WWE SmackDown Results - 9/16/04 - Spokane, WA (Cena vs. Booker T & more)

Reported by L. Anne Carrington of WrestleView.com
On Friday, September 17, 2004 at 1:00 AM EST

WWE SmackDown Results - 9/02/04
Taped From: Spokane, Washington
Commentators: Michael Cole & Tazz
Report by: L. Anne Carrington of WrestleView.com

Before the show began tonight, a replay of last week's surprise appearance by the Big Show was shown before the opening of this week's episode.

Match #1 Round 4 in the Best of Five Series for the US Title: John Cena vs. Booker T.

Torrie Wilson came out in some black, trashy-looking outfit and introduced the match after a little preening and butt showing/shaking of her own.

The match began with a lockup between the two opponents, Booker then being put into a corner of the ring, then being rolled up by Cena before Booker kicked out at a two count. Another lockup briefly took place; Booker put a right hand to Cena before Cena answered with yet two more rollups on Booker, both which Booker kicked out of. Cena then body slammed Booker and went for the cover again, but Booker kicked out before the match went to a commercial break.

Upon the return from break, Cena was in control of the match, slamming Booker to the mat for another cover that Booker kicked out of. Cena then went off the ropes to the mat and was covered by Booker; this time, Cena kicked out of the cover. Booker put Cena into a chokehold that somehow Cena had broken out of, then Cena got in some chops, whips and kicks. Booker then moved on Cena, which Cena got in a reversal for the cover, which Booker kicked out of after putting a thumb to the eye of Cena.

Booker went to cover Cena; Cena kicked out. Booker put a chin lock to Cena, which Cena answered with a knee to the sternum of Booker. Booker used the ropes in an effort to cheat his way for another win, but it was caught by the referee. Cena then put Booker across the ring again, sending both down onto the mat.

After both slowly rose, the match continued with Booker's right hand being countered by Cena, which Cena executed a clothesline on Booker, then went for the flying shoulder on Booker, but the move was missed, and Booker was able to get another cover on Cena, but Cena kicked out.

Booker then went to the outside of the ring to get the US Title belt in an effort to use it on Cena, but the referee caught him and took away the belt. While that was happening, Cena got Booker into a rollup, but Booker kicked out of it. Cena went for the five knuckle shuffle and another cover; Booker got the shoulder up. Cena attempted an FU on Booker, but it was aborted when Booker just went off Cena's shoulder and put a kick to Cena.

Now put into a corner, Booker received several forearms from Cena and Cena also kicked Booker in the gut. Booker once again got hold of the title belt and managed to strike Cena in the skull with it. Booker covered, but Cena got the shoulder up at two and a half counts.

After a kick to the gut of Cena by Booker, Cena once again went for the FU, this time connecting successfully and covering Booker for the win to tie the series up a two wins apiece.

Winner: John Cena

Backstage, GM Theodore Long talked to Big Show on how he made an impact last week upon his return and how Show is going to choose which contract to sign later tonight for his match at No Mercy--either facing Eddie or Angle at the PPV. Long said that Show needed to sign one contract in the ring tonight.

Promo for next week's season premiere/fifth anniversary show was aired.

Back in the ring, Michael Cole introduced Billy Kidman to some boos from the crowd.

Both highlights from three weeks ago when Kidman injured Chavo with the SSP and last week's tag team title match loss were replayed.

Cole then asked why did he not only walked out on his longtime friend and partner during last week's match, but also walked out on the tag team championship, and if Kidman was a quitter. Kidman responded that he resented Cole calling him a quitter; he didn't walk out on the match but prevented another injury. Kidman also explained that he was the most "misunderstood" Smackdown superstar and not afraid of doing the SSP, but of hurting people.

Kidman described how he hurt Chavo, but Chavo would be all right and still would be able to support his family, but people were calling Kidman a quitter? He then asked the fans if they wanted to see him do the SSP, which the crowd cheered for. Kidman called them "a bunch of animals."

Paul London suddenly appeared in the ring to confront Kidman and asked, "Misunderstood?" If you weren't ready to compete last week, why compete for the title?? London also went on that Kidman would do an interview for the entire world, but wouldn?t even talk to London, and that Kidman could deny all he wanted that he was a quitter. London asked again what Kidman had to say to him, and Kidman once again responded, "Nothing."

Even more angry now, London slapped Kidman and stripped off his own shirt, ready for a fight. In the usual cowardly manner, however, Kidman walked away from both him and Cole, much to crowd boos. Kidman stopped briefly at the top of the ramp as if he were going to change his mind and go back, but he continued backstage instead, oblivious to London's angry stares.

