Raw Results - 12/11/06 - Uncasville, CT (Cena vs. Estrada & Ric Flair)

Reported by Hunter Golden of WrestleView.com
On Monday, December 11, 2006 at 11:54 PM EST

December 11, 2006
Uncasville, CT
Commentators: Jim Ross & Jerry “The King” Lawler
Reported By: Hunter Golden of WrestleView.com

John Cena v. Armando Alejandro Estrada

Estrada came to the ring dressed to the nines and carrying a Cigar box. Estrada got on the mic and said he had a whole week to think about the match and that it was clear to him no one wanted to see the match. He said that was why it was important to call the match off. He decided to bring some ‘como se dice?” peace offerings. He said if he called the match off, the box was all his, all Cuban Cigars. Cena took a cigar out and smelled it and snapped it in half. Estrada said it was okay that smoking was bad and a guy as important as him needed a nice watch. He offered him his diamond watch. Cena broke the watch and threw it away.

Estrada was desperate at this point. He pulled out a wad of $100 bills and tried to bribe Cena. Cena of course wasn’t buying it. He took the cash and tossed it into the crowd. Cena came back into the ring and removed his attire, ready to start the match. He removed Estrada’s hat and stomped on it. The bell rang and Cena began his beat down. Estrada had brass knuckles but the Champion blocked him and stomped away on his hand. He ripped off Estrada’s shirt and chopped the hell out of him before rushing him to the other corner and doing the same.

Cena mounted Estrada and landed ten shots to the face before going for the FU and connecting. Cena made the cover for the win.

Winner: John Cena via pin fall

After the match Cena clamped on the STFU to torture Estrada some more. Johnny Nitro showed up out of nowhere and plastered Cena with a brutal kick to the head that cold cocked the champion. He backed up to the ramp where Melina joined up with him. Nitro asked him if he liked it. He said there was more where that came from and that’s exactly the type of move that Federline was going to hit him with. Cena regained his bearings a little bit and headed to the back with his belt.


Todd Grisham wanted a reaction from John Cena in the back. Cena said he got his head kicked in so there wasn’t any comment. He said he had a challenge for Johnny Nitro for later tonight. Let’s see if Nitro accepts.

Jerry “The King” Lawler & Carlito v. Chris Masters & Viscera

Masters and Lawler started things off. The two locked up and Lawler backed Masters to the corner. The tie up was broken before Masters hit a quick body slam but couldn’t follow up as he missed an elbow drop. The two stared down briefly before Masters hit a kick to the gut and tagged in big Viscera.

Viscera whipped Lawler to the corner and went for a splash but no one was home. Viscera came right at King though, using his big forearms to drop the King to the mat. Viscera hit the big elbow drop and went for a cover but Carlito broke it up. Visc went to a rear chin lock before breaking it and hitting a huge sit down power bomb and a follow up cover attempt.

Masters tagged in and hit a nice looking suplex before going for a cocky cover. Lawler reversed though and almost won the match. Lawler sneaked off and tagged in Carlito while Masters tagged in Viscera. Carlito used a springboard elbow to floor Viscera before cutting off Masters with a nice standing drop kick. Carlito reeled around just in time to get taken out by a spinning sidewalk slam from Viscera.

Masters went for the Master lock but Carlito slipped down and kicked Masters into Viscera. The two looked shocked for a second. Lawler capitalized tossing Masters to the outside while Carlito rolled up Viscera for the 1, 2 and 3.

Winners: Carlito & Jerry “The King” Lawler

JR put over the main event tonight which will feature Triple H v. Edge.

A promo spot for Armageddon aired.


Cryme Tyme was hosting a game of chance with the Highlandners in the back. The Highlanders won the first round but Cryme Tyme then convinced them to double or nothing their bets. They obliged and of course lost. Charlie Haas popped up and lamented the two for perpetuating racial stereotypes. JTG removed his grill and did a white boy impression before Shelton butted in. Shelton said both of them were a disgrace. He said tonight he and Haas would re-unite as the World’s Greatest Tag Team. Haas punked Cryme Tyme out with a ‘for shizzle’ mockingly. Rory leaned in to Big Shadd and whispered that he never knew Charlie Haas was black.

A recap of Rated RKO’s win last week aired. Also shown was Kenny’s getting pedigreed.

