. She calls Cena a joke and how everyone in the locker room thinks he is a bad wrestler. Lita says Edge is a better wrestler than Cena and adds that even she is better. Edge then challenged Cena to face Lita tonight with one arm tied behind his back. Cena accepted and Edge calmed down Lita who didn't like the idea.

- Clips of WWE in Mexico were shown.

- Kane defeated Johnny Nitro via DQ in a WWE Intercontinental Championship Match; Nitro retains. The match finished when Umaga hit the ring with Kane having Nitro setup for a Tombstone Piledriver. Umaga hit Kane over the back with a steel chair and then hit his head with a huge charge in the corner.

- Backstage, Shawn Micheals was reading the new WWE Magazine when Triple H walked up. He mentioned the article about Triple H and how he managed to talk about Hulk Hogan, Ultimate Warrior, the Madison Square Garden incident and more. Triple H reminded him he talked about his different choices of facial hair as well. Michaels complained there was no advertisements for DX gear in the magazine. Both did the cheesy plug for WWEShop.com where you can buy all your DX gear. Maria walked up and asked them about the Gauntlet later tonight. Triple H said they had two words for Coach and the crowd finished it. Maria said she didn't catch that. Triple H whispered into her ear. She said she still didn't get it. Triple H tried to offer a "visual aid" by starting to pull down his trunks when Michaels pulled him back and they left. Eugene walked up and said hi to Maria. Maria said DX just told her to "suck it." Eugene rolled his eyes into the back of his head and fell over.


- Backstage, The Coach approached Shelton Benjamin who was with Torrie Wilson and her dogs. Coach asked Benjamin why he tried to embarss him last week by saying he was overlooked in WWE because he was a black man. Coach said Benjamin never captializes on his opportunites. Benjamin reminds him that he is a former three-time Intercontinental Champion. Coach said Benjamin shouldn't accuse McMahon of discrimination since Martin Luther King Jr. was his hero. They continue to argue when Jeff Hardy walks up trying to be black (and it wasn't funny). Coach booked the two in a match later tonight. Edge and Lita then walked out of Coach's office. They brought up Cena accepting a match with Lita tonight with one arm tied behind his back. Coach made it a No Holds Barred Match, but said Edge couldn't lay a finger on Cena and if he did, he would lose his re-match for the title.


- John Cena teaming with Batista & Bobby Lashley against King Booker, William Regal & Finlay on Friday Night Smackdown this week is plugged.

- Ric Flair defeated Mikey of The Spirit Squad. Flair got the win over Mikey when he tossed Nicky into other members of The Spirit Squad on the outside outside and looked to hit what was a stiff punch to get the pinfall. After the match, Kenny looked at Flair with an angry look on his face.


- Clips of John Cena on Mad TV this Saturday is shown.

- D-Generation X defeated The Highlanders in the first match in the Guantlet. Triple H distracted Robbie allowing Shawn Michaels to hit Rory with the Sweet Chin Music. After this, Triple H hit Robbie with a Pedigree.

- D-Generation X defeated Viscera & Charlie Haas. The finish saw Triple H hit a Pedigree on Haas and then Michaels hit Viscera with a Sweet Chin Music. Viscera then fell on Haas and DX sat on top to get the pinfall.

- D-Generation X vs. Lance Cade & Trevor Murdoch ended in a No Contest. The finish saw Murdoch come in the ring with a steel chair, but Michaels hit him with a mule kick and the referee called for the bell.

- The three hour "WWE Raw Family Reunion" special is promoted.


- Country star Toby Keith was shown at ringside.

- Another Cryme Tyme promo airs. They took out a man getting money from an ATM this time.

- Jeff Hardy defeated Shelton Benjamin. The finish saw Benjamin counter a Twist of Fate from Hardy, but Hardy then rolled up Benjamin to get the pinfall.


- Clips from "The Marine" starring John Cena aired. They also showed Marines in the front row at the show.

- Randy Orton's music hit and they came out. They plugged Brooke Hogan's new CD. Chris Masters was out next as Orton's tag team partner.


- Carlito & Super Crazy defeated Randy Orton & Chris Masters. The finish saw Carlito counter out of the Masterlock and then hit a springboard flip over Masters into a Back Cracker for the win. After the match, Randy Orton hit Carlito with an RKO.


- The Coach was in the ring when we came back live. He introduced the former General Manager of Raw, Eric Bischoff. Bischoff came out with his new book in hand. Bischoff got on the mic and brought up how he was fired by Vince McMahon back in December. He talked about signing a book deal with WWE before he was fired and plugged the title - "Controversy Creates Cash." Bischoff said he tells the truth about his career in the book, adding that some of the things he said were going to piss off Vince McMahon. He said it will tell the truth about how this very show wouldn't exist in its current form with WCW Monday Nitro. Bischoff said there would be no DX without the nWo (hint, hint maybe?). He then said there would be no "Mr. McMahon" if it weren't for himself. The Coach's music then started to play and Coach pulled the mic away from Bischoff. Coach told Bischoff he was done when Lita's music started to play. Lita came out along with Edge, who was holding the rope to be used on John Cena later.


- WWE Champion John Cena defeated Lita with one arm tied behind Cena's back. After the referee tied Cena's arm behind his back, Lita got in a few slaps then a low blow. Cena then grabbed Lita with his free arm, threw her up on his shoulders and hit an FU. Cena covered Lita to get the pinfall.

After the match, Smackdown's World Heavyweight Champion King Booker, William Regal and Finlay hit the ring and started attacking John Cena. Booker said it was time for Cena to be humbled tonight because he thinks he can waltz into Smackdown. Lots of brawling for what seemed like forever when Cena trying to fight off Regal and Finlay. It ended with Finlay knocking out Cena with the shillelagh and then forcing him to kiss Booker's foot.

When Booker, Regal and Finlay all left, Edge came into the ring with a mic. He started laughing at Cena who said he will get his ass kicked this Friday on Smackdown. Edge then told Cena he was going to invoke his re-match clause and said next week, for the WWE Championship, it would be Cena vs. Edge inside a Steel Cage. Edge's music hit and he stood over a beaten Cena to end the show.