Smackdown Throwback--May 24, 2001:

Highlights of the TLC Match: Dudley Boys, Hardy Boyz, Edge and Christian, Benoit and Jericho, which the team of Benoit and Jericho won the tag team belts.

Match #2: Rey Mysterio/RVD vs. The Dudley Boys (w/Spike)

Replay of last week's six-man tag team match was shown before this match began.

D-Von put several blows on RVD and flung him into the corner of the ring. RVD then spin kicked D-Von, going for the cover, which D-Von kicked out. Bubba then missed a right hand to RVD while Spike created a distraction to the referee outside the ring. Bubba drove Mysterio into the apron before a press from the top rope and a wheelbarrow suplex for the cover that RVD either had broken up or Mysterio kicked out of.

Bubba then tried to repeat the move, but Mysterio countered, sending both down to the mat. RVD and D-Von came in; RVD spin kicked D-Von yet again before applying a body drop to D-Von and a spin kick to Bubba.

After a reversal by D-Von, he was met with a boot to the face from RVD before Bubba came and held him from the outside of the ring. After getting loose from Bubba's grip, both RVD and Mysterio put drop kicks to D-Von; Mysterio then took out Bubba on the outside of the ring from the top rope. RVD connected with his five star frog splash and covered D-Von to win the match.

Winners: Rey Mysterio and RVD


Spike was not a happy boss; after a yelling session to the other two Dudleys, he kicked D-Von in the groin and yelled at Bubba that "I am the boss!" Bubba then appeared to apologize then went to check on D-Von.

At the announce desk, Cole apologized for his actions last week; a replay of his confrontation with Heyman was also shown.

Backstage, Eddie has a talk with Big Show about Show?s return last week; Eddie said that no one was more surprised to see Show return than Eddie was. He had no problem with Show "making his mark"--except on Eddie.

Also backstage, JBL talked to Orlando Jordan that JBL was not afraid of Undertaker and was going to call out Undertaker and get it over with. Despite Jordan's protests on the matter, JBL was insistent that he wanted to get it over with, right here, right now.

Out in the ring shortly after, JBL let everyone know that that he was "worthy of the fans" adulation and to "forget the funeral;" he was going to take care of Undertaker right now and then called out Taker.

Once Taker made his way into the ring, JBL told Jordan to go to the back; Jordan was not happy about this decision and left the ring hesitantly. Taker and JBL had a long staredown before JBL removed his jacket and was poised to fight; Taker then took advantage of the opportunity by putting a right hand to JBL.

Just as Taker seemed to have control of the battle, Jordan returned with Gangrel and attacked Taker from behind, followed not long after by Viscera. Both Gangrel and Viscera double choke slammed on Taker, who went down for a short time before rising again to choke slam Jordan and throw Gangrel over the ropes to the outside. JBL then responded with a Clothesline from Hell on Taker, followed by two splashes by Viscera onto Taker. This time, Taker did not get up once he was down on the mat, resulting in JBL putting his foot on Taker's chest and raising the championship belt into the air.

Match #3: Tag Team Champions Kenzo Suzuki (w/Hiroko) and Rene Dupree vs. FBI

This was a non-title match.

Dupree and Stamboli began the match with a lockup before Dupree went into the ropes. Dupree went for the elbow on Stamboli, but missed when Stamboli got out of the way. Stamboli then slammed Dupree into the mat and went for the cover, which Dupree kicked out.

Nunzio then went for a rollup on Dupree, which Dupree also kicked out of. Meawhile, Suzuki held open the ropes while Dupree sent Nunzio through them to the outside.

Halfway through the match, Heidenreich then came out and grabbed Cole from behind the announce table, abducting him. Despite Tazz's efforts, he was unable to locate or save Cole from this sudden fate. The rest of the match went on without any commentation from ringside as a result.

Back in the ring, Dupree did his French Tickler, then covered Nunzio, which Nunzio kicked out. Stamboli then put Suzuki through the ropes as Dupree delivered chops to Nunzio. Nunzio made his way to the top rope, only to be pushed off by Suzuki. Punches and chops came from Stamboli to Suzuki, but Stamboli was then slammed to the mat by Dupree and covered for the win.

Winners: Tag Team Champs Suzuki and Dupree

Raw Rebound:

Highlights from the Diva Search boxing match on Coach, HHH?s championship "celebration" that was ruined by Orton, the HHH/Orton, etc. match and the special announcement that Vince will make next week.

Backstage, Heidenreich held Cole in a room, which he locked Cole in with him.

