Raw Results - 10/8/07 - Grand Rapids, MI (HBK makes return, more)

Reported by Hunter Golden of WrestleView.com
On Monday, October 8, 2007 at 11:49 PM EST

October 8, 2007
Grand Rapids, MI
Commentators: Jim Ross & Jerry “The King” Lawler
Reported By: Hunter Golden of WrestleView.com

WWE Chairman Vince McMahon came out to the ring and told us all that he was a man of his word. He said not only was there a new WWE Champion crowned at No Mercy, but there’d be a championship match there as well and we had three of them. He said history was made at No Mercy last night before turning to the Titan Tron.

An absolutely astonishing video package played putting over the journey of Triple H last night and Randy Orton’s eventual WWE Championship victory.

Vince said history would be made here tonight as well. He said if for no other reason then because he felt like it. He said every WWE superstar would be coming out to the ring to shake the new champion’s hand and wish him the best of luck in his future reign.

Vince rambled on about Cyber Sunday some more and how the title would be defended there next until Triple H’s music hit the arena. He came down to the ring as Vince asked him to calm down. Triple H told him to shut up and listen up. He said the people didn’t care about Cyber Sunday, they cared about tonight. He said like Orton last night, he was invoking his rematch clause tonight. Vince told him to be careful of what he wished for because he might get it.

Vince said it wasn’t the right thing to do, but he’d go ahead with the rematch. Vince left the ring and his music played until Vince paused. He said it’d be Orton-Triple H, but Orton would get a tag team partner and it’d be a handicapped match.


Six Diva Tag Match
Beth Phoenix, Melina & Jillian Hall v. Candice Michelle, Mickie James & Maria

Melina went right to the weakest link which is Maria who actually countered with a hurricanranna. Mickie James tagged in and hammered away on Melina’s arm before hitting a baseball slide drop kick into Melina’s grill.

Melina tossed Mickie off the second rope but got crotched. Beth interjected herself so that Mickie got hung upside down allowing Melina to hit some gnarly forearms to the stomach.

The new Women’s champ tagged in and hit a shin breaker before tagging in Jillian who laid the boots in on Mickie’s leg. Jillian continued to work over the leg before Melina tagged in and went for a quick cover. Melina hit some BRUTAL cross faces before stretching her leg almost behind her head. Mickie eventually kicked her off but missed an enzeguiri and Jillian tagged in. Before she could get to work though, Mickie kicked both off and made the hot tag.

Candice cleaned house before Beth cut her off. Maria and Mickie took out Beth on the outside while Candice and Jillian went at it. Candice caught Jillian in a victory roll for the win in a WILD ‘match falls to pieces’ part. Fun stuff.

Winner: Beth Phoenix via pin fall


William Regal is fixing up Coach’s old office before he walked in. Coach has a duck cane. Who cares about anything /*. Regal is decorating his office with pictures of famous gay Brits. Ha! Vince came in and asked Regal how Horsnwaggle was doing. They exchanged pleasantries before Vince left. Regal said Coach was his assistant so it was his responsibility to look after Hornswoggle from now on. Coach went to check on him in the closet and no one was home. Regal made fun of him for losing him already and sent him off on a search.

A promo for Cyber Sunday aired.


Santino Marella v. Val Venis

Any Raw with Val Venis on it is a good one.

Marella left the ring and went over to Lillian and introduced her. He said she was singing in Spanish tonight and it’s a sexy language. Marella said he couldn’t fight Val tonight. He said Regal found a formidable substitute for him.

Snitsky v. Val Venis

The two locked horns before Snitsky grabbed a few knee lifts and stomped away on Val’s knees. Snitsky bullied Val to the corner and hit a big boot to the knee before Snits scoop slammed him and dropped an elbow across the leg.

Val fought back with some right hands but ate the big boot to the face in short order. Snitsky picked him up cinched in a double under hook before laying Venis out with a lariat. Snitsky hit the pump handle slam and that is that.

Winner: Snitsky via pin fall

WWE returned the Evander Holyfield favor from Saturday Night’s Main event and put over his pay per view fight for the WBO championship this Saturday.

A replay of Orton injuring Cena aired and we’re talking to the ex champ next.


The ‘save us’ promo aired.

John Cena joined us via Hospital hell.

They asked Cena how long he’d be out. Cena said he was only six days off the table so it’s vague but he’s guessing 7-12 months. Cena said everything was painful and he was just focused on getting back to the ring.

King asked him about what he thought about Randy Orton’s comments last night. He said Randy Orton was pretty confident and his head was getting a little big. He said he was the last thing Orton should worry about. He said Orton would be coming face to face with all his targets eventually. He said tonight, Orton had to shake hands with a bunch of guys who want to beat him.

