SmackDown Results - 4/7/05 - San Diego, CA (JBL/Mysterio & more)

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» On Friday, April 8, 2005 at 12:18 AM EST

WWE Smackdown
April 7, 2005
Location: San Diego, CA
Announcers: Michael Cole and Tazz

Four days past Wrestlemania 21, and the race is on for revenge! Tonight's episode happenings were as follows:

Tonight's episode opened with former WWE Champion (and very unhappy) JBL coming to the ring to a sold-out crowd and stating about that he was the greatest WWE Champion of all time and all he did for the fans, yet they thanked him for cheering "for a piece of trash like Cena" at Wrestlemania. He then went on to tear down Cena during the promo, along the usual tirades, before stating his intentions with a rematch with John Cena--"I want my championship back!"

Eddie then came in and interrupted JBL's tirade, asking if he heard right if these people needed JBL as their champion back? No, they just needed JBL to shut up! Eddie then added in his own intentions of saying if JBL wanted his title, he'd have to go through Eddie. Soon Booker T came out and announced his intentions. Then out came Big Show, Rey Mysterio, and Kurt Angle.

Angle told the others, "You, you, and you all LOST at Wrestlemania 21" He then pointed out that Booker wasn't even ON Wrestlemania, 21 and took a shot at Rey with, And let me inform you little man, you have to be an adult." Kurt then came off with the saying of the night: "I was arrested Sunday night. I was arrested on charges of armed robbery. I was arrested for stealing the show!" and then told about how he made HBK tap.

In the midst of all this, JBL began to bellow again and was ordering the others out of "his ring" when GM Theodore Long arrived and told JBL that it is not HIS ring but Long's! Long then told JBL that he forgot a provision in his contract; that he was so confident that he would beat Cena at Wrestlemania, that there was no rematch clause in his contract. Long then told all in the ring that they would have to earn the title match. Long then announced a Number One Contender Championship Series involving the six challengers to take place over the next month or so on Smackdown, with the first match pitting JBL against Rey Mysterio taking place later tonight.

Match #1: Cruiserweight Championship-Cruiserweight Champion Paul London vs. Billy Kidman

Chavo Guerrero was guest commentator for this particular match.

The Champ has new clothes; this time, lime green trunks with matching lime tassle boots.

Replay of Chavo being eliminated immediately last week on Smackdown was replayed.

A little trash talking between Kidman and Paulie before things got started.

Not a bad match, with Paul starting out strong before getting bounced off the turnbuckble, then Kidman getting most of the offense. He had Paul pinned a couple of times, but Paul got out. Kidman continued the assault by working on Paul's neck and then putting Paul outside off the turnbuckle, breaking him open, before Paul went outside the ring.

Bleeding like a stuck pig, Paul continued to tough it out, battling back against Kidman quite a few times. At one point, ref Robinson asked if London wanted to continued and London agreed. Kidman then applied the BK Bomb and then the boot to the gash of London. London then went to the top rope for the 450, but missed and landed on his feet. But London won with a roll-up.

Winner and Still Cruiserweight Champion: Paul London


Chavo goaded London from outside of the ring while Kidman attacked Paul from behind both Chavo and Kidman attacked and put a beat down on champion London before Chavo taunted in the middle of the ring.

A video taking a look back at WM21 was shown.

Backstage, Luther Reigns and a bunch of other superstars were making fun of Big Show losing his Wrestlemania sumo match, even getting in some comments about Show's butt. Luther then pulled up his trunks to mimic a thong and went to imitate Show, when Show appeared. Show then admitted then that he lost the match to Akebono, and he considered it an honor. Show said since Luther liked to entertain, to meet Show in the ring "right now," and while Luther was at it, to "pull your shorts out of your mouth," to the laughter of the others backstage. Luther yelled at them to shut up.

Torrie was seen backstage preparing for the bikini contest.

Match #2: Big Show vs. Luther Reigns

The clip of the Jeep tipping by Show on Smackdown two weeks ago was shown.

As for the match itself tonight, it was a short, lackluster match, though Luther started out strong with, even bouncing Show off the steel post outside of the ring at one point. Show even got a in couple of techniques he had gotten in his sumo training

Show got this win easily with a choke slam on Luther.

Winner: Big Show

John Cena came out and did the redundant "The Champ is here!" promo. He then went over JBL's championship history.BUT."The Champ is HERE." He then hinted that there could be "modifications" made to the WWE title belt as well.

Match #3: Kurt Angle Invitational

Kurt Angle came out with two rent-a-cops and said that the real highlight of WM21 was when Kurt made HBK tap out. He also said he would make Cena tap out faster than Cena could say 'fluke champion.'defeated, Angle then announced that he would face Eddie Guerrero next week in match number two of the Number One Contender Championship Series. Here we go again..

