Smackdown Results - 8/1/08 - Hershey, PA (Edge/Mick Foley, more)

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On Saturday, August 2, 2008 at 3:26 AM EST

WWE Smackdown
August 1, 2008
Hershey, PA
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Oh my God. No WWE video to open the show for us this week!

We start off with a video from last Friday which pretty much recaps the past two week’s events. It shows Edge being kissed “against his will” by Alicia Fox and him in the ring last week explaining to his wife what happened. Vickie said she understood what happened and when Edge goes for the kiss she turns away and says that she did something bad while she was mad – she reinstated the Undertaker and made a match for Edge and Undertaker in Hell in a Cell!

The Smackdown video now plays and the show officially opens up with another great pyrotechnics display. Jim Ross and Mick Foley welcome us to Friday Night Smackdown and we’re in the Giant Center in the Chocolate Capital of the World Hershey, Pennsylvania! Tonight we have a “provocative broadcast” as Edge will have a very special guest tonight on the Cutting Edge. Who is it? It’s a mystery… only if you didn’t read the spoilers!

Now Jeff Hardy’s theme music hits and it looks like we’re going to open the show with a match. Remember – tomorrow night on Saturday Night’s Main Event it’s Jeff Hardy vs. Edge! Jeff isn’t wrestling right now. He takes a seat in front of the announcer’s table. I spot Jimmy Wang Yang in the ring already so I smell a squash. MVP’s music now hits.

JR and Mick run down what happened last week on the VIP Lounge where MVP called Jeff out on every single mistake he’s made in his life and in the past year. That was a great segment last week. MVP has a mic.

MVP says that he’s glad that Jeff is out here. He said last week he tried to open his eyes and enlighten him to the risky behavior and how it hurts him but not only him – his possessions, the people around him, etc. MVP says Jeff Hardy will never be WWE Champion because of his risky behavior. He said last week, because of that behavior, of course, Jeff blew a chance to face Triple H for the WWE Championship at Summerslam. MVP says that’s not how a champion operates. MVP says he’s going to demonstrate how a champion operates and tells us to “watch a balla ball”. Great…

MVP vs. Jimmy Wang Yang

The bell rings and MVP is going against everyone’s favorite Asian redneck. Jimmy goes for the lock up but MVP kicks him in the gut and soon after begins delivering knees to his ribs and abdomen. Yang is down on the canvas gasping for air and MVP mouths off to Jeff Hardy who is just studying the whole situation.

MVP whips Jimmy into the ropes and goes for a clothesline but Jimmy ducks and hits some forearms to MVP’s face. Yang goes to whip him but MVP reverses it and hits a big flapjack on Yang. MVP begins delivering knees to Yang’s ribs while holding his arm to prevent Jimmy from blocking the kicks. MVP then finishes it off with a big kick to the ribs which lifts him off the canvas a bit. MVP asks Jeff if he’s watching this and then delivers a jumping knee drop to Jimmy’s chest. MVP then locks in a sitting double chickenwing submission and asks Jeff if he likes this. My guess is probably not.

MVP gets Jimmy up to a vertical base and says he’s going to show us how its done and goes for I guess a suplex but Jimmy starts kicking MVP’s knees and breaks the hold. The momentum does not stay on Yang’s side for long as he can’t capitalize on it and MVP kicks him in the sternum again. MVP picks Yang up and delivers a nice snapmare and follows it up with a stiff kick to the back for a two count. MVP goes for another snapmare but Yang lands on his feet and blocks a punch and delivers a kick and then a huge roundhouse kick to the back of the head for a one count! Jimmy Wang Yang has some really nice moves.

Yang picks MVP up, gives him a forearm and whips him into the corner. Yang hits a nice spinning wheel kick to MVP’s face and that brings Yang to the apron with the momentum. Yang is up to the top rope and comes off for a diving crossbody and MVP hits a HUGE gutbuster on him! MVP follows it up with that vicious kick to the temple and covers him with his knee over Yang’s face for the win.