Orton and Edge were in the back. Kenny came out and interrupted them. He said he helped them win with the chair shot to HBK last week. Orton and Edge said he didn’t help and pretty much got embarrassed by Triple H. They told him he had a ways to go.


The Highlanders v. The World’s Greatest Tag Team

Haas started the match off with Rory. The two tied up and Rory eventually gained the advantage with some head butts. He escorted Haas to his corner and tagged in Robbie. They hit a nice reverse suplex/Body splash combo that got a one count. Robbie tossed Haas off the ropes and went in himself but got caught with a nasty kick to the back.

Haas hit a nice overhead belly to back suplex and tagged in Shelton. They hit an awesome double knees Irish whip suplex combo before Shelton went to work. Shelton hit a vertical suplex and hit a body slam onto Haas’s knee. Haas went for the cover but Robbie kicked out. Haas hit some more boots to Robbie’s head before tagging Shelton right back in.

Shelton cinched in an abdominal stretch before Robbie reversed it with a side Russian leg sweep. Rory got the tag as did Haas. Rory cleared out both WGTT members before Shelton came out of nowhere with a brutal lariat. Benjamin decapitated the incoming Robbie with super kick before Haas set up Rory for the good old leap frog. Shelton hit the move and Haas rolled him up for the win.

Winners: The World’s Greatest Tag Team via pin fall

JR and King put over the fact that Johnny Nitro had accepted the challenge from John Cena and the two would go at it later tonight.


During Edge’s entrance JR and King announced that Rated RKO will be facing DX in a tag team match at New Year’s Revolution.

Triple H came out to “The Game” music. Man, I’ve missed that.

Edge v. Triple H

The two started exchanging blows right off the bat. Edge hit an Irish whip but Triple H came bounding back with a clothesline that sent Edge to the outside. The two brawled around the announce table before Triple H gained the advantage and tossed Edge into the ring. Triple H hit his elbows on the apron before Edge hit a thumb to the eye.

Edge came off the ropes but was met with a high knee to his face before being knocked to the floor by a second knee. Edge went to take off to the locker room before Triple H chased him down the ramp and tackled him. Randy Orton came flying out of nowhere and attacked Triple H.

Orton and Edge beat down Triple H in the ring before HBK came out to make the save. Kenny came down later to tip the odds back in the favor of RKO. Rated RKO began to do their thing before Ric Flair made a run in of his own to a monster pop from the crowd. The six brawler all over the ring before Coach came out and made them all stop.

Coach said that if they wanted at it so bad, there would be a six man tag team match right now.



Rated RKO & Kenny v. D-Generation X & Ric Flair

We came back to Ric Flair working over Kenny. Triple H tagged in and hit a brutal standing vertical suplex on Kenny. Triple H dropped a knee across Kenny’s face before bullying him into HBK’s extended leg. HBK tagged in and began to choke Kenny out with his own head band.

HBK hit a snap mare take over and stomped Kenny in the face. Kenny staggered to the corner and got killed by a Flair chop before HBK landed one of his own. Triple H tagged in and hit a brutal chop block on Kenny’s leg before going to work on it, stomping away and yanking away.

Flair eagerly tagged in and shoved Kenny into his own corner and SPAT in Edge’s face allowing him to get tagged in. Flair floored Edge before landing some nasty rabbit punches to Edge on the mat. Flair was ready to go to school but Randy Orton came in and hit a standing drop kick. It was enough to swing the momentum and Edge finally tagged in Randy Orton.

Orton came in and hit a Garvin stomp on Flair before choking him out on the mat. Kenny tagged in and hit an elbow to Flair’s sternum and went for the cover but nothing was doing. Kenny cinched in an arm bar and tagged in Edge who taunted the heck out of HBK with a ‘suck it’ of his own. Edge hammered away at Flair in the corner before gathering him in the corner and brutally punching away at him in the corner.

Flair fought back with a few chops but Edge cut him off with a bionic elbow to Flair’s noggin that sent the 16 time former champ to the mat. Edge slapped on a key lock on the mat which evolved into an arm bar while the crowd urged on Flair. Flair eventually fought to his feet and again came at Edge with chops, but Edge took him down. Edge went to the second rope and looked for the axe handle but Flair caught him with a shot to the gut.

Flair tagged HBK who reversed an Irish whip and hit his forearm and inverted atomic drop on Kenny and Edge before knocking Orton off the apron. He planted Edge with a body slam before mounting the top rope and hitting the flying elbow. Michaels tuned up the band and cold cocked Edge but Randy Orton came out of nowhere with an awesome RKO just in the nick of time to leave both men laid out in the middle of the ring with two fresh partners on the outside.


