Raw Results - 10/16/06 - Los Angeles, CA (K-Fed gets FU'd, & more)

Reported by Hunter Golden of WrestleView.com
On Monday, October 16, 2006 at 11:23 PM EST

October 16, 2006
Los Angeles, CA
Commentators: Jim Ross & Jerry “The King” Lawler
Reported By: Hunter Golden of WrestleView.com

JR and King welcome us to the home of Wrestlemania 21, the Staples Center in Los Angeles, CA.

Lillian went to introduce the first segment of the night until DX’s music cut her off. Edge and Randy Orton came out in HBK and Triple H get ups. They looked hysterical. Edge was decked out in the nose and beard while Randy Orton looked like he just walked out of the Blue Oyster club.

“The Game” asked us if we were ready. I sure am. Edge said if this is what it took to sell merchandise and other stuff, that they didn’t want any of it. Edge put the two over as the most talented guys in the industry. He said they didn’t need to make other people look like idiots to further their careers and the only people that liked DX’s act were 12 year olds and the idiots in the audience.

Orton said that because of these people, DX runs around and does whatever they want. Orton said tonight and from here on out, that would stop. Orton said he would kill the legend of DX with the help of Edge. He said for all of the people that liked DX, they had two words for them, “You suck”.

DX’s music hit and the real DX came out to the ramp looking puzzled. They headed down to the ring to confront the upstarts. HBK said before they got started, they needed to tell him whether or not he looked like that big of an idiot when they came out together. Triple H said he wasn’t going to lie before asking these two where they were coming from. He said they were two of the biggest stars in the history of the WWE. Triple H didn’t think these two were jokes before asking the crowd their opinion.

They recapped the Live Sex Show segment with Edge and put over it’s ratings draw even if Edge couldn’t ‘rise to the occasion and showed Edge in his underwear. Triple H moved onto Orton. He said he was one of the biggest Superstars ever that he was even an icon. He said that Orton was the most downloaded superstar in the WWE on the world wide web, or at least within the gay community. He said if you enter Randy Orton + Gay community you get tons of pictures, like this, and flashed a picture of Orton in his towel. Orton told him to hold on a minute before a picture of HBK’s old playgirl pictures flashed. He asked to show the one of Orton with the midget and the jellybeans and Orton said he had enough. He wanted Triple H in a match tonight. Triple H said he didn’t swing that way. Edge said he wanted him one on one so they could beat his ass. Sure.

Orton cut them off and said Triple H was jealous and if he had the guts, he’d prove it tonight. Triple H accepted the challenge. HBK said if they thought for one second they’d kill the legend of DX, then they’d have two words. The four began trading blows before DX cleared the heels out of the ring.


The Spirit Squad v. Cryme Tyme

Oh good lord. Here comes Cryme Tyme.

Johnny started things off with Johnny. Johnny won the first shoulder block battle before getting hip tossed and drop kicked by JT. Big Shazz tagged in and hit a mean looking shoulder block before tagging in JTG and hitting a nice double team. Mikey hit a nice blind tag and hit a nice bulldog before going to work on JT. Mickey went for a cover and JTG kicked out. Johnny tagged in and hit a double suplex with his partner and hit a vertical suplex before going for another cover attempt.

Johnny cinched in a headlock before tagging in Mikey. JTG countered out of the double suplex attempt and tagged in Big Shazz. Shazz hit some shoulder blocks, a big back body drop and a mean flap jack before killing Mikey with a big boot to the face but had the cover attempt broken up. He hit a big double clothesline and Kenny tried to interfere but JTG tossed him off the rope.

JTG tagged in and hit a neckbeaker Samoan drop combo and the two ‘stole’ the victory.

Winners: Cryme Tyme

Randy Orton v. Triple H later tonight!


During the break, the Spirit Squad had a huge argument that resulted in Kenny stomping off.

Todd Grisham was in the back with Melina and Johnny Nitro. He asked about their A-list celebrity. Melina said they’d announce who it was when they felt like it.

A video putting over “The Marine”, starring John Cena, aired.

Our King Booker was in the back with Sharmell and Jonathon Coachman. He said he wanted to welcome them to Raw for Vince McMahon’s big announcement later. King Booker thanked him before Cryme Tyme walked in all excited about free food. They hugged King Booker and loved his ‘bling bling ring’. They called him King Bee-zee. Good lord. Coach asked them if they understood that. The King said he didn’t speak their language. Booker asked Sharmell to get his wallet because he had something for Coach and surprise, surprise, it got stolen.

Jeff Hardy puts the IC Championship on the line in a fatal four way and that’s next!


