WWE SmackDown Results - 10/7/04 - Boston, Massachusetts (U.S. Title Match)

» Reported by L. Anne Carrington of WrestleView.com
» On Friday, October 8, 2004 at 12:13 AM EST

WWE SmackDown
Date: October 7, 2004
From: Boston, Massachusetts
Commentators: Michael Cole and Tazz

Prior to opening tonight’s show, highlights of the Last Ride Match from this past Sunday’s No Mercy was replayed.

To kick the show off, John Cena came to the ring and gave Booker T his respect the Best of Five matches. He continues his promo, making fun of Cole at one point, and was even ready to pick a fan to continue making fun of Cole until he was interrupted by Carlito Caribbean Cool. Carlito told Cena that just winning the US Championship was cool, especially since the team whose jersey Cena was wearing never win anything. But what would really be cool would be that if Carlito got a US Title shot. They verbally abused each other before Carlito tried to get his hands on the belt. Cena pulled it away, but then Carlito put a low blow and a DDT to Cena and topped off humiliating Cena by spitting on him.

Match #1: Kenzo Suzuki (w/Hiroko and Rene Dupree) vs. Rey Mysterio (w/RVD)

Dupree addressed the crowd in French, introducing Suzuki. Hiroko then said that Suzuki loved America and had a message for everyone. Suzuki then went into a song and dance routine of “New York, New York.”

The match began with a lockup between Suzuki and Mysterio. Suzuki chopped Mysterio in the gut, followed by a boot. Suzuki then tossed Mysterio outside the ring face first before putting him back into the ring and putting a knee to the temple of Mysterio. Once Mysterio recovered, he slugged on Suzuki before a kick to the side of the knee then a head scissors was applied to Suzuki, followed by a cross body to Suzuki for the cover, which Suzuki kicked out of.

Suzuki then dropped down on Mysterio’s neck; Mysterio answered with a cross body to Suzuki twice before going for the cover that Suzuki kicked out of both times. Mysterio had Suzuki set up for the 619 before Dupree went to open the ropes to stop him--but Mysterio knocked Dupree off the apron instead.

Suzuki applied more chops to Mysterio, then Mysterio once again set Suzuki up for the 619; this time, Mysterio connected, followed by a rollup for the win.

Winner: Rey Mysterio

A video of highlights from WWE winning the Wish Granter of the Year award from the Make a Wish Foundation was shown.

Backstage, Josh Matthews interviewed JBL, who said that as a president once said, “No New Champions.” JBL then went on to say that he didn’t know that Heindenreich was in the back of the hearse during JBL’s No Mercy match with the Undertaker and how JBL beat Taker, therefore, proving the world wrong once again. Josh asked how JBL felt about facing Hardcore Holly next, and JBL replied about how ‘upscale’ himself was and he didn’t deserve to be facing a NASCAR driving redneck like Holly, but would because he is a great champion and how fans loved to chant his name. He even had Josh chant ‘JBL’ with him.

Match #2: JBL vs. Hardcore Holly

As Holly made his way into the ring, JBL quickly slid out, and Holly went after him. Blows were exchanged and Holly kicked and punched JBL several times, before knocking JBL to the mat. Holly put a right hand to JBL and JBL struck a blow to the back of Holly’s neck, then bounced Holly off the turnbuckle.

Holly put more chops to JBL as well as a kick to the forehead of JBL, breaking JBL’s forehead open. JBL then slammed Holly to the mat and then the battle spilled outside of the ring. JBL put a boot to the face of Holly, then bounced Holly off the announce table. Quickly recovering, Holly slammed JBL into the steel steps and threw him back into the ring for the cover, which JBL kicked out of.

Holly applied chops to the head of JBL before choking him with the second rope. JBL was then slammed to the mat by Holly for the cover that JBL kicked out of. Holly did a shoulder knockdown twice to JBL, followed by a dropkick. JBL kicked out of yet another cover. Holly then did a suplex, followed by Holly going off the top rope with a flying elbow to JBL. Holly covered JBL yet again, but JBL kicked out.

JBL missed a Clothesline from Hell on Holly, with Holly successfully completed the Alabama Slam on JBL. Jordan then came to the ring, only to be thrown out by Holly. Jordan then somehow managed to hold Holly in the ring while JBL crawled away from the ring and was counted out.

Winner via Countout: Hardcore Holly

A promo was shown that Chavo Guerrero will be returning to Smackdown in two weeks.

Backstage, Theodore Long told Paul Heyman what Heidenreich did at No Mercy was way over the line and that Long would never let anything like that happen again. Long said that the jaws of life was needed to open the hearse, but Undertaker was not inside. But despite Heidenreich’s actions, he would not be suspended nor even fined, but Long knew personally that Undertaker would take care of his own business at his own time. Heyman responded that Heidenreich felt nothing and would recite poetry--and that Heidenreich is a fearless demon.

Raw Rebound:

Highlights from matches announced for Taboo Tuesday, the Lumberjack Match of Rhyno vs. Jericho and the following brawl, with Orton RKOing many others.

Backstage, Angle was with Jindrak and Reigns. Angle complained that he was not well-prepared for his match with Big Show, as he had--and still has--a bronchial infection. Therefore, Jindrak would be taking on Big Show with Angle at ringside.

Theodore Long announced that JBL would be defending his WWE Championship title against Hardcore Holly in a Hardcore Match.

Match #3: Mark Jindrak vs. Big Show

Angle joined Cole and Tazz at the announce table, but didn’t say anything despite the two talking to him.

