Raw Results: 12-3-07 N. Charleston, SC (Jericho-Umaga - Orton-HBK)

Reported by Hunter Golden of WrestleView.com
On Monday, December 3, 2007 at 11:45 PM EST

December 3, 2007
North Charleston, SC
Commentators: Jim Ross & Jerry “The King” Lawler
Reported By: Hunter Golden of WrestleView.com

Chris Jericho’s countdown aired and the pyro went off and here’s Y2J to kick off Raw. He sauntered down to the ring and welcomed us all to Raw is Jericho.

When he came back two weeks ago, he wanted to be WWE Champion. He said Sanchico Marella was right though, that he couldn’t just come out and instigate stuff with Orton and get a title match. Instead he had to manipulate Orton like a puppet and it got him the answer he needed. A clip aired of Orton giving him his title shot.

Jericho announced the title match for Armageddon and promised there’d be a new WWE Champion.

Speaking of that title, it’s current holder’s music aired and Randy Orton came down to the ring. Orton said everything was always about Chris Jericho. He said he thought he got underneath his skin, but the truth was that he was giving him a title shot because he knew he could beat him. He said Jericho hadn’t defeated anyone in two years while he had defeated John Cena, Triple H and Shawn Michaels before Jericho cut him off. Jericho said he used to run his mouth about beating Steve Austin and the Rock in one night but come Armageddon it wouldn’t mean anything. Jericho said while he hadn’t been competing, he’d been watching. He said Orton became one of the best in the industry but Jericho was every bit as ruthless and egotistical as he was and he’d take the title at Armageddon.

Orton and Jericho stared each other down before William Regal’s music aired and put a stop to the fun. He said he had a better idea than a brawl between them. He said the main event would be decided by them. They’d each get to choose each other’s opponent. He asked Orton who he wanted Jericho to face and Orton picked Y2J v. Umaga. Regal asked Jericho whom he wanted Orton to face. Y2J said he’d go the opposite direction and give us a match up we’ve seen many times; Shawn Michaels v. Randy Orton.

Apparently, we’re also getting Snitsky v. Jeff Hardy for the IC Championship.


Mickie James & Maria v. Beth Phoenix & Melina

Maria and Melina started things off, exchanging counters before Maria hit a Lou Thesz Press thing for a one count. Melina took exception and mounted Maria, hammering away with right forearms before tagging in Phoenix.

Beth tossed Maria into the corner and called out Mickie James. Mickie tagged in and the two went right at it. Mickie gained an initial advantage with some stinging strikes before Beth picked her up. Mickie wiggled out and went for a knee drop but Beth yanked her off the top rope and slammed her to the mat.

Beth picked her up kicking and flailing and nailed a nasty power slam before picking up Mickie and crushing her with the fisherman’s suplex for an easy three count.

Winners: Beth Phoenix & Melina via pin fall

Todd Grisham welcomed Shawn Michaels and asked him about Randy Orton. HBK said the more things changed, the more they stayed the same. HBK said the title wasn’t on the line, but he had good news and sweet chin music was legal. He said he’s knocked his head off so many times…. Kennedy interrupts.

Kennedy said HBK needed to be thinking about his match at Armageddon as well as his match with Orton tonight. He said the more things changed, the more they stayed the same. Kennedy said coming up next would be a blast from the past that just might break his heart.


Mr. Kennedy’s music hit and he came down to the ring. Kennedy said he might want to watch this because it might break his heart. He said he invited three of his closest friends and rivals here tonight to have a little discussion about him. Please be Sid. The world needs more Sid like it needs more Cow Bell. Kennedy introduced ‘Marty Jannetty’ to the ring.

It’s a jobber dressed up like an idiot… like a Rocker. Kennedy said not only did Shawn have issues with this guy, he had issues with others like his Wrestlemania X ladder match opponent. Que douche bag #2 - Razor Ramon. We got a ‘hey yo’.

Last but not least is a guy he faced at Wrestlemania XI, and wouldn’t ya know it’s DIESEL! These entrances had their pyro and everything. Glory.

Kennedy said the panel was just great but it was missing something. He said it would be incomplete without the man himself, Shawn Michaels. A guy wearing leather and holding a sparkler came out. Gang’s all here.