Michaels and Randy Orton were beating the hell out of each other when we came back to the show. Michaels hit a swinging neck breaker as the two came off the ropes to leave both men laid out in the middle of the ring, the same place we were in when we left for the break. Edge got a tag first and went for something off the top rope and completely crashed and burned as HBK avoided the shot.

Michaels tagged Triple H and Edge tagged Kenny. Kenny got creamed with two incredibly stiff clotheslines before the Game turned his anger on Edge in the corner. Orton came over to help out his partner but got flattened with a high knee. Kenny came running at Triple H only to get killed with a spine buster.

Flair tagged in and went for the figure four before all hell broke loose and the other four all went at it with the action spilling out to ringside. In the midst of the chaos, Flair rolled up Kenny for the win.

Winners: DX & Ric Flair via pin fall

After the match Orton and Edge jumped DX and eventually it ended up being the three members of Rated RKO with just HBK. They went for the concerto to take out HBK when Triple H came flying into the ring with his sledge hammer.

Johnny Nitro and Melina were on speaker phone with K-Fed. Nitro claimed that K-Fed would ‘bitch-ify’ John Cena. Coach walked in and introduced himself to K-Fed but K-Fed had no idea who he was. Coach said he had a proposition for Nitro. He said if he helped out in the Umaga-Jeff Hardy match later tonight, he’d get a 1 on 1 match with Jeff Hardy for the Intercontinental Championship at New Year’s Revolution in a Steel Cage. Nitro liked the sounds of that and walked off with the Raw “GM”. K-Fed was left on speaker phone and kept asking if anyone was still there. Ron Simmons walked in and gave us our weekly ‘DAMN’.


Carlito was in the back with Torrie. He wished the scared Torrie ‘good luck’ in her match with Victoria. They kissed and he sent her off.

Victoria v. Torrie Wilson

The two locked up and Victoria tossed Torrie to the mat HARD and began putting the boots to her pretty bad. Victoria hung Torrie up on the bottom rope before dragging her back into the ring and laying some more stomps to her face. Victoria cinched in half crab before BITING her fingers. She jaw jacked with the crowd a bit before Torrie went to roll her up. Victoria kicked out and hit a monster boot to her face. She set Torrie up and laid her out with the Widow’s Peak and scored the pin for the victory.

Winner: Victoria via pin fall

Victoria crossed Torrie off her list after the match. Chris Masters showed up and put Torrie in the master lock before Carlito came out to make the save.

Jeff Hardy takes on Umaga next!


Umaga v. Jeff Hardy

Umaga tossed Hardy off to the side before Hardy leapt on the apron and tried to hit a sunset flip. Umaga sat out but no one was home. Hardy did some more springy stuff and almost scored a pin fall. Hardy came flying at Umaga but was killed with a back elbow.

Umaga tossed him into the corner but missed on a splash attempt. Hardy hit a whisper in the wind but both men looked pretty gassed already.


We came back to Umaga absolutely pummeling Hardy in the corner. He dragged Hardy out and put him in some sort of shoulder vice before cracking the Intercontinental Champion in the back of the head with a punch. Umaga mounted Hardy and dropped some elbows to his face all while keeping the hold on the young IC champ.

Hardy fought back with some punches to the gut before Umaga absolutely took Hardy’s head clean off his shoulder with a brutal lariat. Umaga went to the top for a big splash, but Jeff managed to roll out of the way. Hardy mounted the top turnbuckle himself and hit the Swanton Bomb but Umaga kicked out just in the knick of time. Hardy went for the Twist of Fate but was tossed into the ropes and killed with a big Samoan Drop.

Umaga dumped Hardy upside down in the corner and hit the flying head butt to Hardy’s limp carcass. Hardy lay limp in the corner and Umaga killed him with a running bump butt. Umaga hit a second shot to the head. Hardy was out like a light bulb. The referee called the match.

Winner: Umaga via Knock Out

After the match Umaga kept on having fun, hitting another running bump butt. He grabbed the referee and gave him a Samoan Spike. He picked up the nearly unconscious Hardy and gave him the Samoan Spike as well, leaving bodies all over the ring.


