SmackDown Results - 1/13/06 - Philadelphia (New World Champion)

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On Saturday, January 14, 2006 at 3:58 PM EST

WWE SmackDown!
Air Date: January 13, 2005
From: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Commentators: Michael Cole and Tazz
Reported By: Charlie Benjamin of

The show starts with Michael Cole and Tazz, saying it will be a historic night, they announce that tonight will be the finals to the Best of Seven series between Chris Benoit and Booker T who is using Randy Orton as a replacement wrestler. Also tonight Piper's Pit returns home to its original city Philadelphia to interview the Boogeyman.

Batista to the ring, with Teddy Long in tow, Batista gets the mic, he says that you may already know but maybe you don't, because he has been keeping it to himself, he says that last Sunday against Mark Henry he was injured, he says he has worked through injuries before but this one is too severe, and it will require surgery that will indefinitely side line him.

He talks about a friend of his telling him to enjoy the ride when he first won the title, he says and that's what he did, he was proud to represent the people and the company. He talks about following in the tradition of Ric Flair, Harley Race, HHH and Dusty Rhodes, he loves the fans and they will never know how much.

He says he wanted to always be a fighting champion, wrestling anyone form the size of Big show to Eddie Guerrero, after an emotional moment, he regroups himself, ands says as champion he must do the right thing, and turn the World Heavyweight Championship over to Teddy Long, but he has one last thing to tell Teddy, and he says to steal a line from his mentor, to be the man you got to beat the man, you got to beat him, and he wants everyone to know, that he will be back and that he will be champion again.

He drops the mic and gives Teddy a bit of a hug and makes a trip around ringside and leaves up the ramp to a good pop.


We go to a 'during commercial' video segment, Batista walking through the backstage area with Ricky Steamboat, Bobby Lashley, Animal, a group of referee's, stage hands and other personalities, Arn Anderson and finally Rey Mysterio jr. all leading him out of the arena, with the praise for Batista.

Back to the ring now, with Teddy Long who is talking about the legacy of the championship, and how it must go on, he announces an over the top rope battle royal fro the World Heavyweight Championship.

Up next the Best of seven final for the United States Title Chris Benoit vs. Randy Orton subbing in for Booker T.

A video package showing how we got to this point in the best of seven series.

Backstage Long walking and Orton comes running up to him saying he knows more about the history of the title then him, and wants to be in the battle Royal and to put the match with Benoit off, Long says neither Orton or Benoit will be in the battle royal

Sharmell out to introduce her husband Booker T to the ring where he takes a seat at the commentating position, to watch the final match in the Best of Seven series between Chris Benoit and originally Booker T now Randy Orton who is replacing Booker.


WWE United States Title - Match #7 of 7
Chris Benoit vs. Randy Orton subbing for Booker T w/ Sharmell

Both men start by circling the ring they meet up with a collar and elbow tie-up, after some brass cockiness from Orton, Orton forces Benoit to the ropes, Benoit spins around taking control, Orton pushes Benoit to the center, and now Benoit forcing Orton into a corner, clean break by Benoit, another collar and elbow tie up, Orton into an armbar, Benoit fights out, Orton fighting for a key lock, Benoit comes out with a hammerlock, Orton down to one knee, single leg take down by Orton, but Benoit keeps the hammerlock applied, Orton out and into a front-face lock, Benoit pushing Orton to the ropes, forcing a break, after the obligatory 4 count, Benoit out on the apron, Orton going for a suplex to bring Benoit into the ring, Orton gets jaw jacked across the top rope, Benoit focusing on Sharmell and Booker T who has a crutch.

Benoit falls down and starts holding on the leg, the referee turns around seeing Benoit down in 'pain' and he kicks Booker and Sharmell from ringside, a little lying, cheating and stealing by Benoit.


We're back and Orton has a front-face lock applied, Benoit takes him down but Orton rolls him over and takes control with a series of rights, Orton with an armbar pulls Benoit to his feet, Benoit with an elbow takes Orton to a knee, Benoit takes Orton into the corner, another tie-up in the middle of the ring, Orton on top of Benoit but Benoit with a body scissors, Benoit going for the crossface, Orton battling out with a rear-naked choker hold.

Benoit comes out of it and lays in a vicious chop, Benoit leaving a few marks on the chest of Orton, Orton with a hand full of tights, throws Benoit shoulder first into the ring post, Benoit to the outside, as Orton grabs a breather, Orton outside now, sliding Benoit back in, Benoit hits a chop but Orton gets him with a headlock takedown, Orton holds the side headlock, Benoit rolls him up but Orton easily out still holding the headlock, both men to their feet, shoulder block takes Benoit to the ground, Benoit with a keylock going for the crossface, Orton restraining Benoit from applying the hold, Orton escapes to the outside, Benoit comes chasing after dragging Orton up to the apron, and Orton is suplexed into the ring.

