Raw Results - 5/14/07 - Hampton, VA (HBK vs Edge; Judgment Day)

Reported by Hunter Golden of WrestleView.com
On Monday, May 14, 2007 at 11:49 PM EST

May 14, 2007
Hampton, VA
Commentators: Jim Ross & Jerry “The King” Lawler
Reported By: Hunter Golden of WrestleView.com

John Cena came out to the ring without his WWE Championship belt. The Great Khali stole the belt last week. Cena said he was just announced as the WWE Champion but he didn’t have the belt with him. He said the title was in the hands of the Great Khali. He said that last week, Khali just came down to the ring and took his belt without so much as batting an eyebrow. He said he left and he couldn’t stop him. He said he was knocked out and felt helpless. He said he was embarrassed and felt humiliated. He said regardless of how people felt about him, he had a tremendous amount of pride for the business and most of all, the WWE Championship.

What he couldn’t get over was that Khali just took the belt from him like it was nothing. He said he had been in the ring with super heavyweights, giants, legends and more, but he said the thing about Khali was that he wasn’t even human. He said for the first time in his life he hit a guy with his best shot and he didn’t even move. He said the guy had never been pinned (he’s almost in tears at this point) or submitted. He said he erased everyone who stepped in his way. He said he could apparently do whatever he wants whenever he wants. He said he had talked to a lot of people he trusted this past week and a lot of people had been telling him Judgement Day was a bad idea. He said he was embarrassed by what they had to say, but they were wrong.

He said he was here to show the world that in the right world, he was a one man wrecking crew himself. He said he didn’t care about Judgement Day, he wanted to fight right now because Khali had something that was his. Jing Seng was in the back with the Great Khali. I guess he’s the new translator. Khali cut a promo in some crazy language. His translator said that no one had accomplished what he had in the last few weeks. He said we just had to look at the video for proof. An absolutely AWESOME promo video putting over Khali’s chops to the had aired. Absolutely awesome.

Khali yelled some more I n Indian before his buddy translated. He said this Sunday, he’d become the new champion. Khali said “If you want some, come get some”. Oh man, awesome segment. Cena took off his hat and headed towards the back likely to go get some. Cena came flying at Khali but was tossed aside like a doll.

Khali tossed a trash can like a dart at Cena’s face before smashing him into the piping on the walls. He picked up Cena and choke slammed him really awfully off the edge of a car hood before tossing Cena into the garage door about three times. He choked Cena out and left him dead on the floor.


JR and King recapped the beat down Khali gave John Cena before the break.

Jeff Hardy (w/ Matt Hardy) v. Trevor Murdoch (w/ Lance Cade)

The two circled it up and locked horns. Murdoch backed Hardy into the corner and broke cleanly. The two locked up again and Hardy grabbed a side headlock take down. The two exchanged arm drags before both missed some punches and we’ve got a little stare down. Hardy started clapping up the crowd and grabbed another headlock. Murdoch flung hardy into the ropes and hit a back elbow and went for a quick cover.

Murdoch tried to follow up the offense but ended up getting back body dropped to the floor and Hardy came sailing over the top rope with a plancha. Hardy hit his mule kick before hitting his ten punches of fun in the corner. Jeff attempted a sling shot drop kick but Murdoch ducked out of the way and Hardy crashed into the buckles. Mudoch went for another pin attempt but that was that.

Murdoch grabbed a chin lock before Hardy rose to his feet and hit a nasty jaw breaker. Hardy hit some elbows before hitting whisper in the wind. Hardy went for a cover but only got a two count. Hardy scaled the ropes but Murdoch caught him and the two exchanged blows on the second rope. Hardy knocked Murdoch off the ropes and went for the swanton but Trevor got his knees up.

Murdoch got a great near fall before loading Jeff up for a big move. Jeff clipped his legs though and rolled him up with an inside cradle for the victory.

Winner: Jeff Hardy via pin fall

After the match Murdoch was beside himself, but offered up his hand in good sportsmanship to Hardy. Jeff, baffled, took the hand up and shook Murdoch’s hand. Cade and Murdoch left up the ramp while the Hardy’s celebrated in the ring.

New World Heavyweight Champion Edge will show up later tonight. Also, Bobby Lashley is taking on, uh, Coach.