Cena said he’d be back as soon as possible.

WWE Champion Randy Orton’s music hit and he came out to the entrance ramp.

The handicapped match is next.


Randy Orton & Umaga v. Triple H

I guess all three men are in the ring at the same time.

Triple H tried to be the aggressor, but it didn’t last long. Umaga barreled into him. Triple H was able to hit knee lift on Umaga and a DDT on Orton, but was unsuccessful. Triple H made a uncharacteristically stupid mistake and went to brawl with Umaga on the floor and got pwned.

Orton laid in some nasty stomps to Triple H before he mounted the 11 time champ and pounded away on his head. Umaga joined in the fun and OH JOY! STOMP CONTEST!

Triple H ends up busted open before Umaga drops a nasty head butt into Triple H’s busted up ribs. Orton pummeled him in the corner before backing off and letting Umaga snack on him for a little bit. Umaga whipped Triple H into an Orton standing drop kick before Orton held the Game on the mat while Umaga hammered away on him.

Umaga hit a brutal Samoan drop before Orton held Triple H down for a top rope splash. Triple H kicked Orton into the ropes and crotched Umaga in doing so. Triple H rallied big time and went for the pedigree but Umaga nailed him from behind. Triple H avoided him before sending him over the top rope.

Triple H went for the pedigree on Orton, but Umaga quickly recovered and leapt to Orton’s aide with a steel chair.

Winner: Triple H via DQ

Umaga and Orton laid a big beat down on Triple H after the match before Orton laid him out with a huge RKO. Umaga dragged Triple H to the corner while Orton left. Umaga hit two running asses, a big splash and a Samoan splash, leaving Triple H looking like he got hit by a bus. That beat down absolutely ruled.

Even better, Triple H tried to walk by himself to the back to a big pop only to face plant on the ramp. Not much heroics tonight, folks.


Triple H is still being dragged to the back. Backstage, Vince caught up with him. He asked him if was hurt cause he didn’t see it. He said Triple H better not use this is an excuse to avoid shaking Randy Orton’s hand. In fact, he’d be the first to do it.

The Highlanders v. London & Kendrick

London & Rory locked up and London was able to gain the initial advantage. He and Kendrick used some fun high-spot stuff to pop the crowd early on before loading Rory back up in the ring.

London hit a nice kick to the gut before getting distracted long enough by Robbie to get decked in the face. Robbie tagged in and hit a double axe sledge for a two count before tagging his partner back in and hitting a double head butt. Robbie pulled back hard on the rear chin lock while London used the crowd to rally.

Robbie tagged in but London avoided him and tagged in Kendrick. Kendrick hit some drop kicks and a bicycle kick for a two count. Rory got taken out on the outside by another London SSP. Meanwhile in the ring, Robbie cut off a charging Kendrick and rolled I’m up with the feet on the ropes for the three count.

Winners: The Highlanders via pin fall

The Diva Search stuff aired.

Coach ran across a production guy backstage and asked him if he had seen a leprechaun. The guy called him crazy and walked off. He asked Cody Rhodes next and Cody’s clueless too. Regal caught up with Coach and Coach told him he was trying. Regal said he needed to try harder.


Todd Grisham murdered the Spanish language before Lillian Garcia performed something in Spanish. Ole!

She sang her song before Santino decided to come out and sing himself. Santino’s song deserves a Grammy.

We get Jeff Hardy v. Kennedy next


Jeff Hardy v. Mr. Kennedy

Kennedy grabbed a side headlock before Hardy tried to knock him back. The two traded shoulder blocks before Hardy went for a flippy leg drop but Kennedy avoided it. Hardy hit an inverted atomic drop and a low blow leg drop to da junk for a two count.

Kennedy blocked a punch and hit a northern lights suplex for a two count of his own before Hardy got up. Hardy shoved him and Kennedy slapped The two brawled and fell out ot the outside where they exchanged blows. Hardy went to the top rope after assuming the advantage but clattered into the ring railing when Kennedy avoided him.


We came back to Kennedy in firm control of things with a half Boston crab. Hardy powered out of the hold before Kennedy whipped him to the buckles face first. Hardy came gunning out of the corner though with a nice lariat to buy himself some time. Hardy went to the top rope but Kennedy hit a standing drop kick that knocked the IC champion off the top rope and to the mat for a two count.

Kennedy went right back to the half crab and sat down deep on the hold. Jeff reached the ropes eventually and the hold was broken. Kennedy stayed in control, sitting out on the leg before going for the hold again but Hardy shoved him to the outside.

Kennedy went to drag him to the floor but Hardy kicked him back. Kennedy came shooting back into the ring though and hit a chop block for a two count. Hardy hit a jaw breaker and hit a take down on the rebounding Kennedy before speeding up the pace despite the gimp in his step.