In the invitational itself, in 36 seconds, Angle defeated the Hometown Hero, San Diego's own Jose Casana (sp?), after Kurt punked the kid with the mic, knocking him to the mat and securing the win with the ankle lock.

Winner: Kurt Angle

After the match, after Kurt put Jose in another ankle lock to send a message to Eddie Kurt promised that Eddie would tap out next week on Smackdown, and after that, that Cena would find out that "the real champ" was HERE.

Jackie was seen backstage getting ready for the bikini contest.

Carlito was backstage with Steve Romero. Chia Pet said people were falling asleep during Piper's Pit. He went on about "one guy wearing a skirt and another guy wearing Daisy Dukes and that's not cool." Carlito then announced that will debut his own talk show that he said will be "cooler than Piper's Pit" called "Carlito's Cabana." He said he would give anyone who thinks they are cool a chance to come down and prove it. Steve thought he was cool at first until it looked as if Carlito was going to spit apple on him.but Steve changed his mind and Carlito put the apple in Steve's hand instead. Funny stuff.

Rey was seen backstage getting ready for his match when Eddie came in. Eddie told Rey he was going to make sure Rey was going to win tonight; that Eddie would have his back. Rey said that 'this watch our back stuff' wouldn't work. Eddie said that was last week, but Rey deferred. Eddie said he knew what it was like to lose the WWE title. Rey said he could beat anyone in the locker room, he beat Eddie at Mania, and he would beat JBL tonight.

We had the bikini contest, of course, with Jackie, Dawn and Torrie coming out. I am sure for many of you it was a food/soda/bathroom run, but for those who had or managed to stick around out of curiosity, the contest was about to get underway when Lauren, Joy and Michelle also came into the contest. Torrie was the winner of this little filler. Quite predictable really; so predictable I knew who would win before the thing was even shown.

Match #4: JBL vs. Rey Mysterio

The "619" chants were strong from the beginning of the match, as was Rey's quickness (in an attempt to frustrate JBL). JBL then began chasing Rey around the ring, but once they were back in the ring, JBL got the best of Rey early in the match. Both got in some good to passable offense on the other. JBL had Rey up on his shoulders, but Rey managed to counter the move, sending JBL over the rope and outside the ring. Jordan had tried to interfere at one point, but Rey had taken him and JBL out when the match went to a commercial break.

Upon returning to the match, Rey was on JBL's shoulders, having JBL in a sleeper hold. JBL then managed to flip Rey off onto the match, followed by some blows and chops and a shoulder knockdown onto Rey. Rey was then sent into the second rope and then suplexed by JBL. Rey then kicked out a two and a half when he was covered by JBL.

Rey then appeared to be coming back when he got a thumb to the eye by JBL, followed by a right hand. Rey was then placed on the top rope and slammed off the top rope; Rey bounced off the mat on the impact. Once again, Rey kicked out of the cover.

JBL continued to grow frustrated as he continued to work on Rey, this time outside the ring. He then tossed Rey back into the ring, with Jordan getting a cheap shot on Rey as JBL had distracted the ref. JBL then had Rey in a bear hug in an attempt to wear Rey down. Rey got out of it, but was knocked down by JBL and covered, but Rey kicked out.

JBL got in a spine buster on Rey and went for another cover; Rey kicked out. Right hands and kicks were exchanged between the two, then Rey was whipped across the ring and bounced off the turnbuckle. JBL tried to get Rey off the top rope again, but Rey countered, connecting with the moonsault off the top rope onto JBL for the cover; JBL kicked out.

Rey was beginning to build momentum at this point; countering a few moves by JBL. JBL was then set up for the 619. Jordan went to interfere again, but Eddie came out and chased Jordan around the ring. Meanwhile, Rey set up and connected with the 619

At the end of the match, Eddie's temper got the best of him and attacked JBL even though Rey was pinning JBL.

Winner: JBL via DQ


JBL, Orlando Jordan, and the Bashams beat on Eddie and Rey until John Cena came out to make the save, putting the FU on the Cabinet and trash talking back and forth with JBL as the show left the air.


Kurt's promo tonight at the beginning of the show was totally priceless! I don't think it could have started off any better. I don't know who wrote those lines of his, but they should do more of them!

I guess with the other 'divas' dropping like flies, we finally get to see the actual ones, even if it was the usual, endless and useless bikini contest.

Let's hope Carlito's Cabana has a little more success than last year's Café de Rene.

Velocity is once again pre-empted this weekend due to the season finale of Ultimate Fighter being aired live on Spike. Velocity is set to return on April 16.

The Championship Series will work as the following: JBL/Rey match tonight of course, next week in Chicago with Angle facing Eddie, then Booker will face Big Show at the RAW/Smackdown Supershow on April 18. The three winners will then be in a Triple Threat Match on the April 28 airing of Smackdown from Birmingham, England.

Next week, Smackdown comes to the home of Wrestlemania 22--Chicago, IL. Until then, enjoy wrestling!