Couple of questions:

1.) Lay it on the line. One word that summarizes his feelings about HBK (To Diesel). He says egotistical. Kennedy would have to agree. Razor said ‘chump’. Stiff. Marty says traitor. Kennedy agrees, too.

Kennedy says he had one word on his own that best described him: loser. Kennedy said after he faces him at Armageddon, he might have to think about a different profession.

The real HBK’s music hit and he came out to the ramp. HBK is dipping. So am I! CHEW!

Michaels laid out all the guys with Sweet Chin Music and stood tall in the ring as Kennedy looked on.


Vince was with someone on the phone. Vince said that next week Hulk Hogan would be on Raw. Coach said Trish Stratus would be there. Mick Foley, too. Eric Bischoff will be there too. Stone Cold as well. Oh hi, Hornswoggle.

Vince was going to have a little conversation. Next week, we’re getting a McMahon family portrait. Hornswoggle needs to clean up a bit. Hornswoggle has a match tonight too, a handicapped one, against Coach and Carlito. They walked off but left the cell phone. Hornswoggle’s on the horn.

A video played recapping the making of the Triple H-Jeff Hardy match at Armageddon.

Triple H is organizing clothes in his locker room when Regal shows up. He asked Regal what was up with the match at Armageddon. Regal said of course something was up. He said both were Survivors at Survivor Series and both were multiple times, champions. He said the match would be for the #1 contender’s spot at the Royal Rumble. He said his whole career was about hating people and the title. He said part of him thought he had a soft spot for Hardy.

Triple H said he’d do anything to be champion again. He’d pedigree his mother, grandmother and even his father in law before walking off.


Umaga v. Chris Jericho

We came back to the match in progress and surprisingly, Jericho is the one in control thanks largely to a springboard drop kick that sent the Samoan Bulldozer to the floor. Jericho slapped on an arm bar with some elbows to the face before getting tossed over the monster’s shoulders.

Jericho came bounding off the ropes only to get lifted and tossed to the floor hard. Jericho struggled to get into the ring and ate a clothesline to the face before umaga hit a big splash for a two count.

Umaga worked Jericho over on the mat with punches and clubbing blows before slapping on his trusty shoulder vice. Jericho managed to wiggle out of the hold and trip Umaga up and into the bottom rope throat first. Jericho went to follow up only to eat a thrust kick to the face.

Umaga beat Jericho around the ring some before settling in one corner and pounding the bejesus out of him to set up the running ass to the face. Umaga roared and came rumbling in only to miss clean. Jericho mounted the top rope and hit a flying forearm that floored his foe, buying him some time to recover.

Both fought to their feet before Jericho came back with some strikes and a step up enzeguiri followed by the trusty bulldog. Jericho hit the lion sault and went for the cover but Umaga kicked out at two.

The momentum was short lived as he decked Jericho, sending him right back to the canvas. Umaga missed another splash attempt and Jericho hit the code breaker, but Randy Orton came in and hit a kick to the gut.

Winner: Chris Jericho via DQ

Orton absolutely WRECKED Jericho with an RKO and left the #1 contender in a heap in the middle of the ring.


Carlito & Jonathan Coachman v. Hornswoggle

Coach and Carlito look psyched for the match. Hornswoggle came down to the ring and has a surprise for us all. It’s APA. Yes, Farooq AND JBL. The APA beat Coach and Carlito around before letting Hornswoggle have his way. Hornswoggle got an assisted ‘Tadpole Splash’ and that’s that.

Winner: Hornswaggle via pin fall

Hornswoggle celebrated before the APA did their thing. JBL put himself over relentlessly, and that’s awesome. Simmons is desperately trying to get something in and grabs the mic away from JBL. JBL pleaded for no Damn but he gets one.

Todd Grisham is with Snitsky. Snitsky likes pain and staring. And belts.


WWE Intercontinental Championship
Jeff Hardy v. Snitsky

The two circled it up before locking up. Snitsky easily tossed Hardy aside but Jeff came bounding back with quick strikes before getting caught in a power slam predicament that resulted in him getting slammed into the turnbuckles. Snitsky hit a body slam and dropped an elbow.