Winner by Pinfall: MVP
Match Rating: * ¼

Jeff Hardy is now entering the ring with a microphone. Hardy says last week MVP got real personal with him and he took it like a man yet MVP still comes out talking trash. Hardy says if he ever talks about his home, the fire or his dog again he’ll prove to him what kind of man he is! MVP looks like he’s walking away but then quickly turns to get a cheap shot in but Jeff was ready as he kicks MVP in the gut and delivers a huge Twist of Fate and he gets up and screams that MVP makes him sick! Very emotional – I love it!

This isn’t the last time we see Jeff Hardy tonight. Tonight it’s Jeff Hardy vs. MVP. Jim Ross questions whether Air Hardy will hit the Mountain Khali? Only a Hall of Famer can say things like that.

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Backstage, Chavo Guerrero is wheeling Vickie Guerrero. Chavo says he has no idea who Edge’s surprise guest is for tonight. They stop and stare off ahead. The camera pans out and it’s Alicia Fox talking with some really rough looking tattooed up lady. Alicia sees them and sheepishly goes away. Bam Neely comes out says Vickie’s office is ready. He then notices that Alicia was there and Vickie does not look happy as she’s wheeled in.

It’s time for a Mr. Kennedy match! The microphone is lowered in the ring and it’s time for the man who has every single man, woman and child waiting at the edge of their seats for three simple words: MISTER KENNEDY… KENNEDY. The crowd really eats it up and he does some nice back and forth with them.

Now United States Champion Shelton Benjamin makes his way to the ring for a non-title match. JR says eleven of the WWE Hall of Famers have won the US Title and Shelton may be the best athlete out of all. No one puts a wrestler over better than JR.

Mr. Kennedy vs. Shelton Benjamin

Jim Ross says that lately Kennedy has been having some great outings but he hasn’t won – he really needs a win here. That’s the story of this match.

The bell rings and Kennedy screams at Benjamin “KENNEDY!” They lock up and the US Champion quickly has Kennedy in a headlock and then hits a headlock takeover and gets a quick one count. Benjamin quickly gets Kennedy up and keeps the headlock locked in. Kennedy backs him into the ropes and whips Benjamin off him but he comes off the ropes and floors Kennedy with a huge shoulder block. Benjamin goes into the ropes but Kennedy is quick to his feet and hits a back elbow on the US Champion! Kennedy quickly goes for a Mic Check but Benjamin holds the ropes and elbows Kennedy in the back of the head. Benjamin now goes to the outside of the ring to take a breather.

Benjamin gets back in the ring at four and Kennedy screams again “KENNEDY!” They lock up and Benjamin quickly goes for a hammerlock but Kennedy stops it and wrenches the left arm of Benjamin a few times. Kennedy brings Shelton in for a couple of shoulder thrusts as well. Kennedy locks in a standing arm bar and hammers the shoulder joint a bit. Benjamin breaks it with a huge right hand that sends Kennedy to his knee. Benjamin hits a knee to the gut and then a suplex and floats over for the cover for a one count. Kennedy is still on his knees and Benjamin hits a knee to his face. The Gold Standard has Kennedy in the corner and hits some forearms and the referee forcibly takes Benjamin away from the corner. Benjamin is coming back and Kennedy gets a quick kick to the abdomen and turns Benjamin in the corner and begins laying some fast and furious rights. The referee now takes Kennedy out of the corner and Benjamin hits a huge right to Kennedy’s face!

Benjamin backs Kennedy into the ropes and whips him but Kennedy reverses it and takes Benjamin down with a clothesline. Kennedy shoots a half nelson for a two count. Kennedy has the arm bar locked on Benjamin again and then delivers two knees to the shoulder joint. He keeps the arm bar locked in but Benjamin is getting up to his knees. Benjamin goes to whip Kennedy off the ropes but goes for an arm drag but Kennedy hangs on and rolls through and has the arm bar still locked in! Kennedy screams his last name in Benjamin’s face to drive home the fact that he’s in charge. Benjamin pops up and hits a body slam but Kennedy rolls through and still has the arm bar locked in! I like this. The referee asks if Benjamin wants to quit and he says no as the audience chants Kennedy’s last name.

