Full WWE Smackdown Results - 1/29/04 - Washington, DC (Rumble on FreeTV)

Reported by Mike Siciliano of WrestleView.com
On Friday, January 30, 2004 at 1:11 AM EST

Full WWE Smackdown Results
January 29, 2004
Washington, DC
Commentators: Cole & Tazz
Reported by: Mike Siciliano of WrestleView.Com

Smackdown opens with our illustrious general manager, Paul Happy Heyman in the middle of the squared circle. 3 words in to his promo, the return of our boss, the top man in WWE, Mr. Vincent Kennedy McMahon has occurred. McMahon walks to the ring with a purpose, and proceeds to chastise Heyman for the loss of Chris Benoit to Raw, for him jumping through the legal loophole in the contract that stipulates the Royal Rumble winner must face the champion at Wrestlemania, but it does not designate which champion. Heyman responds to this verbal attack by saying "Screw Chris Benoit", and explains why he says exactly that "because Vince McMahon would do the same exact thing." He then goes to elaborate about how opportunity is abound here on Smackdown, and that everybody on Paul Heyman's Smackdown will get an opportunity, even if they are disliked by the Smackdown management.

Heyman announces for the first time ever on network television, Smackdown will hold a royal rumble match tonight. 15 superstars will go for the chance to meet the WWE champion, Brock Lesnar in less than three weeks at No Way Out. He then asks, Happy Heyman does, for Mr. McMahon's approval, which McMahon gives, and the segment ends with Heyman mouthing the words, thank you, to the boss of the WWE.

These are the superstars that were announced to be in this historic match later on tonight.

John Cena, The Cat, A-Train, both members of the World's Greatest Tag Team, Nunzio, the Big Show, Rhyno, Tajiri, Rikishi, Billy Gunn, Bradshaw, Kurt Angle, and two more slots. One set for Benoit that will be given to Eddie Guerrero. One set for Mat Morgan, but he was injured last week, and that slot will go now to Hardcore Holly.


The opening contest was a rare tag team title defense for the champions, the Basham Brothers, against a newly formed team of Billy Kidman and Paul London. London and Kidman had some quick early momentum, but it was shortlived, and the Bashams beat up London pretty good during the match. Eventually, London counters an offensive move of the Bashams, tags in Kidman, and Kidman cleans house. He tries for his scintillsting shooting star press, and misses. The Bashams perform an illegal switch following that mishap, hit a spiked DDT on Kidman, and pick up the 1, 2, 3 count.

Dawn Marie is at the hopper with Paul Heyman and Kurt Angle. Angle is happy Benoit went to Raw, happy for the second chance at this rumble, dedicates this win to the troops, picks his number, and runs out of the area, quickly.


Chavo Guerrero, Jr. is being checked out, the cuts from sunday's match. He says they will heal, but the scars inside will not, and that Chavo will execute his revenge on his uncle Eddie.

Eddie is at the hopper with Dawn Marie, picking his number for the rumble. Rey Mysterio comes in with championship boxer Jorge Paez. Eddie tells Rey to go defend the title tonight, and make the raza proud. Rey runs off for the upcoming match.


Highlights are shown of Cena's elimination from the rumble, and the fears that his knee had been injured. Tazz declines, says Cena dodged a bullet, and it's not so bad. Dawn Marie is back at the hopper, with Cena going nuts behind her. Cena asks Dawn Marie to draw his number, Heyman objects, and Cena tells Captain Buzzkill to take a breather. He then draws his ball, and walks out, to be confronted by Rhyno, who asks about the knee. He said it would be a shame if someone were to target the knee. Cena sniffs, tells Rhyno he stinks, and asks Heyman to go get some soap. Heyman yells, that's not funny, as Cena leaves.

In the ring, Noble is there, looking mad as hell, waiting for his match with Rey Mysterio.

This match was interminably long, Noble had the upper hand for the majority of the match until Nidia tripped Noble again, apparently accidentally. Noble became distracted, and was the victim of the 619 and the drop of the dime for the 3 count. Noble throws Nidia in to the ring after the match and challenges her for her actions, and as he almost goes to hit her, Nidia ducks, Rey clobbers Noble, and when the match ends, Nidia takes the glasses off, tells Noble she can see ,and walks off to the locker room area, alone.

