WWE SmackDown Results - 10/21/04 - Rockford, IL (Big Six Man...)

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» On Friday, October 22, 2004 at 2:35 AM EST

Oct. 21, 2004
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SmackDown! General Manager Theodore Long declared Thursday’s main event a “Showcase of Champions.”

Booker T felt it was just one big waste of time. Or did he?

The former United States Champion said he wanted no part of the six-man tag match that pitted himself, Rob Van Dam and Rey Mysterio vs. WWE Champion JBL and WWE Tag Team Champions Rene Dupree & Kenzo Suzuki.

And for most of the match it was difficult to tell which side Booker T was on, as he remained on the apron wearing a look of indifference during the action.

But after finally accepting a tag from Mysterio, Booker T joined the fray and appeared poised to actually help JBL and Co. steal the victory.

As it turned out, he was just setting JBL up. Booker T unleashed his fury by single-handedly taking out all three opponents and securing the win by putting away a stunned and humiliated JBL.

That was just the last of a few surprises on SmackDown! from Rockford, Ill., this week.

WWE fans learned the eight finalists for the much-anticipated $1,000,0000 Tough Enough. All eight of the potential Superstars will be in Omaha, Neb., next week.

Meanwhile, Paul Heyman and Long have finally found a way to corral the unstable monster Heidenreich.

Beginning with his match and easy victory against Shannon Moore Thursday, Heidenreich will be required to wear a straight jacket on his way to and from the ring.

Ironically, the crazed Superstar enjoyed the new look and won his match.

Heyman then managed to convince Long to schedule a match between Heidenreich and Undertaker at Survivor Series on Nov. 14. But there’s one possibly painful catch for Heyman: He must be the one to find Taker and get him to sign the contract.

While Taker is still missing in action, Chavo Guerrero returned to SmackDown! 55 days after Billy Kidman injured him with the Shooting Star Press. Guerrero thanked the WWE fans for their support before Kidman interrupted.

Kidman attempted to get on the good side of Chavo, but that didn’t work as Guerrero pummeled him in the corner and tossed him over the top rope with utter disdain.

Speaking of disdain, Carlito Caribbean Cool struck again. But before he recorded another victory, this time over Rico, he spit his patented apple chunks into the face of Torrie Wilson after the Diva rebuffed his advances.

Later in the program, Long questioned Cool about his whereabouts the night John Cena was attacked in Boston.

Michael Cole announced that Cena was recovering from his injuries and it appears his kidney will be saved.

Also, Mark Jindrak defeated Eddie Guerrero. But not without some help from Kurt Angle.

Carlito Caribbean Cool defeats Rico (Non-Title)
Heidenreich def. Shannon Moore
Mark Jindrak def. Eddie Guerrero
RVD, Rey Mysterio & Booker T def. JBL, Rene Dupree & Kenzo Suzuki