Smackdown Results - 10/10/08 - Spokane, WA

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On Saturday, October 11, 2008 at 12:35 PM EST

WWE Smackdown
October 10, 2008
Spokane, WA
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“Yes, sir, we promised you a great main event…” The WWE video leads us into the show.

We start off with a video recap of the Undertaker vs. Big Show slugfest at No Mercy. It was a great match and Undertaker moved surprisingly well for someone with a bad wheel. The ending was a little lame. This is wrestling, not MMA. Stop trying to copy and stick with what works.

We now go into the brand new Smackdown video and music. I love it. The song is great. Anyone know who does it?

There’s no pyrotechnics tonight. We just get an advertisement for the WWE Championship match tonight which will feature the Big Show taking on the current WWE Champion Triple H!

We now go to the ring where Chavo Guerrero is standing behind Vickie Guerrero who is in a neck brace and sitting in a wheelchair. I guess that’s starting up again. Vickie starts talking but is cut off by the fans booing. You know, for someone who just had neck trauma she sure can raise her voice.

Vickie starts again by saying that two weeks ago she was not in her wheelchair. She says two weeks ago she wasn’t wearing a neck brace. She also mentions that two weeks ago she was brutally and savagely attacked by the Undertaker! The fans go crazy for that. She says in the middle of this ring he turned her upside down and Tombstoned her. She says she can still hear the crushing sound of her vertebrae being crushed and she still remembers the searing pain going up her spine! Nice. Vickie says once again she is confined to that hideous wheelchair and pathetic neck brace! Her words, not mine. Through this whole thing it’s tough to hear her over the boos.

The fans now start chanting that she sucks! I love this crowd. Vickie now says that last Sunday Undertaker got dominated and humiliated. He was knocked unconscious and left in the middle of the ring quivering like the slime that he is! Vickie says the man responsible for doing that to him will be rewarded tonight by facing Triple H for the WWE Championship! Vickie now introduces her friend the Big Show!

Big Show comes out smiling and waving while the audience boos on. Big Show dwarfs Vickie and Chavo. It’s amazing. Big Show says that he told us so and we didn’t believe him. Big Show says we chose to believe in the Undertaker. He says he heard us beg him to summon his powers to come back but it meant absolutely nothing compared to his fist, which he holds up. Big Show says he felt Taker’s face crush under his fist and the bones break so the man we know as the Undertaker will never be the same again. Show says that if we don’t believe him we can watch the video.

We now go into the video of Big Show bouncing Taker’s head off the exposed turnbuckle and punching him silly. He finishes him off by punching him in the back of the head.

Big Show says there are knockouts and then there’s him. There are heavyweight punchers and then there’s him. Big Show says his fist is his equalizer and no man can withstand that. Big Show says his hand is responsible for knocking out the best the WWE has to offer, like the World Heavyweight Champion Chris Jericho, The Great Khali and now the Undertaker! Show says no man has gotten up and no one ever will.

This brings Big Show to the WWE Championship. He says to Triple H that he said when he’s done with the Undertaker he’s coming for him. Show says there’s an old phrase “He didn’t know what hit him”. Big Show says Triple H will know what hit him because he’s going to scramble his brains. Show says he will now be known as the man who knocked out the Undertaker twice and the man who knocked out Triple H and became the WWE Champion! Big Show thanks us for his time.

All of a sudden Vladimir Kozlov’s music hits and he’s making his way out the ring! This guy doesn’t look like much fun to hang out with. Kozlov gets in the ring and starts talking Russian to the Big Show. He translates that whether it’s Triple or Big Show he’s challenging that person to a match for the WWE Championship. Big Show says he’ll give Kozlov two reasons to reconsider that. Number one – he’s a giant. Number two – even though most don’t like him, at least he’s an American! The crowd pops for this and they stare at each other as we go to commercial.

:::Commercial Break:::

Did you know that Smackdown was the #1 show on TV last week for young viewers, ages 2 – 17 years old? Come on, really? This beat every show on ABC, CBS, NBC and FOX.