Intercontinental Championship—Fatal Four Way
Jeff Hardy v. Chris Masters v. Super Crazy v. Shelton Benjamin

The four squared off and went at it, Shelton and Crazy, Masters and Hardy. Crazy hit a nice head scissors on Benjamin that sent him to the outside. Hardy hit a kick to the gut and a clothesline. Crazy and Shelton went at it on the outside while Hardy and Masters controlled the inside of the ring.

Masters hit a suplex on Hardy and got a two count on the cover attempt. Masters landed some shoulder thrusts in the corner before missing a clothesline attempt. Hardy worked him over in the corner while Super Crazy and Benjamin fought it out in the nearby corner. Super Crazy caught Hardy looking for that drop kick and dumped him to the outside. He climbed to the top rope and Benjamin met him there but Masters got to his feet and hit a power bomb/ suplex spot. Masters went for the cover but only got a two count.


We came back to Hardy in control of Masters. Masters blocked a suplex attempt and hit a delayed vertical suplex of his own. Shelton dumped him out of the ring and went for the cover and almost got the pin. Shelton went for the T-Bone, but Hardy hit a sunset flip and almost got the cover. Masters jumped back in the ring and jumped Hardy.

He whipped Hardy to the buckles but missed the follow up. Hardy went for the twist of fate but got cold cocked by a super kick from Shelton. Shelton punched away at Masters before Super Crazy came flying in with a missile drop kick. He almost got a crucifix pin but couldn’t roll Masters up for the three. He went for a wheelbarrow bulldog but Masters caught him in the Master lock. Benjamin spring boarded in and caught Masters with a springboard wheel kick.

Hardy came bounding into the ring hitting a leap frog senton in the ring before catching Benjamin with Whisper in the Wind. Hardy went for a cover but only got a two count. Crazy whipped Hardy into the ropes who drop kicked Shelton Benjamin to the floor and quickly dispatched of Super Crazy. He hit the twist of fate on Masters and followed it up with the Swanton bomb for the three count.

Winner and STILL Intercontinental Champion: Jeff Hardy via pin fall

King Booker was in the back ‘reporting’ Cryme Tyme to the cops. He excused himself from his rant for a second to talk to Big Show. Big Show said he was here for the same reason Booker was, to hear McMahon’s announcement. Coach interrupted them to let them know Vince was here.

Vince asked where Cena was and told Coach to go find him. He told Show and Booker they’d find his announcement of great interest.


Melina and Johnny Nitro came out to the ramp and made their way down to the ring. Nitro got on the mic (yikes) and said they had a special guest tonight, that he was an A-lister. He said he was one of the biggest stars in Hollywood, and actor and rapper and a close personal friend of Nitro and Melina. They introduced Kevin Fedderline. Talk about heel heat.

K-Fed grabbed the mic and hugged Nitro and Melina. He gave the thumbs down to the crowd before thanking Nitro and Melina for inviting him to Raw. He said actually, it wasn’t so good to be here. He said these people needed to stop boo-ing himself and the two heels and treat them with some respect. He said the same people in here boo-ing were the same people who were buying magazines with his face in it every week. He told everyone they were superficial L.A. posers. Melina said that was profound. He said since he was out here, she wanted him to debut a new song off his new album. He asked the crowd if they wanted to hear him rap and the crowd literally screamed NO!!! He told them to buy his album.

John Cena’s music hit and he came out to a big, big pop. Cena told everyone to hold up for a second. He said he couldn’t have K Fed and the gang promise some sort of performance and just waltz out. He said he didn’t want these people to get cheated. Cena said he hadn’t done this in a long time before going for a rap.

He said the album was called playing with fire, hold on, let’s call it the world biggest scumbag, here he is Kevin Federline. The only reason people know him is because he had John Cena street cred and Paris Hilton talent. He said K Fed hanged with a guy who liked semen. He said if K Fed wasn’t around, he’s be spearing Brittany. Nitro took off his garb and went to defend K Fed but Cena dispatched him quickly.

Big Show’s music hit and he came out to the ring. King Booker quickly followed. Vince’s music hit quickly after that and he came strutting out to the ring as well. Vince said he had all three champions in the ring at the same time. He said at Cyber Sunday we’d get that too. He said on that day we’d figure out who was the champion of champions. He said not only would their pride be at stake, but one of them would actually be defending their title on that night. Vince said he could make that decision himself, but for fun’s sake, he was going to leave that in the hands of the fans. None of the three seemed too thrilled about the announcement. Show and Booker left with Vince as Cena stared them out of the ring.

Cena looked around at the crowd before noticing that K-Fed was still hanging around. He said that everyone was copying him so he invited him back into the ring. He said however, K-Fed would vote, everyone would vote with him. He asked him who he was going to vote for and he said Cena’s. He said he wanted him to get his ass kicked up and down this ring. Cena tossed his mic off to the side and tried to cool down but then grabbed K-Fed and Fu’d him. Federline sold it like death.


Steve-O and the boys from Jackass are here.

