SmackDown Results - 3/17/05 - Savannah, GA (Angle vs. Jannetty)

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On Friday, March 18, 2005 at 12:26 AM EST

WWE Smackdown
March 17, 2005
Location: Savannah, GA
Announcers: Michael Cole and Tazz

Happy St. Patrick's Day! With 17 days to go until Wrestlemania, tonight's show saw some returns of a few old faces, and of course, a few of the predictable ones. Here is a recap of tonight's episode:

At the top of the show, the segment of Cena giving Long the FU on last week's Smackdown was shown.

Match #1: Kurt Angle vs. Marty Jannetty

Angle came down to the ring and talked about HBK and his "little Rockers reuinion" on RAW and said that was not going to help him prepare for a match with an Olympic Gold Medalist, and then called out Marty. A video of Marty and HBK from this past Monday's RAW was shown.

Marty gave it his all during this match; he was going move for move with Angle with intensity and energy. For awhile during this match, it looked as Angle had gotten more than he had bargained for when he decided to battle Marty.

During the commercial break, Angle had driven Marty into a steel post, which looked quite brutal. From that point on, it looked as if Marty was finally being worn down.until Marty countered an Angle Slam at one point and get his second wind, even getting in a nice DDT on Angle mid-match, followed by a phenomenal hurricanana

Unfortunately for Jannetty, the match ended with Marty tapping out after escaping the ankle lock twice. This was a nicely long, beyond impressive match. Marty looked great!

Winner: Kurt Angle

GM Teddy Long was seen backstage talking with a staff member, telling her there wasn't anything /* he needed. He appeared to be pondering over a situation, possibly involving a repercussion on Cena for the FU Long received last week as the show went to commercial break.

Teddy Long made a special announcement upon the return, saying he would not allow the "inmates to run the asylum" and that he would not allow Cena nor anyone /* to lay their hands on him. The announcement was interrupted by JBL, saying how reprehensive Cena is and suggested that Cena be suspended. Long told JBL that Cena would not be suspended, but if Cena struck him in any way before Wrestlemania, Cena would lose his title shot. However, Long was suspending the stipulation except during a "bell to bell" match. Long then told JBL that tonight for a tag match with JBL and the Bashams with the Tag Team Champions Rey Mysterio and Eddie Guerrero along with John Cena. JBL did not leave a happy man.

Chavo and Eddie were also backstage. Chavo told Eddie that he was disappointed in him, and asked what happened. Chavo reminded Eddie that last year he was WWE Champion, now he's tag champs with Rey, how Rey is holding Eddie back and how if he couldn't beat Rey, he joined him instead. Eddie had changed so much, Chavo said. Chavo then added in that Eddie should do the family a favor and quit calling himself a Guerrero if he continued to "act like this." An angry Eddie threw some things around.

Joy and Torrie were shown getting photos with some fans.

Match #2: Luther Reigns vs. Booker T

Booker's bride, Sharmell Sullivan, was shown during Booker's entrance.

Luther and Booker had just gotten into the ring and were about to begin the match when Heidenreich came to the announce table and words were exchanged with Booker T before the match.

Luther appeared to dominate the beginning of the match as Heidenreich seemed fascinated with what was going on in the ring, basically ignoring the commentators addressing him.

It didn't take long for Booker to come back; after a few right hands, he got the best of Luther with a clothesline, a spin kick and a kick to the chin of Luther. We also got the honor of the Spineroonie before the end of the match, when Booker cleanly finished Luther off with an axe kick.

Winner: Booker T

Afterwards, Heidenreich climbed up on top of the announce table, telling Booker not to leave and that he had something to tell Booker and everyone. We then got treated to yet another one of Heidenreich's crazy speeches. Even Booker looked at Heindenreich like the guy had lost a screw or two.

The WM spoof with Christy, Kurt and Linda aired.

Teddy Long came to the ring to announce that a RAW superstar goes one on one with a Smackdown superstar. RAW's GM Eric Bischoff made his entrance, interrupting Long, with more touting on the interpromotional matches. Rest in Peace vs. the RKO.Undertaker vs. Randy Orton!

Randy Orton then made his way to the ring. Long then took the mic from Eric and introduced Undertaker, the man that is 12-0 at Wrestlemania. Orton looked like he was going to fill his pants the entire time Taker made his entrance.

After a bit of silence, Taker signed his end the contract, then passed it to Orton, not taking his eyes off Orton the entire time. Orton then picked up the mic and then told Taker that before he signed the contract, he had nothing but respect for Taker and his legacy. But very soon he would be 12-1. And the difference between him and the other 12 opponents Taker had defeated at Wrestlemania is that Orton was not afraid of him. He signed the contract and slapped Taker. Taker looked back with a slick grin and then let the pyros go off, scaring away Orton.