Brie Bella vs. Natalya w/ Victoria

The bell rings and Brie Bella immediately takes Natalya down with a Lou Thesz Press! They roll around the ring for a few before getting caught in the ropes. Charles Robinson separates them which will probably constitute the best part of his night.

The lock up again, Natalya gets a knee to the midsection and whips Bella into the corner but Bella leaps over Natalya out of the corner and runs to the other corner and jumps to the second rope for a flipping crossbody which only gets Bella a one count! That was a long sentence!

Bella goes onto the apron and then slides under Natalya’s legs for some reason. Bella does a double leg takedown and a jackknife pin but Natalya kicks out and powers up. They struggle but Bella wins the battle for the backslide pin. Chuck Robinson bolts around them and gets a two count. While Natalya is getting up Bella kicks her right in the face with a dropkick. That looked stiff. Bella stays on her with forearms and goes to whip her into the corner but Natalya reverses the momentum and puts Bella in the corner. Natalya charges but meets the back of the elbow from Bella. Bella’s elbow is hurt now and Natalya kills her with a spinning clothesline! That was awesome.

Natalya is now pulling her hair. She yells in Bella’s face before slapping her down. Natalya stomps before getting Bella in a nice chin lock. Bella gets up and pushes her butt into her to break the hold. Bella goes into the ropes and does a nice crucifix pin for a two count! They get up and Natalya kills her with another clothesline! Natalya goes to drop an elbow but Bella rolls out of the way and out of the ring!

Bella tries to get under the ring but Victoria runs and grabs her legs! They struggle and Victoria gets pulled halfway under the ring before releasing and looking disturbed. Hornswoggle now pops out and jumps Victoria trying to kiss her!! Victoria runs to the back as Hornswoggle chases her!!

On the other side of the ring, Brie Bella comes out from under and smiles at Natalya. She then slides under the ring and “magically” comes out on the other side quickly. JR and Tazz mention how insanely quick that was. Natalya looks confused but charges her anyway and Bella gets a crucifix pin for the win! She’s still undefeated!

Winner by Pinfall: Brie Bella
Match Rating: *

Brie Bella now dances around a bit as Natalya looks very upset. Bella looks very “refreshed”.

JR and Tazz now talk a little bit about the title match that’s later tonight. JR then says that no one knows what it’s like to be a fighting champion more than John Cena and we go into the same video that we saw on RAW highlighting John Cena getting injured and his road to come back to the squared circle. This is a good video and they did a really good job building him up. I guess he’ll be returning in the next two months.

:::Commercial Break:::

Backstage we see Funaki for the first time in forever. He’s rehearsing his old line “This is Funaki. Smackdown number one announcer!” All of a sudden R-Truth comes up and says “What’s up” to Funaki. Funaki says he’s just practicing but R-Truth says if he’s going to be the number one announcer he’s got to have a microphone. R-Truth asks Funaki what his real name is and he says it’s Kung Fu Naki. R-Truth now remixes “Kung Fu Fighting” to go with Funaki and talks about how he drinks his sake and rides a Kowasaki. They really are aiming for that two to seventeen year old age group because this was hard to get in to.

We now go to Triple H’s locker room where he is typing on his enV, which is the phone of champions – My girlfriend and I have one. Jeff Hardy now comes in and sits next to him. Triple H says he’s text messaging his vote for Cyber Sunday but he can’t decide whether he wants Austin or HBK to referee the match. Hardy says that’s a tough decision. Hardy says he watched the match from last Sunday and it was amazing. He brought it and so did Triple H but he brought it better. Hardy says it’s unfair that Triple H has to defend his title tonight after No Mercy against the Big Show. Hardy wishes him luck and shakes his hand. Hardy then mentions that he’s going to be challenging the winner of the match and he doubts it will be Triple H!

R-Truth now comes through the crowd rapping and we go to commercial.

:::Commercial Break:::

We get a little video highlight of Big Show knocking The Great Khali out with one punch. They are building up for the main event tonight!

Shelton Benjamin is now in a pre-taped interview where he says the economy is in trouble but there’s one thing you can always rely on – the Gold Standard.

R-Truth vs. Shelton Benjamin

This is a non-title match and we have a new referee in the ring.