Carlito v. Rob Conway

Conway went right at Carlito ramming him into the turnbuckle and pounding away on him. Carlito fought back with some chops and a springboard reverse elbow. Carlito landed a kick to the gut, knee lift, and clothesline. Carlito whipped him to the buckle but missed the follow up and almost got rolled up for the three count. Conway took a big swing with the left hand but it missed and Carlito ducked under and connected with the back cracker.

Winner: Carlito via pin fall

Vince ran across Edge and Lita in the back. Edge said he had a groundbreaking announcement of his own. Vince said he saw a tag match at Cyber Sunday with him and Orton facing DX. Edge asked if the fans could choose a special guest referee for the event. He proposed Coach, Eric Bischoff, or even Vince McMahon himself. Vince said he liked the idea but he’d think about it and said Edge had a future in the business and walked off.


Todd Grisham was in the ring and put over the amount of celebrities were in the crowd. He introduced Steve-O and Chris Pointius from Jackass who rushed the ring. Steve-O said they were here to whoop some butt and kick some ass. Pointius said someone was going to hell a little earlier. They went to talk about their favorite wrestlers before Armando Alejandro Estrada interrupted them.

He said he heard they liked to do some crazy things. He said he heard these guys weren’t that crazy and their stuff was all an act. Steve-O said they’d do anything. Estrada asked them if they meant anything. Steve-O said he meant it. Estrada said since they were willing to do anything, he wanted them to meet a friend of his, Umaga.

Steve-O took off his shirt as did Chris who was smiling. Steve-O got on the second rope and got the fans behind him before doing a flip off the top rope. Umaga stiffed both of them, killing Steve-O with a spine buster before nailing Chris with a samoan drop. Steve-O was laughing at Chris’ misfortune before Umaga came back in the ring, killed him with a chop and nailing him with a big splash. Umaga kept pounding away at him with some super stiff forearms before leaving them in a heap.

Maria was in the back getting ready for her match, which is next.


Another video putting over the Marine aired.

Three Six Mafia is in the crowd.

Second Chance Bra and Panties Invitational
Candice Michelle v. Maria v. Torrie Wilson v. Victoria

The winner of this match advances into the semi-finals of the women’s title tournament.

The bell rang and women started flying. Victoria planted Torrie with a shoulder thrust in the corner before Candice ripped off Maria’s top. Victoria took off Torrie’s top next. Candice ducked under a punch and hit a nice springboard arm drag before getting some help from Torrie in removing Victoria’s pants. Maria snuck up on Torrie and yanked her pants down for the win.

Winner: Maria

The Smackdown rebound aired and showed Batista’s victory over Finlay and Lashley to become the #1 contender for the World Heavyweight Championship.

Triple H v. Randy Orton is next!


Triple H v. Randy Orton

Orton jumped Triple H at the bell and came right at the Game. Orton whipped him to the buckles but got flattened with two clotheslines. Orton caught Triple H on a clothesline in the corner attempt with a back elbow, but the Game blocked him and sent him crashing to the floor. It looks like Orton hurt his knee.


Triple H hit a vertical suplex and drove a knee to Orton’s head and got a two count. Triple H continued the pressure, hitting some punches before turning around to notice Lita making her way down to the ringside area.

Triple H got tossed to the outside due to the distraction and Edge DDT’d him on the floor. Orton rolled Triple H back into the ring and stomped away on the game. He cinched in a neck vice before planting Triple H with a neck breaker that got a two count. Orton continued to work over the game, raking away at his face. Triple H fought out with some punches but Orton quickly shot Triple H into the ropes and hit a power slam that got a two count. Orton continued to assault the Game in the corner, landing a series of right hands before Triple H began to fight back. Triple H gained the advantage before decking Orton with a big right hand.

Orton came off the ropes but got hit with a high knee to the face. HHH pushed him to the corner and punched and stomped away at the legend killer, until he caught a thumb to the eye. Triple H caught Orton and hit a face buster before going for a pedigree, but Edge distracted him.

Orton hit his reverse back breaker and looked for the RKO. Triple H shoved him off though and nailed him with a spine buster. Lita distracted he referee while Edge snuck into the ring and low blowed Triple H. HBK took out Edge but Lita snuck a steel chair into the ring. Orton went to nail the Game but the referee was tangled up with Edge and Lita and didn’t notice HBK darting into the ring and handing the chair off to Triple H. Triple H bashed Orton in the skull with a sick chair shot and made the cover for the one, two, three.

Winner: Triple H via pin fall


The Good-- This Orton/Edge thing is a good thing. I thought the impression was hysterical, especially Orton. The segment was well done and set us off on the right foot.

The Federline-Cena thing was fun for what it was. Nice sell job by K-Fed there. I’m still a little down on the whole champion of champions thing, but this was at the least, a fun segment.