Benjamin twists out and is up and hits some punches and goes to whip Kennedy into the ropes but Kennedy holds on and Benjamin kicks him in the gut. Benjamin comes off the ropes but Kennedy ducks and goes for a roundhouse but Benjamin ducks and Kennedy hits a bigger roundhouse as Benjamin lifts his head! I like the addition of that move to Kennedy’s arsenal. Kennedy shouts at Benjamin to get up but Shelton crawls to the corner. Kennedy goes to hit his corner kick but I think Benjamin kicked him and Kennedy goes down but I’m not sure. It’s a WWE edit so I guess Benjamin missed because they zoomed in so you couldn’t see. The audience booing tells the story.

Anyway, Benjamin is on the apron and takes Kennedy’s arm and pulls it while jumping off the apron into the ring post! Ouch!! Time for a commercial break as the referee pleads with Benjamin to get back in the ring.

:::Commercial Break:::

We’re back from the break and Benjamin has Kennedy’s left arm locked in an arm bar with the audience chanting Kennedy’s name. Kennedy gets to his feet and delivers some rights to Benjamin’s gut and Kennedy comes off the ropes but Benjamin hits the kitchen sink on Kennedy for a close two count! Benjamin is pissed now and is really going to town kicking the crap out of Kennedy’s left shoulder. Benjamin gets a hammerlock on Kennedy and delivers a huge shoulder breaker to the loud mouth from Green Bay. Benjamin gets another close two count. Benjamin grabs the arm and delivers a stiff kick to the shoulder blade that makes Kennedy scream. Benjamin whips the arm against the canvas and kicks it. They get into almost a shoot fight for a second with Benjamin coming out on top.

Benjamin locks a strange looking cross arm breaker on Kennedy and almost pins himself with a two count. The crowd in Hershey is hot and they are willing Kennedy on. Kennedy forces Shelton into a cover but gets a two count and Benjamin explodes out with his momentum taking Kennedy off his feet and he now has the cross arm breaker locked in correctly. Kennedy pops up to his feet and forces Benjamin into a pin again but only gets a two count as Benjamin lifts the shoulder off the canvas. Benjamin really has this locked in. Kennedy hits some right hands to his head but Benjamin pushes him back off his feet and keeps the hold locked in. Kennedy gets up to his feet but Benjamin just keeps it locked in tight. Kennedy goes down to his knee screaming. Kennedy is trying to turn Shelton over to his stomach and succeeds and has almost a reverse Figure Four Leglock (Woo) locked in. Benjamin grabs the ropes and Kennedy is legally obligated to break the hold. As Kennedy walks over to Benjamin to pick him up, Benjamin grabs the tights and tosses Kennedy through the ropes to the floor and Kennedy hits with a thud.

Benjamin is outside and has a hammerlock on Kennedy and then throws him into the apron shoulder first and they’re both in at four. Benjamin trying to get some blood flowing to his knee and Kennedy kicks him right in the injured area. They’re both on their knees and Kennedy screams in his face and hits some rights to Benjamin. Kennedy is now up and drops Benjamin’s face into his knee and gets a close two count! Kennedy gets Benjamin up and whips him into the corner. Kennedy charges and Benjamin rolls out of the way and hits an elbow to the face, stunning Kennedy. Benjamin leaps up to the top rope and turns into a crossbody block for a very close two count! Benjamin is shocked.

Benjamin is ready to deliver Pay Dirt to Kennedy but Kennedy reverses into a backslide attempt. They fight at it and Benjamin breaks out and whips Kennedy into the ropes but Benjamin puts his head down and Kennedy kicks him in the face which stuns Benjamin enough to allow Kennedy to hit the Mic Check to defeat the United States Champion in a non-title match!