The bell rings and this match gets underway. Benjamin immediately picks R-Truth up and gets him in the corner and starts punching! The referee pulls him out of the corner but Benjamin charges him again and starts punching him down in the corner! The referee finally gets him away! Benjamin executes a snapmare and kicks R-Truth in the back before mounting him and punching his face. The referee warns Benjamin to get off him but Benjamin just mouths off and throws R-Truth out of the ring!

Benjamin goes to the outside and throws R-Truth hard into the barricade. What’s up? Benjamin gets back in the ring as the referee continues counting R-Truth out. R-Truth looks fired up on the outside and comes in the ring. Benjamin charges but R-Truth does a double leg takedown and pounds Benjamin’s face! Benjamin kicks out of it and rises into a European uppercut from R-Truth followed by some punches that land Benjamin in the corner. R-Truth pounds Benjamin in the corner until the referee pulls him off. R-Truth hits a huge punch to the face and goes to whip Benjamin into the ropes but Benjamin slides like a cat and takes Truth out with a huge clothesline! Benjamin covers him for a two count!

Benjamin now gets behind R-Truth and has a face lock on him and turns it into a chin lock. R-Truth struggles a bit but Benjamin violently grounds him. R-Truth is struggling and gets up to a knee and then to his feet. He tries to elbow out to no avail so he goes for the tried and true counter to the chin lock – the back suplex! Both men are down now. R-Truth turns over for the cover but only gets a two count.

R-Truth ducks a wild swing from Benjamin and hits a few stinging jabs to the face which knock Benjamin loopy. Benjamin falls into the ropes and pops up into a clothesline. R-Truth follows up with a punch and whips Benjamin into the ropes but he lowers his head and Benjamin capitalizes with a kick to the face! Benjamin whips him into the ropes and R-Truth comes off with a Corkscrew 360 Elbow and lands right on Benjamin’s face! Ouch! R-Truth covers and Benjamin kicks out at two and a half!!

R-Truth goes to whip Benjamin but Benjamin twists into a nice backbreaker that floors R-Truth. Benjamin gets a two count from this. Benjamin whips R-Truth into the ropes and goes for a twisting backbreaker but R-Truth turns it into a roll up and gets the upset victory!

Winner by Pinfall: R-Truth
Match Rating: * ¼

R-Truth celebrates as Benjamin looks stunned like he can’t believe what just happened! R-Truth mouths “what’s up” as Benjamin looks upset.

Up next we’ve got Jeff Hardy taking on MVP!

I usually don’t mention this stuff but Johnny Knoxville is coming to RAW Monday at the request of The Great Khali. Let me just say I’m glad that isn’t my show if they’re going through with the Jackass thing.

:::Commercial Break:::

JR and Tazz talk about how last Friday Triple H prevailed in a Triple Threat Match but tonight he has to face the Big Show in a WWE Championship match! JR and Tazz then thank the fans for making last Friday’s episode of Smackdown the most watched television show in MyNetwork TV’s history!

We now get a run down of the Cyber Sunday card. Who do you want to see Santino Marella face for the Intercontinental Championship – “Rowdy” Roddy Piper, Goldust or the Honky Tonk Man? Text your vote to 44993 and a .99 cent fee. That’s ridiculous.

While MVP comes out a little bubble of Gregory Helms pops up saying the “P” in MVP stands for “Please win a match!” He’s just sayin’!

Jeff Hardy vs. MVP

The bell rings and the circle the ring before locking up. They’re really playing up that Jeff Hardy’s lower back is messed up. MVP quickly gets around Jeff and rolls him up for a one count! Hardy gets a kick to the midsection and goes for his Falcon Arrow but MVP counters into an inside cradle for another one count! They lock up again and MVP pushes Jeff into the ropes and rolls him up for another quick one count! MVP now does a headlock takeover and covers for a two count!

Hardy now responds with a right hand and goes into the ropes and floors MVP with a big forearm! Hardy now gets a kick to the midsection and hits his Inverted Falcon’s Arrow and goes towards the ropes! Hardy gets to the top rope but MVP rolls out of the ring and calls for a time out! MVP stays on the outside thinking about his next strategy as we go to commercial.