Benoit applying more pressure to the arm and shoulder with a top wristlock while Orton is down, Benoit cradles Orton onto the top turnbuckle, Benoit laying in chop after chop, Benoit climbing to the second rope, Orton battling back, headbutt by Benoit, a headbutt from Benoit sends Orton crashing to the outside onto the concrete floor.


Benoit in control as we return, Benoit with step over toe hold, trying for a sharpshooter, Orton struggling hard, Orton with kicks to the chest sends Benoit from the offensive position, Orton drops a trifecta of knees, Orton mounts Benoit and lays in fierce rights, Orton to the side headlock, beautiful dropkick by Orton, hook of the leg and kick out last second, right back to the headlock by Orton, Benoit with shoulder blocks and an elbow drop of his own, fisherman's suplex Orton out at 2, Orton taking another series of chops, Orton is almost to the point of being busted open from those chops.

Sharpshooter on, Orton to the ropes and the hold is released, Benoit with a german suplex, a trifecta of those, and Benoit is looking to fly, diving headbutt misses, as Orton rolls out of danger, Orton and Benoit both up, Benoit going for the sharpshooter, referee down as Orton kicks Benoit off, backbreaker by Orton, Orton calling for the RKO, Jordan out, distracts Orton long enough for Benoit to get the crossface, no referee, Booker at ringside, Booker swings the crutch Benoit ducks, Benoit takes him out of the ring with some forearm shots, Benoit ducks the RKO into a crossface.

Orton taps but no ref to make the call, Benoit gets the referee up, reapplies the hold, Booker in still behind the ref's back a US title shot to the head of Benoit.



Roddy Piper walking backstage he bumps into Jillian Hall, and is disgusted by the mole on her face, JBL pops in, and says it's a big night, a new US champion and JBL will be winning the World Championship, he says there are people that the people want to here more than the Boogeyman, Piper says, he's probably right, JBL says he was the longest reigning Champion in over a decade and asks Roddy how many times he's been champion, Roddy pretends to hang himself, and says OK there you get to be in the Pit tonight all by yourself, and asks him to put Jillian on a leash.

A graphic is shown with the participants of the Battle Royal


A video is shown, of El Paso Mayor, presenting an award to the Guerrero family with the 'Star of the Mountain' award in honor of Eddie Guerrero, several family members and townspeople gave a bit of a speech about Eddie Guerrero, in what I found a very emotional and honorable segment.

Piper's Music hits to a good reaction, the ring is set up for Piper's Pit, Piper says that this is the same city that Piper's Pit started 22 years ago, and it's time to make more history, and is going to bring out a man who was never on Piper's Pit before, but JBL's music hits and cuts off Piper's speech, he says that it was a good entrance, but it's really neat if Piper can says his guest name before they come down, but he understands JBL being so excited because this is his first time on Piper's Pit.

He hands JBL a mic, JBL brings up the 22 year thing again, and finally JBL gets a spot on the show, it is historic, just like earlier when Batista gave up his championship, because of an injury, JBL mentions his longest reign in history and how he never took a day off, because of a note from his mother, he says there is a shortage of men on SmackDown Piper cuts in but quickly gets cut off, JBL talks about ratings going up again tock rising and how JBL's reign is going to cause it, Piper cuts in and again is cut off.

JBL says the Battle Royal plays right into his hands, he says in New York there will be a huge party because he will bring wrestling back to normalcy, Piper 'falls asleep', JBL wakes him up, and asks for the next question, he asks Jillian what is dying on the side of her face, he says it looks like the damn thing has lungs, feet and has more hair on it the George Steele's bum, JBL cuts in, Piper tells him to shut up because this is his show, he says JBL's gene pool couldn't even find a way to get a vowel in there and then introduces the Boogeyman.

The Boogeyman comes out, with JBL and Jillian looked scared for their lives, JBL throws Jillian into the Boogeyman, he looks her up and down, and starts sniffing around, he sniffs her mole, and then likes it, he eventually bites it clear off, and chews on it for a while before squashing it between his hands, and then eats it.

Piper prays for his life, and the Boogeyman leaves.

Mark Henry backstage with Melina and MNM, they talk about Henry taking out Batista, and now the odds are in their favor as they are all in the Battle Royal to become the World Champion.

Up Next the Battle Royal.


A Finlay Vignette plays, this one showing the Irish coast and him talking about his father's reputation, and how he loves to fight.