Winner by Pinfall: Mr. Kennedy
Match Rating: ** ¼

Mr. Kennedy walks up the ramp happy and Benjamin is in a state of disbelief. Benjamin looks really sad as he’s leaving the ring and all of a sudden Eve Torres pops up and asks him to give some insight as to what happened in the ring. Benjamin says in a really deep voice that he’s not going to sit here (he’s standing) and make a bunch of excuses because he’s the Gold Standard and he doesn’t do that. Benjamin admits he probably shouldn’t have been out here tonight as he’s suffering from an acute case of bronchitis and he’s just not feeling well!

Backstage, The Edgeheads are playing with their cell phones. One of them has their theme music as their ring tone and the other wonders how he did that. Go to! Chavo comes in and asks what Alicia Fox is doing here. They don’t know and Chavo asks where Edge is and they haven’t talked to him in a week so they don’t know. Chavo then asks if they know who his special guest is tonight and they have no idea. Chavo says if they find out to let him know right away. As soon as Chavo leaves they go right back to their cell phones and listen to their theme music.

Coming up tonight – Jeff Hardy vs. The Great Khali!

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The WWE Rewind is brought to us by AutoZone. It’s Brian Kendrick proclaiming himself as THE Brian Kendrick and introduces his man Ezekiel.

Brian Kendrick’s music hits and he’s now being billed as The Brian Kendrick. He’s making his way to the ring with Ving Rhames – I mean Ezekiel. The Kendrick has the microphone and says he wants to make himself very clear – there has been no attitude change. He’s always been The Brian Kendrick – he always has been this way. Yet when he said he was the most intelligent superstar in WWE he meant it! He said he started a tag team with Paul London and put a phony smile on his face just to get his foot in the door. He says if we think he ever cared about us then we’re all mistaken. He never has and never will care about any one of us. If anyone has any problems with that then we can take it up with his man Zeke. His opponent is Stevie Richards. Poor guy.

The Brian Kendrick vs. Stevie Richards

The bell rings and Stevie goes to lock up but The Kendrick gets a knee up to his ribs and begins clubbing Stevie’s back. The Kendrick is now viciously kicking Stevie’s legs and knocks Richards to the ground and then kicks him in the back of the head. The Kendrick runs and kicks Stevie HARD in the ribs. Another kick to the face and The Kendrick goes for a cover but doesn’t get a count. The Kendrick gets Stevie locked in a Dragon Sleeper and then brings the arm over and now has him locked in a Camel Clutch. The Kendrick hits some forearm shots to Richards’ face and releases the hold. The Kendrick goes to the corner and measures Stevie up before delivering another HUGE kick to the ribs. Richards sits up and The Kendrick is on the second rope and comes off with a missile dropkick to Stevie Richards for a two count.

The Kendrick locks Stevie in a Boston Crab. Stevie screams in pain and then slaps The Kendrick in the kidney which just pisses The Kendrick off who delivers a forearm to the back of Richards’ head. I can’t stress enough how aggressive The Kendrick is. The Kendrick runs and kicks Richards in the back of the head again. He then kicks him in the ribs for a one count. Outside, Ezekiel is looking serious. The Kendrick steps on Richards’ head for a moment and then gets off. Richards is up in the corner and The Kendrick charges but Richards rolls out of the way and starts kicking him HARD in the kidneys! Richards is going crazy on him and hits a snapmare and follows it up with another stiff kick to the back! Big Stevie Cool circles around to the front and kicks him in the chest for a two count!

Stevie goes to pick The Kendrick up but he gets kicked in the back and The Kendrick comes off the ropes into a lifting powerbomb from Stevie Richards for a CLOSE two count! The Kendrick rolls out to the apron and his back is red and blotchy from the kicks. The referee keeps Stevie away but Stevie hits a big boot to The Kendrick’s face and he falls onto the shoulder of Ezekiel who just catches him and looks at Stevie menacingly. Stevie comes out and just looks at Ezekiel as The Kendrick goes in. Stevie gets in and turns to look at Ezekiel which is a big mistake as The Kendrick jumps over the top rope while holding Stevie’s head, crushing his throat on the top rope – like the guy needs anymore throat problems. The Kendrick quickly gets in and hits The Kendrick (Sliced Bread #2) for the pin!

