SmackDown Results - 4/28/05 - Birmingham, England (Fatal 4 Way)

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» On Friday, April 29, 2005 at 1:46 AM EST

WWE Smackdown
April 28, 2005
Location: Birmingham, England
Announcers: Michael Cole and Tazz

This week, Smackdown came from the United Kingdom, one of many stops during the six-day overseas tour this past week. Happenings from tonight’s episode follows:

Carlito's Cabana:

This week’s guest was Kurt Angle

“So this is England, the United Kingdom,“ Carlito began, and said if he had his way, he would invite the queen, have tea and biscuits…then spit in her face. He said he would spit in the Queen’s face because she reigned over a country that was not cool. “Columbus discovered America, England has yet to discovered cool.” He then showed a picture of Charles and Camilla, saying they were the people of England considered ‘cool.’ He then briefly talked about cool Americans, and Carlito introduced Kurt Angle.

Angle began by saying he agreeing with Carlito said, saying he wouldn’t call Great Britain, because Britain wasn’t cool. He went to on say what was really cool was his past matches with Michaels and Eddie, and then going on to win the Fatal Four Way later tonight.

Angle was then interrupted by the entrance of OVW’s Steve Lewington, who introduced himself and said he was from Great Britain. He then offered to face Angle in the Kurt Angle Invitational. Angle said to Lewington that he didn't want to wrestle ahead of the main event, and risk injury. Angle then imitated an English accent and basically insulted the intelligence of Lewington, then not long after, attacked Lewington from behind as Lewington went to leave. “Insult their intelligence, then attack them from behind, that is the American way,” Angle said.

Angle sent out a warning to Booker, JBL and Big Show, then Lewington was back in the ring, attacking Angle. Angle struck back with the Angle Slam, then putting the ankle lock on Lewington; Lewington tapped out. Chia Pet then did the apple spit in Lewington’s face.

Match #1: Crusierweight Championship--Chavo Guerrero vs. Cruiserweight Champion Paul London

Torrie was special guest ring announcer.

Chavo went right to work on the forehead wound of London, but London answered with a few moves of his own. Chavito then got back in control with a few stomps to the kidneys of London. London got in a couple of clotheslines and a spin kick on Chavo, Chavo kicked out a two. London got in a dropsault; Chavo kicked out at two again.

London then went to the top rope; however, Chavo shoved him off, with London taking a wicked bump and getting counted out when he couldn’t get back into the ring. Chavo then grabbed the title belt, claiming he was the champion only to be told that he won the match, but that London retained the title. The championship could only be determined by pinfall or submission.

Winner: Chavo Guerrero via Countout (London retained title)


Chavo, in a fit of rage, then went after an injured London, dropping London with the Gory Bomb.

Last week’s Tag Team match highlights between Rey/Eddie vs. MNM were shown.

A short promo appearance was done by The Daily Star Girls from backstage.

Backstage, Sharmell and Booker were getting psyched up when Heidenreich came up to them. Booker was wondering what was going on but Heindenreich said he wanted no trouble and then read a poem to Booker T and Sharmell. When asked what Booker thought, Sharmell stepped in and said she would tell Heidenreich what she thought--“I can dig that suckaaaaaaaaaaa!!!“ Heidy then appeared happy, saying he had two new friends now.

Also backstage, Eddie was trying to mend differences with Rey when Chavo got involved Chavo told them he used to be a Paul London, and the next chance, he would be Cruiserweight Champion, and how Eddie and Rey could also be tag champs again. Eddie told Chavito that he was as jealous as everyone /* about Eddie and Rey had and that Rey was “familia.“ Chavo said Rey was not family, but he was. Eddue then told Chavo that was more like a brother than his own blood, and every time he needed to be tagged in and to talk, Rey was there. He then said that family needed more to him that the business and wondering that Rey was family. Chavo then interjected again, telling Rey not to listen to all that, only to be told by Rey to shut up and leave. He then told Eddie that he may not be 100 percent in the head, but was 100 percent in the heart then, now and forever. They then mended their differences and pyched up for their match.

A clip promoting the Wrestlemania 21 game was shown.

Match #2: Tag Team Champions MNM vs. Eddie Guerrero and Rey Mysterio

Eddie and Rey arrived in a very sharp ride, English style.

MNM came out, showing off their tag belts.

Eddie and Nitro started things off; Eddie worked on Nitro briefly before doubled teamed by Eddie and Mysterio. Mercury got involved; he and Eddie were knocked off the apron respectively. Eddie was then knocked off the steel post.

Back in the ring, Mercury and Nitro went to work on Eddie; Eddie got out of the pin at a two count. Mercury and Nitro double teamed Eddie; Mercury held Eddie back with a bear hug, but Eddie made his way to the corner and tagged in Rey.

Eddie was then hit accidently by Rey; not long after, Rey had been ready to go for the 619 when Eddie walked out of the match, leaving Rey wide open for MNM to work on.

Eddie then came back to the ring and got onto the apron as the match went to a commercial break.

Upon return, Mysterio had just kicked out of a two count. Rey was covered again, but once again kicked out at two. Mercury and Rey exchanged elbows to the midsection. Nitro was then tagged in, isolating Rey from Eddie; covering Rey; Rey kicked out again.

Nitro continued the pressure on Rey, pulling back the arms of Rey. Outside the ring, Eddie seemed to be lost in thought as he looked on. Nitro then went for the back breaker on Rey for the cover, but Rey got the shoulder up. At this point, Rey was still across the ring, far from Eddie for a tag.