Another promo video for Snitsky aired.

Coach was in the back looking like he was going to cry. Shane told him to relax because he had him and Umaga in his corner, not to mention the ECW World Champion Vince McMahon. Vince is wearing a pink doo-rag. Coach asked them if they were definitely going to be at ringside. Umaga pepping him up was hilarious. Coach walked off before Vince talked about how sweet his lavender doo rag was. Oh what a champion.


Santino Marella v. Chris Masters

The two circled it up before locking horns. Santino looked for a take down but masters started clubbing him around and beating him like a baby seal. He looked for a master lock but Marella hit some hip lock takedowns before grabbing an arm bar.

Masters pounded Santino off him and hit two nasty looking back breakers before going for a cover. Masters drove some knees to Marella’s back before hoarding him to the corner. Marella fought back with some kicks before eating a brutal lariat in the mouth. Masters looked for the Masterlock, but Marella backed him up into the corner and hit a flying forearm and a spinning back fist. Marella came spinning off the ropes but he got wrecked with a spine buster. Masters got a two count on the cover.

Masters looked for the master lock but Marella countered and looked for a roll up. Masters power Marella up mid roll but Marella, like a spider, wiggled around Masters body and rolled him up for the win.

Winner: Santino Marella via pin fall

Masters tweaked after the match and uncorked another brutal lariat before slapping a master lock on the Champion and leaving him passed out in the middle of the ring.

Oh good lord, Edge is going to give us a farewell address later tonight.


Candice Michelle v. Victoria

Melina came down for some TV commentary.

The two started things off trading some lariats. Melina said while she was improving, she wasn’t ‘championship material’. Victoria slammed Candice to the mat and grabbed a bow and arrow. Candice fought her off with a kick and fought back with some forearms. Candice landed some nasty and stiff kicks that floored Victoria.

Candice hit the “go daddy” elbow before hitting a nice head scissors take down. Victoria elbowed her off to the mat before loading her up for a TKO. Candice fought out and hit the running heel kick for the win.

Winner: Candice Michelle via pin fall

After the match Candice motioned to Melina that she wanted her title. Melina asked her what she was pointing to and wondered if it was her ‘fat rolls’. Funny stuff.

Edge’s farewell address is next!


World Heavyweight Champion Edge came out to the ring with his new title and a massive pyro show. He said he had the greatest week any super star had ever had in the history of the industry. Edge said not only did he win the Money in the Bank contract, but he cashed it in and took the title away from the greatest champion of all time, the Undertaker.

He said he thought about leaving people with one last great Edge match but he said the people didn’t deserve it. He said in six days, he had to defend his title against Batista later this week. He said he did to the Undertaker in three seconds what Batista couldn’t do in three months. Edge said instead of a great match, he was just going to leave ‘our’ World Heavyweight Champion.

Edge went to leave and Shawn Michaels’ music hit the arena. HBK came out to the ring entrance. He said if Edge wanted to leave Raw with a lasting impression, he should just leave. Edge told him to shut up. He said HBK wanted to come out here with all his excuses, he would put the belt up against him tonight. He said he’d enjoy beating up on Michaels as much as he enjoyed beating up the Undertaker.

Lashley was in the back with Todd Grisham. He was mid interview when Shane McMahon came out clapping. He said since Lashley couldn’t touch him, he wanted to remind him he wasn’t touching him. He said he wanted to wish him luck against Coach tonight. Shane mocked a kiss at Lashley and walked off.


The Coach (w/ Umaga, Vince McMahon & Shane McMahon) v. Bobby Lashley

McMahon taunted Lashley while Lashley beat the living hell out of Coach in the ring. Lashley loaded up Coach and hit a fall away shoulder backbreaker. Lashley eyed Umaga and company before just spearing Coach out of his boots for the win. Quick stuff.

Winner: Bobby Lashley via pin fall

Shane and Umaga jumped Lashley after the match. Lashley sent Shane flying but Umaga cut him off. Umaga set up Lashley in the corner but missed the running ass to the face. Lashley hit a spear and then stared down Vince McMahon. Lashley chased after the champion before Shane intercepted him out of nowhere.

