SmackDown Results - 4/21/05 New York City, NY (New Tag Champs)

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On Thursday, April 21, 2005 at 11:44 PM EST

WWE SmackDown
April 21, 2005
Location: New York, NY
Announcers: Michael Cole and Tazz

Taped and edited from New's Thursday Night Smmmmmmaacckdown!!!!

OK, I was a little giddy tonight and had to get that one in. LOL. Now on to the rewind of tonight's show from Madison Square Garden:

Match #1--Match #3 in the Championship Contender Series-Big Show vs. Booker T

JBL and Kurt Angle were with Cole and Tazz for commentary during this match. It was a bicker fest between the two of them.

Show was in early control of Booker; Booker didn't get in too much offense during this part. Some of those chops by Show were pretty audible. Show got in a couple of covers, but Booker got out of them somehow. Booker countered a choke slam by Show, followed by a few chops. Show then went for a boot on Booker, but got caught up on the rope. Booker then got in the Book End for the cover, but Show kicked out. Book went in for another cover, but Show got out at two and a half.

Outside the ring, Show and Booker battled to the floor, with Angle and JBL then attacking both of them, ending the match in a double DQ, due "to outside interference."

Winner: Double DQ


At this point, both JBL and Kurt assumed they had eliminated both Booker and Show altogether.but they assumed wrong!

Booker then began beating on JBL, while Show went to work on Kurt, Both were about to make their way to the back when Teddy Long came out and announced a Fatal Four Way with JBL vs. Kurt Angle vs. Booker T vs. Big Show to determine the number one contender next week in Birmingham. JBL and Kurt were not happy to hear this news. However, Booker and Show were looking quite pleased with Long's decision.

In addition, there would also be a tag team match later tonight: JBL and Kurt Angle vs. Big Show and Booker T.

Carlito's Cabana:

Carlito started out with "New York City--Madison Square Garden--that's not cool, which drews boos from the crowd. He said he had this apple and would spit it in everyone's faces. Chia Pet then talked about the children he saw walking through New York, and how they wouldn't grow up to be cool, and how New Yorkers were not known to keep their cool and they need to learn "how to play it cool." He then introduced Eddie Guerrero, who was this week's guest.

Eddie called out Rey Mysterio, then talked about how that a year ago, he was WWE Champion, and he has become obsessed with the belt and trying to get it back. Eddie asked Rey to forgive him and said that he was going to stop thinking about what he doesn't have, and instead focus on what he does have, the WWE Tag Team Title and his family, and he considered Rey part of that family. He then apologized to Rey for being so focused on himself and asked for forgiveness, saying Rey knew him better than anyone, and extended his hand for Rey to shake.

Eddie and Rey had just mended their differences (for the moment anyway) when MNM appeared on the titantron. MNM demanded a WWE Tag Team Title match. Eddie told them if they wanted a title match, they needed to come out to the ring and challenge them like men. Melina said they were more comfortable backstage, and it was revealed they were in on Eddie's low rider. "MNM" was shown spray painted on the hood of Eddie's car.

During the break:

Eddie and Rey then rushed back to where the car was, but MNM were nowhere in sight.. Eddie then said MNM "were going to pay" tonight.

Matt Morgan was interviewed backstage, and talked about debuting tonight on Smackdown, how he wasn't nervous, but the stuttering kicked in. Morgan said he would destroy anything in his path and after tonight, everyone would remember the name Matt Morgan.

Also backstage, the Bashams were told by Jordan that they needed to make sure Cena was "softened up" for his eventual rematch with JBL, and after Jordan's match with Cena tonight, he would have another job for them. One of the Bashams commented afterwards, "I am getting real sick of this."

Match #2: Matt Morgan vs. Unknown Opponent

This was basically a squash match, not unlike the Heindenreich/Unknown Opponent from last week, and the skinny kid in the ring looked as if he was about to drop a load in his pants when Morgan made his way to the ring.

Morgan assumed the kid was laughing at him, and he gave the jobber a shove, knocking him into a corner of the ring. From there, the kid didn't have a chance against Morgan, who got in a nasty side slam, followed by a suplex into a DDT.

Winner: Matt Morgan

Backstage, JBL and Angle were making their way to the ring in yet another bicker fest.

Match #3: Big Show and Booker T vs. JBL and Kurt Angle

JBL and Kurt were already in the ring, still bickering among themselves, as Show and then Booker made their way to the ring.

JBL took a shot at Show, but Show went to work with a few chops on the chest of JBL, followed by a suplex on JBL, and yet another chop from Show. JBL then came back with a few shots on Show, only to meet his face to boot of Show. Show then tossed JBL practically across the ring.

Angle then came in to deal with Show; with a side headlock by Angle, but Show was able to overcome him and get a few of those brutal chops on Angle. Show then tagged in Booker, who stomped on Angle. Angle then got a headlock takedown on Booker, followed by a shoulder knockdown, then Booker got a hiptoss off on Angle. Angle got in one German suplex on Booker and was about to go for a second when JBL went to boot Booker, but kicked Angle instead.

Angle and JBL went to work on Booker, before Angle stomped and worked on Booker before tagging JBL back in. JBL got the swinging neck breaker in on Booker for the cover, but Booker kicked out.

Angle was back in the ring, whipping around Booker some more before going for the cover; Booker got out of that a two and a half. Angle then got in a reverse bear hug on Booker, Booker got out of that, but got a knee to the midsection and kicked out of two covers by Angle.

Following an Angle Slam and a high elbow on Booker, JBL was back in to take his turn at Booker. JBL went to use the ropes as leverage, but the ref caught him. Booker then got the back body drop and then was met by the boot of JBL. Once again, Booker kicked out of the pin.