:::Commercial Break:::

We come back from the break and see Jeff Hardy going into the turnbuckle and kicking over MVP who runs into the turnbuckle chest first!! Hardy goes for a kick but MVP catches it but gets the flipping Mule kick which sends him into the corner sitting down!! Hardy goes for the slingshot dropkick but MVP gets his legs up and Hardy goes flying across the ring!! MVP runs over for the cover and gets a two and a half count!! MVP covers again for the same result.

MVP picks Hardy up and puts the knees in his midsection as JR tells us that if MVP wins he’s up for a huge incentive bonus. MVP executes a scoop slam, a jumping knee drop and covers for a near fall! MVP now has Hardy in a sitting abdominal stretch, punishing that lower back. MVP has it locked in well and throws a few punches to the ribs every now and then. Hardy is reaching for the ropes but can’t get it. MVP throws Hardy down and stomps on his abdomen!

MVP picks Hardy up who responds with a few punches and kicks before going into the ropes only to get a huge slam from MVP! Hardy is clutching his lower back which stems from that missed Plancha on Sunday. MVP gets a CLOSE two and a half count from that exchange! MVP now head-butts the abdomen but only gets a two count. MVP now locks on the really old school gut wrench. MVP has this locked in for a bit as the fans rally behind Hardy. Hardy eventually gets to his feet and punches out but MVP does a throat thrust and a jumping face buster across his knee for a two and a half count!!

MVP now puts that gut wrench back on and has it locked on perfectly. Hardy is screaming in pain. The fans are rallying behind him again and he gets to his feet and elbows but MVP drives Hardy into turnbuckle a few times. MVP goes to execute a back suplex but Hardy stops him and elbows out! Hardy now goes to whip MVP into the corner but MVP whips him and Hardy executes Whisper in the Wind and both men are down!! Hardy covers MVP for a two and a half count!!

Hardy punches MVP and whips him into the corner. Hardy charges and meets the back of MVP’s elbow. MVP comes out of the corner into a dropkick from Hardy and MVP falls back into the turnbuckle sitting. Hardy now executes his slingshot dropkick!! MVP is climbing up the ropes with his back to Hardy and Hardy does another slingshot dropkick to MVP’s back!! Hardy now goes to the top rope and executes a picture perfect Swanton Bomb for the win!!

Winner by Pinfall: Jeff Hardy
Match Rating: ** ½

Hardy celebrates by throwing his shirt out into the audience. All of a sudden Vladimir Kozlov’s music hits and he makes his way out to the ring! Hardy waits patiently for him and goads him in! They stand off and Hardy goes for a kick but Kozlov responds with a kick. Hardy gets whipped into corner and climbs to the second rope and flips off for a crossbody but Kozlov Head-Butts him out of the air! Kozlov raises his arms triumphantly as the audience boos and chants USA!

We now get a video package building up Triple H for the big main event tonight when he faces Big Show while defending his WWE Championship.

:::Commercial Break:::

We come back from the commercial to a carnival setting and we are introduced to Kizarny who speaks with everything having a “kiz” in it. He’s apparently coming to Smackdown. I’m completely underwhelmed.

We now have a special guest ring announcer – Maria! I guess she’s taking the old Sunny route. She mentions we’re getting an eight man tag scheduled for one fall.

Jesse & Festus, Carlito & Primo vs. Hawkins & Ryder, Ryan Braddock & Kenny Dykstra

While the heel team was coming out, Gregory Helms pops up in the corner saying that this foursome strikes fear in the hearts of no one. He was just sayin! It should be noted that each of the bad guys tonight were kidnapped by Jesse & Festus during the big move to the new network.

The bell rings and Festus goes insane. The heels clear the ring as Jesse calms him down. Carlito will start the match for his team and Zach Ryder will start for his. Ryder hits a kick to the midsection and a punch. Ryder whips Carlito into the ropes, Carlito ducks a wild punch and jumps on the second rope and does a moonsault press for a two and a half count!! Impressive, sir. Ryder drives Carlito into his corner and Hawkins makes the blind tag.

