Raw Results - 10/30/06 - Moline, IL (Orton vs HHH, Cena vs ? - more)

Reported by Hunter Golden of WrestleView.com
On Monday, October 30, 2006 at 11:32 PM EST

October 30, 2006
Moline, IL
Commentators: Jim Ross & Jerry “The King” Lawler
Reported By: Hunter Golden of WrestleView.com

The Cutting Edge feat. Randy Orton

Edge and Orton were in the ring together. Edge said it was hard to bear such bad news on such a big day, his birthday, that he knew he had to spend it with all these people. Orton said he had something to make him feel better and showed him the footage of his victory over Triple H last week on Raw.

Edge said not only did it make him feel better, but it also fired him up. He said at Cyber Sunday, DX would suffer the biggest beatings of their lives. He said not only would they have to deal with Orton and himself, but also a special guest referee as voted on by the fans on wwe.com. He introduced the potential guest referees, Vince McMahon, Coach, and Eric Bischoff.

Edge welcomed all three to the show. He said the three should explain to the audience why they should be special guest referee. Bischoff thanked him and took the mic. He said that he believed controversy creates cash and then plugged his vote. He said DX wasn’t a very original idea and that they had no clue what controversy was all about. He said he was controversial before Shawn or Hunter, or even Vince understood what controversy was all about. He said if he got the vote at Cyber Sunday, he’d show them what controversy was all about.

Coach went next and said DX didn’t respect him nor his position as Executive Assistant. He said both men have undermined his authority. So therefore, tonight, he was asking, uh, no begging, the fans to give him the opportunity to prove to DX that he was no joke.

Vince said he shouldn’t pontificate as to why he should be chosen and that he’d show them the same respect he’s shown them. He said tonight we’d get to see Triple H v. Randy Orton again in a rubber match. He said to demonstrate the importance of Sunday’s vote, they needed a special guest referee tonight and it would be Edge. Vince excused everyone and said he needed to have a word with Coach.

Vince asked him if he realized that one week from tonight, Raw could have no WWE Champion. Coach said he realized that. He said Cena lost at ECW within this year already, he could very well lose the belt again. Coach said he was going to give Cena the night off, so he could be rested. Vince said that was a bad idea. Coach proposed a handicapped match for him and Vince rejected that as well. Coach asked Vince what he would do. He said he would allow all of these fans who will face John Cena here tonight in the main event. Will it be King Booker? Will it be ECW Champion Big Show? Or will it be someone who’s never been a champion and probably never will, Jonathan Coachman? Vince said we’d determine the Raw main event just like they would this Sunday. He said we could even use our cell phones. Oh joy.


Johnny Nitro w/ Melina v. Shelton Benjamin v. Carlito

Jeff Hardy came down to scout out the match.

Nitro and Benjamin jumped Carlito and went to work on him in the corner. Carlito ducked under a clothesline and went for his spring board back elbow but the two caught him and dumped him to the outside.

Benjamin immediately turned around and decked Nitro, flooring him with some punches. Nitro countered with a nice side Russian leg sweep before going for a cover. Carlito jumped into the ring to break up the cover and dumped Benji to the mat before laying out Nitro with a clothesline. Carlito flipped away from an on coming Nitro in the corner but Shelton hit a springboard bulldog to put him out of commission.

Nitro got flap jacked by the incoming Benjamin who quickly ran to the top rope. Carlito held him up on the top buckle but Shelton fought him off. He came off wit ha lariat, but Nitro nailed him with a drop kick. Carlito yanked Nitro out of the ring quickly though and connected with the back cracker to score the pin fall.

Winner: Carlito via pin fall


Highlights of the K-Fed stuff from last week and the assault on John Cena that followed aired.

Todd Girsham welcomed the WWE Champion John Cena. He asked him if he was worried about losing the belt. Cena said he wasn’t worried. He said he might gain another title at Cyber Sunday and he was going to stay positive. He said he didn’t know a lot of things, but tomorrow K-Fed’s album was coming out and it was the bomb. He said it was really a bomb too, that the military was going to pre-order a ton of them, drop them in terrorist lands and they’ll listen to them and kill themselves.

