Smackdown Results - 1/19/07 - Little Rock, AR (Taker and Kennedy)

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On Saturday, January 20, 2007 at 12:04 AM EST

Threat averted
By Lennie DiFino
January 19, 2007
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At the Royal Rumble in just under two weeks, Mr. Kennedy will have his first opportunity at a world title when he faces Batista one-on-one for the World Heavyweight Championship.

If Mr. Kennedy is truly the young stud of SmackDown, the cocky loudmouth has a serious case of hoof-in-mouth.

Kennedy arrived to the ring bragging about his victory in the Beat the Clock Sprint and his match with Batista for the World Heavyweight Championship at the Royal Rumble. The match will be Kennedy’s first opportunity at a World Championship. “It is my time,” Kennedy said. “I screwed Undertaker because I was protecting my best interests.”

General Manager Theodore Long entered the arena and agreed with Kennedy, saying, “You did beat the clock, but under controversial circumstances,” Long continued. “Tonight, you’ll have to protect more than that, as you will face [the man you screwed] Undertaker.”

Long also made the stipulation that if Kennedy defeated Undertaker, he would face Batista one-on-one at the Royal Rumble, and if Undertaker won, the World Heavyweight Championship would be contested under Triple Threat rules.

As Batista sat ringside for commentary, Kennedy saw an opening, and hit the World Heavyweight Champion with a cheap shot, angering The Animal. As Undertaker looked to add himself to one of the Royal Rumble main events, Batista entered the ring and speared Kennedy, disqualifying Undertaker in the process. Much to the disgust of The Phenom, at the Royal Rumble, it will be Mr. Kennedy facing Batista one-on-one for the World Heavyweight Championship,.

United States Champion Chris Benoit and Chavo Guerrero battled over the U.S. title, this time in a No Disqualification Match.

Benoit picked up the victory and retained his title when Chavo tapped out to the Sharpshooter. However, Chavo’s business manager Vickie Guerrero was nowhere to be found. Is there trouble in the Guerrero family?

Matt Hardy defeated Joey Mercury, but paid a heavy price for his victory.

For the past few weeks Mercury has told WWE fans about his anger towards Hardy. “Matt Hardy ruined my Hollywood good looks and destroyed my livelihood.” This all stems from the brutal injury Mercury says the Hardys caused at Armageddon in a Ladder Match for the WWE Tag team Championship. Hardy has maintained his innocence, saying, “ladders are legal weapons.”

Johnny Nitro attacked Hardy after the match and helped his friend Joey Mercury deliver the Snap Shot to the exposed concrete floor leaving him unconscious at the hands of MNM. Is Joey Mercury done with his personal vengeance toward Matt Hardy? Mercury has said, “I’m not going to stop until Matt Hardy’s face looks like mine.” Will Mercury live up to his words?

WWE Tag Team Champions Paul London and Brian Kendrick teamed with Vito in six-man tag action as they took on William Regal, Dave Taylor, and MVP.
It looked as if Kendrick and London would lead the team to victory, but as Kendrick came off the top rope, he was caught in mid-air by MVP, who then delivered the pinfall and victory for Regal, Taylor, and himself.

King Booker told General Manager Theodore Long that although he, “never received a one-on-one rematch for [my] World Heavyweight Championship, I will reclaim my gold by winning the Royal Rumble and going to WrestleMania 23.”

Long wished King Booker well, and announced a warm-up for the Royal Rumble, as next week on Friday Night SmackDown, it will be a Six-Man Over-the-Top Challenge featuring King Booker, Finlay, Miz, MVP, Benoit and Kane.

Miz boasted to SmackDown Divas Ashley and Layla, “last week I took Undertaker to the limit - and tonight, I’ll beat Kane.” However, the terrified Superstar was defeated by the Big Red Monster after receiving the Chokeslam.

In recent weeks, Maryse has made appearances on SmackDown, and the bombshell beauty once again made her presence known. Maryse has all SmackDown fans, and even JBL himself, taking lessons in her native French tongue.

Finally, Deuce and Domino debuted on Friday Night SmackDown, introducing themselves to WWE fans. Accompanied by the roller-skating, poodle skirt wearing Cherry, the duo looks to make a splash in the tag team division. Deuce is Cherry’s boyfriend, while Domino is Cherry’s older brother. Are there ‘Happy Days’ ahead for Deuce, Domino, and Cherry?