Show slammed Jindrak into the ring, then put Jindrak into a corner and applied some chops. Show tossed Jindrak across the ring, followed by more chops and throws by Show. Show then stood on Jindrak in the corner of the ring, followed by once again slamming Jindrak to the mat and standing on him once again.

Show applied a clothesline to Jindrak, then stared at Angle and made his way to Angle at the announced table. Taking advantage of the distraction, Jindrak slugged on Show before tossing Show into the steel steps. Jindrak put Show back into the ring for the cover, which Show kicked out.

Jindrak dropkicked Show, followed by wrapping Show’s arm around the top rope and a hammer lock by Jindrak. Show attempted a choke slam on Jindrak, but Jindrak broke away from it. Show tossed Jindrak out of the ring, then Reigns came and attempted to interfere in the match, but he was stopped by Eddie Guerrero. Show then successfully choke slammed Jindrak and covered for the win.

Winner: Big Show

Backstage, Josh interviewed Carlito Caribbean Cool, with a replay of Carlito punking out Cena at the beginning of the show being shown. Josh wanted to know what caused Carlito to disrespect the US Champion Cena, but Carlito said that he didn’t disrespect Cena because that wasn’t cool. However, Cena disrespected Carlito by refusing to shake Carlito’s hand and that no one disrespected Carlito. Before the night was over, Carlito would be respected because he would be the new US Champion--and a cool one.

A replay of the Kidman/London match from No Mercy was shown.

Match #4: Billy Kidman vs. Charlie Haas (w/Miss Jackie)

The match began with a lockup, followed by Haas working on the arm of Kidman and a slug to the head of Kidman. Haas then tossed Kidman, followed by an arm drag for the cover; Kidman kicked out. Kidman then put Haas into the rope by Haas’ neck and then Kidman flipped Haas, putting a knee to the spine of Haas, followed by a choke hold.

Haas recovered and answered with a suplex, slugs, a hiptoss and clothesline to Kidman. Kidman put a thumb to the eye of Haas, followed to a kick to the face of Haas. Kidman then went to the top rope and appeared to about to perform the SSP, but got down when Jackie got into the ring. Kidman then applied the BK Bomb to Jackie and went to the top rope as if to do the SSP once again and got down as Rico came to the ring to save Jackie. The match was called by the referee as EMT’s attended to Jackie.

Result: No Contest

Heidenreich came out and attempted to read a poem in the ring, but frustrated when the fans booed him, jumped into the crowd and began beating on some "fans" that were planted in the crowd.

Highlights of the Foley/JBL debate was promoted to be played on Sunday’s WWE Experience.

Match #5: US Champion John Cena vs. Carlito Caribbean Cool

Cena came out and went after Carlito, who was already in the ring. Cena put Carlito into the ropes, then threw him outside the ring before putting Carlito into the steel steps. Back in the ring, Carlito begged off, but Cena went for the suplex, hanging onto Carlito for a few moments before completing the suplex for the cover; Carlito kicked out.

Cena kicked the head of Carlito, then to the midsection of Carlito, followed after that by a back elbow by Cena. Cena then side slammed Carlito into the steel steps, then fired up the crowd while the ref began to count out Carlito. Carlito made it back into the ring before the count out expired; then hung onto the ropes as Cena went for another move, but then Cena went over the ropes.

Back outside the ring, Carlito slammed the head of Cena into the apron and then into the announce table. Carlito then kicked the midsection of Cena, followed by a right hand. Both now back in the ring, Cena put a right hand of his own to Carlito, and then back outside of the ring, Carlito raked the eyes of Cena and Cena then countered with a sling shot to Carlito, sending him over the barriers as the match went to a commercial.

Returning from the break, Carlito was put into the turnbuckle by Cena; Cena then missed a cross body, followed by a neck breaker connected by Carlito, who went for the cover, but Cena kicked out.

Cena was then once again put into the turnbuckle, followed by a kick to the midsection and a high elbow to Cena by Carlito. Carlito went for the cover, but Cena got up the shoulder to break the count. Carlito put a sleeper hold onto Cena, which Cena eventually broke and Carlito kicked Cena’s midsection. Cena then countered, putting both men down, followed by a right hand by Cena once both were up again.

Cena then executed an elbow then a clothesline to Carlito and went for the cover; Carlito kicked out. Carlito was then dropped face first onto the mat, followed by Cena applying his five knuckle shuffle, and went for the FU, but Carlito hung on to the ropes.

Cena put Carlito off the apron and once again into the steel steps, but then Carlito got hold of the US Title and attempted to use it on Cena before being caught by the referee. After Carlito was put into a corner by Cena, Cena then went for the US Title belt; meanwhile, not seeing Carlito grab Cena’s steel chain, Cena was struck with his own steel chain by Carlito, who covered Cena for the win.

Winner and New US Champion: Carlito Caribbean Cool


I was totally laughing my head off when Cena was poking fun at Michael Cole. The looks on Cole’s face were priceless!

WWE received the highest honor offered by the Make a Wish Foundation: the Wish Granted of the Year Award. This was accepted by Stacy Kiebler.

Chavo returns in two weeks! I don’t know about anyone /*, but I think it would be great if he got some revenge on Kidman for Kidman injuring him with the SSP.

It was revealed that Big Show shaves his head daily as a reminder of what Angle and his cohorts did to him two weeks ago.

I missed London tonight. It just wasn’t the same. Hopefully, despite playing the No Mercy injury line, he won’t be gone long.

Until next time…enjoy wrestling.