He said he wasn’t worried about Cyber Sunday. He said it wasn’t up to him, it was up to the people. Cena asked him who he voted for. Cena went off on him how he was not a man for being so reserved. After a ton of pressure, he snapped and said he voted for King Booker and hoped he killed him tonight. He told Booker and Show they were looking down the barrel of a loaded gun. He told them to worry about him.

Candice and Torrie were in the back. Carlito was there and Torrie walked up to him and said she knew he was going through some hard times with Trish leaving and whatnot. Carlito didn’t seem to have a problem at first but when he realized he could get some out of this, he started talking about ‘heart stuff’ and he’d love to meet up after the show. The date is on.


Women’s Championship Tournament Semi Finals
Lita v. Maria

Maria went for the rolled out and then another inside cradle and Lita kicked out of both. Lita tossed her aside easily before hitting her with a hard Russian Leg Sweep. Lita laid the more inexperienced Maria wit ha big back breaker that got her a two count.

Lita landed some punches to the gut before tossing her out of the corner and onto her face. Lita whipped Maria to the corner but got hit with a boot to the gut. Maria hit a bulldog and then saddled Lita up for a broncobuster.

Lita countered the buster with a roll up but the referee broke the cover when he spotted Lita’s feet on the rope. Lita brought Maria out to the middle of the ring and planted her with a twist of fate for the win.

Winner: Lita via pin fall

Mickie and Lita exchanged some words after the match. Fans can vote on one of three stipulations for their match: Submission, No DQ, or Diva Lumberjacks.

Triple H v. Randy Orton is next!


Another promo video for the Marine aired.

Special Guest Referee: Edge
Triple H v. Randy Orton

Triple H went through his original mic schpiel before clocking Edge with the mic. He told people in the back to ‘get this crap out of my ring’. As we went to commercial.


After being cautious in the beginning, Orton came running down to the ring. Triple H caught him wit ha barrage of right hands and went for a pedigree, but Orton slid out and to the floor where he threw a temper tantrum.

He came back into the ring and again, the Game knocked him around before sending him to the outside. Orton was beyond frustrated at this point. He went to get back into the ring and this time, he clipped Triple H’s legs and brought him to the outside. Orton landed some punches before smashing the Game’s head off the ring steps. Triple H fought back and tossed Orton onto the announce table before tossing him back into the ring.

Orton caught Triple H on his way back into the ring and began hammering away at his back. Orton connected with some European upper cuts in the corner before laying him out with some right hands. Triple H came roaring back though and knocked Orton on his back, pulling him to the ring post and smashing his leg into the ring post.

Back in the ring Triple H hit a chop block, leaving Orton on the mat clutching his leg. He grabbed the knee and smashed it into the mat much to the crowd’s delight. Triple H wasted little time in dropping a knee across Orton’s leg before setting it up on the bottom rope and dropping down on it.

The Game told us all to suck it before going back to the leg of Orton. Triple H woo’d and went for a figure four, but Orton kicked him to the buckles. He caught Triple H and connected with an inverted back breaker. Orton connected with a DDT and went for a cover but the Game kicked out. Orton pounded away at the Game’s head before posing for the crowd himself.

Orton dropped a leg across Triple H’s body and began doing the good old Ronnie Garvin stomp all over Triple H’s body. He hit another leg drop and again, went for the cover only for Triple H to kick out. Orton clamped on the rear chin lock on Triple H, attempting to wear down the 10-time world champion.

Triple H rose to his feet only to get yanked down by his hair by Orton. Triple H caught Orton with a kick to the gut, mounting a little comeback. The two exchanged blows in the middle of the ring before Triple H caught him with the face buster. Triple H decked Orton with a right before Edge came out of nowhere, spearing him and going to town on Triple H’s head.