Winner by Pinfall: The Brian Kendrick
Match Rating: * ¾

Ezekiel comes in and stands over the broken body of Stevie Richards. He then picks him up by the throat and gets Stevie on his shoulders and locks in a Torture Rack! Ezekiel dumps Stevie Richards off his shoulder and doesn’t even look like he broke a sweat.

Coming up next – Jeff Hardy vs. Great Khali.

Backstage, Edge is arriving to the arena. He’s late and they’ll probably slap him with a fine. Oh wait, Vince is laid up.

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Tomorrow night is Saturday Night’s Main Event! Make sure you watch it!

The Great Khali w/ Ranjin Singh vs. Jeff Hardy

The bell rings and Jeff Hardy is looking serious about this match. He better – he’s in the ring with the #1 Contender. The stand toe to toe and Khali puts his hand over Jeff’s head to show the height difference and then he pushes Jeff into the ropes. Jeff comes off the ropes and pushes him back! Jeff kicks Khali in the gut and delivers two right hands and goes into the ropes and goes to hit a jumping clothesline but Khali just stands there. Jeff Hardy comes off the ropes again and ducks a Khali clothesline and goes for a jumping clothesline but again Khali just stands there! Jeff comes off the ropes again and runs right into a big clothesline from Khali. Great…

Khali picks Jeff up and smashes his head into the turnbuckle. Khali is stomping a mudhole on Jeff in the corner. Charles Robinson, who only a few short weeks ago was destroyed by Khali, makes him stop! Is Khali afraid of Charles Robinson?? Jeff Hardy is crawling on the ground and Khali picks him up and puts him in the corner and delivers some back elbows to his head. Jeff Hardy falls to his face and the referee checks on him. The match continues. Khali defiantly raises his arms in the air and picks Jeff up and tosses him into the corner. Khali goes back to the back elbow strategy. Jeff Hardy is out of the corner and Khali picks him up for a body slam, holds him impressively with one arm and then slams him hard to the canvas. Khali stalls and then does the exact same thing all over again – then he defiantly raises his arms in the air again. I think that’s definitely a finisher.

Khali picks Jeff Hardy up and head-butts him, causing Jeff to crumple to the corner. Khali delivers another back elbow to Hardy in the corner and then delivers a huge slap to Hardy’s chest. Hardy crumples. Khali picks Hardy up again and delivers a back elbow. Khali goes for another one but Jeff Hardy starts kicking Khali in the gut! Hardy is up to the second rope and Khali slaps him off to the outside of the ring!! Time for a break.

:::Commercial Break:::

We’re back from the break and Khali is picking Jeff up and delivering a short arm clothesline. Khali has those arms up again! During the break we see that Khali had thrown Jeff hard into the stairs. Back to “live” action we see the cut on Jeff Hardy’s shoulder from the stair shot. Khali has the nerve hold locked in on Jeff Hardy (yes, the same one used by Umaga) and he has it locked in tight. The fans are willing Hardy on and it’s working as Hardy gets up to his feet and starts elbowing Khali in the stomach only to get clubbed down to his knees by the behemoth. The nerve hold is locked in again. To Jeff’s credit he is making some great facial expressions and doing some good mannerisms while selling this boring move. It’s also to the credit of the crowd who is red hot and chanting for Hardy.

Jeff is up to his feet and elbows and punches out the hold and goes to whip Khali but he whips him into the corner and Jeff runs up and hits Whisper in the Wind, taking the big man off his feet! The crowd in Hershey is wild!! Jeff Hardy is quickly up to the top rope and hits a Swanton Bomb and this crowd is insane!!! I love it!!!

All of a sudden Jeff Hardy runs up to the ropes and hits a swinging baseball slide on MVP! He then jumps over the top rope and delivers a Pescado! Jeff Hardy goes to pick up MVP but MVP shoots Jeff into the ring apron and they’re just duking it out. Inside the ring, Khali is up to his feet and grabs Jeff Hardy by the head and brings him up to the top rope where he hangs him and then clubs his chest, making Jeff Hardy do a back flip into the ring. MVP asks Khali what he’s waiting for and Khali shouts for Jeff to get up. Khali measures Jeff Hardy up and locks in the Khali Vice Grip. Jeff Hardy tries to fight it but eventually the referee calls for the bell.