Kurt was then back in, with JBL screaming at him to cover Booker. Angle then got in the body scissors, and a grapevine. Booker broke out, with a back kick to the ribs of Angle. A DDT then gave an opening that Booker was needing at this point.

Big Show and JBL were tagged in respectively, with Show doing a double tackle to Angle and JBL. Angle then got in an Angle Slam to Show, but Booker got to Angle shortly after.

Show choke slammed JBL, followed by a scissors kick by Booker, then Kurt just walked away and left JBL in the lurch. Show got the cover on JBL for the win.

Winners: Big Show and Booker T

Heidenreich came out to the ring and said he had spent the last few days in New York and how he had made a few friends there. Heidy then revealed one of his "friends", the Brooklyn Brawler.

Heidenreich then read a poem to Brawler about being his friend, then asked Brooklyn Brawler's opinion of it.

Brawler said that the poem stunk, it was terrible and embarrassing. Brawler then added the only thing worse than Heidenreich's poem was how the New York Yankees choked against the Boston Red Sox, and what /* was embarrassing was the whole stinking town. Brawler then changed from his Yankees jersey into a Boston jersey and cap, no longer wanting to be called the Brooklyn Brawler, but The Boston Brawler. An angry Heidenreich said if he wasn't their friend, he wasn't Heidenreich's friend either, then put out BOSTON Brawler with a side slam, calling Brawler a traitor.

MNM spray painting their calling card on Eddie's low rider from earlier tonight was then shown.

Match #4: Tag Team Championship: Eddie Guerrero and Rey Mysterio vs. MNM

Eddie began chasing MNM around the ring before the match began, then went to work on Nitro, who got the receiving end of a back body drop from Eddie and then went outside the ring He and Rey then went to work on Mercury, who also left the ring as the match went to a commercial break.

Upon return from the break, Eddie and Rey were taking turns at Nitro. Rey then went for the cover on Nitro, but Nitro kicked out. Another cover on Nitro ended with the same result. Eddie got in some right hands on Nitro, followed by a suplex and cover; Mercury kicked out.

Mercury was tagged in and went to work on Eddie, with Eddie getting a standing drop kick on Mercury. Eddie did a shoulder block on Mercury, and Nitro went to interfere, Nitro and Eddie outside the ring.

Nitro and Eddie were now in the ring, doing a takedown on Eddie, then double teamed by Nitro and Mercury. A face lock by Mercury was broken by Eddie. Mercury then got in an abdominal stretch on Eddie, which Eddie got in a tilt a whirl into a back breaker, then tagged in Rey.

Rey went to work on Mercury, Mercury broke a cover, with Rey doing a springboard off the top rope. Once again, Mercury broke the cover. Back in the ring, eddie then got in the Three Amigos on Mercury.

Towards the end of the match, Rey had set up Mercury for a 619, but Melina interfered. Eddie Guerrero went to chase off Melina, who then jumped on Eddie, which left Nitro to attack a wide open Rey from behind and set up the elevated DDT by MNM for the pin on Rey.

Winners and New Tag Team Champions: MNM


An argument ensued between Eddie and Rey in the ring, with Eddie shoving Rey to the mat. After a brief time down, Rey then got up, following Eddie outside the ring, and the argument resumed. Rey shoved Eddie, knocking him down to the floor, and walked away. Eddie was not a happy bunny, to say the least.

RAW Rebound:

Highlights from the JR vs. HHH match, with interferences from King and Batista

Backstage, MNM were shown posing in front of and then getting into their limousine with their new titles with the paparazzi shooting away as Melina was talking on her cell phone.

Match #5: WWE Champion John Cena vs. US Champion Orlando Jordan

Cena came into the ring, cutting the usual promo before the commercial break.

Upon return from the break, Jordan was making his way to the ring, being accompanied by Doug Basham.

Jordan got the knockdown on Cena, but Cena came back quickly with a shoulder block and then a shoulder knock down on Jordan. Jordan then got in some boxing moves on Cena in the corner of the ring, before getting the best of Jordan and then knocked Doug off the apron.

Jordan then got on Cena again with some right hands and a knockdown for the cover, but Cena kicked out. Cena then got the bull dog on Jordan, Jordan kicked out of the pin; Cena got in a back body drop. Doug then put Cena spine first into the steel post.

Jordan began to dominate the match at this point, then got a side slam on Cena for a pin; Cena kicked out. Jordan had the reverse bear hug on Cena; Cena broke the hold with a suplex on Jordan. Cena blocked right hands by Jordan, getting in two clotheslines on Jordan, followed by a spinning side slam. Doug tried to interfere again; Cena knocked Doug off the apron. Doug went to interfere again off the top rope, only to get the FU from Cena.

Cena was about to go for Jordan again when Danny came out of nowhere to interfere, setting Jordan up for the pin on Cena, but Cena kicked out at two and a half. From there, Cena dominated the rest of the match, finally finishing Jordan with the FU for the win

Winner: John Cena

Cena then went to celebrate with the crowd, lifting up a young boy onto his shoulders as the show left the air.


"Nice to see you too, Bradshaw." Great comeback by Kurt during the Show/Booker match!

The commercial blurb for Cena's album was also shown tonight, still touting its release for May 10.

Could we be seeing a face turn of the Bashams in the coming weeks?

No divas or CW action tonight. Must have been because of the time limits this week.

Many have wondered why MNM are already tag champs when they are mediocre at best. Remember, Carlito became US champion right after he debuted also. I guess it is just another form of recycling. Good to see the tag division finally getting some attention, though.

It's official: The draft announcement from Monday night was once again mentioned tonight--and no talent from both shows is exempt.

Next week, it is the last stop of the overseas tour in April as Smackdown comes from Birmingham, England. Until next time, enjoy wrestling.