Lashley and Shane fought up the ramp before we got a camera back there. Shane ran from Lashley and jumped in the sunroof of a limo as it sped off. Lashley walked off before Vince plastered him with the ECW World title.


A replay of the Carlito-Torrie events from last week aired. Carlito-Flair has been announced for Judgement Day.

Carlito v. Val Venis

Venis jumped on Carlito and hit a series of knee lifts to Carlito’s gut before hitting a nice side Russian leg sweep before getting killed with a clothesline. Carlito pounded away on Venis’ face before dumping the former erotic entertainer to the outside.

Carlito followed Val out to the ringside area and rammed him into the ring apron a few times before telling the ref he was trash. Carlito went for a cover but only got a one count. Carlito caught a go behind and used it to launch Val into the ropes and hit some elbows to the small of the back. Val fought back with some punches of his own and a whip to the buckles but Carlito blocked the follow up and hit a missile drop kick from the top rope for a two count.

Carlito cinched in a bow and arrow before Val fought out and hit a nasty kick to the face. Carlito charged at Venis but almost got rolled up. Venis hit some forearms and then capped everything off with a neck breaker. Carlito avoided a corner follow up with a flip but then ate a rock bottom. Val looked for the money shot but Carlito rose to his feet. Val came charging but missed and ran into the corner. As he rebounded off the buckles, Carlito nailed him with a back cracker.

Winner: Carlito via pin fall

Ric Flair’s music hit and he came down to the ring and chased off Carlito.

HBK was in the back when Randy Orton walked in. Orton said he wanted to wish Michaels luck. HBK said he was a little busy and asked Orton where he was going with all this. Orton said there was and he said he thought he could beat him. Michaels said that was all well and good but he had Edge tonight. He said Sunday was free though. Michaels challenged Orton to a match this Sunday at Judgement Day. Yay.


JR and King ran down the card for Judgement Day on Sunday. Good looking card.


Edge v. Shawn Michaels

I guess this isn’t for the title. Meh, who cares.

HBK grabbed a headlock before Edge tossed him off the ropes and ate a shoulder block. Michaels grabbed a side headlock takedown before Edge tried to roll him up a few times with no success. Edge fought to his feet and backed Michaels into the corner where there was a clean break.

Edge locked up and again, the two landed up in the corner and Edge didn’t break cleanly. Edge hit a straight right that took down Michaels. Edge backed Michaels into the corner and began pounding away on HBK before being admonished by the official. Edge went for a back body drop but Michaels hit a nice swinging neck breaker before dropping a nice elbow to the back of Edge’s head on the mat.

Michaels bashed Edge’s head off the corner turnbuckle twice before Michaels gathered him and went for a back body drop himself, but Edge kicked the concussed head of Shawn Michaels. Michaels looked a little out of it to say the least. Edge began hitting some jabs to the head and Michaels couldn’t block them because he was in concussion land.

Edge went charging at Michaels before HBK side stepped him and Edge went clattering to the outside. Michaels hit a Lou Thesz press to the mat and pounded away on Edge on the outside.


Edge has apparently been working the concussion that HBK sustained against the Great Khali last week. During the break Edge had snapped HBK’s head off the top rope causing him to go back to concussion land. HBK was pretty much a drooling veggie at this point.

Edge gathered him and head butted him. Sleazy and awesome. Edge pounded away on HBK some more and went for a cover but only got a two count. Edge punted HBK in the head before the official admonished him some more. Edge locked on a cravat trying to make Michaels submit.

Of course, HBK fought back before Edge decked him with a nasty kick to the face but Michaels kicked out. Edge dragged Michaels to the ring apron and pounded away on his head before piling HBK back into the ring and stomping away at him in the corner. Edge hit a neck breaker for a two count. Edge grabbed a rear chin lock and it seems like it’s time for the obligatory HBK comeback.

HBK fought back and bullied Edge to the corner but Edge was able to flat back him. Edge mounted the top rope but Michaels was able to bounce into the ropes crotching Edge. Edge fought off Michaels but missed a cross body block and ate some canvas on the way down.

The official started to count both out before they rose and exchanged blows. HBK went into his victory sequence and mounted the top rope and hit his elbow drop. He began tuning up the band Michaels cracked Edge with the kick for the win.

