Full WWE SmackDown Results - 2/26/04 - Kansas City (Eddie gets jailed, more)

Reported by Mike Siciliano of WrestleView.com
On Thursday, February 26, 2004 at 10:59 PM EST

Full WWE Smackdown Results
Kemper Arena, Kansas City, MO
February 26, 2004
Commentators: Michael Cole & Tazz
Report by: Mike Siciliano of WrestleView.Com.

We see the mug of the Olympic Champion, Kurt Angle, who says that for a week he has been asked the same question, "Why, Kurt, Why? Why did you attack Eddie Guerrero?" Tonight, Angle says, we'll get the truth.

The opening promos are for the main event tonight, WWE Champion Eddie Guerrero and John Cena vs. The US Champion Big Show and the Cruiserweight Champion Chavo Guerrero, and the announcement of the three interpromotional matches at Wrestlemania 20.

Match #1
Fatal four way for a title shot vs. Chavo Guerrero at Wrestlemania 20
Rey Mysterio vs. Nunzio vs. Jamie Noble vs. Billy Kidman

This match was too fast to even attempt to try and describe blow by blow. It was a prime example as to how fast and furious cruiserweights can be, and especially ones the talent of these four individuals. Noble and Kidman are outside the ring beating on each other following a clothesline over the top rope by Noble when the show breaks to the backstage area.

Eddie Guerrero walks for Paul Heyman's office, storms in, and demands some answers from last week. Heyman and Dawn Marie are speaking with Tajiri, Akio, and Sakoda. Heyman asks Eddie to act as a WWE champion, and that he will discuss business with him later.

Cameras switch back to the match as all four competitors are outside the ring. Noble and Kidman slide back in and the beatdown goes on Noble for Kidman to set up for a shooting star press attempt. It is blocked by Nunzio. Noble and Rey continue at the other side of the ring and knock each other silly with a mid air collision as the show goes to commercial.


Chaos continues throughout this sudden death fatal four way match. Rey goes for the 619 on Noble, Kidman stops it with a drop kick, and gets a near fall on the masked man. Rey then gets his revenge by hitting a scintillating moonsault on Kidman for a 2 count. Noble saves the match then. Rey DDTs Kidman for another 2 count, but Noble again stops the match from ending. Nunzio clobbers everybody, but falls in to position for a 619. Rey goes to hit it, and is stopped by Heyman.

Heyman comes to the ringside area with Tajiri, Akio, and Sakoda, and calls this match off due to racial impropeity with no Japanese involvement in this contest. He claims that Chavo Guerrero will defend the cruiserweight title at Wrestlemania 20 in a Cruiserweight Open match, available for any cruiserweight to compete in. Tajiri orders the henchmen to attack, Rey clobbers them both, and goes apparently after Heyman.

Highlights are shown of Eddie winning the title at No Way Out, and defending it last week vs. Chavo. The package continues illustrating Angle, the special referee, turning on Eddie, and the insuant beat down afterwards.


Match #2
Non Title Affair
Rikishi & Scotty Too Hotty vs. the A.P.A.

Scotty starts with Faarooq, and Faarooq overpowers Scotty in the initial exchanges. Scotty applauds Simmons's efforts, goes for a fist slap with the Florida State alum, Simmons obliges, and then cold cocks Scotty in the side of the head. Bradshaw tags in, and the beatdown begins. Rikishi manages a blind tag on Scotty as Bradshaw sets up and executes the last call. The Kish hits a belly to belly suplex on the Big Texan, but gets clobbered with a 2nd rope shoulder block. Bradshaw tries a powerbomb, to no success, and barely escapes seeing his life end by the rear end of Rikishi. Kish headbutts Bradshaw in to perfect stinkface position but Faarooq says not tonight and clotheslines the big Samoan. Scotty goes for the worm set up bulldog on Bradshaw, but is countered by the big boot of the big Texan. The Bashams come to ringside and get the dander up of Rikishi. Bradshaw takes the opportunity, and turns Rikishi inside out with the clothesline from hell, and gets the surprise victory.

WINNERS: Faarooq & Bradshaw: A.P.A.


