Full WWE SmackDown Results - 11/12/03 - East Ruthorford, New Jersey

Reported by Mike Siciliano of WrestleView.com
On Friday, November 14, 2003 at 12:25 AM EST

Full WWE SmackDown Results
Continental Airlines Arena (My BackYard!)
November 12th, 2003
Commentators: Cole & Tazz
Reported by: Mike Siciliano of WrestleView.com

OOPS, oh, man, not again. I got a column to write! KIMOSABE, SUMO!

Here we go:


Kurt Angle defeated Nathan Jones via Disqualification.
Tajiri's Henchmen defeated Jamie Noble & Rey Mysterio.
The Basham Brothers defeated Chavo Guerrero, Jr. in a handicap match.
Bradshaw pinned The A Train.
John Cena & Chris Benoit defeated Brock Lesnar & The Big Show.


Smackdown opened with the captain of one of the teams in the classic 10 man tag for sunday, Kurt Angle, setting up for a matchup against the Colossus of Boggo Road Prison, Nathan Jones. Jones came down to the ring accompanied by fellow Team Lesnar member Matt Morgan. New Smackdown chief referee Nick Patrick forced Morgan to go to the locker room area in the hopes of keeping this matchup one on one.

This match saw Angle take a pretty good beating at the hands of the rookie Jones, who overpowered the Olympic Champion on numerous occasions. Every offense that Angle managed to get in on the Australian giant seemed to be easily countered. Angle tried throughout the match desperately to speed up the tempo of the action in the ring, but it seemed everything that Angle tried, Jones was able to overcome. Jones did not seem to have a tremendous amount of wrestling skills, but his mere brute power wa enough on this day to cause significant damage to Angle.

Angle hit the triple german suplex on Jones, went for the kill with the angle slam, and got a boot in the face from Jones. He finally was able to connect with the angle slam countering a Nathan Jones powerslam. He dropped his straps and hooked on the ankle lock, only to find Matt Morgan jump in out of the crowd and cold cock Angle in the side of the head.

Morgan and Jones begin to setup for the beatdown on Angle when Hardcore Holly makes his first appearance on Smackdown in over a year. He hits Morganj and Jones with repeated steel chair shots to an absolutely huge pop, screams for Lesnar, that it's taken him 13 months to get to this point.
Suddenly, following that statement, we fade to black.


Hardcore Holly is in the back, screaming for Brock Lesnar. Paul Heyman approaches him with event staff. He tells Holly he is not medically cleared to wrestle till sunday, and that if he stays to confront Brock Lesnar, Heyman will have no recourse but to suspend him. Holly tells Heyman to tell Brock what happened to him is what's going to happen to the WWE champion at Survivor Series.


Sable and Vince are in the back reading WWE Unscripted. Sable turns the page to a pictorial of the Undertaker, and Vince begins to get very angry. He explains a series of dreams about his death.

REPORTER'S NOTE: In this reporter's opinion, the general content of the 'dreams' portrayed by Vince McMahon was and is too graphic and grotesque to describe for this column.


WWE Rewind - Last month, Tajiri taking out Nidia with the black mist.

Jamie Noble hits the ring, screaming for Tajiri to come out to finish what they started last week, and get Survivor Series ongoinng early. The Japanese Buzzsaw comes out, and the fight is on. It doesn't last long as Tajiri's thugs sneak up on Noble, throw him in the ring, and beat him silly. Mysterio comes out for the save on Noble, forcing Heyman to set up the next match, a tag match between Mysterio/Noble and Tajiri's thugs, named Akio and Sakada.


This particular match is difficult to describe as I know little to nothing of the two henchmen hanging out with the cruiserweight champion. I don't even know for certain if I am spelling their names correctly. They did some pretty good damage on Mysterio's neck and shoulders throughout the match. Mysterio did hit all of his usual spots, counters, and moves, including the 619. He tried for the west coast pop, but got pulled off the apron, leg first, just as he jumped off the apron. It looked like it hurt a lot. Noble, in the meantime, was in the ring, powerbombing the other opponent. Following the powerbomb, Tajiri jumped to the apron, hit Noble in the back of his head, allowing the henchment to get the victory.

The Guerreros are in the back, psyching themselves up for the tag team championhip when a police officer enters the room, and informs Eddie of an accident that occurred back home. After a brief argument, Eddie takes off, and Chavo goes to Heyman to have the tag title match postponed.


Chavo Guerrero finds GM Heyman, asks for the tag title match to be postponed, and Heyman agrees, claiming "FAMILY first" on Smackdown. The Bashams come in, and begin to taunt Chavo, and ask Heyman for a match tonight, because they all knew they were scheduled for tag team gold defense.
Shaniqua claimed Chavo didn't have enough guts to face the tag team champions, alone. Heyman asks all the parties involved if they want this match, they all say yes, and Heyman tells Chavo the match is next.

A promo is shown of the Buried Alive match. Undertaker then speaks from a graveyard. He says he didn't want to return to this type of place, but Vince McMahon brought him back. He wants Vince to remember all the people he has abused when he is pouring the last few specks of dirt over his lifeless body.


The Basham Brothers vs. Chavo Guerrero was up next. Doug and Danny Basham took out Chavo
for some time during the match, focusing on Mysterio. The Bashams pick up the win with an illegal switch on the floor as Doug slid under the ring, and Danny came out, and small packaged Chavo for the three count.