Hawkins hits Carlito with a running forearm in the corner as he was being held by Ryder. Hawkins hits a snapmare and lays in a few kicks to the back before tagging in the goofy looking Ryan Braddock. Hawkins does a rolling neck snap before leaving the ring. Braddock does a knee drop and covers for a two count. Braddock lays in some stiff forearms to the back before putting Carlito into a headlock and tagging in Kenny Dykstra. Braddock holds Carlito as Dykstra goes up to the top rope and executes a Double Axe Handle! Dykstra covers for a two count.

Dykstra jumps and stomps on Carlito’s face. He covers again for a two count. Dykstra elbows the deltoid muscle and then puts Carlito in a chin lock. The fans begin rallying behind Carlito who finally gets up to his feet and gets out of the chin lock with a jaw breaker! Carlito is crawling towards his corner and Dykstra runs and knocks Primo off the apron! Carlito quickly executes a standing hurricanrana and tags in Festus!!

Festus comes in and slaps Dykstra down! Festus does this about three more times before completing a huge scoop slam and a Flying Biscuit!! Festus then knocks all the heels off the apron and kicks Dykstra down! Festus covers but it’s broken up at two by Ryan Braddock! Carlito runs in and throws Braddock over the top rope! On the other side Primo and Jesse do a double suicide dive taking out Hawkins and Ryder!! Festus now executes his Fireman’s Carry Flapjack on Dykstra and covers him for the win!!

Winners by Pinfall: Jesse, Festus, Carlito & Primo
Match Rating: * ½

Carlito and Primo celebrate in the ring while holding up their WWE Tag Team Title belts as Jesse leads Festus to the back smiling!

We now get a video flashback of Big Show knocking out Chris Jericho with a sick right hand to the face. That was the real deal!

:::Commercial Break:::

Did you know that last Friday Smackdown was the most watched show in the history of MyNetwork TV? That’s because Smackdown rules.

We now get a new John Cena video highlighting the fact that he came to visit everyone in the arena mere hours after completing neck fusion surgery! That truly is amazing. Kudos to John Cena.

We’re now in the arena with The Great Khali and Ranjin Singh in the ring with three jobbers. Singh says that last week Khali was interviewed by Johnny Knoxville on and he proved that he is a Jackass.

We now go to a video from last week from the interview which highlights Johnny Knoxville asking if The Great Khali’s tallywacker is in proportion to the rest of his body. Needless to say Khali got upset and almost tipped the table over on Knoxville. This reeks of staged garbage.

Back in the arena Khali is smiling. Singh says that Khali can be even more entertaining than Knoxville and if you don’t believe him he’ll take us back to RAW and the Khali Kiss Cam. We then see Khali kiss Lillian Garcia on Monday.

Singh says that was entertainment and that’s why Khali invited Knoxville to RAW to prove he’s the better entertainer. Singh says Khali will demonstrate this after his match tonight with another edition of the Khali Kiss Cam.

The Great Khali vs. Three Unknown Jobbers

The bell rings and they all charge Khali but stop short when he raises his arms in the air! Two of the jobbers think better of the situation and bail out of the ring leaving the one guy to take a Brain Chop and get covered by one foot for the win!

Winner by Pinfall: The Great Khali
Match Rating: No stars

Singh now asks which lady wants to be in the ring and get passionately kissed by The Great Khali. They show two good looking girls who want nothing to do with it and they pick this girl who is busted as all hell to be the one to kiss Khali. She’s very plump and they kind of make fun of her as she gets in the ring. She identifies herself as Jennifer Swanson from Spokane, Washington! She’s huge and Singh asks he how much she weighs and she responds, “A lot.” Khali is smiling and doesn’t want to kiss her but Singh joins them by the hands and Khali kisses her to a HUGE pop! Khali raises his arms smiling as the cheesy sax music plays and we go to commercial!

:::Commercial Break:::

Tazz thanks Metallica for the use of “All Nightmare Long” which was the official theme song of No Mercy 2008!