Johnny Nitro v. John Cena

Cena came right after Nitro tackling him and tossing him to the corner. Cena plastered Nitro in the face with some punches before whipping him to the buckles. Nitro hit a back elbow on Cena’s follow up and retreated to the outside, but Cena quickly came out and caught him and promptly tossed him back into the ring.

Cena hit a vertical suplex before Melina pulled Nitro out to the ringside area again. Cena went after Melina and Nitro attempted to capitalize, but got caught with a Cena clothesline. Cena hit some shoulder blocks in the corner before whipping Nitro to the opposite side of the ring and continuing the assault. Nitro rolled Cena up quickly and put his feet on the ropes and the referee caught him.

Cena hit a boot to the gut and went for the FU but Nitro raked the eyes to escape the hold. He followed Cena to the outside and whipped him into the ringside steps. Nitro went for the cover and Cena kicked out. Nitro mounted Cena and slugged away with some punches to Cena’s temple, softening him up for something /*. That something /* turned out to be a neck breaker which was followed up with another quick cover attempt. Nitro tried a vertical suplex but couldn’t get Cena up. Cena lifted Nitro and draped him on the top rope.

Cena charged Nitro but the young Hollywood elite ducked down and grabbed the top rope sending Cena careening to the outside. Nitro hit some elbows to the small of Cena’s back before tossing the Champ back into the ring and laying the boots to him. Cena fought back with some rights and the two began exchanging punches. Nitro thought the better of the exchange and thumbed Cena in the eyes before slapping on a rear chin lock to wear him down.

With the help of the crowd, Cena rallied back and stood up and dropped Nitro to the mat, breaking the hold. The two fought their way to their feet. Cena came looking for a sleeper but Nitro caught a sleeper hold on Cena. He bore down on the champion on the mat. Cena again used the crowd to help him break the hold. Cena came off the ropes but Melina grabbed his leg.

Nitro hit his wheel barrel face buster and got a really long two count. Nitro scaled the ropes and went for his spinning cork screw moon sault and came crashing down on Cena’s legs. He went for a cover but Cena kicked out. Nitro had a whip reversed and Cena hit a huge clothesline.

Cena hit the inverted suplex and the shoulder block setting up for the five knuckle shuffle. Cena connected and followed it with the FU for the win.

Winner: John Cena via pin fall

JR and King put over a big three hour Raw next week where we’ll see a 30-man battle royal to determine who will face John Cena for the WWE Title at the end of that show.


The Good-- Wow, I was absolutely shocked that not only did we get SEVEN (!?) matches out of tonight’s show, but we got two or three GOOD matches out of tonight’s show. Everything had purpose and was good for the most part. I really give WWE credit here. Maybe almost getting blown up in Iraq this week smacked some sense into the writers or something, but this was easily the best overall show I’ve seen in a long time with fun angles, good matches, and wouldn’t you know it, REASONS for pay per view matches.

--Umaga is clearly the #1 contender for the WWE title and we’re finally going to see him murder John Cena on pay per view.

--DX and Rated RKO hate each other all over the place. Reason enough.

--Chris Masters-Carlito hasn’t been announced yet and that’s GOOD. There needs to be a reason for the match before the feud. Haven’t seen that in HOW long in WWE?

--World’s Greatest Tag Team isn’t only back, but Charlie Haas is a super-D!ck. Yes! Oh yeah, they’ve got a score to settle with Cryme Tyme.

--Victoria is on a total mission to mangle Mickie James. Good booking here. The match should be really good.

That makes it five matches that have SOMETHING going on in terms of build. I can’t remember the last time five matches got built. I don’t know whether to point this out as being good, bad or really ugly, but these days, I’ll take what I can get. Kenny’s trying to prove himself to Rated RKO as well so there’s potentially a sixth match with something behind it. And I’m talking week to week real build, not some silly slap together issue out of nowhere to fill a card. After putting on the worst pay per view in company history, it looks like Vince may, at least for the time being, has un-f*cked himself.

There are plenty of things that need improvement, but at least building things again is a step in the right direction. Call it a curse of low expectations if you want, but to be honest, these days, I’ll take whatever I can get.

Kudos #2 of the night for really going forward with a head of steam with the tag division. The World’s Greatest Tag Team is together and that further inflates the mysteriously robust tag team division. We have: DX, Rated RKO, Cryme Tyme, The World’s Greatest Tag Team, Cade & Murdoch and the Highlanders. Toss in a version of the former Spirit Squad and that’d give you nearly seven teams. I can’t remember the last time we had a seven-team tag division.