Winner by Knockout: The Great Khali
Match Rating: **

MVP is on the outside looking happy. He gets in the ring and stands over Jeff while doing his BALLIN’ taunt.

Another promo hits for R. Truth aka Ron “The Truth” Killings. He talks about when he got locked up and how his freedom was taken away. That’s the point of jail. Anyway, he says that he survived. R. Truth (K-Kwik) is coming back and he’s coming to Smackdown.

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Did you know that last Friday Smackdown was the most watched television program by male viewers?

Maria’s music hits and after weeks of them saying she’ll be on this week and her not showing she actually shows this time! She’s facing the lady you shouldn’t mess with.

Maria vs. Victoria

The bell rings and Victoria is mouthing off to Maria. Victoria quickly gets around Maria and hits a waist lock takedown on the Playboy Playmate. Victoria locks in a chin lock with a bridge. Victoria hammers Maria’s back and then picks her up over her shoulder and slams her into the corner. Victoria is pretty humorous as she mouths off and does Maria’s kiss kiss taunt and Maria pushes her away. Maria tries to charge but Victoria kicks her and gets her up on her shoulders and hits a twisting sidewalk slam. Ouch. She only got a one count. Victoria throws Maria out of the ring and when Victoria goes to chase Maria gets back in. As Victoria is getting in Maria hits a low dropkick and goes to bring Victoria in but Victoria hits a shoulder thrust to the gut. Victoria hits a right and throws Maria into the ropes and Maria hits a head scissors takeover and then charges again and Victoria hits a powerslam for a two count. Victoria now locks in a full nelson and looks for the submission. Victoria has Maria up to a vertical base and Maria tries to get out of it by hitting a butt bump to the stomach but it doesn’t break the hold. Maria backs Victoria into the corner to break the hold and Maria hits some rights and lefts. Victoria starts getting back in charge and whips Maria into the ropes but Maria kicks her in the face and hits a sunset flip for a near fall. Maria hits a clothesline but Victoria is up and whips Maria into the corner but Maria gets the feet up as Victoria charges and Maria hits a flying clothesline for the pinfall.

Winner by Pinfall: Maria
Match Rating: ½ *

Backstage, Edge is talking with Alicia Fox. Edge says he wants her there but not backstage. Edge bought her a ticket so she can sit up close and personal to see him on the Cutting Edge tonight and see who his special guest is. Alicia says she understands but if she understood she would have realized what having the ticket meant and be sitting in the audience. My girlfriend pointed that out.

:::Commercial Break:::

In case you forgot who the heck Triple H is they play a video package putting him over. I thought he was over enough.

Jim Ross and Mick Foley talk about Mike Adamle becoming the RAW GM. They don’t even look excited about it either. They then run down the Summerslam card. Three great matches and one I’m kind of scared about.

The Big Show comes out and the big man is smiling. He must be coming down for a squash match. In any event his match is next.

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Toby Keith is talking about Jenny McCarthy coming to Saturday Night’s Main Event to fight Autism. For more information go to

Big Show vs. Domino

The bell rings and Domino tries to get a waist lock but Big Show grabs him and throws him out of the ring through the bottom rope. He lands with a thud. Domino gets back in the ring and they lock up and Big Show just throws him down to the canvas. Domino takes his shirt off and throws the T-Shirt in Show’s face and hits a forearm to the face, comes off the ropes and into a huge big boot from the Big Show. Big Show hangs Domino over the top rope and chops his chest hard. Ouch. Show brings Domino in for a short arm clothesline and floors him. Big Show grabs the throat and delivers a HUGE Showstopper to Domino and it’s all over.

Winner by Pinfall: Big Show
Match Rating: ½ *

Big Show goes from a serious face to a shrug and he starts smiling. I love it. Now Umaga’s music hits!! Oh boy here we go. Umaga is in the ring and the two men are circling the ring. They just build up the anticipation – nothing happens. I like what could happen though.