Winner: Shawn Michaels via pin fall

After the match Randy Orton showed up and plastered HBK in the had with some knees. Orton stood over Michaels as we went off the air.


Show Thoughts-- A lot of the same from last week. A lot of tonight was hit and miss.

Here’s what I DIDN’T like. I’m pretty miffed about Michaels-Edge being a terrible match, but why in the blue hell would Michaels go over in that match? Cleanly no less. Edge cheaply win the title off the Undertaker and then gets all his heat ripped out from under him by getting cold cocked by a concussed Shawn Michaels. It was JUST the ending that bothered me either, it was the entire match. JR would not shut up about how resilient MICHAELS was and how much heart MICHAELS had. This was EDGE’S last match. EDGE made the challenge. The whole point was Edge leaving it in the ring on his terms. The match’s whole structure centered around HBK’s injury from last week and HBK’s comeback sequences, not Edge’s dominance or perceived ruthlessness. They could’ve completely done a false finish with the ending they wanted to go for. I just don’t see what the benefit of Michaels going over is if there is any to begin with. Just an absolutely terrible segment all around and for me, thus far, the most disappointing match of the year. Just terrible booking there.

The Orton-HBK stuff was just rushed and crammed in at the last minute. Totally rushed and awkward. They set Orton up as face-ish only for him to come out and be heel-ish. Just kind of all over the place. Very haphazard stuff.

Now the stuff I liked. The Khali-Cena segment was unreal good. From the scared Cena promo to the incredible Khali highlight video to Khali telling Cena to ‘come get some’ and then killing him, it was done as perfectly as you could hope for. And the fact that Khali’s got a ‘translator’ now is great stuff. It adds a new, original dimension to his character. Cena sold like a mother.

I continue to love the new Lashley-McMahon angle with the McMahons totally taking advantage of the numbers in creative ways. It’s not the stereotypical beat-down stuff they did to death for three years, but more inventive stuff. The McMahons seem like a legitimate force and it’s totally doing the trick for Lashley. Again McMahon with the belt does more for Lashley than Lashley with the belt could ever do for himself. BTW, Umaga’s facial expressions KILL me.

The Hardys-Cade/Murdoch thing has been going nicely as well. I’m very pleased to see them stringing this perceived face turn from Cade & Murdoch out. We could even get a swerve. Regardless, it’s just nice to see something being done with the tag division. The women’s division is actually a division now and Candice is coming along nicely. Santino Marella needs a lot of work, but Masters did a great job of carrying him tonight to a fun little match. The Flair-Carlito thing may still have wind in it’s wings, but man they killed a lot of heat by waiting so long to pull the trigger.

All and all, the first three quarters of the show were pretty great all around. The last quarter was rushed and booked terribly. So hit and miss depending on what you liked. Mostly good, but some definite room for improvement.

Overall Grade: B-

Quick Results
Jeff Hardy def. Trevor Murdoch
Santino Marella def. Chris Masters
Candice Michelle def. Victoria
Lashley def. Coach
Carlito def. Val Venis
Shawn Michaels def. Edge

Who’s Hot, Who’s Not?

Biggest Pops
1. John Cena
2. Shawn Michaels
3. The Hardy Boyz
4. Bobby Lashley

Most Heat
1. Mr. McMahon
2. The Great Khali
3. Edge
4. Randy Orton

Match of the night: Jeff Hardy v. Trevor Murdoch **1/4

Power Rankings

5 Points= Title Win
4 Points= World Title defense/win
3 Points= Singles PPV Win
2 Points= Tag PPV Win
2 Points= TV Singles Win
1 Point= TV Tag Win
0 Points= Loss

WWE Champion: John Cena (14-5-1, 35 points) (Last Week: WWE Champion)— I totally bought Khali’s monster-ness and Cena’s a big reason for it. That was a fantastic promo he cut tonight but I almost sort of wish he’d chickened out and left. Imagine the reaction to Cena if he said ’maybe I can’t win this one’. The suspense would be great for the kiddies and adds a dash of reality to him that critics say he lacks. It would’ve been a nice touch. That being said, the route they DID go worked better for Khali, not for Cena. The role of champion is helping the rest of the roster look as good as possible. Cena’s doing his job.