Rue DeBona does a tease about the Playboy rumours for WWE, looking for the perfect diva tag team.


Big Show at the hopper with Dawn Marie, looking confident.

Brock Lesnar is in the back with Josh Mathews, talking Goldberg. He thinks Goldberg is a Brock Lesnar wanna be. To prove to the world how good he is, he goes to the ring, and issues an open challenge to anyone in the back. Orlando Jordan accepts, and the match is on. Squash city. Very limited offense on the part of the rookie, and Brock takes him out eventually with the painful brock lock.

Eddie Guerrero was attacked backstage, and seemed to be out cold. Rey Mysterio was checking on him when Chavo Sr. & Jr. came by, claiming no responsibility. Mysterio thinks its bogus, and begins attacking Chavo, Jr. before referees break it up.


A recap of the WWE visiting Walter Reed hospital is shown.

Highlights of the recent Undertaker teases are shown, and the chairman is then shown for an interview, and is asked about the Taker. McMahon says Undertaker is dead.


The Rumble match is next. The final three men in the rumble were Eddie Guerrero, (he managed to recover to join the fracas), Kurt Angle, (the #1 entrant in to the parlay), and Rikishi. Rikishi was eliminated, leaving Angle and Eddie to take the match to the end, which was won by Latino Heat. Eddie Guerrero will face off with the WWE Champion, Brock Lesnar at No Way Out in San Francisco in less than three weeks.



Hi guys. Sorry for last week. Vampires don't do well without sleep, yanno. I had to work this time in the middle of the night because I knew if I tried to do the show while it was running, I would've fallen asleep again! :)

Ok. Three parts to the comments. 1) Where we are now. 2) Where we are going, and 3) Some personal experiences I want to share with you all. Let's do this.


Smackdown is in trouble, I think. Unless something is done pretty quickly, Smackdown is liable to lose some more pretty viable talent. I mean, Benoit's jump to Raw was inevitable, there was no other way for him to go after winning the rumble match. I don't know how they are going to do this with Goldberg, but I assume Goldberg will come over to face Lesnar in some way, shape, or form prior to Wrestlemania XX, but how will that benefit Smackdown in the long term, when all the rumors has Goldberg leaving WWE following Mania? Taker looks like he will jump back to Raw to go after his brother, I can't see him coming to Smackdown with a feud literally begging for him on the other side, not to mention that there have been no UT teases on Smackdown, and they are running rampant on Raw. SO, right there, talent is dropping like flies, and major talent as well. What will happen to the Smackdown brand in the long term?? It is puzzling to see how this brand seemingly is being plucked of its diamonds and not given anything back to replenish its own stock.

On a more positive note, however, Smackdown does still have some of the future's most positive superstars, with such potential it is absolutely almost obscene. Cena continues to amaze, week in, week out, Morgan appears to have unlimited potential, the progress of Haas & Benjamin continues to be impressive, the Bashams continue to improve as well, as much as I can't personally stand them, the cruiserweights are beginning to develop nicely as hunters against Mysterio, and the potential involving Brock vs. Eddie is intriguing, to say the least.

Now, from the positive back to the negative, WHEN IS THE BIG SHOW GOING TO DEFEND THE UNITED STATES CHAMPIONSHIP?? I got lucky this past weekend and was able to purchase a replica adult sized US title, and it is one of the most beautiful belts I have ever seen. I just WISH to God that he would defend the strap, lose it, and then we can get back to having a viable US championship, instead of the token title it has become on the oversized arm of the Big Dope.

Spanky's seat seems to be not even cold before London makes Smackdown with a new partner in a tag team title match against the Basham Brothers. London has a drop kick that reminds me of Jim Brunzel, and Hardcore Bob Holly. Kidman and London worked out pretty well together during the match. IF WWE does it right, maybe they could have the response that I had hoped would come down the pike with London and Spanky.