Winner: Triple H via DQ

Orton and Edge went to work on Triple H in the middle of the ring. Edge went out to the floor and got a chair from ring side. Triple H fought back briefly, but two chair shots to the back put him right back in his place. Orton dropped the chair in the ring and went for an RKO, but Triple H dropped him back first onto the chair. Edge tended to Orton while Triple H grabbed a sledge hammer from ringside and surprise, surprise, fought both off.


Handicap Match
Umaga v. Hacksaw Jim Duggan & Eugene

Eugene looked petrified and cowered in the corner. Umaga demolished Duggan with some head butts while Eugene hid behind Lillian. Umaga went to the second rope and hit a diving head butt. Estrada signaled for the Samoan Spike and Umaga hit it for the easy win.

Winner: Umaga via pin fall

Coach was in the back getting ready for his potential match with John Cena tonight. Bischoff came in and asked him how things were going. Coach said he wasn’t afraid of Cena. He said he’d beat down the next guy who walked through that door to warm up for Cena.. Ron Simmons walked out and stared at Coach in the face before getting frustrated and running off. Simmons looked at Bischoff before looking back down the hall and dropping the ‘damn’ line.


Ric Flair came out to the ramp and said that this Sunday, he and his partner would have a chance to make tag team history when they take on the Spirit Squad for the World Tag Team Championship. Flair said we would choose his partner. He said all three of these men are not just legends, they were flag ships of the business, the elite. He said each one has a history with him. He introduced Sgt. Slaughter, Rowdy Roddy Piper, and Dusty Rhodes.

Each guy did their deal on the mic. And Flair ripped around the stage for a little while. He said on Sunday, they’d be winning tag team gold.


Todd Grisham was in the back with Cryme Tyme. JTG distracted Grisham while Big Shadd walked off with the flat screen in the back.

Cryme Tyme v. Viscera & Charlie Haas

Haas and JTG started us off. Haas booted away at JTG before getting his worked countered in the corner. JTG whipped Haas to the buckles but Haas countered with a boot. Haas put the boots to Viscera before hitting a running elbow in the corner. Haas hit a nice double arm suplex before tagging in the big man.

Haas hit a drop toe hold enabling his partner to drop the big leg. Shad broke up the cover attempt. Viscera body slammed JTG to the mat before landing some big chops in the corner. Viscera hit the first big splash in the corner but JTG was able to avoid the second one. Haas tagged in and Shad did so as well.

Shad planted some punches to the face followed by a nice body press slam. Shad chopped Viscera down and with the help of JTG, took him down for good with some forearms to the face.

Haas connected with a boot to the gut but with the official distracted by Viscera, JTG snuck in the ring and they hit their finisher for the win.

Winners: Cryme Tyme via pin fall

After the match, Cryme Tyme showed off their new flat screen TV to King.


Girsham was in the back with Triple H. The Game said it didn’t matter who the special guest referee was at Cyber Sunday. He said there was no stopping DX and that Edge and Orton needed to come to terms with that. He said whatever they brought, he’d bring bigger.

Coach was trying to figure out who to vote for when King Booker waltzed in. Big Show came in as well and the three presumed arguing about who John Cena should fight tonight. Eventually the two champions decided that Coach should be fighting Cena.


The three men came out to the ring to decide who’d face Cena in the main event tonight. Coach won in a complete and total landslide, taking in 74% of the voting.

John Cena v. Jonathan Coachman

Cena went to run away but Cena caught him and brought him back to the ring. However, out of the middle of nowhere, Big Show speared the heck out of Cena while Booker T leant a hand.

They whipped him to the steps before working him over some more. The bell finally rang and Coach went for a quick cover but Cena kicked out.

Coach stalked the champion, hitting some clubbing blows to his back. Booker has joined us on commentary. He said Coachman was on a tear. Big Show and Booker bantered back and forth.

Cena finally regained his bearings and the momentum. Cena rushed Coach to the corner and Cena hit him with a running elbow. He mounted him and delivered the good old ten count punches before dropping him with a proto plex.

He hit the five knuckle shuffle and connected with the FU. He slapped on the STFU and Coach almost immediately tapped out.