WWE Mobile presents to us the RAW Rebound. RAW was pretty good but the ending was stupid. If Mike Adamle was in a big meeting with Shane and Stephanie then how did he have the sense to get back to the arena just in the knick of time to save the day for Batista? I hate stupid endings like that. In the end it’s in the fans hands – who will be the special guest referee at Cyber Sunday – Stone Cold Steve Austin, Shawn Michaels or Randy Orton?

We now get a replay of the end of Jeff Hardy vs. MVP where Hardy defeated MVP with a Swanton Bomb. We then see that following the match Kozlov Head-Butts Hardy out of the air so it is announced for next week – Jeff Hardy vs. Vladimir Kozlov!!

We now go backstage to see Kozlov staring ominously into the camera and speaking Russian. He translates that next week he’ll crush Jeff Hardy and break him in half. We’ll see about that, Kozlov.

Triple H’s music now hits and its Main Event time, baby! The WWE Championship will be defended against the Big Show next!

:::Commercial Break:::

WWE Championship
Triple H (c) vs. Big Show

The bell rings and we get the ring introductions. This has a big fight feel to it – I love it. The two men stand face to face and Scott Armstrong raises the WWE Championship up for all of us to see.

The bell rings and Triple H circles the ring cautiously. Big Show has him cornered by Triple H ducks a wild swing and starts laying in the rights however Big Show is just too strong and takes Triple H and throws him into the turnbuckle and over the top rope!

Big Show rolls out of the ring and into a couple of right hands from Triple H! Big Show gets a knee in the midsection and Triple H rests against the ring post. Big Show charges but Triple H gets out of the way and Show shoulder blocks the ring post!! Big Show clutches his shoulder and gets in the ring. Triple H gets on the apron but gets a big head-butt and is off the apron! Big Show reaches down, grabs Triple H by the head and pulls him up to the apron but Triple H grabs Big Show’s head and jumps off the apron driving Show’s throat into the top rope! Triple H now gets into the ring and runs into a HUGE sidewalk slam from the Big Show! We’ll be taking our final commercial break now.

:::Commercial Break:::

We come back from the break to see the WWE Champion trapped in a neck vice by the Big Show!

During the break we saw the Big Show Military Press Triple H in the air and hold him there for a long time before dropping him on his back! This guy is a beast!

Triple H is fading away in this neck vice now but the audience is willing him on. Triple H is now on one knee but Big Show punches him in the kidneys and gets him right back in the neck vice! Triple H is really getting pumped up now and gets to his feet but Big Show head-butts him in the back of the head, executes the Hog Lock and covers him for a CLOSE two and a half count! Big Show thought it was three.

Triple H is fighting to pull himself up on the ropes. Big Show is smiling in the other corner and charges but Triple H moves out of the way and Big Show crashes into the turnbuckle! Big Show is hurt but charges Triple H in the corner again but Triple H gets both his feet up in Big Show’s face! Triple H is now on the second rope and jumps onto Show’s back with a sleeper hold!! Big Show tries to pull him off but can’t. Big Show looks to be fading away but pulls Triple H over his head in a last ditch effort! Big Show now goes for an elbow drop but Triple H rolls out of the way!

Triple H now gets up and starts laying the right hands into the Big Show! Triple H goes to whip him but Show doesn’t budge and instead whips him but puts his head down and Triple H hits his face buster! Show looks stunned as Triple H kicks him in the gut and goes for the Pedigree but Big Show lifts him upside down and hits a reverse Emerald Fusion!!

Big Show is now up and crimping his fist to go for the big blow to the back of the head like he did to the Undertaker at No Mercy! Big Show is sizing Triple H up and goes for it but Triple H ducks and lays in some right hands! Triple H goes into the ropes and runs into a Showstopper!!

Triple H is on his stomach and Big Show grabs his hair and goes to punch him in the back of the head but Undertaker’s gong goes off and the lights go out!! When they come back on Big Show is face to face with the Undertaker who punches him like crazy until he falls through the ropes and out of the ring!! The gong hits and the lights go off again!! When they come back on Undertaker is behind Big Show!! Big Show turns into some more crazy right hands from the Undertaker and they fight all the way to the back!!