Snitsky slammed Hardy off the top buckles and began booting away at Hardy in the corner. Snitsky gave Hardy some ‘help’ out of the corner before hitting a double under hook submission hold, using his size to wear Hardy down. Hardy got feisty and fought out of the hold only to get nailed with a sidewalk slam for a near fall.

Snitsky hammered away on the champion on the mat before booting him around the ring. Snitsky hit a suplex but missed with a leg drop attempt. Hardy came back with stinging kicks and a double drop kick but only got a one count on the cover attempt. Hardy hit whisper in the wind but Snitsky kicked out.

Jeff went for the twist of fate but missed the running boot. Hardy slapped him to the mat and hit the swanton bomb for the win.

Winner and STILL Intercontinental Champion: Jeff Hardy via pin fall

Hardy was celebrating before Snitsky nailed him with a big boot to the grill. He grabbed a chair from ring side before Triple H’s music hit. He’s got a sledge hammer and Snitsky got out of dodge in a hurry.

Triple H looked to be amping up to nail Hardy with the sledge before offering his hand to Jeff. It didn’t come without a little stare down though. He walked off and we get a little intensity.


JR and King ran down the Armageddon card so far:

WWE Championship
Randy Orton v. Chris Jericho

World Heavyweight Championship - Triple Threat Match
Batista v. Edge v. The Undertaker

#1 Contender’s Match
Triple H v. Jeff Hardy

Shawn Michaels v. Mr. Kennedy

WWE Women’s Championship
Beth Phoenix v. Mickie James

Finlay v. The Great Khali

Jillian is in the back singing to Mr. McMahon. He wished her luck on the Christmas album before Regal butted in to inform Vince McMahon that his daughter Stephanie McMahon is on her way to the arena.


Randy Orton v. Shawn Michaels

The match started out with Michaels going right to the offense, scaring off Orton with a sweet chin music attempt. Orton let HBK chase him around the ring a bit before capitalizing on his position and taking advantage. Orton flailed away with punches but HBK came back with some strikes of his own and a neck breaker before taking Orton over with a side headlock take down.

Orton tried a roll up out of the hold twice but no dice. He struggled to his feet and tried to toss HBK to the ropes but Michaels clung to the hold and was able to maintain position. Second time was a charm and Orton hit a back elbow to give himself a reprieve.

Orton stomped on HBK’s face and went for a cover but didn’t get so much as a one count on the cover attempt. Orton went for a suplex but Michaels wiggled out only to eat a back elbow. Orton went for an RKO but Michaels kicked him through and the two fumbled through a sunset flip exchange before Michaels slapped on an ankle lock.

Orton reversed the hold into a roll up for a two count but HBK went right back to the ankle lock. Orton reached the ropes as we headed to commercial.


Michaels wiggled out of another slam attempt and grabbed a go behind which unraveled into Michaels clothes lining Orton over the top rope and to the floor. Michaels tuned up the band but instead clocked the time keeper in the face.

Orton caught HBK on his way into the ring and hit a super nasty DDT on him. Orton went into Rugged Ronnie Garvin mode and stomped every limb Michaels has. Orton dropped a knee on the head and went for a cover but only got two. Orton worked over HBK in the corner, flooring him with multiple right hands. He slapped on a body scissors and rear chin lock to keep HBK at bay.

Michaels struggled to his feet and hit some shots to the gut. The two exchanged shots in the middle of the ring before hitting the swooping forearm. Michaels went into his victory sequence before Orton avoided the atomic drop only to be countered into a backslide for a two count. Michaels hit the scoop slam and hit the elbow drop off the top rope.

Michaels tuned up the band but caught Kennedy as he came roaring down to ringside with a big tope. Michaels and Kennedy fought around the ring before spilling into the crowd. The referee rang the bell and Orton’s won.

Winner: Randy Orton via count out

Orton got on the mic after the match and announced himself as the winner. Chris Jericho sprinted to the ring and we’ve got a peer six brawl. Orton went for another RKO but Jericho grabbed the legs, looking for the Walls of Jericho. Orton wiggled and squirmed his way out of the ring and Jericho’s left in the ring, still wanting a piece of the Champion.