So, I guess No Way Out's spoilers are coming in to effect. Brock vs. Eddie for the WWE title is a lock. Mysterio is setting up for the matchup with Chavo, after the brief attack last night in the lockerroom. Cena and Big Show are seemingly locked in to a collision course for the match after the last couple of encounters together. With those matches inevitable, where does Smackdown go for Mania matches afterwards? Obviously, I think Lesnar vs. Goldberg will happen at Mania XX. I HOPE that the only viable tag team in the division goes for gold at Mania XX, that being Haas and Benjamin against, I assume the Bashams. That leaves the US strap, which I believe Cena will take at the No Way Out ppv. I doubt you'd see Cena vs. Big Show at Mania XX. What about Cena vs. Angle at Mania XX for the US strap?? Just a thought off the top. Cruiserweight. Mysterio could go with a multitude....but I personally would like to see Mask vs. Mask. Ultimo Dragon vs. Mysterio for the cruiserweight title. Edge is due back soon, and I wonder where he would fit in the mix for Smackdown. Already it seems like Hardcore Holly is making friends in the locker room after the incident the other night with Matt Morgan. Morgan doesn't seem to be the type that would deserve a lesson by a veteran, yet Holly still is involved in putting Morgan on the shelf with a stinger. Shows to go you that even the longest tenured veterans can have their heaerts in the right place.


I mentioned a couple of weeks back that I would be attempting the trifecta on January 24th, the three autograph signings in the Long Island area. John Cena at Howard Beach, Queens., Rey Mysterio in Bayside, Queens, and Jackie Gayda & RVD in Massapequa, Long Island. Well, it was a lock and a half that we were going to meet Cena, and we did. And I have to be honest with you right here, right now.

John Cena is my favorite wrestler.

He was a true gentleman from the word go. He treated each of my kids with respect, showed true emotion, and gave a damn about each of them, even in the 30 seconds we may of had with him during this signing period. It made the line standing all the more worthwhile when Cena himself demanded a picture be taken of my crew with him by the professional photographer on site. He was a true class act toward my kids, and it is something I will NEVER forget. Nor will I forget where he signed my brand new US championship belt. I didn't get a nameplate to the belt because the store didn't have it. When my youngest son handed the belt to Cena, he looked at it, and signed it right where the nameplate is supposed to be. Talk about your custom nameplates? I love it, love it, love it, I've almost slept with that belt four different times.

Following the Cena signing, we did decide to not go for the trifecta, for one simple reason, I WAS FREEZING! It was 20 degrees, I stood outside for 2 1/2 hours waiting to see Cena, and I thought Mysterio's line would be even longer. So, we went to Massapequa, and went to see RVD and Jackie. They were late. When they arrived, the whole line, (and it was a long one) started screaming, RVD, RVD, RVD. RVD did the usual recognition, and went inside. Finally, when I got to him, I had a different title belt on my arm, and we had bought a pic for him to sign as well. I gave the pic to Jonathan, my youngest, and the staff member with the signing crew was PISSED at us, saying "don't do that again", but he let them sign the picture anyway. Come on, for 3 hours in line, can't you show a little more decency than that? I also was extremely rusbed through the store as I wasn't able to get a word in with RVD except to shake his hand. Jonathan did the thumbs for Van Dam, and he seemed to love it. I tried talking to Jackie, cause nobody seemed to be there for her, but to be honest, I stammered like a child talking to her, because, DAMN, she's hot. (Ok, I'm dead when my wife reads this column...oh well!)

It's really sad how a small store can run an autograph show so professionally as VGC.com did, and how a store inside a mall, with a lot more resources, apparently, can't get out of their own way. It was a good day as a whole, but I have to admit again, without reproach, these two facts. John Cena is my favorite wrestler, and Jackie Gayda is HOT AS A PISTOL.

I'ts now 130 in the morning on Friday. I think I am done. I hope I am. Anways, time to wrap this up. Feedback is welcome at my email address. Click here to drop a dime via the email route.

I am having some difficulties logging in to the bulletin board system. I will try and talk with the powers that be, and find out what I did wrong. So, until then, I do not have a feedback thread to offer. I apologize for the incovenience.