Holy smokes did Umaga stiff the hell out of the Jackass guys tonight as well. Just sucks he doesn't have a thing to do to keep up his momentum from the Kane feud.

Also, hats off to the youngsters again, putting on an entertaining fatal four way. It’d be nice to see them graduate to some real programs though.

The Bad-- Again, I just didn’t feel like anything worthwhile happened tonight. It was a fun, entertaining show for what it was, but in the long run, there just isn’t much going on. There’s ONE feud going on right now that’s related to the brand. The other is sort of dabbling in the other shows. I love brand interaction, and it’s a natural at this time of year, but again, this just seems like it’s headed nowhere and you can only get yourself in trouble potentially.

The Ugly-- Nothing too ugly tonight. Everyone got a pretty good fair shake and everything came off looking pretty good. One thing I did notice though, was it me or did no one have any idea that Maria was supposed to win her match when she did?

Overall- B ---This was a pretty fun Raw. I didn’t feel like we really got anywhere per sae, as it only seems Raw is building two feuds for Cyber Sunday, but still, it was fun. The celebrities were used well and I enjoyed both segments. The DX feud got off to a good start, although I’m a little iffy on the outcome of the Triple H-Orton match. The Champion of Champions match got a nice little new twist, but still doesn’t seem to serve much of a purpose in the big picture. Again, some fun stuff, but I still feel like we didn’t really get anywhere so to speak.

Quick Results

Cryme Tyme def. The Spirit Squad
Jeff Hardy def. Chris Masters, Super Crazy & Shelton Benjamin
Carlito def. Rob Conway
Maria def. Victoria, Torrie Wilson & Candice Michelle
Triple H def. Randy Orton

Who’s Hot, Who’s Not?

Biggest pops
1. John Cena
2. DX
3. Steve-O and Chris Pointius
4. Carlito

Most Heat
1. Kevin Federline
2. Edge and Randy Orton
3. Umaga
4. Johnny Nitro

Match of the night: IC Championship Fatal Four Way *3/4

Power Rankings

WWE Champion: John Cena (Last Week: WWE Champion)—A tad distracted by Kevin Federline tonight. Still, this whole champion of champions thing is a real road to nowhere and tearfully predictable. I wish I could say I was interested.

Intercontinental Champion: Jeff Hardy (Last Week: IC Champion)—Good action and nice title defense for him tonight. I’d like to see them expand this division a little bit more though and feature some programs. Right now, Raw’s got one real story line, so it’s not like they’re strapped for time. Hardy is enough of a draw, on that level at least, to be able to pull in something fairly memorable.

1.Umaga (Last Week: 1)—I feel pretty bad for this guy. Like the gimmick or not, he’s had some great momentum built up for him and you’d THINK it would be time to give him a real high profile feud at this point, but they decided to pretty much do nothing with him. Too bad, another opportunity missed.

2. Triple H (Last Week: 4)—I’ll flip flop him and Orton for this week. He gets the win but I can’t but question the booking here as well. What needs to be done is to make the Edge-Orton team look like it’s a credible challenger to DX’s mantle so to speak. Orton has had a clean win over anyone since he won the world title at Summerslam 2004 and Edge just came off a losing feud with Cena. It’s certainly not the end of the world, but still, I think they’re missing the point a bit.

3. Edge (Last Week: 3)—I’ll bump him ahead of HBK for this week because of the great stick work.

4. HBK (Last Week: 5)—Meh, again is just sort of there with this DX thing. The Playgirl photo spot was pretty funny but other than that, he seems like he’s been in cruise control with this whole DX thing.

5. Randy Orton (Last Week: 2)—Takes a loss tonight so he naturally falls a bit. Again, they REALLY need to make Orton, above everyone /*, look strong in this feud. He can’t be the guy to take falls. A job-fest on Orton’s part in this feud will add up to his career circling the drain. Be careful.

6. Carlito (Last Week: 6)—A win over Rob Conway is well, nothing special, but a win’s a win. Something more than anyone /* below him can say. He stays put.

7. Ric Flair (Last Week: 7)—Didn’t show up.

8. Johnny Nitro (Last Week 8)—Performs poorly on the mic again, this time with Kevin Federline. Going nowhere fast. The only reason he’s not in total free fall right now is because no one below him on the card is doing anything worth mentioning.

9.Super Crazy (Last Week: 10)—Crazy has been excellent on Raw and playing his role well. Unfortunately he can barely speak english so any hopes of any substantial push is out the window. Has played his role well though.

10. Shelton Benjamin (Last Week: NR)—Finally gets back to the top 10, but unfortunately it’s not because of anything he did per sae, it’s more for what everyone /* isn’t or hasn’t had the opportunity to do.

Dropping Out: Kane (Last Week: 9)