Hulk Still Rules Clip:

1987: Match highlights from Hogan vs. Andre the Giant

More diva photo ops with the fans were shown.

Match #3: Billy Kidman vs. Paul London

Velocity King London made yet another sparse Smackdown appearance tonight, complete with coat stolen from Cole's grandmother. Yes, he is still on the Smackdown roster!

Geez, is this kid hyper. And they touted him at 195 pounds tonight.

If Kidman was expecting an easy advantage, he was fooled at the beginning of the match as London worked over him. The ring rust was showing before Kidman drop kicked London outside of the ring and then went to work on his former tag partner. For awhile mid-match, it didn't look good for the #1 contender for the CW Championship.

But Paulie was having none of it; he drove Kidman nose first into the turnbuckle, followed by some forearms and clotheslines and head scissors, leg scissors and drop kicks. He then was placed on the top rope by Kidman, who got in several right hands on London. London finally tossed him off the top rope onto the mat before getting the best of Kidman with a 450 splash and pinned him to win the match.

Winner: Paul London

Backstage at the concession stand, the attendant was working while Carlito was reading the paper. The guy told Carlito to sell some hot dogs. He took the money and when the kid asked for his change, Carlito squirted him with ketchup. When the other guy protested, Carlito spit hot dog in his face and chased everyone /* off before going back to his paper.

Stone Cold Stunner:

1999: Austin and his monster truck entrance, followed by his battle with The Rock.

Cole was in the ring, and introduced The Big Show, going over the histories of both Show and Akebono, followed by showing a clip of Akebono in one of his sumo matches in Japan. When asked on how he is preparing for his match, Show said he was never in a sumo match and how Akebono was a sumo legend and one of the respected athletes in all of Japan, but come Wrestlemania, Akebono would find out that Show would one of those that Akebono would not be able to push around.

Backstage, JBL and Jordan were discussing their respective histories with Cena. Nothing much different from the usual banter.

RAW Rebound:

Highlights of Batista vs. Flair, with Kane announced as Batista's opponent for next week.

During another photo session with fans, Dawn Marie got fed up with the Smackdown rookie divas stealing her shots and a cat fight broke out between her and Michelle, before being broken up by Smackdown officials.

Updated matches for Wrestlemania were announced.

JBL and Jordan tracked down Cena in the back, with JBL goading Cena to hit him with a string of insults of "people like you." Not fooled for a minute, Cena restrained himself, telling JBL he is as stupid as he looks, and when that bell rings in five minutes, Cena is going to beat JBL's a**, before thanking JBL for the pep talk.

Promo for Christy's Playboy issue was aired.

Match #4: JBL and Bashams vs. Eddie Guerrero, Rey Mysterio, and John Cena.

Cena wasted little time getting into the action, going to work on Danny Basham right off before tagging in Eddie to work over Danny some more. Doug came in to interfere, but Eddie hip tossed him off before going back to work on Danny as the match went to break.

Upon return to the match from the break, Doug was working on Eddie when Rey was tagged in and took his turn at Doug. Danny was tagged back in, followed by JBL, who began his own assault on Rey, before Rey managed to escape and tag in Cena.

JBL went outside the ring like a scared rabbit as Cena went to work on the Bashams. Eddie got in some lying, cheating and stealing on the other Basham. Danny was set up for the 619, which connected before Doug tossed Rey into the apron of the ring.

JBL delivered a swinging neck breaker to Rey and went for the cover, which Rey somehow got out of. As a taunt to Cena, JBL and the Bashams continued their assault on Rey. Meanwhile, Cena came in and took down one of the Bashams with an FU before he himself was put into the steel steps and Rey went over the ropes onto JBL.

Ending saw Eddie take down one of the Bashams and go to the top rope for the Frog Splash. Rey went off the top rope for the plancha and got the pin.

Winners: Rey, Eddie and Cena

The aftermath saw Cena with a steel chair over JBL, which looked like he was going to strike JBL, but ended up taking out one of the Bashams instead, before sitting on it over JBL and giving him the "You can't see me" sign as the show went off the air.


I loved Kurt and Marty's match! It was nice to see a match that Kurt didn't have some local guy tapping out in less than a minute for once. Marty really gave him a run for his money.

Good to see Kidman back, but why do these people bring some guys back all of the sudden without a prior explanation? And what will his return play in the London/Chavo feud, if any?

Cena's got new entrance music! An image makeover for WM21, perhaps?

Who saw the two guys in the crowd wearing the "I'm With Stupid" shirts?

Can Cena control his temper for two more weeks and not strike JBL?

Despite speculation, a Cruiserweight title match still hasn't been announced for Wrestlemania. Could this be one of those last-minute add in matches or a Heat match..if any at all?

Next week, Smackdown comes from Memphis, TN. Until then, enjoy wrestling.