Winner: John Cena via pin fall

The three champions exchanged some words as we went off the air.


The Good-- WWE pretty much mopped up the mess for the remaining Cyber Sunday build but that was about it. At least we didn’t get exactly the same show as last week this time.

Mickie James, as akward as she was in her delivery, at least made the tournament out to be important.

The Bad-- This show was pretty dreadful. Thus, the body of this section will be written here.

First and foremost, WWE couldn’t have done a better job in getting me to NOT care about the DX-Rated RKO match this Sunday. Edge and Orton have been made out to look like complete and total buffoons this entire feud. To the point where fans know that even when they cheat, they still can’t win. Orton, the ONE guy in this feud that NEEDS to look credible, looks completely useless. I’m really disappointed in this feud. It hasn’t delivered much of anything.

The Champion of Champions debacle is finally over, or at least we can hope it’s over. It’s been completely mindless, but these days, I come to expect these things.

The in ring stuff was pretty paint by the numbers as WWE really didn’t make any effort to make anything look important. The only one who did their job tonight was Mickie James, who kept putting over how important the un-important women’s semi-final match was. At least some kudos for that.

Other than that, I could really care less about this entire pay per view at all. Just a nice little exhibition Vince expects me to shell out $40 for.

The Ugly-- Anyone catch Dusty Rhodes calling Ric Flair 6 time world champ? Yeesh.

Overall- F ---I just can’t for the life of me think of much of anything positive about tonight’s Raw. The show has virtually no point to it right now and let’s hope to god that after Sunday, the brand finds something resembling direction. We’ve got one feud, which has been terrible. The last four weeks of Raw have been about as bad a string of shows as I’ve seen WWE ever put on. It’s a shame.

Quick Results

Carlito def. Shelton Benjamin & Johnny Nitro
Lita def. Maria
Triple H def. Randy Orton
Umaga def. Eugene & Jim Duggan
Cryme Tyme def. Viscera & Charlie Haas
John Cena def. Coach

Who’s Hot, Who’s Not?

Biggest pops
1. John Cena
2. Triple H
3. Ric Flair
4. Carlito

Most Heat
1. Edge
2. Randy Orton
3. Big Show
4. Umaga

Match of the night: Carlito v. Johnny Nitro v. Shelton Benjamin *

Power Rankings

WWE Champion: John Cena (Last Week: WWE Champion)—Did nothing really other than call Todd Grisham gay. He beat up Coach.

Intercontinental Champion: Jeff Hardy (Last Week: IC Champion)—Did some scouting for his match, but nothing noteworthy to speak of.

1.Umaga (Last Week: 1)—Squashed Eugene and Jim Duggan this week and that was it. The usual.

2. Triple H (Last Week: 5)—Made Edge and Orton look like idiots, won again and proved to everyone that this feud is entirely pointless to pay attention to.

3. Edge (Last Week: 3)—Gets chased off by Triple H despite failing at using every single under handed tactic in the book.

4. HBK (Last Week: 5)—Took the night off, because let’s face it, he’s not needed to get the point of this feud over, whatever it might be. I’d call in too.

5. Randy Orton (Last Week: 3)—I thought I stepped on a frog but then I realized it was Randy Orton’s career getting squashed.

6. Carlito (Last Week: 7)—Won a triple threat. He’s obviously WWE’s pick to be in the match on Sunday, and likely WILL be the guy to get the nod from fans. Not like it matters though. In a month, he’ll still be facing all the same guys with no rhyme or reason.

7. Shelton Benjamin (Last Week: 6)—Takes the fall in the triple threat, so he drops a spot, but really, it doesn’t matter.

8. Johnny Nitro (Last Week 10)—Performs well in a triple threat match, at least enough to stop the bleeding. He moves up instead of down, which this week, is something maybe a little positive we can take from the show.

9.Ric Flair (Last Week: 9)—Talked with the senior citizens and let Roddy Piper show his wang.

10. Kenny (Last Week: 9)—Not on the air this week.

Dropping Out: NONE