Vince was in the back with Stephanie. She put over the 15th anniversary show. She said a lot of people who didn’t like him were showing up. In 759 episodes the one person built up more than anyone /* was him. She said she was concerned about him and didn’t want him to get beat up on his own show again. She pleaded with him not to show up next week. Vince thought for a second and said no way, he LOVES confrontation. He said if people had a problem with it, they could go straight to hell.


Show Thoughts-- Tonight wasn’t on the level of the last show, but it was solid enough for what it was, which was a straight ‘build’ show. Every major feud for Armageddon got at least a little rub, in an attempt to get a little more work done due to the 15th anniversary show being next week and all. Tonight was more of that laundry list type show, so I guess I’ll just hit everything on it.

Orton-Jericho got some decent heat type build, but Jericho is a tough buy as a #1 contender right now. Why, I can’t really put a finger on because they honestly did everything right. They put over his past victories, gave him a win, albeit dirty, over Umaga, added some heat with the RKO and had a hot brawl to end the show where Jericho came out on top. All things considered they did what they had to but it didn’t stick with me like I would have liked.

Granted, not EVERY Orton title defense can be against a huge major marquee guy, but this doesn’t have the feeling of big-ness to it that the Cena, Triple H and Shawn Michaels matches did. Granted it’s tough to follow those guys, but still. I think the program has been fun so far and the match will likely deliver, but still, the program doesn’t have the mega-feel we probably would have expected.

Triple H-Jeff Hardy is quickly becoming the most interesting feud on either brand. It’s about a title shot now, which sweetens the pot a bit. Will Triple H turn? Will Hardy turn? My guess is something happens where Hardy wins the match. The Rumble is really the best place for him to get a shot. Most don’t watch that show for the title matches, rather they buy it for the Rumble match itself, so it’s a safe bet. Hardy’s over right now and he’s a fresh face in the main event scene, so my guess is they’ll go with it. What happens with Triple H is anyone’s guess, as I feel he might, for the first time in a long time, be floating after this pay per view.

Michaels-Kennedy is being built perfectly. The heat might not be there, large in part due to Kennedy’s more or less being exposed as a pretty limited guy these days, but still, Michaels is the perfect guy for him to face at a time like this. I’m fully expecting his momentum from this feud to carry over into his winning the IC title off of Jeff Hardy in the next month or so.

The women’s title stuff I’m a little nervous about. Beth should be looked upon as dominant, but they need to be careful not to sacrifice Mickie’s credibility as a challenger for the match. I’m not one of those OMGZ CREDIBILITY!~ guys in terms of wins and losses, but if you make someone look TOO dominated before the match happens, you risk killing the heat it’d have.

I was really surprised at the amount of segments we got as opposed to in ring stuff. Most of it was pretty good, so it’s not like it took away from anything, but I was just surprised to see so many back stage skits on a show that’s relied so heavily on in ring action in the past few months to get their points across.

Overall, this was definitely a solid show, but didn’t really revolve around anything or build to any big pay off moments. The Jericho-Umaga and HBK-Orton matches both delivered as should probably be expected, but everything /* came off as super filler. Again, this was solid, but nothing we’ll remember when looking back at the great Raw episodes of the year.

Overall Grade: B-

Quick Results
Beth Phoenix & Melina def. Mickie James & Maria
Chris Jericho def. Umaga
Hornswoggle def. Coach & Carlito
Jeff Hardy def. Snitsky
Randy Orton def. Shawn Michaels

Who’s Hot, Who’s Not?

Biggest Pops
1. Chris Jericho
2. Triple H
3. Shawn Michaels
4. Jeff Hardy

Most Heat
1. Randy Orton
2. Mr. Kennedy
3. Umaga
4. Carlito

Match of the Night: Randy Orton v. Shawn Michaels **1/2

Power Rankings

5 Points= Title Win
4 Points= World Title defense/win
3 Points= Singles PPV Win
2 Points= Tag PPV Win
2 Points= TV Singles Win
1 Point= TV Tag Win
0 Points= Loss

WWE Champion: Randy Orton 19-25-2 47pts. (Last Week: WWE Champion) -- Orton does little things these days that really show the growth. He’s not so awkward working the crowd anymore and the ‘look at this mess’ glare at Michaels screamed his Dad and Dick Slater circa 1983. A pretty solid week for him as champ.