Rey came back with a tilt a whirl and the head scissors on Nitro; Rey was now wide open to tag Eddie, but was slowly making his way over to Eddie. Once Rey reached him, Eddie refused to tag in (even Mercury was shocked at the refusal) and Rey continued to be worked over by the champions and MNM to hit their finisher and pinned Rey to retain their titles.

Winners and Still Tag Team Champions: MNM


Nitro and Mercury continued to beat on Rey as Eddie looked on and did absolutely nothing, before slowly walking away from the ring. “Eddie Sucks!” chants became very audible.

We found out after the commercial break that Eddie had walked out of the building completely and that Rey was receiving medical attention.

Match #3: WWE Champion John Cena vs. Rene Dupree

Dupree came out and cut a promo on how at last, a European has arrived from the greatest European country, and how France had the greatest athletes and how they were looking at one now, when he was interrupted by the entrance of WWE Champion John Cena.

The match was yet another of Cena's short matches; Cena got down to business with Dupree immediately on top of him, followed by a spine buster and right hands on Cena. Cena came back briefly before he was bounced off the top turnbuckle, followed by a chin lock by Dupree on Cena. Cena then got a couple of kicks to the head and into another chin lock before getting out of it by an elbow to the midsection of Dupree. From there, Cena then took control of the match, with a side slam and a five-knuckle shuffle on Dupree, finishing the match with the FU on Dupree.

Winner: John Cena

Match #4: Matt Morgan vs. Mikey Whiplash

Another short match.

Morgan came out and did a promo with his stuttering, saying he’d never stuttered before, and wanted to come out this week and say “I DON’T STUTTER!” before grabbing Whiplash and getting the match underway.

Morgan got in an evil clothesline and hit his wicked finisher on Whiplash.

Winner: Matt Morgan

Backstage, JBL, still carrying around the old WWE title, carrying on the usual rant about being a wrestling god before being confronted by Big Show, with Show saying nobody cared what JBL was saying. JBL protested he was a wrestling god, but Show pointed out that JBL was on a losing streak that would continue next.

Highlights from the making of Cena’s music video were shown.

Match #5: Fatal Four Way Elimination Match-Big Show vs. JBL vs. Booker T vs. Kurt Angle

Order of entrance: Booker T, Big Show, Kurt Angle and JBL (appearing in a Roll-Royce).

JBL immediately went to work on Angle, obviously not happy Angle had walked out on him during their tag match last week. Big Show then got in control, basically taking out his other three opponents with some painful-looking moves, getting all three men into the corner, running into them, and then a shoulder knock down on JBL before Angle got in the Angle Slam on Show before Show got out of the pin count. Booker got a scissors kick, but Show kicked out again, JBL hit the Clothesline from Hell, but Show kicked out a third time. Show was then knocked out of the ring, with the others ganged up on him and Angle put the Angle Slam on Show through the announce table; Show was then eliminated by count out.

The match then went to a commercial break as Angle continued the assault.

Upon return, it was a two on one attack by JBL and Angle on Booker T. Booker then got out of the corner with a few right hands and a back body drop on Angle. Booker then went to work on JBL, but JBL knocked Booker outside of the ring, with JBL then going shoulder first into the steel steps.

Angle, in the ring, then went back to work on Booker. Booker got a kick to the jaw of Angle before getting stomped down by JBL. Angle then held Booker, but Booker got loose and got the Book End on JBL. Angle then got a German suplex on Booker; Booker kicked out. Angle then got in another suplex on Booker. Both the Angle Slam and Booker’s scissors kick were countered, before Angle got in another Angle Slam and an ankle lock that Booker eventually counter. Angle successfully connected with another Angle Slam. Booker got in another big kick and was covering Angle when Booker T took a chair shot from Angle while Chief of Staff Orlando Jordan caused a distraction. Angle then double-crossed JBL and then pinned Booker, eliminating him from the match as it went to a second commercial.

Upon return, it was now down to JBL and Angle. JBL had Angle in a chin lock that Angle got out of with an upper cut. A boot to the face missed Angle; Angle got JBL in an ankle lock, but JBL countered. After a few counters, Angle was caught in mid-air by JBL, with JBL in control. JBL went for the clothesline, missing Angle and taking out ref Brian Hefner instead.

The rest of JBL’s cabinet came out while the ref was down while Angle had JBL in another ankle lock. JBL got control shortly, before Angle got the upper hand and had JBL in yet another ankle lock. Booker then returned to the ring, clobbering Angle with a steel chair. JBL then pinned Angle to win the match.

Winner and The #1 Contender for the WWE Championship: JBL

After the match, JBL and his cabinet did the “You Can’t See Me” hand signal as a message to Cena and celebrated as the show went off the air.


Another one of those good shows with more wrestling and less BS.

Angle gets funnier every week with the promos. Even I had to laugh at his bad English ‘accent.’

What is the point as using Torrie as a guest ring announcer? She’s terrible every time. It sounded like she was reading from cue cards.

London is a wild one with the goofy face, sliding across the ring and all the flipping in the ring entrance. I laugh every time. Not to mention the man can sell the ‘injury’ angle. Don’t worry, folks; he’s fine.

I really can’t stand commercial breaks when I am getting into a match, tag championship, main event, or other matches. It’s just annoying to me.

It’s official--Eddie is now heel! We’ve been teased about this for weeks, and now here it is.

Total move count for Cena in his own match: 8

Tazz: “Whiplash has whiplash now.” LOL.

Lousy gimmick or not, Matt Morgan has potential. Yes, ladies and gentleman, I have a favorite ‘big guy.’

“Bad Bad Man,” Cena’s music video, will premiere next week on Smackdown.

Next week, Smackdown is back in the USA, coming from Trenton, NJ. Until next time, enjoy wrestling.