Meanwhile, Luther talked with Big Show about how WWE needed Angle and that Angle was the only Olympic medalist in the history of the business. Luther also appealed to Show's conscience on how they were alike; "misunderstood" (popular word on tonight's show), how they are all outcasts, and how Eddie and the fans neither understood nor gave a damn about Show except Luther and Angle.

Back with Heidenreich and Cole, Heidenreich said he had something for Cole that he wanted to give him from the first time Heidenreich saw him. Heidenreich then read a poem he wrote called, "Fear."

Once Heidenreich finished the poem, he unlocked the door and Cole was about to leave when Heidenreich pulled him back and asked if Cole was going to thank him. Cole did, and quickly made his way out of there.

Match #4: Charlie Haas (w/Miss Jackie) vs. Cruiserweight Champion Spike (w/Dudley Boys)

Tazz finally made his way back to the announce desk, but ended up calling the entire match himself.

Spike grabbed the leg of Haas, but Haas put Spike outside of the ring. Once Spike was back in the ring, Haas applied a shoulder block and then a boot to the head of Spike, followed by a hiptoss by Haas.

Outside the ring, the Dudleys sandwiched Miss Jackie, creating a distraction for Haas, which Spike took advantage of by putting Haas into a post and the Dudleys doing a little work of their own on him. Spike then went for the cover, but Haas kicked out.

Spike then put Haas in a headlock, but Haas got out of that and suplexed Spike and also put on a clothesline move and a back elbow to Spike as well. Haas then went to the top rope to Spike and then connected to Bubba outside the ring. Spike attempted a Dudley Dog, but it was countered by Haas, who was then beaten down by the other two Dudleys before the DQ was announced and the bell was called by the referee.

Haas was still being attacked by the Dudleys and was about to be beaten with a belt when Rico made a surprise entrance and saved Haas, much to a delighted Miss Jackie.

Winner: Charlie Haas via DQ

In the show's final segment, Theodore Long made his way to the ring with both contracts for No Mercy for Show to sign one of them. He made an informal poll to the fans of who they wanted to face Show at No Mercy on October 3. Once they got in their input, Long said that was all good, but there is only one man big enough to make that decision and called out Big Show.

Once Show got into the ring and sat down where he was to sign one of the contracts, Angle was brought out, which Show looked him over before they shook hands. Eddie then appeared in his low rider and looked over everyone in the ring. Long then asked Angle if he had anything to say before the contract was signed. Angle said that he did not hold a grudge against Show for throwing him off a ledge, breaking his leg and putting him in a wheelchair for months. He went on to say that no one wanted to see and Angle/Show match and that what people wanted to see was Show to destroy Eddie; not just beat Eddie, but to end Eddie's career altogether.

When it was Eddie's turn to speak, Eddie stated that no one spoke for him, that he spoke for himself. Eddie asked Show if he wanted a fight, and if he did, he would give Show one, but it would be one that Show would remember for the rest of his life.

Long then interjected and asked for Show's decision--will it be Angle and Big Show at No Mercy or Eddie and Big Show? Show seemed to be in a long thought about it, going back and forth between the two contracts, and thinking again before signing the contract where he would face Eddie.

Once that contract was signed, both Angle and Luther attacked Eddie from behind and then Angle appeared to be thanking a grinning Show for that decision. In a turn of events, Show asked Long for his and Eddie's match contract back, which Show broke in half and ended up signing Angle's contract instead, making it official:

It would be Big Show vs. Kurt Angle at No Mercy!

Show and Eddie then went on the attack to both Angle and Luther, and it was also announced as Luther and Angle left the ring after that next week on Smackdown, the main event would be Eddie and Big Show vs. Luther and Angle.


Rey Mysterio will finally get another match for the Cruiserweight Championship vs. Cruiserweight Champion Spike Dudley on next week's Smackdown.

The press conference for Wrestlemania 21 will be held in Los Angeles on September 22 and is open to the public. Tickets for Wrestlemania 21 will go on sale September 25.

Deadline for the 60-second VHS tapes for the $1,000,000 Tough Enough is September 22.

A new start time for Velocity will be at 11PM Eastern on Spike TV beginning Saturday, September 18.

Smackdown Your Vote Debate: Foley vs. JBL at the University of Miami on September 29. Should be interesting to all that are going.

The final match of the Best of Five for the US Title will be held at No Mercy.

The Smackdown house show scheduled for September 18 in Jackson, Mississippi has been postponed due to Hurricane Ivan.

Next week on Smackdown, it was also announced that a 2 on 1 match will be Viscera and Gangrel vs. Undertaker.

Until then enjoy wrestling!

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