Kennedy cut him off again with a leg trip before going for a roll up. Kennedy got caught with his feet on the ropes so he went for a whip, but Jeff countered into a side Russian leg sweep for a two count.

Hardy went for the twist of fate before Kennedy loaded him up on his shoulders. Hardy wiggled out though and hit an inverted brain buster before scaling the ropes for the Swanton bomb but no one was home. Kennedy crawled over for the cover but Hardy kicked out and hit a roll up out of nowhere for the win.

Winner: Jeff Hardy via pin fall

Vince was in the back and wanted everyone on the roster out in the ring to shake Orton’s hand. Even his bastard son. Coach rumbled in and said he couldn’t find ‘him’. Vince looked furious for a second before Hornswoggle popped up out of a trunk. Horsnwoggle took his cane and began accosting him with it.

The Raw superstars made their way to the ring while we go to break.


WWE Champion Randy Orton came out to the ring belt in toe and stood up on a podium. Vince shook his hand and congratulated him. Orton took the mic and said there was one absolute truth and that it was no one deserved to be champion more than him. He said no one had talent like he does and he had the perfect combination of size, speed, strength and skill.

He said he saw a lot of jealous faces up on that stage because they realize that the ‘one man dynasty’ has just begun. He said he’d be champion for a long, long time. He said he demanded they put their feelings aside, walk to the ring, shake his hand and wish him luck… NO… say ‘good luck, champ’.

Vince said we should get the show on the road before asking where the hell Triple H was. Vince said he needed to get out here before he asked Orton to go get him and drag him out here. Orton didn’t seem thrilled at first before handing the mic off and heading to the back.

Then SHAWN FREAKING MICHAELS MUSIC hit! HBK looks TOUGH in the get up and slowly stalked Orton down to the ring. Michaels charged him and went right after him before KILLING the champion with sweet chin music. The crowd was going absolutely ballistic. McMahon looked like he was about to cry.

HBK stared down Orton’s carcass as the show went off the air.


Show Thoughts-- People might not have realized it, but tonight’s Raw episode was probably the most important one of the year for a variety of reasons.

First, you’ve of course got the huge gap left in the lineup without John Cena and for the first time in seemingly forever, a new WWE Champion. A LOT of stuff happened at No Mercy and it was almost like we had a Wrestlemania-like fallout tonight where the WWE had to work hard to establish not only Orton as champion, but his challengers. To boot, they needed to shore up the rest of the card and figure out where they were going and lay the ground work for the rest of the card.

I’ll say they passed with flying colors.

Orton’s first night was a little more low key than expected, but being a good champion, it’s important that one establish his contenders as major league threats without looking too weak. Orton did a good job, keeping his promo short, sweet and effective. HBK made his major comeback in the swerve of the night while Triple H continued the chase. This is good stuff.

Essentially, you’ve got three guys hot on Orton’s trail. Triple H is looking to avenge his loss to Orton last night and regain that belt all while overcoming Vince and company. Shawn Michaels has a bone to pick too, but how will that jive with Triple H’s ambitions? And don’t forget about Umaga completely, either, whose more or less billed as being unpredictable and has given every guy he’s faced a reason to look over their shoulder. It’s a wide open, somewhat complicated title scene. Does ANYONE remember the last time we could REALLY say that?

A good show after a huge shake up show like No Mercy should leave more questions than answers and this one did that, at least as far as the top of the card is concerned and it looks like we’ve got some awesome stuff to look forward to this fall concerning the title.

The rest of the card stacked up well too. The Highlanders are looking very fresh as heels and picked up their first points of the year and hopefully this’ll be a turning point of sorts for them. Santino is the ultimate pip squeak heel that’s a nice center piece for the lower part of the card. Candice-Beth rages on and we’ll get a good blow off down the line here as well.

And Jeff Hardy and Kennedy really made up for a terrible match a few weeks ago and put on a basic, but fun match to end the wrestling part of the show.

The Sports Entertainment silliness was kept to a completely bearable level and was all fun stuff without overshadowing anything that was important.

While there have been a boat load of shows this year that have provided better segments and better matches, this one was a lot like last night’s pay per view, and that was a show that flowed well and led up to an unexpected swerve at the end that left you feeling good as we walked away.

If the WWE can hold it together for these last two months, I’m sure 2007 Has to be, in the minds of anyone with a brain and a desire to see wrestling succeed, the year that the WWE came out of the dark ages, at least in a creative sense. They really did a great job of laying out everything that needed to be laid out and leave the viewer wanting more. Hats off.

John Cena WHO?