Josh Mathews is outside Kurt Angle's locker room, and Angle refused again to say who. Josh says Angle will reveal the 5th member of his team


Bradshaw and the A Train begin yet another matchup of Angle and Lesnar's teams. Bischoff decreed that no interference would occur from any member of the teams. A ton of intensity, a ton of heavy hits on this match from start to finish. Bradshaw kicked out of the derailer (Baldo bomb) at 6, he also threw a nice drop kick on the massive A Train. Bradshaw pinned the big Master with the clothesline from hell.


Benoit is in the back, claiming Angle has lost his mind for the person he has selected as the team's 5th man. He claims that this man has spent a career trying to put down guys like you and me. It turns out to be Cena, who says he only is on the team to get a shot at Team Sasquatch. Angle believes the relationship between Cena and Benoit is similar to the relationship he has with Benoit, allowing all the competitors to focus on one thing, winning the race.


REPORTER'S NOTE: Sable brings in a priest to see Vince. Again, I think this angle is digusting, and I refuse to print anything that this man says. I found this segment to be just as offensive as the earlier segment.

A promo of the survivor series card is shown, as well as the next matchup, Show & Lesnar vs. Benoit & now Cena, which is next.


Cena, wearing a Julius Erving Nets jersey, and Benoit get clobbered by Show and Lesnar at the beginning of the match. Some more back and forth action, then Cena eats a Big Show powerslam. Benoit pulls Cena out of the ring prior to the show's last commercial, which happens now.


Show has Cena in the abdominal stretch, which he counters. The beatdown by both men continue, back and forth, with an intensity to the match that you can feel with the cut of a knife. The match ends with Cena cold cocking the Big show in the side of the temple with his chain necklace, while Benoit locked in the crippler cross face on Lesnar. Cena got the three count, ducked out of the ring, and kept going 'You can't see me.' with his hand over and over again as the show fades to black for the last time.


I had the brief opportunity to meet Michael 'Crash Holly' Lockwood at WWE New York, shortly before that establishment closed. My five year old son literally ran into him as they were walking around, himself, Nunzio, and Tommy Dreamer writing autographs for the patrons. We kept saying that Brian had crashed in to Crash Holly. He took the 'accident' very well, was very cordial, and very professional toward my son. It appeared to me that although he may never achieve the stardom of a Rock or Stone Cold, that Crash Holly was extremely proud and happy of his position and where he was and had been achieving in his life. It was refreshing to see a celebrity who was grateful of his famous status. He will be missed by me, and my family. In honor of Crash, I immediately went to my playstation 1, (yes I'm old), and had Crash Holly win the World title. God speed, and best wishes to the friends and family of Michael Lockwood.


snore, snore, snore, uhhhh....ugh....Damn, it's tough to write this column when you're a vampire. My job has been takin' a lot of spunk out of my writing, and I hope it doesn't show. I am so embarassed about last week, but, I guess that's life. Someone's gotta take the fall, and it's gotta be me for not being prepared. Anyway, enuff with the past, let's get to the present.

First, the good side.. I like the tag matches for Survivor Series. I love the fact that the tag titles will go down at the ppv, as I think it will be the eventual end of the Guerreros as a tag team. I like the 10 man a lot because of the inexperience and size on Lesnar's team vs. the egos, experience, and lack of size on Angle's team. It should be a barnburner on all counts for that match, and I am looking forward, BIG TIME, to that match. Morgan and Jones could be a tag team to reckon with, once things settle down from this upcoming ppv.

Tajiri vs. Noble has been set up nicely. It has the opportunity to be a classic. I hope that when it does go down, that A) Mysterio is drafted by Noble to help circumvent Tajiri's thugs, and B) Nidia returns to return the favor on the buzzsaw.

There should be a major red flag going up right now, as Angle was seen with some major bandages and ice on his neck during his backstage vignette with Benoit and Cena. Looks like the magical surgery with Dr. Jho may not have been as successful as originally anticipated. WWE should be very concerned.

The angle that Michael Hayes put in to the show tuesday for Cena to FU Benoit did not air, thankfully. Cena has the possibility to be a good face, but it would've been character suicide for the rabid wolverine. How quickly, do we think that Michael Hayes will be out of a job?

I swear to God, I want Vince to die. I cannot take the sick, twisted, and just plain perverse statements that come out of this steroid riddled geriatric freak show. I cannot even think of the details to describe to you from both of those two segments, but I literally almost threw the computer I was working on across the room while watching the two segments with Sable and Vince tonight. Maggots sucking through his eye sockets and eating his insides, and then excreting them? It's a family show, you sanctimonious sonofa*****. God, I wish there was a person who could switch the plans for the WWE, and figure out a way to change Taker's character while still winning the match. I need Vince to go away, now. Before I totally lose interest in this company and start going to the indies. Literally.

BTW, that previous paragraph is in no way the general opinion of the staff of Wrestleview.com, it is just the opinion of this singular reporter, and, if feedback is warranted, it should be directed to ME, specifically at SMACKDOWN@WRESTLEVIEW.COM.

I can't seem to come up with any more stuff to spew, so let me stop here. I will post my forum link again for talking about this smackdown. I will see you there, and sometime during the day sunday for the staff's predictions for the ppv. Until then, YAWN, SNORE, CAFFEINE IV PUSH NOW!


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