Intercontinental Champion: Santino Morello 3-0, 9pts. (Last Week: IC Champion) — Marella looks REALLY green in there, but he’s got great potential and plays the plucky underdog role well. The execution and psychology will come in time. Really, nothing up or down, just a hope he is in the ring every week so he can continue to develop.

1. The Great Khali, 10-0-1, 10pts. (Last Week: 1 )— I know people bust my balls about Khali, but honestly, for what he lacks in mobility and anything resembling a move set, he plays the role of unstoppable monster well. The “Come Get Some” line tonight was GREAT heel stuff and to be honest it’s the best he’s looked so far since he’s popped up on Raw. I’m willing to give this guy a shot. Again, get past the ~movez! For a little while and look at the role being played. Khali does that well.

2. HBK 10-6-1, 19 points (Last Week: 2) — Again, I don‘t get what the benefit of him going over tonight is, but maybe it‘s to make Orton look strong by having him go over on Sunday. Other than that, I don’t get it. Orton NEEDS the win Sunday. Michaels could and should win the feud, but Orton needs the win Sunday if they’re looking to get him on track to challenge Cena. Hopefully Michaels lays down on Sunday.

3. Umaga 10-5, 23 Points (Last Week: 4)-- A pretty quiet week for Umaga this week, but he comes away looking fairly strong as the McMahon muscle man. Thanks to the departure of Edge, Umaga moves up a bit.

4. Jeff Hardy 16-6-1, 32 points. (Last Week: 5) — Hardy, when moved to do so, CAN have a good match. Tonight was a fun, albeit short match with Trevor Murdoch. Again, they did a great job of communicating the central theme of the feud, which is ‘pure competition’. The moves exemplified it and the spats of frustration. Good work on both men’s parts.

5. Carlito 6-8-2, 10pts. (Last Week: 8)-- I can’t justify Orton being any higher than he is with his record right now. Carlito has been pretty terrible since the Winter hit, but has a win tonight, which is more than anyone behind him can claim. The win and record vault him into the top five.

6. Randy Orton 3-13-2 , 7 pts. (Last Week: 6) — This is it for Orton. Do or Die. The feud with HBK gets him over or it’s done. For good this time. I don’t see how the WWE can continue to dedicate time to him given his behavior and inconsistent reactions. If WWE IS serious about pushing him however, they need to book a few wins for him. Look at the stinky-poo record. The Oakland Raiders didn’t suck as much this year.

7. Chris Masters, 4-7, 8 pts. (Last Week: 7) —Masters absorbs a loss this week, but still looked great and completely carried the action in the Marella match. A loss is a loss, so he doesn’t move up obviously, but he stays put with a good showing.

8. Ric Flair 4-7-2 (Last Week: 9) — Naitch didn’t do a lot per sae, but we did have some fun watching him chase off Carlito. Here’s a guy who I’m hoping gets a nice sub-main event push with the empty spot open right now. Here’s a guy I’d like to see get one last mini-run closer to the top.

9. Johnny Nitro, (2-7-1, 4pts ) (last week: 10) — Not in action this week.

10. Trevor Murdoch 2-9, 3pts. (Last Week: NR) -- I’m moving Murdoch into the top 10. Sure, he lost, but 1, there’s an open spot due to Edge’s departure and 2, Murdoch’s been great in the booth and in the ring. He deserves something. Therefore, I will bestow upon him a #10 ranking in my rankings list no one cares about.

OTHERS : Super Crazy 3-5-1, 5 points (Last Week: NR)
Kenny Dykstra 3-7, 6pts. (Last Week: NR)
Eugene 0-6, 0 pts. (Last Week: NR)
Lance Cade 2-8, 3pts. (Last Week: NR)
Shelton Benjamin 1-6-1, 1pt. (Last Week: NR)
Charlie Haas 1-5-1, 1pt. (Last Week: NR)
Viscera 0-2, 0 pts. (Last Week: NR)
Rory 0-4, 0pts. (Last Week: NR)
Robbie 0-5 0pts. (Last Week: NR)
JTG 3-5, 4pts. (Last Week: NR)
Big Shad 2-5, 2pts. (Last Week: NR)
Val Venis 0-1 0pts. (Last Week: NR)