Backstage, Chavo is talking with Vickie Guerrero. Chavo is saying that no one knows who Edge’s guest is on the Cutting Edge. Chavo says they have to wait just like everyone /* to find out who will be the surprise special guest.

:::Commercial Break:::

Edge’s music hits and he comes out to the ring looking still a little stressed out. It’s time for the Cutting Edge. Edge looks at some kids holding up a sign that says “Edge is going to Hell… in a Cell!” He looks really scared. In the ring a ladder, a table and a chair are set up. Not sure how that would pertain to a Hell in a Cell but if those are included in the Hell in a Cell that would be terrific.

Edge sits in the chair and has the microphone. He’s still wearing his wedding ring. He says all week he’s been searching for some inner peace. The audience boos. Edge says his marriage is going through a rough patch but even more than that in just over two weeks he’ll be stepping into the Hell in a Cell against the Undertaker!! The Hershey crowd is chanting for the Undertaker. I love this crowd.

Edge says he’s watched all the footage which was probably a mistake because he’s seen all the pain and suffering and cruelty and that’s The Undertaker. Edge says every time he closes his eyes that’s all he sees. Edge says tonight he’s finding his inner piece because tonight he’s surrounded himself with his instruments of destruction – tables, ladders and chairs. He says he knows those weapons better than anyone /* because they helped him finish the Undertaker in the first place! He looks crazy.

Edge says he’s found the person who can help Edge against the Undertaker. A person that will not only help him survive the Cell but thrive in it. This person knows Undertaker better than anyone /* in history. That person is his guest tonight and it’s Mick Foley! Foley looks a little surprised. The fans begin chanting Foley’s name. Edge asks Foley to get in the ring and because he said please he will go. Jim Ross says to watch himself.

Edge thanks Foley for coming on the show and Foley says he thinks he’s welcome. Edge says he knows they have a checkered past but he’s a changed man. Edge says he knows Foley can look past their history because he knows there’s something that lingers inside him, more than their past ever could. Edge says in case Foley has forgotten he’s prepared something to help remind him. They show a terrific video package highlighting all the key events and wrestlers from 1998 with the WWF Attitude era. That was awesome. I’ll never forget that Hell in a Cell. The fans are chanting!

Edge says that was ten years ago and they still remembered. Edge says he knows Mick’s body remembers that match like it was yesterday. He remembers what the Undertaker put him through. Edge says even after all the brutality Foley walked away on his own. Edge says he saw him walk the day before the match and he’s watched as he’s tried to walk properly after the match and he can’t do it and it’s because of the Undertaker! Edge says it eats away and burns at his soul. Edge says if Mick Foley helps him he can exercise the demon that is the Undertaker. Edge says if he helps him maybe all that bad will wash away.

Foley says he brought up some great points because he never was the same and there’s a part of him that would like to help him but after the past several months Edge has hurt his credibility. Foley says the one thing he has going for him is his word and bond with the fans. For weeks, months and years, both the words he’s spoken and written he’s said that Edge is the greatest superstar in WWE – even when it wasn’t proper to say. Foley says the fans have a long memory and they still think Edge sucks. They see an Edge week in and week out who cheats and plays the numbers game and is willing to rely on his wife. Foley says not only will he not help him – he can’t help him but he knows the one person who can – Edge.

Foley says he needs to look in his heart and soul and find the Edge that made him say that Edge is the greatest superstar in WWE. The Edge that shattered the glass ceiling, the one who took the letters TLC and made them mean something. He needs to find the Edge that didn’t mind the smell of burning flesh because it meant victory. Foley said they took place in the greatest hardcore match in WrestleMania history two years ago.

Foley says he needs to find that Edge and bring him to Summerslam because when that Cell door slams shut and the Undertaker sees this Edge – this white tuxedo wearing Edge, this loofa bathing Edge, this Edge on his knees saying he can’t live without Vickie – if he brings that Edge with God as his witness and a body that remembers every bump of that match then the Undertaker will tear him apart. Foley asks if he’s understood. That was a great promo.