Intercontinental Champion: Jeff Hardy 38-14, 71 points (Last Week: IC Champion)— The pieces are really in place for Hardy’s run into the top flight on Raw. They’re playing their cards well with him, so balls really in his court now.

1. Triple H 15-4, 35pts (Last Week: 1) -- Teasing a heel turn that I don’t think they’ll run with unless they have to, but for the purposes of the Hardy feud, it’s appropriate because it makes the feud all about Hardy. How does he respond?

2. Shawn Michaels 14-9-1, 26 points (Last Week: 2) —Like Triple H, he’s on elevation duty. I don’t think I’d seriously expect Kennedy to get the win at Armageddon, but he’ll give him a run for his money while they get Michaels back on track.

3. Umaga 21-22-1, 44 Points (Last Week: 3) — Sort of floating around the top of the card right now which is ok I guess. Umaga’s beginning to look like a guy whose run his course on a brand, as he’s had involvement with pretty much every single major superstar on the brand. I don’t want to get ahead of myself, but if there’s a guy whose primed to swap brands in a draft, I’d pick him.

4. Ken Kennedy 6-13-1, 12 pts (Last Week: 4)-- I really think this feud with Michaels is a lot more important for Kennedy than most would think. I think how the match ends up at Armageddon is really going to dictate the direction the WWE decides to take with Kennedy heading into 2008. If it goes well, expect him to likely get an IC title run to start the year with a possible slow build heading down the line. If not, expect them to keep Kennedy on the back burner.

5. Chris Jericho 2-0, 4 pts. (Last Week: 9)-- Jericho’s stuff has been solid across the board, but nothing’s really sticking yet. I’m not feeling the intensity yet. I’m more than willing to give him time, but it’s got to get there. Hardcore Holly 5-2, 8 pts. (Last Week: 5) — Not in action this week.

6. Hardcore Holly 5-2, 8 pts. (Last Week: 5) — Not in action this week.

7. Cody Rhodes 10-6 16pts. (Last Week: 6) -- Not in action this week.

8. Trevor Murdoch 10-18, 19pts. (Last Week: 7)-- Not in action this week.

9. Lance Cade 11-17, 18pts. (Last Week: 8)-- See Murdoch

10. Jerry Lawler 3-1, 6pts. (Last Week: 10) -- Not in action.

John Cena (28-9-1, 72 points) (Last Week: INJURED)
Carlito 13-19-4, 23 pts. (Last Week: 10)
Santino Marella 5-11, 13pts. (Last Week: NR)
Snitsky 6-3, 12pts. (Last Week: 10)
Paul London 8-6, 10pts. (Last Week: NR)
Brian Kendrick, 7-7, 9 pts (Last Week: NR)
Super Crazy 6-7-1, 9 points (Last Week: NR)
JTG 5-6, 6pts. (Last Week: RELEASED)
King Booker 3-6, 6 pts. (Last Week: RELEASED)
William Regal 3-1, 5pts (Last Week: NR)
Bobby Lashley 3-4 5pts. (Last Week: INJURED)
Big Shad 4-6, 4pts. (Last Week: RELEASED)
The Sandman 2-5, 4pts. (Last Week: RELEASED)
Ron Simmons 2-0, 4pts. (Last Week: NR)
Harry Smith 2-0, 3 pts. (Last Week: NR)
Jim Duggan 3-4, 5pts. (Last Week: NR)
Rory 2-5, 3pts. (Last Week: NR)
Charlie Haas 2-13-1, 3pts. (Last Week: NR)
Robbie 1-9 1pt. (Last Week: NR)
Shelton Benjamin 3-19-1, 3pts. (Last Week: NR)
Mick Foley 0-1-1, 0 pts. (Last Week: NR)
Sgt. Slaughter 0-2. 0 pts. (Last Week: NR)
Val Venis 0-5 0pts. (Last Week: NR)
Daivari 0-5, 0pts. (Last Week: RELEASED)