Raw Results HOUR #1: 3/31/08 - Orlando, FL (''Big Surprise Return'')

Reported by Hunter Golden of WrestleView.com
On Monday, March 31, 2008 at 11:48 PM EST

WWE Monday Night Raw Results
March 31, 2008
Orlando, Florida
Commentators: Jim Ross & Jerry "The King" Lawler
Report by: Adam Martin of WrestleView.com

- The WWE promo hits.

- A video packages runs highlighting WrestleMania 24 last night when Shawn Michaels defeated Ric Flair.

- The Monday Night Raw promo hits. We then go live to Orlando, FL where a series of pyro goes off in the Amway Arena. Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler welcome us to the show.

- Ric Flair's Farewell Address will take place tonight.

- John Cena's music hits in the arena. No John Cena. Triple H's music hits. No Triple H. Randy Orton's music hits and this time Orton appears with the WWE Title over his shoulder. Orton stops at the end of the ramp, holds up the WWE Title and gives it a kiss. Orton hits the ring and shows off the WWE Title some more. Orton gets on the mic and asks if they were expecting some one /*. He said the big question was who was gonna beat him last night. Instead, that didn't happen. Orton runs down the list of everyone he has beaten and said you are now living in the age of Orton. He said Triple H and John Cena don't deserve a rematch.

JBL comes out and calls Orton's match at WrestleMania last night pathetic. He said Orton got lucky last night. Orton turns his head to JBL and JBL yells at him to look at him when he is talking. JBL brags about destroying Finlay and Hornswoggle last night as well. He then demands a title shot. JBL then walks off and Orton tells him to come back. Matt Hardy then jumps over the railing and attacks Orton. They brawl to the outside and WWE officials and referees break it up.


- Backstage, Matt Hardy tells William Regal that he hasn't forgotten what Orton did to him a few months ago and demands to have a match with Orton tonight.

- Back live, Lance Cade and Trevor Murdoch are in the ring and are waiting for their opponents. Out come Cryme Tyme. They are back in WWE. Boy, I'm glad we passed on posting a rumor about them on WrestleView that some other wrestling media reported today.

Lance Cade & Trevor Murdoch vs. Cryme Tyme

Big double-team move with JTG being flipped on Cade. Cade comes back with a scoop slam. Murdoch gets the tag and hits JTG with a big right hand to the gut. Few rights by Murdoch followed by a takedown on JTG. Cade and Murdoch launch JTG into the corner as Cade gets the tag. Cade tags in Murdoch again and he drops a leg over JTG. Murdoch kicks JTG in the corner and then whips him into the other corner. JTG counters that into a quick roll-up and gets the pinfall!

Winners: Cryme Tyme

After the match, Cryme Tyme celebrates their win and return to WWE.

- Later tonight: Ric Flair's Farewell Address.

- Highlights from Ric Flair vs. Harley Race at Starrcade in 1983 are shown.


- Shawn Michaels' music hits and he comes out. HBK gets on the mic and says he was asked to be the showstopper last night. He talks about being responsible for ending the career of Ric Flair. HBK said that is a burden he has to carry with him for the rest of his life. He ends his promo dropping the mic and heading to the back.

- Later tonight: Chris Jericho vs. CM Punk and Randy Orton vs. Matt Hardy.


- Backstage, William Regal tells Shawn Michaels he did what he had to do. Batista is then standing in the background behind him staring him down. Jim Ross mentions the burden that HBK will carry from now on.

- Back live, Paul London and Brian Kendrick await their opponents, the World Tag Team Champions Hardcore Holly & Cody Rhodes.

Non-Title Match
Paul London & Brian Kendrick vs. World Tag Team Champions Hardcore Holly & Cody Rhodes

Match kicks off with Rhodes and Kendrick. Kendrick flips over the back of Rhodes countering an arm lock. Rhodes fires back with a shoulder takedown off the ropes. Kendrick with a big scoop slam, but Kendrick backs up and gets to the ropes as Rhodes tags in Hardcore Holly. Paul London then gets the tag and he locks up with Holly. Another lock up and London dodges a chop attempt with an elbow to the head of Holly. Holly finally gets in a big chop on London in the corner. Some more stiff chest chops to London by Holly - with a third launching London over the top rope to the outside. Holly with a clothesline and cover on London, but only gets a two count.

Rhodes gets the tag and Rhodes and Holly execute a double-suplex on London. Rhodes with a huge cross-body from the top rope, but London rolls through and only gets a two count. London counters a suplex attempt and tags in Kendrick. Kendrick dropkicks Rhodes and then takes out Holly. Rhodes with a big bulldog on Kendrick. London tosses Holly out and Rhodes clotheslines London out. Kendrick then rolls up Rhodes and gets the pinfall!

Winners: Paul London & Brian Kendrick

After the match, London and Kendrick celebrate their win as JR and King call it a big upset.

- Highlights from Ric Flair vs. Ricky Steamboat at WrestleWar in 1989 are shown.


- Back live, Rev Theory (who sang "Light It Up" - the official theme song for WrestleMania 24) are shown in the crowd.

- Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler introduce a video package highlighting last night's WrestleMania.

- Later tonight: WWE Champion Randy Orton vs. Matt Hardy and up next, WWE Intercontinental Champion Chris Jericho vs. the new "Money in the Bank" CM Punk.


- Hunter Golden will now recap hour two of Raw.

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