Edge looks like he’s going to cry and says he understands and hits him in the head with the microphone so hard it breaks the WWE logo on it. Foley rolls to the outside and Edge follows and Foley begins hitting his classic forearms to Edge’s skull. This is classic Foley – I love it. Foley bounces Edge’s head off the announcer’s table and does the Bang Bang taunt. Foley begins tearing apart the weapons underneath the ring until he finds a chair. Foley goes to hit Edge but Edge kicks it back in Foley’s face and hits a Spear on the outside with Foley’s head bouncing off the steel steps! Wow!

Edge is now in the ring and he’s positioning the ladder as the fans chant for Undertaker. Foley is struggling to get back in the ring and uses Edge’s pants to crawl up and locks in the Mandible Claw but it’s stopped by a low blow from Edge! Edge puts Foley on the table and grabs a chair. Edge is on top of the ladder and screams that he understands and jumps off the ladder and crashes through Foley on the table with the chair!!! Oh my God!!!!!!

Edge stands over Mick Foley’s carcass as Smackdown goes off the air. What a segment.

Quick Match Results

MVP defeated Jimmy Wang Yang
Mr. Kennedy defeated Shelton Benjamin (non-title)
The Brian Kendrick defeated Stevie Richards
The Great Khali defeated Jeff Hardy via Knockout
Maria defeated Victoria
Big Show defeated Domino

Bump of the Night: Edge putting Foley through a table while jumping off the ladder with a chair!
Match of the Night: Mr. Kennedy defeating Shelton Benjamin ** ¼

Mike’s Thoughts

I want to send a big thank you to everyone who e-mailed me last week expressing your thoughts on The Great Khali becoming the #1 Contender for Triple H’s WWE Championship. I got a ton of e-mails and just about everyone, with the exception of some very brave people, were against Khali and were saying they weren’t going to order the Pay Per View. Here’s a little tip from someone who hasn’t bought a WWE Pay Per View in almost five years – go to Hooters or another WWE Blast Area. Most of them don’t offer cover charges to get in – Hooters definitely doesn’t. So enjoy the Pay Per View, wherever you watch it!

Congratulations to Stephanie McMahon and Triple H on the birth of their daughter Murphy Levesque. However I just have one question – what’s the deal with the name Murphy?

What a Cutting Edge tonight. Mick Foley was the perfect guest because he truly does know Undertaker and knows him well. Foley cut a great neo-Cactus Jack type promo and he looked really into it. So did Edge. He looked like he had real tears forming in his eyes. Edge has come so far – I love his character. When Foley was fighting and doing the Cactus Jack taunt it was 1998 all over again for a second. I’ll never forget that time or that Hell in a Cell. The resulting bumps were terrific. Edge really took it to Foley and Foley, of course, took it like a man. Edge is over now baby.

This Jeff Hardy and MVP program is really great. They had a great segment last week which really felt like a shoot and they follow it up by another great encounter. I haven’t seen Jeff Hardy act with such emotion ever – it’s terrific! Oh, I may be getting on this way too late but who hates Jeff Hardy’s new music? I miss the old Hardy Boyz music. This new song kind of stinks – I don’t think I’ll ever really be sold on it.

Random Thought: I noticed that not only do Shelton Benjamin and Mr. Kennedy have the same hair color there’s really no difference between their finishers!

I’ll admit to being wrong when I didn’t think that Brian Kendrick’s new act was going anywhere. It’s kind of growing on me. He’s so annoying that I like it. The Brian Kendrick – that’s rich.

It looks like we’re getting a Big Show vs. Umaga match soon. I’m really excited about that. Should be a real barn burner.

So let’s recap – we had three squash matches, one near squash, one rough Divas match and one good match. But it ended with a great segment. What should I grade it?

Final Smackdown Rating: **

As always I’d love to hear some feedback from everyone who likes the recap and those who don’t. I had a great turnout last week so keep it up! I respond to everyone in time.

Please include your feelings on Edge and the segment tonight. You know my feelings on it – what are yours? I hope to hear from you all!

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