The Bad-- Wasn’t Johnny Nitro supposed to help out in the Umaga-Hardy match? Am I on drugs? Did I NOT hear that? If he was, I’m glad he didn’t. Would’ve made Umaga look weak. He shouldn’t have to get help to beat Jeff Hardy.

DX comes out on top for the eighth time in a row against Rated RKO. The angles have some more gusto to them, and tonight’s really had some good behind it, but still, you’ve got to make Rated RKO look like THREATS to DX to make people care whether DX loses or not. I’ve received tons of emails asking me why I dislike the DX stuff as much as I do. Here’s the answer: There’s no reason to care. DX can’t be booked to be invincible. Heels need to look dastardly and be willing to take advantage of anything at their disposal to win. Most of the time they need to look strong. If they don’t, the villain doesn’t look legitimate. Think of it like a cartoon series. The villains always back the good guy into a corner and the good guy has to fight out. There hasn’t been any of that with the DX stuff on any level. They’ve been beaten down once since they came back, the show before Unforgiven. With the exception of that, they’ve come out on top everywhere. It’s not JUST bad for the team they’re facing, in the long haul, it’s bad for them. Oh yeah, and it’s the same thing every week.

It’s not a problem exclusive to DX either. Carlito-Masters is a similar deal. When Masters attacked Torrie tonight, it was to spite Carlito. Now we’ve got a legitimate reason for the two to hate each other and want to have a match together. Carlito coming out every week and getting the better of Masters works to pop the crowd, but when Masters finally gets the best of him, notice how the reaction got really quiet. Fans were a little shocked and a little angered. Here we go. Now we have a REASON to want to cheer Carlito, not just because he’s the face and Masters is the heel.

So maybe I am a little hard on DX these days. It’s obviously not all their fault and I’m not and never have been a ‘back stage politics’ gossip whore who thinks these two are ‘stroking egos’. If they were, I could care less. The problem is a WWE creative team that flat out has no clue about wrestling. The Road Agents do, but creative doesn’t. They understand marketing stats and merchandise sales. That’s it. That’s what they write to. Wrestling is and should be different from selling pop records and DVD’s. Sadly, these writers don’t understand that. The McMahons won’t step in either. If anyone knows anything about the incredible desire Vince McMahon has to be ‘main stream’, they’ll know things won’t change anytime soon.

As excited as I am for the battle royal next week, I can’t help but acknowledge that it’s utterly pointless. There’s no way Cena’s losing the belt the week before the highly billed, by WWE standards, Umaga match at New Year’s Revolution. In a way, I almost wish they had left the title match in question, giving Umaga the shot, but against whomever was champion.

The Ugly-- Wow, nothing embarrassing about tonight’s show. They didn’t even air the retarded bad guy.

Overall- B+ --- This is, at base, how every show should go. We got seven matches in two hours, all of which advanced a story and if they didn’t, the story lines of the respective parties were already built previously in the night. We had a whopping four, maybe five ‘segments’. We had one backstage interview. This show was almost entirely in the ring. It’s amazing what can happen when you let wrestling dictate a wrestling product. There wasn’t anything spectacular on here by any means, but structurally, this show flowed and felt very well organized. Every major story was addressed and everything on the shopping list that needed to be done was done. Again use this structure and add in some genuine spice, and this would be a great product. I’ll be nice this week.

Quick Results

John Cena def. Armando Alejandro Estrada
Carlito & Jerry “The King” Lawler def. Viscera & Chris Masters
The World’s Greatest Tag Team def. The Highlanders
DX & Ric Flair def. Rated RKO & Kenny
Victoria def. Torrie Wilson
Umaga def. Jeff Hardy
John Cena def. Johnny Nitro

Who’s Hot, Who’s Not?

Biggest pops
1. Ric Flair
2. DX
3. Carlito
4. Jeff Hardy

Most Heat
1. Umaga
2. Rated RKO
3. The World’s Greatest Tag Team
4. Victoria

Match of the night: Rated RKO & Kenny v. DX & Ric Flair **1/2

Power Rankings

WWE Champion: John Cena (Last Week: WWE Champion)—Cena’s starting to get spread too thing. Well, not starting, more like has been for a while. He’s involved in a main event for the New Year’s show with K-Fed, the Armageddon main event with Batista and New Year’s Revolution. It’s too much and they really, really, really, really need to keep his exposure limited. The crowd reacts because they’re supposed to rather than actually wanting to. Maybe you find that odd to say, but watch a match and listen to the crowd. Keep him on one show and keep his stuff compelling.

