SmackDown Results - 7/14/05 - Worcester, MA - (Batista vs Jordan)

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On Thursday, July 14, 2005 at 11:37 PM EST

WWE Smackdown
July 14, 2004
Location: Worcester, MA
Announcers: Michael Cole and Tazz

Before getting into tonight's recap, I have to take a moment and reflect. Tomorrow, July 15, will be one year since I began recapping Smackdown. Thanks to all of you that make these possible and thanks to Wrestleview for giving me the opportunity to bring these to all of you every week.

Now, on to the rewind of tonight's show:


Eddie Guerrero defeated Hardcore Holly when Eddie struck Holly with a lead pipe and then applied the Texas Cloverleaf.

Christian defeated Booker T when Christian hit the Unprettier on Booker.

Mexicools defeated Paul London, Scotty 2 Hotty and Funaki in a Six Man Tag Match when Juvi hit the 450 on London.

World Heavyweight Champion Batista defeated United States Champion Orlando Jordan (Champion vs. Champion Match). JBL then hit the Clothesline from Hell on Batista and held the belt over him as the show left the air.


My apologies for the brief recaps this week; I had been working on my thesis and then had company, making it difficult to keep up with the entire show. But better brief results of what I was able to catch than none at all.

Eddie Guerrero, welcome to the top heel position. Love it or hate it, one can't help but tune in to see what he is about to do next.

Eddie also appears to be getting even more airtime than JBL as of late. Will there be a big push in line after the Rey feud ends?

Hardcore Holly, voice of reason? And was that a little pop I heard in the background?

Good lord, is Paul London trying to look like a tough guy look with a beard or something? SHAVE, BOY, SHAVE! The only thing that will save you now, dude, is a decent gimmick.not a beard.

While on the subject, as much as I love the guy and no offense to fellow fans, good old Paulie needs to work on his body a bit more; he has been looking a bit skinny lately. Love the wrestling but if he wants to keep his present job, along with getting a new gimmick, he needs to hit the gym.

I think we had practically the whole Cruiserweight Division in the ring tonight.the only one really missing was Nunzio (and where has he been anyway?)

Tazz making reference to "the Malachi Crunch" made my night.

As much of a shame as it was that the six-man match ended on a botched move by Juvi, this had to be one of the best cruiser match I've seen on Smackdown! in a long time.

Whoever wrote Candice's dialogue deserves a medal for letting her speak as little as possible.

Not another Torrie vs. heel diva of the month many times has this been done already--six thousand? You know it's bad when I actually start feeling sorry for Torrie.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, the legendary Animal still has it! And what about the line "His partner is dead" from Nitro? If there is anything to make fans hate you more, it is those four words. But in the last few minutes of that segment, Animal showed more wrestling moves than Hogan is all of his recent matches.

What was with that warning message? I thought Hassan wasn't going to be on Smackdown?

Eddie/Holly match.meh. A few hits, grab a pipe and doesn't hit him in the face, but the knee instead? To me, that didn't look very realistic, more like a thrown together match. The best part was the Texas Cloverleaf.

Eddie: "I'm making an apology to my wife. Shut the hell up and here come the beeps.

OK, so what's the point of Taker taking out Hassan's attorney? I'm rather lost on that one.

I'll admit it. I seriously marked out for Christian's Unprettier. I have an odd feeling that it is not over between him and Booker though, considering there is a rematch at GAB.

They must have had a great makeup artist for JBL; he looked as bad as Meanie did at one point. And holy cow, those staples!

Correct me if I am wrong, but I believe this is Orlando's third main event since turning heel. Kind of flimsy for a US Champ, doesn't one think? And holding his title up in Batista's face was kind of moot; come on, you're battling the Heavyweight Champion, for crying out loud!

Speaking of Jordan/Batista, I personally found what I saw of that match quite boring...they just seemed to hang on to each other for what seemed long periods of time. Then again, I've seen worse main events. But Batista remembered to sell the knee for a change!

Next week, Smackdown comes from Baltimore, MD. Until next time, enjoy wrestling.