Overall Grade: A-

Quick Results
Candice Michelle, Mickie James & Maria def. Beth Phoenix, Melina & Jillian Hall
Snitsky def. Val Venis
Triple H def. Randy Orton & Umaga
The Highlanders def. London & Kendrick
Jeff Hardy def. Mr. Kennedy

Who’s Hot, Who’s Not?

Biggest Pops
1. Shawn Michaels
2. Triple H
3. Jeff Hardy
4. Candice Michelle

Most Heat
1. Randy Orton
2. Mr. McMahon
3. Umaga
4. Mr. Kennedy

Match of the Night: Jeff Hardy v. Ken Kennedy **1/4

Power Rankings

5 Points= Title Win
4 Points= World Title defense/win
3 Points= Singles PPV Win
2 Points= Tag PPV Win
2 Points= TV Singles Win
1 Point= TV Tag Win
0 Points= Loss

WWE Champion: Randy Orton 15-20-2 38pts. (Last Week: 1) -- The “Orton Era” kicked off tonight and it got off to an admirable start. A lot of questions for this kid to answer in the coming months, but this is absolutely do or die for his career.

Intercontinental Champion: Jeff Hardy 29-13, 57 points (Last Week: IC Champion)— A lot of people have said his brother is the best formulaic wrestler the WWE has had in a long time. He works the same match but is able to effectively tweak it according to whom he’s facing but ALWAYS pulls out something that’s at base, ok. Jeff’s simplifying his stuff now as well and learning to work more of a formula. For a guy who has a tendency to get carried away, this couldn’t be a better idea.

1. Triple H 10-3, 26pts (Last Week: 3) — Champ then ex champ in a night, but Triple H worked his best night as a face he’s ever worked. He was surprisingly good at building sympathy without looking like a stupid wuss. I felt that segment is going to be way more effective than people will realize on the surface.

2. Umaga 20-15-1, 43 Points (Last Week: 4) — While I’d certainly consider HBK, Triple H, Cena and Orton all better workers overall, there’s no doubt Umaga’s the work horse of the main event scene these days and delivered another fun performance this week. He really reminds me of a young Undertaker. Athletic, talented and the right guy with the right gimmick… a gimmick only he could pull off.

3. Carlito 13-16-4, 23 pts. (Last Week: 2) -- Dead quiet for Carlito tonight.

4. Shawn Michaels 10-7-1, 19 points (Last Week: INJURED)-- He’s back! In a huge, huge way.

5. Trevor Murdoch 9-14, 17pts. (Last Week: 7)-- Murdoch and Cade ping around the middle of the power rankings it seems without having to do much. These guys are solid and let’s hope they get a little more use-age this fall.

6. Lance Cade 9-14, 14pts. (Last Week: 8)-- See Murdoch.

7. Paul London 7-5, 9pts. (Last Week: 5) -- Two losses hurt. A lot.

8. Brian Kendrick, 6-5, 7 pts (Last Week: 6) -- See London

9. Snitsky 5-1, 10s. (Last Week: NR)-- This guy wins, so he gets on the top ten again, but seriously, the WWE needs to figure out if they’re going to bother pushing him or not. This persona doesn’t work right now so I dunno. Wins don’t mean nuthin’ if they don’t get you anywhere.

10. Ken Kennedy 4-7-1, 8 pts (Last Week: 10) — Kennedy gets a win and a loss, so I’m keeping him here. Much better effort than last week though.

John Cena (28-9-1, 72 points) (Last Week: WWE Champion)
Cody Rhodes 5-4 8pts. (Last Week: 10)
William Regal 3-1, 5pts (Last Week: NR)
Ron Simmons 1-0, 2pts. (Last Week: NR)
Hardcore Holly 2-0, 4 pts. (Last Week: NR)
King Booker 3-6, 6 pts. (Last Week: 9)
Bobby Lashley 3-4 5pts. (Last Week: INJURED)
Super Crazy 4-7-1, 7 points (Last Week: NR)
JTG 5-6, 6pts. (Last Week: NR)
Big Shad 4-6, 4pts. (Last Week: NR)
The Sandman 2-5, 4pts. (Last Week: NR)
Shelton Benjamin 3-16-1, 3pts. (Last Week: NR)
Charlie Haas 2-11-1, 1pts. (Last Week: NR)
Rory 1-5, 1pt. (Last Week: NR)
Robbie 1-7 1pt. (Last Week: NR)
Jim Duggan 1-4, 2pts. (Last Week: NR)
Val Venis 0-4 0pts. (Last Week: NR)
Daivari 0-5, 0pts. (Last Week: NR)
Mick Foley 0-1-1, 0 pts. (Last Week: NR)
Sgt. Slaughter 0-2. 0 pts. (Last Week: NR)