Full WWE SmackDown Results - 8/12/04 - Detroit, MI (Team Cena and Booker)

Reported by Erica Johnson of WrestleView.com
On Thursday, August 12, 2004 at 10:30 PM EST

Full WWE SmackDown Results - 8/12/04
Taped From: Detroit, Michigan
Commentators: Michael Cole & Tazz
Report by: Erica Johnson of WrestleView.com

Smackdown opens with JBL's limo pulling out onto the stage. Out of the limo come JBL and Orlando Jordan. Last week's incident between JBL and Jordan with the Undertaker is recapped. JBL and Jordan slap hands on their way into the ring. When they get to the ring, both apply hand sanitizing gel to their hands, obviously a slam on the Detroit fans. JBL grabs a mic and starts making fun of the Undertaker midget from last week. He gives Undertaker kudos for haven beaten all the recent greats, including Bret Hart and HHH, but JBL says he's not like them. He says Undertaker has weaknesses, and he will exploit them at Summerslam. He guaranteed a victory over the Dead Man come Sunday, and then handed the mic over to his new "chief of staff", Orlando Jordan.

Jordan credits JBL with his new "go get 'em" attitude, and helping him realize that he had to make opportunities happen for himself. He hands the mic back to JBL, who commends Jordan on his bravery (like our US troops), and tells Jordan that he's got an opportunity tonight, and it's against none other than the Dead Man himself. Jordan looks less than impressed.

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Match #1: Spike Dudley vs. Paul London (non-title)

The crowd shows their disappointment with Spike's heel turn last week. He comes out with a cocky new attitude. Paul London and Billy Kidman follow. After the bell rings, Spike's brothers, the Dudley Boyz, come down to ringside to "support" their brother. Spike pie-faces London to start the match, and this obviously does NOT impress London. He starts strong, taking the fight to Spike. Spike whips him over the top rope, but London holds on for what looks like he will skin the cat, but Spike stops that quickly with a wicked kick to the back of London's head. Spike pulls him back into the ring and takes the fight to him for a minute, before London counters with his dropkick moonsault. He follows up with a quick offense of some very solid kicks, until both men are knocked down by a double clothesline. On the outside, the Dudley Boyz take out Kidman so he can't help London. Back in the ring, London goes up to the top for the 450, but Bubba pulls Spike out of the way and causes London to miss the splash. Spike capitalizes on this mistake and rolls London up for the 3-count. The Dudleyz rush the ring to celebrate, but their assault isn't finished. They get Kidman and toss him into the ring for a 3 on 2 beatdown. Kidman takes the 3-D before they are finished.

WINNER: Spike Dudley

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A John Heidenreich hype video plays.

Backstage, the Dudleyz are shown celebrating Spike's victory. They pass by Scotty 2 Hotty, who mutters something under his breath. Spike backs up and questions Scotty. Scotty asks what's up with Spike. He says they used to be friends, and he doesn't understand Spike's new attitude. Spike says he doesn't need friends anymore, he's got family, and then he bitch-slaps Scotty 2 Hotty. Scotty tries to retaliate, but the other Dudleyz are right behind Spike, and Scotty thinks better of it.

Somewhere /* backstage, Kurt Angle is in Teddy Long's GM office. He is very vocal in complaining about how Eddie Guerrero auctioned off his prized possessions. He says he wants the proceeds from the auction. Teddy Long informs him that the money went to charity to help children, but Angle doesn't care. He says it's HIS money, and now Eddie owes him that money. Teddy Long tells Kurt Angle he can go out to the ring to tell the fans what he thinks of Eddie, but Angle is hesitant. He thinks Eddie will just jump him from behind if he does. Teddy Long assures Angle that will not happen. He says Angle will do it, if he's man enough.

Back out at ringside, the show is sent over to Jerry Lawler and Jim Ross. They hype the Raw half of the Summerslam card. Then Michael Cole and Tazz hype the Smackdown side of the show.

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Match #2: Chavo Guerrero vs. Nunzio

This match starts with some quick mat wrestling by both men. Nunzio gets the upperhand with a beautiful hurricanrana, but Chavo quickly responds with a t-bone suplex. He picks Nunzio up for a Gory Bomb, but Nunzio wiggles out of it. Chavo sits on him with his hands on the ropes for the pin, but Johnny the Bull on the outside slaps Chavo's hands off the ropes. This knocks Chavo off-kilter and Nunzio rolls him over for a pin of his own. Nunzio gets the 3-count and the victory.

WINNER: Nunzio

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Match #3: Orlando Jordan vs. Undertaker

Undertaker takes the early advantage in this match, his experience obviously winning out. Jordan manages to get a big boot on the Undertaker out of the corner, and this switches the momentum his way. He follows up with a series of kicks, knees and elbows. Undertaker counters with a chokeslam. JBL jumps up on the ring apron, and Jordan seizes the opportunity for the distraction and rolls out of the ring. Undertaker follows him out and bashes Jordan's hand into the ring steps before tossing him back into the ring. Undertaker then goes Old-School on Jordan, following that up with a modified DDT for a 2-count. JBL distracts the referee and again Jordan seizes the distraction and low-blows the Dead Man to regain control for a moment. But Undertaker, being the seasoned veteran, shakes him off and forces Jordan out to the ringside area. He goes to whip him into the ring steps, but Jordan reverses and Undertaker crashes his knees hard into the steel steps. The action goes back into the ring where Jordan seems to have the upper hand, but his cockiness lets the Undertaker get back in control. Things seem to be going the Undertaker's way until JBL gets into the ring and hits the Dead Man with a Clothesline from Hell. The ref calls for the DQ and rings the bell. JBL and Jordan are very proud of themselves. Jordan kicks Undertaker while he's down on their way out of the ring. They get about halfway up the ramp, celebrating, when the Undertaker sits up in his Dead Man style. JBL is stunned and looks a little bit scared.

