Fan Reactions to 2/5 Monday Night Raw Episode: WM 23 main events

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On Tuesday, February 6, 2007 at 5:02 PM EST

Fans wrote in with their opinions following last night's Monday Night Raw episode!

Jeff from Iowa wrote:

Long time reader, always look forward to your comments on the Raw broadcast, and btw, the cornfield joke wasn't all that funny, lol. On to what I think is going to go down with Raw and my views on it all. Shawn Michaels is going to beat John Cena at WrestleMania and then Cena and Michaels will feud for a little while over the belt, while HHH is healing, then HHH will attack Michaels for not going after Orton and Edge enough for them hurting his leg. Then there will be a huge HHH vs. HBK feud for the title, with HHH finally regaining the title, that he has married into, after being without it for so long.

My view on Orton/Edge, is that if one turns it should be Orton, Edge is just TO good at being a bad guy, and just average at being a good guy. Orton is more athletic, as I saw in the triple threat match last night when he did that huge standing drop kick to HBK in the middle of the ring. Basically he has the charisma and the athletic ability to get over as a face, where even though I liked Edge when he was with the brood and more of a neutral type in the brood, but he was evil, and Edge just resonates evil, plus Edge as a face, after all the Hardy/Lita/Edge stuff just wouldn't go over. I mean even if it was just for storyline purposes or not, I personally just haven't looked at him the same since all that went down, not sure why, he just looks like a dirty evil guy, but I do agree the best thing is to keep both heels if possible, but if they don't think they will be able to do that, then they should prob. turn Orton face quick, prob. the easiest way is to turn him into a playboy and pair him with one of the good girl wrestlers, sort of like they have done with Carlito.

I dunno, but am I the only one that really wants to see Umaga vs. The Great Khali just to see how hilarious the action would be? I mean Umaga is good, I respect his in ring abiility, but I don't think there is a wrestler that can make Khali look entertaining.

Peter from Madison, WI wrote:

Good heat for title matches for Wrestlemania, but it seems the possibility of 3 face v face title matches.
I think that a Super Crazy v Jeff Hardy Ladder match might be in the cards as well, because that would be very entertaining.

Still I cannot stand Mr. McMahon with Trump. anything /* McMahon does is alright, but this Trump thing is so forced and stupid. NBC is just trying to add a demographic to the Apprentice, while WWE is serving the interests of NBC Universal and USA network. McMahon can be a jerk without having to be in any specific feuds.
Flair and Carlito = Carlito hopefully getting a big push over summer and fall

The King of the World (yes, he reads my column...that's crazy) from, well, The WORLD, wrote:

Tonight was good I think for a little fact that there was no Khali on the show which was a definate plus. However if WWE really intends on keeping MNM vs Hardyz feud going to Wrestlemania from what i've been hearing why not have Jeff drop the title off to Nitro before Wrestlemania and let Nitro and Super Crazy feud over it at Backlash and have Jeff Hardy vs Ric Flair feud at 2nd April ppv as well. Cause you have Matt and Joey still doing their feud on Smackdown so it only makes sense. Also being that im going to Wrestlemania 23 im really hoping there's a Womens Title match which im sure there will be and Melina needs to either be defending the title or in the title match cause to me she's one of best women wrestlers WWE has besides your Victoria, Jillian, Mickie, Beth whenever she comes back up.

Daniel from Madison, KY wrote:

A few random notes i think RAW benefited greatly from the Great Khali not being there. I think he is a waste of time they could push someone with actual talent. I am also surprised Super Crazy is getting so popular but i do like him myself. Exactly what i said earlier about Jeff Hardy is the same for Johnny Nitro. Get Joey Mercury on the same show or defend titles on both shows. Nitro is not there yet as a singles wrestler in my eyes. I was very entertained by the Melina vs Mickie James title match and I think Melina is showing to have some in ring ability.

The Artist from Houston, TX wrote:

Tonight RAW was very out there in my standards, and I say that because well I am no expert but isn't Cryme Tyme the Number 1 contenders for the WWE Tag Team Titles? Yet they are stuck in a slump with Worlds Greatest Tag Team,Why not just have Cryme Tyme beat HBK and Cena at the beginning of the show,Taker comes out and picks Batista and then HBK wins Number 1 Contendership makes a lot more sense to me. I was so excited to see Mickie James vs Melina at Wrestlmania 23 and yet we already see the championship match on RAW? Did anybody think that Melina was going to win and take it to WM and then lose it to Mickie? I did, but fooled again by the WWE,but I must say that Mickie and Melina put on one hell of a Women's title match on RAW and one of my favorites so far for 2007. We saw Carlito vs Flair before,Why must we see it again? Anybody hear the explanation to why Balls Mahoney was on RAW tonight? Me neither, and he was just there to get squashed by Umaga? Come on Vince give me at least two things that make sense tonight. Besides Mickie and Melina everything /* on RAW was just out in space tonight and I really couldn't grasp any concept.

Patrick, from Parts Unknown (need a gimmick match between him and Kingoftheworld for gimmick of the century) wrote:

I really enjoy reading your columns every week on Raw. They're very interesting and when an episode of Raw has something stupid, I just love how you'll immediately notice it and make it really funny/interesting read. I pretty much agree with you on your comments this week, although I disagree with Jeff Hardy looking completely sloppy against Flair. I do agree with him no-selling the leg attacks, but offensive wise, look who he wrestled....Ric Flair. I respect Flair, but all of his matches are the same. Same chops, Flair gets back-dropped 500 times, does his Flair flop, chop block. If Flair really is the "dirtiest player in the game," then he should start like distracting the ref and pulling out weapons like a pair of brass knucks or a chain or something when he attacks the wrestlers. He needs to do something different once in a while. That's just my opinion. Well, keep up the good work!

Thank you to all who wrote this week! The response was pretty huge! Keep it up!