Smackdown Results - 5/23/08 - Des Moines, IA (Undertaker/Chavo)

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On Saturday, May 24, 2008 at 5:03 PM EST

Stood up
By: Lennie DiFino
May 23, 2008
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DES MOINES, Iowa – With just nine days until One Night Stand, Batista sent a strong message to his Stretcher Match opponent, Shawn Michaels, when he defeated MVP in convincing fashion on SmackDown after a thunderous Batista Bomb.

Earlier in the night, MVP welcomed former SmackDown General Manager Theodore Long to his VIP Lounge, with the hopes that Long could shed some light on his reasons for quitting as Vickie Guerrero’s assistant, and his appearance this past Monday on Raw. But the brazen MVP couldn’t resist the opportunity to berate Long for his perceived mistreating of the highest paid Superstar on Friday Night SmackDown.

Montel Vontavious Porter went so far as to accuse Theodore of being jealous of his, “good looks, money and clothes.” When Long attempted to avoid the confrontation, MVP grabbed his former boss by the tie, prompting Batista to make his way to the ring. The Animal offered a thank you to Long, and then turned his attentions to the cocky MVP. Batista told MVP to keep his hands off Long, and when the Ballin’ Superstar accused The Animal of disrespecting him, the VIP Lounge was redecorated by Batista’s rage.

MVP immediately stormed into GM Guerrero’s office, where he was told he would face Batista one-on-one, a match MVP won't soon forget. But it was the dominating fashion of Batista’s win that should have Raw’s Shawn Michaels paying attention, because The Animal is focused and ready to do whatever it takes to claim victory in the Stretcher Match. The question now is – how far will HBK go?

Rasta revenge
After suffering his first loss this past Tuesday on ECW on Sci Fi, Kofi Kingston teamed with United States Champion Matt Hardy to take on Shelton Benjamin & Elijah Burke. The heated rivalry between Kingston and Benjamin has only increased, and the Gold Standard was hoping to make it two in a row over the Jamaican Superstar. Hardy & Kingston, however, had plans of their own, and when the U.S. Champion tossed Burke to the outside, Kingston took advantage and leveled Benjamin with a spinning heel kick to get back on the winning track.

Cracked in the mouth
As color commentator Mick Foley pointed out on SmackDown, it had been some time since Deuce & Domino felt the thrills of victory in WWE. The duo from the Other Side of the Tracks was intent on putting an end to their downward spiral when they teamed with Maryse to take on Jesse, Festus & Cherry in a Mixed Tag Team Match. When the action between Deuce & Domino and Jesse & Festus spilled to the outside, Maryse took advantage, kicking Cherry in the face to get the win.

From Moscow, with pain
The monster from Moscow, Vladimir Kozlov, kept his undefeated streak intact on SmackDown when he decimated Nunzio in a one-on-one contest. Kozlov continues to impress as he steamrolls his competition, and Nunzio was the latest Superstar to fall victim to Kozlov’s power.

Misty eyes are smiling
Chuck Palumbo arrived in Des Moines looking to continue the roll he has been on lately, as he stepped into the ring with Finlay. Palumbo was in control for much of the match, but Finlay’s son, Hornswoggle, turned the tide for his father. The pint-sized Superstar sprayed green mist into the eyes of Palumbo, allowing the Irishman to nail his opponent with the shillelagh to get the win.

Thwarted plans
After General Manager Vickie Guerrero announced that Edge would face Undertaker in a TLC Match at One Night Stand (WATCH), she placed her nephew Chavo Guerrero in a one-on-one match on SmackDown. Edge assured Chavo that he, Curt Hawkins, Zack Ryder & Bam Neely would all watch the former ECW Champion’s back, but Edge, Hawkins & Ryder found themselves ejected from ringside. With the distractions gone, The Phenom sent a message to Edge when he Tombstoned Chavo to get the win.

* Deuce, Domino & Maryse def. Jesse, Festus & Cherry
Finlay def. Chuck Palumbo
* Batista def. MVP
* Vladimir Kozlov def. Nunzio
* United States Champion Matt Hardy & Kofi Kingston def. Shelton Benjamin & Elijah Burke
* Undertaker def. Chavo Guerrero