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Teddy Long is in the middle of the ring. He hypes Summerslam and Eddie Guerrero vs. Kurt Angle a little bit, before he announces that Kurt Angle is coming to the ring for an interview. Right after Angle comes down to the ring, Eddie's music hits and he too comes down to the ring. Eddie grabs the microphone first, and says if Angle has something to say to him, then he needs to say it to his face. Angle says he's not hiding from anyone, that his injury was legit, and asks Eddie if he knows what it's like to not do what means the most to him. Eddie is quick to respond, saying how Angle took that away from him when he stole the World Title from him. Eddie promises Angle will pay back everything he stole from him. Angle is incredulous that Eddie is talking about other people stealing, he brings up the stuff Eddie stole and sold. He then says that Eddie can't beat him fairly, he has to cheat to beat him. Eddie agrees that he has cheated to beat him in the past, but he asks Angle one question: "What if I CAN beat you fairly?" Eddie says this is what is weighing on Angle's mind and causing him so much grief. Long then grabs the mic and asks if the two men will shake hands, before they go into Summerslam, if they're man enough. Eddie extends his hand first, and after a little hesitation, Angle accepts the handshake. They pull close to each other for an intense staredown as the show goes to commercial.

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Match #4: Team Cena (RVD, Charlie Haas and John Cena) vs. Team Booker T (Booker, Luther Reigns and Rene DuPree)

This is a relay match. The rules are fairly complicated. RVD and Booker will start the match. If there is no winner after 5 minutes, Booker will let Luther take his place (because Booker won the coin toss backstage). If there's no winner after 5 more minutes, Haas will be in, and they will keep alternating the fresh man every 5 minutes until there is a winner.

Team Cena is out first. Cena cuts a promo hyping his team and insulting the other team. Team Booker T comes out to answer the challenge.

**Commercial break**

RVD and Booker T start the match. Booker takes control of the match early on, until RVD kicks Booker SQUARE in the face in the corner. RVD goes to the top for a crossbody, and connects. He goes back up for the 5 Star Frogsplash, which also connects. Unfortunately, it takes a lot out of RVD too, and he is unable to make the pin before the 5 minutes runs out. This puts Luther in the match, and he takes the fight right to RVD. He makes a couple quick pin attempts right away, before cutting to commercial.

**Commercial break**

Back from the commercial, RVD is in control. He hits Reigns with the Rolling Thunder and follows up with a pin, for a 2.9999 count. Reigns shakes it off and responds with a nasty spinebuster, but misses with a kneedrop. This ends the 5 minues, and Haas rolls in for RVD. He's met with an atomic drop by Reigns, which only phases him slightly. He starts working on Reigns' knee with a variety of holds and moves. He spends almost the entire 5 minutes in control of Reigns' knee. Luther shrugs him off for long enough to hit Haas with a double underhook suplex. Luther is in control as we go to the last commercial break.

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As we return from commercial, Charlie Haas and Rene DuPree are battling in the ring. Haas hits DuPree with 2 German suplexes, but only gets 2 counts for his efforts. He tries a couple more quick pin attempts, to no avail. Booker manages to hit Haas from outside the ring with his title belt, and DuPree capitalizes. He locks Haas up into the STF, but Haas holds out until his 5 minutes elapse. This makes it Cena's turn. He comes in on fire. He mounts a quick offense, but is cut off by a neckbreaker from DuPree. DuPree slaps Cena into the camel clutch, and follows up with a couple more rest holds before Cena counters with a Stunner-like maneuver. This isn't enough to thwart DuPree's plans though. He does his French Tickler over Cena, but misses the fist drop. Cena turns right around and delivers the 5 Knuckle Shuffle on DuPree. He pumps up and attempts one FU, but misses. He gets DuPree up for a second attempt, but DuPree grabs the ropes and doesn't let go. His time expires, and Booker T is the fresh man in. Booker is obviously much more rested than Cena, and makes it known with his quick offense and pin attempts. He dominates the match until Cena forces Booker over the top rope, and RVD takes the fight to Booker on the outside for a bit. He rolls Booker back in and Cena gets right on him, pinning him for the 3-count. All 6 men flood the ring and scrap a bit, but it is Team Cena that comes out on top. They stand victorious in the ring as the show comes to an end.

WINNER: Team Cena


My thoughts:

Overall a solid show. I don't know where they're going with Orlando Jordan, I guess they figure if they can make a jobber like Bradshaw into a legit champ, there is hope for Orlando Jordan as well. Keep thinking that, kids. Maybe it'll come true.

Paul London and Billy Kidman's matching gimmicks, while nicely coordinated, are a little bit fruity. They get the thumbs down from me. Why white? I just don't understand the clothing decision there. Maybe they should let LondonChick dress them, get that feminine sense of style working for them.

These Heidenreich hype videos are lame. Just debut already. I want Heyman back in the mix, I could care less about another big dummy who probably can't wrestle.

I'm most excited for Summerslam. The card looks wicked. I hope it doesn't let me down like the other PPVs this year have. Eddie and Angle is going to be AWESOME. Everyone knows what a Randy Orton fan I am, but I think Eddie and Angle just might steal the show.