Highlights are shown from Raw last monday night, and the evolution of the Goldberg/Lesnar contest. It is then shown when the Smackdown superstar invades Raw and F5s Stone Cold Steve Austin during the VKM/Eric Bischoff contest.

In the back, Brock is being interviewed by Josh Mathews. Brock blames Austin for giving Goldberg the ticket to No Way Out. He considers Austin a prime reason for him losing the WWE title, and that is why he got what he deserved monday night. Lesnar says that if Austin gets involved in his business again, he will be shown the true meaning of off the hook pain.


The WWE champion comes out, to a HUGE pop. Eddie says he's not sure how long he's going to be able to hold on to the title, but is taking the road one day at a time, just like his life. He then mentions the beatdown from behind last week, and calls out Kurt Angle, saying, if you've got a problem with me, take it to my face. Angle does not respond, so Eddie begins to lose his temper, and goes to find Angle in the back. Heyman stops him, and tries to talk reason into Eddie, but Eddie is having none of it. Heyman screams for security as Eddie tries to break Angle's dressing room door with his foot. Eddie sees Angle out of the corner of his eye, and tries to lunge for Angle, effectively shoving Heyman in the process. Heyman falls in to Dawn Marie, who hits the wall, and falls down hard. Heyman starts screaming at Eddie, who looks at Dawn in disbelief, and then demands the cops to escort Eddie from the building. Heyman yells "Some champion" toward Eddie as he is led away.


Match #3
Billy Gunn vs. Brock Lesnar

A onesided affair from the outset, it took two shots to the steel post on Lesnar's arm before Gunn could get any offense going. Lesnar sells the arm damage very well during the contest, but there is no doubt of the outcome of this contest at all, and Lesnar does take the victory with a clean F5.

WINNER: Brock Lesnar


Promo of the 3 interpromotional matches for Wrestlemania 20, Goldberg vs. Brock Lesnar with Stone Cold as special ref, Kane vs. Undertaker, and the Playboy Evening Gown match between Sable & Torrie vs. Miss Jackie and Stacy Keibler. Torrie and Sable hit the ring to promo their match for Wrestlemania, clad in evening attire. Torrie and Sable make a point to thank the fans for putting them on the cover of Playboy Magazine this month. The Doctor of Thugonomics pays a visit to the Playboy Models at center ring, clad in a autographed Derrick Thomas Kansas City Chief jersey. He gives the propz, big time, to the fallen football star, and begins to rap to the women, saying how he likes them better with their clothes off!

At this time, it appears to be a very PATHETIC edit job, as Torrie and Sable mysteriously disappear, and Rey Mysterio comes out to no buildup to prep for the tag match upcoming

Mysterio is out to replace Eddie as Cena's partner for the tag team matchup, now, Big Show & Chavo Guerrero vs. Rey Mysterio & John Cena.


Highlights are shown of Eddie getting escorted from the building eariler in the night by the police. A bulletin board shows a terrific nickname for Chavo, "Chavito Creep!"

Match #4
Chavo Guerrero & The Big Show vs. Rey Mysterio & John Cena

Chavo tells Show he'll stasrt vs. Rey Mysterio. Chavo gets some opening momentum on Rey and then tags in the monster. Show turns the match briefly in to a squash on Mysterio before tagging Chavo back in. Chavo continues the beatdown before Rey is able to bulldog him, and also tag in Cena. Cena takes out both individuals before trying an FU on Chavo. Show says not just yet with a boot to the face.


Show is pounding on Cena's bad knee and chopping his chest so bad it looks like redwoods his chest is that beet red. Cena tries a rear naked choke on Show, but Show counters it with a snapmare. He then tags in Mysterio, who after six shots to the legs, finally gets the Show down with a sprawling senton bomb on the neck. Show gets up from that, and Chavo tags in, involuntarily, setting up a triple vertical on Mysterio, just like his uncle. Chavo tries for a frog splash, but misses. Rey gets a 2 count. Cena attacks Show, takes him inside, and continues to beat on the US champ. Show gets hit in to the second row of fans, Rey scissors Chavo in to a 619, hits it, and gets the victory.

WINNERS: Rey Mysterio & John Cena

After the match, Chavo, Sr. attacks Rey, but is stopped by Cena, who FUs Chavo, Sr. Cena ges caught by the Show who ends up taking clotheslines and chokeslams for his effort.