Winner: No Contest
STILL WWE Champion: Triple H
Match Rating: ** ¼

Vladimir Kozlov now runs down to the ring! Kozlov and Triple H now duke it out! Triple H ducks a wild clothesline from Kozlov and goes for the Pedigree but Kozlov pushes him off and Head-Butts him to oblivion!!

Jeff Hardy now runs down and dodges a Kozlov clothesline but gets laid out with a shoulder block!! Kozlov now screams to the crowd but gets hit from behind by Jeff Hardy and Triple H who are now double teaming Kozlov!! They punch Kozlov out of the ring as the fans chant USA!!

All of a sudden Jeff Hardy hits a Twist of Fate on Triple H and motions for Kozlov to come in the ring!!! Kozlov just stares as Smackdown comes to a close!

Quick Match Results

Brie Bella def. Natalya
R-Truth def. Shelton Benjamin (non-title)
Jeff Hardy def. MVP
Jesse, Festus*, Carlito & Primo def. Hawkins, Ryder, Ryan Braddock & Kenny Dykstra*
The Great Khali def. Three Unknown Jobbers
WWE Championship: Triple H vs. Big Show *No Contest*

Bump of the Night: Double Suicide Dive from Jesse & Primo on Hawkins & Ryder!
Match of the Night: Jeff Hardy vs. MVP ** ½

Mike’s Thoughts

This was a very good edition of Smackdown. We had some good matches, some lame matches but the storylines advanced were excellent. I’m looking forward to Undertaker vs. Big Show, the rematch. No, it wasn’t announced yet but I’m sure it will be. I’m also looking forward to Jeff Hardy facing Triple H again somewhere down the line. They definitely set that up tonight. Hell, I’m even looking forward to Jeff Hardy vs. Vladimir Kozlov next week!

Tonight Big Show proved why he is one of the most talented big men EVER in professional wrestling. The man is freakishly large but moves and wrestles like a guy the size of Triple H! The Main Event was great. WWE Championship matches always have a special feel to them and everyone in them steps up (as they should) and Big Show definitely answered the call tonight. This should have been the Summerslam match, not just a match on Smackdown. Hey, I’m not complaining, I was happy to call it.

Jeff Hardy definitely came close at No Mercy and I’m more anxious than ever to see him take the WWE Championship someday! I hope he goes to Wrestlemania and wins that Money in the Bank if he doesn’t win the title before then! The guy is consistently having the best matches on the card and is just as over as the WWE Champion! I love their rivalry.

MVP is a great wrestler. Let’s not drop the ball with him and give him some semblance of a push! I’m begging you!

Vickie Guerrero, just from the heat she’s been consistently getting for the past year, has got to be one of the biggest heels in WWE history and no, I’m not exaggerating. You can argue with me all you want, I’m standing by what I say!

I like the Tag Team Division on Smackdown. They actually have some teams but I’d still like to see more! Let’s heat it up some more, WWE!

It looks like we’ve got another guy coming to the main roster with a lame name and even lamer gimmick – Kizarny, the carnival nut. Please… please. This won’t end well, I can just feel it. He looks like Paul Burchill when he was “Pirate” Paul Burchill. Just another reason for Marianna to hate watching me recap on Friday nights!

Marianna and I are still waiting for the R-Truth character to get over with us. I’m just tired of the ultra babyface. He needs an edge to him and the constant smiling and lame dancing just isn’t doing it for me. Neither is remixing “Kung Fu Fighting”.

I have one gripe about the upcoming Pay Per View Cyber Sunday. What’s so “cyber” about it if you can’t vote online? What’s so fun and interactive about it if you can only vote on your phone and every vote costs .99 cents?? What a rip off! I’m not voting this year – they’re not robbing me of my money. I’m not happy about this. If you’re charging a dollar per vote then at least let us vote on something better than a guest referee! Who cares??

All in all it was an entertaining Smackdown with a few good matches and some really good segments.

Final Smackdown Rating: ** ½

As always I’d love to hear from people who enjoyed the recap and those who didn’t. Is there any way I can improve it more to your tastes? Let me know and I’ll see what I can do! Even if you just want to talk wrestling, e-mail me! I respond to all e-mails!

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