Intercontinental Champion: Jeff Hardy (Last Week: IC Champion)—There were a million guys on the roster that could have taken the beat down other than Hardy tonight. I really don’t understand why they’ve got the IC title on this guy these days as he hasn’t done a darn thing with it and WWE clearly hasn’t expressed any interest in doing ANYTHING with it so long as Jeff has it. Nitro will get his belt back at New Year’s Revolution and WWE will continue to do nothing with their mid card belt.

1.Umaga (Last Week: 1)—Tonight was the first time I think the crowd really bought into Umaga being a monster. He kicked out of Hardy’s finisher and completely mauled him the rest of the way home. The reaction was much more natural. This is a good thing in the sense that Umaga’s finally garnering some legitimate heat. It’s a bad thing in that there’s only three weeks until a pay per view main event.

2. Triple H (Last Week: 2)—Nice to hear him come out to the Game tonight and I really have to say how much I miss the real Triple H. In 2003 I don’t know if I’d have said that, but I really miss the mean “I want to kill you and random babies too” Triple H.

3. HBK (Last Week: 4)—Bah. Nothing really.

4. Edge (Last Week: 4)—Edge needs to turn down the chicken stuff down about sixteen notches. He plays the gutless heel well, but he’s playing it up too much and it’s starting to make him look weak, which getting squashed the way he is every week now, isn’t going to help him.

5. Randy Orton (Last Week: 5)—The opposite of Edge in a weird way. Orton is increasingly becoming the glue of these matches by his out of nowhere stuff that instantly kicks the match up a notch or three. Right after we did the stereotypical HBK victory sequence he came out of NOWHERE and completely turned the crowd in a different direction with the RKO. Orton’s timing is getting sensational and I just wish it’d pay off with a big win to make it look even stronger. I’m not talking about multiple wins. I’m talking about A (singular) win.

6. Carlito (Last Week: 6)—If there’s any guy on Raw who really NEEDS to be pushed right now, it’s Carlito. As a character he’s really come a long way and the crowd is so incredibly ready for a push. I am really hoping one of two things happens in the next few months leading to Wrestlemania. 1.) WWE gives him a high profile match at Wrestlemania or 2.) Move him to Smackdown and push the bejesus out of him. The Masters feud is doing both guys a lot of good but it’s really obvious Carlito’s reactions are on a completely different level from Masters’ right now.

7. Kenny (Last Week: 8)—Kenny’s new character is long overdue and I’m really hoping they stop screwing off and just include him with Rated RKO. I don’t understand this ‘he needs to prove himself’ stuff and honestly it’s just time wasting for no reason other than to kill two weeks for the kid because they have nothing for him to do. Still, as a character and despite taking the ‘loss’ in the last two weeks, he still looks a heck of a lot stronger.

8. Johnny Nitro (Last Week 7)—After this whole K-Fed thing, I really wonder what they’re going to do with Nitro. I’m talking long haul here. I think WWE had big plans for Nitro for the coming year and I have the distinct impression they may be backing off those with the rise of Kenny and their never ending infatuation with Jeff Hardy. Shelton’s back in the tag ranks where he belongs and Carlito, if he is going to be sticking around the IC division, won’t be around for too much longer. Nitro may get lost in the shuffle. If I’m management, I’m wondering whether or not to toss him back to Smackdown or tag him back up with Mercury.

9.Ric Flair (Last Week: NR)— Flair got a monster pop during his run in and performed well enough in the tag match and managed to score the deciding fall, vaulting him back into the top 10.

10. Chris Masters (Last Week: NR)— Masters despite repeatedly getting beat by Carlito every week somehow garnered a lot of decent heat by attacking Torrie tonight and finally gave us a reason, other than his ‘ego’ (which he does a crappy job of portraying) to really hate the guy. Here's another feud where Carlito’s getting the cheers but nothing is being done to advance Masters as a character. Regardless of who gets the push, both guys need to come out with something they didn’t have before. So far, Masters isn’t getting that.

Dropping Out: Shelton Benjamin (Last Week:9 ); Mickie James (Last Week: 10)