Promos of Kurt Angle's segment, "Why Kurt Why" set up for next.


Kurt Angle comes out, and claims that he attacked Eddie Guerrero because it was the right thing to do, for the fans of Smackdown, for the fans of the WWE, and for America. Kurt thinks Eddie's message of telling kids its cool to lie, cheat, and steal is not fitting of a WWE champion. He says Eddie will fall off the wagon again, because that's what drug addicts do. He thinks Eddie is a poor representation of a WWE champion, and is making it his mission to make sure that Eddie does not represent the WWE as its champion for very long. He believes, someday, that the world will thank him for what he is doing at this time. He will get rid of all the bad influence Eddie Guerrero types of today.

Eddie comes through the crowd and begins beating on Angle. Heyman stops him with security guards, and demands Eddie be cuffed for him entering the arena again following the previous events of eariler. Angle follows Eddie to the car, calling him an embarassment, and a disgrace to hold the WWE title. He continues jawjacking with Eddie as Smackdown goes off the air.


Is Smackdown a family show? Who here does not know of Eddie Guerrero's past? And for that matter, who /* truely cares? Continuing this angle of the addict storyline with Eddie is revolting, disgusting, and offensive, and I find it distasteful to the fullest. Be mad because Eddie beat the impossible when he beat Brock, quit this crap about how he had ruined his life. It's not funny anymore, it's just downright rude.

Are these shows about wrestling or talking? It seems like there is an inordinate amount of talking going on in these shows, and I think it's pathetic. Build up to the biggest show with action, not words. All these words will end up backfiring in their faces, and the product when they need it to step up, will not be there. I really think they need to refocus the buildup on the road to Wrestlemania, and they need to do it quickly.

Was it me, or did you witness the WORST SINGLE EDIT JOB IN THE HISTORY OF SMACKDOWN? During the Torrie/Sable promo, all of a sudden, literally within a second, the divas are gone, and Rey Mysterio is popping out for the tag team match, with absolutely no promotion or buildup as to who will take Eddie's place for that contest. The spoiler had it described perfectly with Cena dialing the number 6-1-9 on his cell phone, having Mysterio pop out for the match. Never saw it. Never saw Torrie and Sable leave, never saw them flirt with Cena, nothing. It was pathetic to see how piss poor that quality an edit job was.

Is it me, or do I feel sorry for Billy Gunn? From the days of DX, and a multiple time tag team champion, to an obscurely gay man who almost gets hitched to another man on national television, to becoming a squash object for the manster, Brock Lesnar, leading up to the nightmare bout at Mania between Lesnar and Goldberg. Hard times for the former Mr. Ass and New Age Outlaw, I would tend to say.

I am looking forward to the cruiserweight open match at Wrestlemania. The sheer uniqueness and the speed these men can compete at can make for some scintillating action, and it should be a terrific match to watch. It should also bring in some names to the card that prior to, would not have a shot in hell of making it. (Dragon, Kidman, Nunzio, Noble, etc.) I'm very jazzed up about this.

I did forget to mention something last week. I had the opportunity again to meet John Cena in Massapequa prior to No Way Out. Again, I would have to say an absolute class individual, total gentleman, and a pleasure to talk to. I ain't one to spend a lot of money on a signature, but if these WWE stars have the where-with-all to realize that it's guys like me, and you, the readers of this column that are the fabric of the WWE faithful.

So, let's briefly talk about what we know, and possibly know as to what will go down at Mania. We know about Angle vs. Eddie. We know about the cruiserweight open. We know about Show vs. Cena. We know about the interpromotional matches. What don't we know? Rikishi and Scotty got to have a match, and the question is, will it be a two on two between the champs and either the World's Greatest Tag Team or the APA, or will it be a triple threat tag match with these three teams, or even, a fatal four way, putting the Bashams back in to picture. Any which way, I like it, outside of putting the Bashams back in, I like it. It has some definite meat to the bone.

I don't suspect Edge to make his return at Wrestlemania, although it would be nice to see. Outside of these definites, and the one maybe, the smackdown side of Wrestlemania 20 is building up nicely. It'll be a bit of a surprise to see if anything /* comes down, but like it always says, anything can happen in the WWE.

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