JBL's music kicks in and he makes his way out for the Battle Royal most participants are already out to the ring, out next is Bobby Lashley, Matt Hardy is next, MNM w/ Melina, closely followed by Mark Henry.

Already in the ring had been, Bryan Kendrick, Paul London, Nunzio, Vito, Orlando Jordan, Psicosis, Super Crazy, Sylvan, Simon Dean, William Regal, Paul Birchill and Animal.


Rey Mysterio one his way to the ring receiving a huge ovation, and to a huge shock the next man's whose music hits is KURT ANGLE, along with Daviri.

JBL pushes everyone to the back of the ring and stand waiting for Kurt Angle, Angle slides in and goes right for a German suplex on JBL, Kurt clotheslines JBL over the top rope and JBL IS ELIMINATED, Vito goes over towards Angle and gets dumped unceremoniously VITO IS ELIMINATED, the crowd in the ring all jump Angle.

Angle and Rey battle it out, MNM and Henry triple team other members of the match, Kendrick and London working together, Matt hardy trying to dump Angle by himself, Henry and Animal with a slugfest in the middle of the ring, ANIMAL IS ELIMINATED by Henry.


We come back with a fairly full ring still, Simon Dean I believe being the only one eliminated during the break.

MNM snapshot Nunzio over the top rope, and NUNZIO IS ELIMINATED, Angle attacking Jordan and JORDAN IS ELIMINATED, WILLIAM REGAL IS ELIMINATED, Paul Birchill suffers a Belly-to-Belly suplex and PAUL BIRCHILL IS ELIMINATED.

Henry takes Angle to the outside through the ropes, neither man eliminated, Henry comes over and takes apart the announce table, Angle meets Henry at the corner, and after some rights, tries to German suplex Henry, Henry Guerilla Press slams Kurt through the announce table.

Rey thrown over the top rope but lands on the apron, Rey fighting MNM for his life, stare down between Henry and Lashley, we missed a few eliminations during the Henry/Angle thing on the outside, LASHLEY IS ELIMINATED, by Henry with a suplex.


We're back with Henry, MNM, Rey, Matt Hardy, and Sylvan in the ring, angle is outside after being put through the announce table but is not eliminated, Twist of Fat on Sylvan, SYLVAN IS ELIMIATED, Guerilla Press on hardy, HARDY IS ELIMINATED, NITRO IS ELIMINATED, by Rey, MERCURY IS ELIMINATED, by Rey too.

Henry and Rey left, with angle still on the outside, Rey using his speed to avoid Henry, Rey taking out the leg of the big man, trying to get him down, Henry leaning against the ropes, after a serious of dropkicks, 619, connects, Rey 619 to a standing Henry, connecting to the stomach, Rey tries to jump on Henry forcing over the top, needless to say it didn't work, Rey with a headlock on Henry, Rey on the apron, Henry in the ring, Rey goes for a West Coast pop, Henry catches him and throws him over the top, REY IS ELIMINATED.

Angle up at ringside, Angle slides in, Angle exploding with rights, and gets taken down with a shoulder block, Angleslam, on Henry, Angle has taken over now, using his size, Angle sat up on the top turnbuckle, Henry goes to throw him over the ropes, Angle fighting back, Angle with a head scissors, trying to pull Henry over, Angle balancing on the top turnbuckle, powerbomb, by Henry.

Angle with rights and lefts, Henry just grabs him and forces him back to the ropes, Angle off the ropes with a german suplex, Henry site Angle over the tope rope on the apron, Angle with a front-face lock, pulling Henry over the top rope, Henry just to big to move though, Angle remains connected with a front-face lock, Angle back to the leg scissors, both men over the top tope, and to the floor, Henry hits first.


A huge celebration, with confetti as Angle celebrates with the title.


Cheers and Jeers

Angle after winning over Henry

Angle at entrance
Henry when he eliminated Rey

Match Rating- well there was only one match

Benoit vs. Orton - ***

Battle Royal - not a great Battle Royal but I'm biased against Henry.

Odds and Sods

Lack of wrestling, both matches were long for the sake of being long I know a Battle Royal takes up a lot for the roster, but they could of thrown out a tag match or something, let the Gymini destroy someone, give me some in ring action.

Piper's Pit was one of the worst ever, JBL and Piper both had good stuff going but the Boogeyman thing was stupid and unnecessary.

Batista cut a nice promo at the beginning, he was in noticeable pain though, some movements he made were very limited.

Angle was a huge shocker, but I new he was going to win as soon as he came out, if it would have been another SD star it would of left the door open a little more, because they already had Henry, Rey and JBL as likely candidates, throw in Randy Orton or Chris Benoit or both and you got a lot of potential winners, but the shock of Angle gave away the ending to me.

Not a great show, not a down right bad show.

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